deep sigh

  • Jack: Girls are so hot.
  • Jack: Guys are so hot too, oh man.
  • Jack: Why is everyone so hot?
  • Davey: Global warming.

probably my last work doodle + current mood

Meg: What if when I wrote “first heat in st Petersburg” yuri makes a little nest in the corner of the rink while he’s waiting for Victor to finish training, out of their bags and Victor’s jacket and an old blanket from the office and when he wakes up he’s surrounded by offerings from the hockey alphas

Meg: “There’s an angel,” says one very reverently and the coach takes a second to mourn the amount of hits to the head kids these days take in Juniors

Most of the time, “Up” is a relative concept. Most days I’ll make a gesture in the general direction of some rock, tell her “Sparta, up!” and she’ll go around it until she finds the easiest route to the top. Some days, if she’s not feeling it, she’ll ditch the target altogether and step onto something lower, like a bump in the field or a small stone, in the hopes that it counted well enough to get a reward.

Yesterday, I said “Sparta, up!” and waved, expecting her to go around the left side for a slight jump. Instead, she scrambled straight up the slippery right-side edge, because she just had to be extra

Sneaking more fanfic onto the interwebs

I was bored at work today – or maybe I just feel so defeated anymore that I didn’t want to deal with the neverending drama that is the newscycle. So I decided to write something nice to distract myself. Unbeta’d. 


“Uh, hi. My name is Darcy Lewis. I’m here to see Sam Wilson?” Darcy said to the young man at the reception desk. He looked younger than her – an intern, maybe. He nodded and pushed a button on his phone.

“He’s expecting you Ms. Lewis,” he said. “He’ll be right out.”

She nodded and took a seat on the sofa. She’d brought a folder with her resume and college transcript. She didn’t know if she needed it or not – but honestly she didn’t know what she was even doing there. She’d been supporting herself after college with a healthy balance of temp jobs and not a little of help from her parents. Her best friend’s boyfriend said a guy he knew from school needed an assistant and encouraged her to give them a call.

The guy was New York’s junior senator. She’d laughed in his stupidly beautiful face, but she’d taken the number anyway.

She’d called and once she explained how she found out about the job they asked her to come down for an interview.

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