deep shit

Fall in love with someone who doesn’t mind showing you who you are, but whose willing to love you until you’re the best you possible. Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh so hard, your stomach cramps and your jaws lock. Fall in love with someone that has you waking up wondering what simple thing they’ll do to make you fall more in love with them. But when you do fall in love, don’t force it, just fall.
—  Treka L. House
I think it’s beautiful to fall for someone’s personality instead of their looks.
—  L.N.

I think we should all take the time to appreciate that even pete wentz learns new things every day

  • Beth: Am I evil?
  • Rick: Worse. You're smart. When you know nothing matters the universe is yours. The universe is basically an animal and crazes on the ordinary. Creates infinite idiots just to eat them. Smart people get a chance to climb on top, take reality for a ride but it'll never stop trying to throw you and eventually it will. There's no other way off.
  • Beth: So, who am I? What do I do?
  • Rick: My advice? Take off.