deep sigh

 ok but 

  • “you just moved in to the neighborhood and i’m trying to be a “good neighbor” so i’m helping you unpack and making small talk like would you like to take a coffee with me lat—wHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CARRYING ROCKS IN THIS BOX” au
  • “i came here to have my hair cut but you’re ranting about how beautiful my hair is and now i’m regretting my decision what have you done” au 
  • “you’re the member of this band and you’re promoting your new album and you just came to me to hand me an example but i’m not really a fan of your music but god fucking damn it you’re so hot maybe i can buy one just to try” au
  • “i’m a writer and i’ve been trying to find inspiration but my ways to find it are very very weird and you’re convinced i’m trying to summon satan i swear i’m just trying to find inspiration” au
  • “i run this bakery and you come every single day to buy pies and cakes and i’m getting concerned over your health seriously dude eating this much it’s not healthy” au
  • “i accidentally quoted my favorite book out loud while answering something and it turns out you’re a fan too and now we’re in this huge dork conversation god help me i’m so nerd” au 
  • “your horrible car is in my parking lot like i know it doesn’t have a name but it’s my parking lot i’ve grown attached to it so why don’t you move your horrible car and get your ugly f—oh my god you’re hot HELLO THERE” au
  • “i cannot believe you defeated me on a pokemon battle like your team is so lame are you seriously still using politoed in your team like dude that’s so gen 5 so WHY DID YOU DEFEAT ME FIGHT ME AGAIN” au
  • “i came inside this store to buy this new album and there’s only onecopy left and YOU’RE TAKING IT HANDS OFF MY NEW ALBUM” au
  • “i’ve heard you talking to your friend about my favorite character and you’re talking about this Harry Potter AU but you sorted them in the wrong house i cannot stand this bullshit” au 
  • “you were sitting beside me when we were watching big hero 6 and you saw me cry like a baby don’t tell anyone about this it would ruin my reputation” au 
  • “i’m new in this town and i got lost in the supermarket and you’re the kind person who’s guiding me but please don’t call my mother i’m a grown-up” au 
  • “you’re the captain of our school’s (sport) team and i have a crush on you (but who doesn’t actually) and i’ve been assisting your games like every single one and all of sudden you started to talk to me oh my god what do i do what do i say— “hey do you like potatoes?” —oh my god kill me now” au 

Claudius is the anti-thesis of metatheatre. I was thinking about reading Claudius’s repentance and prayer monologue as obviously fake and suddenly it all clicked into place. Claudius doesn’t play along with how metatheatre works. He knows right from the beginning that Hamlet is faking his madness. He knows shit’s about to go down in the play. When Laertes learns that Hamlet comes back and he’s raving that he’s about to cut his throat i’ th’ church Claudius is like wow you kids are so dramatic, here’s a better thought out plan. I mean, you could just read this as a bored no-bullshit Claudius. He responds to the actual play-within the play with “right, I’m king and you’re deported”. Every time Hamlet goes off on a you can smile on the outside and be a villain inside rant, Claudius’s reaction basically “…okay moving on”. In a play that is all about reflection with almost every character abiding by metatheatre rules, Claudius is never lured into it. I think that’s meant to show he’s remorseless or he cannot reflect on his actions or something.

  • me: haha look what I found! and look at this! oH OH AND THIS TOO! AHAHA OMG THIS!! AND—
  • me: wait shit I'm probably bothering you aren't I?
  • other person: no no it's fine
  • me: haha shit I'm sorry
  • other person: no you're not bothering me
  • me: I'm gonna stop now
  • other person: DUDE I just said—
  • me: sorry for bothering you
  • other person: ...okay NOW you're bothering me
  • me: [pointing] SEE I TOLD YOU
  • Parents: You never talk to us, never share anything.
  • Me: *tries to share something that interests me*
  • Parent: *interrupts me*
  • Parent: *starts lecturing me*
  • Parent: *nags how wrong and failing i am*
  • Parent: *asks what am i doing with my fail life*
  • Me: *shuts up and goes to tumblr*
  • Parent: You never share anything.
  • ...
I knew it...

I felt it but I guess I love Teen Top as a group so much that I tried to deny the feeling that something was beyond wrong.
I am not even surprised because Ljoe has been put out of the spotlight for long and after that trouble with a drama he was supposed to be casted in…sigh
I hope he gets to do what he wants and not get too much shit for this. But more than that, I wish he gets to maintain his friendship with his former members.

Good luck, Lee Byunghun. And damn it, I’ll miss you on this comeback