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September 1574, The Scottish Borders

Darkness had fallen and the temperature of the early autumn day had dropped quickly. A cold, dank mist rose from the burn they were following and shrouded the carriage, its ghostly fingers reaching in through the open windows, caressing the occupants huddled inside. Lady Abigail Griffin shivered and pulled her cloak more tightly around her. The mist had penetrated the core of her being; it was like being embraced by the dead. She was annoyed because they shouldn’t have been out on this road so late into the evening. One of their horses had slipped its shoe and it had taken the groomsman two hours to find it and re-shoe the beast. As a consequence, when she should have been safe in the relative warmth of Arkholm tower, she was quivering with the cold, and her husband refused to sit near her to warm her. He was seated opposite, deep in conversation with her father about cattle or grain or she didn’t know what. Their heads were close together and they were whispering. Clearly, they either didn’t want her to know what they were talking about, or they thought it above her head. She was forty years old, but she might as well have been sixteen the way they treated her. Not that she should expect anything less, it was the way of the world, and she should accept her place in it. Unfortunately, accepting things without questioning was not the way Abigail Griffin went about life, and that had got her into a deal of trouble in the past. She supposed that was how she had ended up married to Lord Alasdair Griffin of Arkholm, the infamous head of Clan Griffin, ruthless businessman, feared Laird, Lord of everything, including her. She had got the husband she deserved, or so her late mother had delighted in telling her. It hadn’t always been like that. This was Abigail’s second marriage, her first being to Alasdair’s older brother, Jacob, but he had died only four years into their marriage, and the younger brother had inherited his estate and all that came with it, including his widow.

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About Elizabeth Woodville’s religiousness

Elizabeth’s decision in 1473 to give birth to the King’s sixth child at the Dominican Friary in Shrewsbury, rather than returning to the royal palaces at Westminster or Windsor, reflects not only a mother’s desire to stay close to her son Edward at Ludlow, but a deep-seated trust and belief in the Blackfriars. 

At the height of her glory as Queen, Elizabeth’s retreat to the Dominican Friary speaks volumes about the ideals she embraced. In 1477, Elizabeth revealed a particular interest in the solitary, ascetic order of the Carthusians, when she obtained a licence to attend services at all Carthusian monasteries founded by the kings and queens of England. Her manor at Sheen enclosed the Great Charterhouse, where the monks studied, prayed, worked, ate and slept in their private cells, congregating only for Vespers and Sunday dinner. On 1 April 1479 she granted its Prior, John Ingelby, forty-eight acres of her land in West Sheen, and in 1492 she named Prior Ingelby the leading executor of her will. 

So, too, the signature device associated with Elizabeth in several portraits has significant religious connotations. The gillyflower symbolised the Virgin Mary, and its choice as a device points to Elizabeth’s devotion to the purity, love, motherhood and ideals of the Holy Mother. Her special feelings for the Virgin are confirmed by an indulgence for the general populace issued by the Pope at Queen Elizabeth’s request, which states ‘that she has a singular devotion for the feast of the Visitation [of] St Mary the Virgin to St Elizabeth’.

 -  Arlene Okerlund, “Elizabeth. England’s Slandered Queen”

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1)In s1 of the flash,it was heavily implied by wellsobard's facial expressions,emotional reactions to some things,body language and other things he said that he has deep-seated reasons for hating barry(like the no sign of the man you will one day become for whom I hold nothing but hate) and then previous versions of Eobard(sheltered by the speed force after Eddie's death) sort of imply that his hatred is based on initial admiration of the flash and then jealousy which turned to resentment when

2) he figured out he would never be as good as the flash and that’s why he became the reverse and started going back in time to fight the flash, in a backwards and backwards way when he would first meet the flash, barry already hates him for what he’s done to him. Which reason would you prefer we get, Barry doing something significant enough to warrant the hate to eobard feels when he first meets the flash (probably in reaction to what reverse has already done) or the jealousy/resentment angle?

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No really, I don’t see why it can’t be both? I think it is both?

Young!Eo admired the Flash. Maybe he met the Flash, sometime Barry needed to travel to the future, and came to idolize him. I’d love it if Barry incidentally saved his life somehow, and then shook his hand and caught his name and just froze but little Eo didn’t really notice/know why.

So young!Eo develops this hero worship and admiration, hardcore. Grows up wanting to be like the Flash. Gets himself some powers because the dude is a genius. Tries to be like the Flash. But maybe… gets too brutal. Gets too cruel. Kills. Decides he knows what’s best for people and goes beyond anything Barry’s ever done in taking law and justice into his own hands.

And maybe Barry runs forward again, and meets young-adult!Eo who is calling himself The Flash after his idol, and Barry is horrified and what Eo is doing in “his name”, so to speak, and stops him. And there is… hatred there. He sees it now. So he gets Eo sent off the prison and he’s downright mean to the boy who idolized him. The boy he once saved. Maybe he doesn’t even remember saving young!Eo, maybe this Barry hasn’t done that yet. Eo thinks he’s forgotten him.

All of it ruins the shiny glamour and veneer and nigh-crush that Eo had on him. 

And this is a Barry in his 30′s, mind you, one who’s fought older!Eo quite a few times. One who doesn’t have it in him anymore to extend a hand to this Eo because he knows what he’ll become. Barry doesn’t have that in him, not for Eo, not after all he’s done. But young-adult!Eo doesn’t know that, can’t understand it, so all he sees is the hatred from the Flash. The harshness. The cruelty.

So Eo is in prison and he’s been rejected by the person he idolized. He’s lost his reputation, his livelihood, his friends and family probably. All exposed because of ‘The Flash’. Who isn’t a hero, he decides. He’s a menace. Eo was trying to save the world. People are “too stupid” to lead themselves. They need him – he’s a genius and a speedster and he’s–

He’s a little unhinged. But he hates Barry, now, for ruining his life, his empire, for rejecting him. So he decides to do something about it. Time travel is probably known about and illegal, by Eo’s time, but that’s not stopping him.

The Flash has been all over time, he understands. That makes it hard to pinpoint his original time-space. The historical records suggest the Flash showed up first at the start of the 21st century but really, who’s to say if that’s really the Flash’s actual time or just the furthest back he travelled, and decided to stay?

Let’s go with the comics and say Eo undershoots it, the first time. Barry’s already dead. The Flash he meets an older!Wally who doesn’t trust him but doesn’t outright reject him, in part because Eo pretends to be someone else. It’s going okay until Eo kills someone. And then he’s rejected by Wally too, and hunted. 

And he runs to a different time, and there – wouldn’t you know it, he runs into the Flash, the first Flash, and battles him there. He’s angry, after all. He loses, again. And then again, in a different time. And another time. The Flash runs forward, and he’s younger than Eo’s ever seen him – they’re the same age now. But the next time, the next time Eo runs back because he has business in the 21st century, technology to steal for some grand design, technology no one has made in a hundred years now because it’s too dangerous and the schematics are too hard to steal. And here, in Mercury labs, he meets the youngest Flash he’s seen yet, a Flash who is, in his perspective, so so foolish. He learns the Flash’s face! And name! Because this child – this young, 20-something Flash, had the brilliant notion that Eobard already knew it.

How perfect.

He has something now, a one-up. He learns everything he can about Barry Allen. He’ll be ready, next time they fight, with his weaknesses and fears, knowing which loved ones to threaten.

And of course it happens. He has the tech, he’s up to something great and terrible in his own time, and the Flash runs forward and stops him. And that’s the last straw, for Eobard. He’s older, wiser, and faster– and he’s had enough of Barry Allen for one lifetime.

So he runs back, far far back in time. And he goes to take out the child that Barry Allen is. The child who’s the same age as Eo was when he first met the Flash. He’s a fan of poetic justice, after all.

And then everything changes.

I’m done arguing with “Millennials are killing the X industry” thinkpieces now I’m just gonna cop to whatever they’re trying to blame on me

like yeah you got me Helen, it’s not like I’m broke or anything I just have a deep-seated and passionate hatred for breakfast cereal and will not rest until I drive the industry into the ground and replace it with the budget granola industry

golf courses? fuck em. fabric softener? fuck it. department stores? nah, it’s not that we can get anything we want online these days, I just want to dance in the flaming rubble of every Macy’s store in the country while taking selfies for my Instagram account.

you got me, Helen, i am the industry murdering millennial who won’t be happy until everything suburban america stands for is washed away in the flood of my twenty-something hipster malice. 

The future - and it is showing us this loud and clear

This episode was amazing. After flailing and basically shouting all day I am so happy and so excited that I joined tumblr - the quality of posts today has been excellent, both humorous and inciteful and I LOVE YOU ALL :)

I hope its ok I’m going to tag a few great posts in this to reference as I don’t want to go over stuff other people have already meta-d about so excellently!

This episode, titled the future, seems to me to be Dabb basically telling us what he wants for the next part of the show, the “better way” that he wants to take it.

So here are my main bullet points that I will expand on a little below and link those excellent posts to where relevant:

A. Sam 

Sam is clearly portrayed again, recurrently as the researcher, the “brains” of the operation (before you say ‘Dean is so clever though!’ I’m just pointing out Sam’s love of the scholarly side of things and how this is where he fits). Sam’s endgame must now be to head up the MoL/hunter network in this respect.

B. Sam and Dean 

They work so well as a team here, Sam putting a tracker in Cas’s phone while he’s distracted by Dean, researching v whatever Dean was doing (maybe making a pining mixtape along the lines of “all by myself” and “I miss you” “please come home”, BUT they are shown as different people, with different interests, skills and relationships - with Cas for example, & not codependent. Again hammering this home in this episode. THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS.


This whole episode is one big love fest. We went from one ‘wow I can’t believe they just did that!’ to the next to the next with hardly enough time for us to catch out breath! WHAT WAS THIS EPISODE?!

OK, so we have :

1. My Romeo & Juliet / Gaze up Trope Balcony Meta.

2. The Mixtape Meta, another EXPLICIT romantic trope by @drsilverfish.

3. The Dean “keep it” parallels, the first one that came to my mind was Arwen (another human+ / eternal being who decided to relinquish immortality couple):

Aragon: this belongs to you.
Arwen: keep it, it was a gift… it is mine to give to whom I will, like my heart.

But also all the other ‘gift’ tropes, the standard romantic trope that when a couple breaks up you return the gifts…. I think Cas wasn’t sure he was going to be forgiven, after Dean’s outburst in the war room, so he goes to return the cassette, but Dean does forgive him nearly instantaneously, which actually makes it even worse that he has to steal the colt straight after…

5. The difference between Sastiel and Destiel again emphasised, more and more this season. I don’t think I even have to detail this, just, basically the whole episode shows this.

6. This magnificent gifset by @magnificent-winged-beast which shows the difference between Dean’s angst at actually watching the colt get destroyed and the potential killing of Cas…

Slight aside - Performing!Dean. 

This magnificent gifset that shows Dean’s facade coming down, he doesn’t even attempt to make it sound less ‘gay’ when he tells Sam that Cas came to his room, played him and took the colt from his secret hiding place under his pillow, he even looks down before he says it like he KNOWS how it is going to sound but says it anyway. 

source: @yourfavoritedirector.

And Sam doesn’t even flinch. YES THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS!

4. SO…WHY is Dean still doing everything he did for Cas during this episode and still defending him to Sam even though he appeared pissed and Cas repeatedly betrayed him?

Well, in 12x12 Cas said “I love you”, clearly understood by Dean (and Sam to be directed at Dean). There was no real reciprocation though from Dean, other than Dean family-zoning him and Sam’s fantastic “we are doing this for you, Cas”. 

So regarding Dean, Cas is hurt and believes it isn’t reciprocated. Now Dean is pissed and still using the WE card at every turn, so what is a celestial being to do? Cas assumes this is the end, that there is no hope, he returns the mixed tape. BUT Dean says no keep it, this is NOT the end. 

Cas understands that this is therefore not the end, but it is complicated. He explains that he wanted to “come back with a win for you…. for myself”. He wants this for Dean and for himself, this is very important, everything he is doing now and in the future is NOT all about Dean, there is his own agency and morality involved here too.

For Cas, when it comes to it, he wants this reciprocation of his love of course, but right now he has bigger fish to fry and really he wants to protect Sam and Dean and save the world

Now, going back to the “what the hell is wrong with you man?” followed by an awkward silence…. and where Cas then goes to return the gift. Yes, Cas feels that he has said his piece in 12x12 and is rebuffed, but meanwhile Dean is struggling with what Cas has said and everything else that is going on. He has a lot on his plate, not only Cas but his own personal history, his deep seated issues that he is clearly working on this season (see all the performing!Dean facade crumbling meta going around), his issues around his mother, the BMoL, Lucifer, the nephilim…. I mean that is a lot for an emotionally healthy person let a lone DEAN WINCHESTER.

Dean is trying to say / show how he feels he’s just rubbish at it, but he’s getting better!

“We?” “Yes dumbass, WE.” This is his forgiveness. And it is betrayed just moments later. But does this stop him trusting Cas again? NO.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. For their dynamic, to show that they still do ultimately trust each other.


Oh, and I just need to add how desperate I am for Sam to turn to Dean soon and just say “No, Dean, this is between you and Cas, stop bringing me into this”. PLEASE I SWEAR I WILL BE GOOD! I mean, how repeated, consistent and out of place it was (I mean, not only to shippers, I think anyone would think it was out of place the way it was portrayed in their personal conversation in Dean’s room) - this has got to be addressed, no?!

 5. A better way

So. What does this mean moving forwards?

Well, firstly, I have moved from being 85% sure Destiel would be endgame to about 95% sure. Lets be real. This episode cements this. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

So, what is the better way?

Overall, it seems that Dabb wants to move things forwards. And his key points all season are Free Will, breaking from past repressions and negative influences, moving forwards with what the characters choose and want for their endgame and for sure now endgame Destiel.

I have in the past speculated about quite a lot of stuff, some right and some… still to be seen and some not right, but the overall arc speculation that I saw foreshadowed since early season 12 is RIGHT ON TRACK.

Now, the question is will Dabb go backwards and go to the old, standard SPN ways where probably Dean and Cas will be separated, Cas will be wrong again in his trust in the nephilim - it WILL be evil (rehash of s6 and s8) and he will need to be ‘broken’ from the mind control by Dean in a stronger crypt scene etc etc etc.

Or will he move forwards, onto a “better way”? Will we get another s11 ‘happy ending’? Where it appears all good but there is still stuff going on behind the scenes for s13… Or maybe a not so happy ending but that ultimately will be resolved happily? 

Maybe the baby has it’s grace removed (so glad this is an option it was driving me insane that they hadn’t mentioned it by now!) OR it’s not evil at all! it’s the ANTI-anti-Christ, it chose Cas because he is Lucifer’s mirror in that he LOVES Humanity. I mean, the whole point of the show is agency, free will and not being forced to follow the result of your parentage / past ….especially this season with Sam and Dean’s arcs….

Maybe human!Cas, potential hunter Daddies, Cas staying at home calling Dean while he’s out on MOTW hunts with Sam being all “Dean there’s poop everywhere, I’m sorry it got on your favourite shirt, but please please come home this is so hard!” “OK babe, don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow, the case was a milk run!” when actually Dean nearly died and Sammy saved the day and…. etc because really? what are we supposed to think from that motel scene? With Cas smiling all cute and using the world “righteous” when talking about the kids future guardian?! (and Kelly survives if we are going to be extra nice).

Maybe Lucifer will die / be dealt with and it is the MoL that are the big bad next year…..aiding the overall future arc of TFW as leaders of the MoL/Hunter collaboration (Chuck I hope so).

Or will it be a mix of the two?

Well my money is on that it will be a mix….  


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can’t get you close enough

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M (18+ only please)
Warnings: Smut, angst, harsh language, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks. (I wrote this in, like, a half hour. Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors!)
Summary: After a hunt goes wrong, you and Dean fight. Switches POV between Dean and the reader.

The car ride back to the bunker is silent. 

You’re practically vibrating with anger, your leg bouncing restlessly as you stare at the scenery flying past the windows. Sam keeps glancing at you warily, but you don’t meet his eyes. He’s too understanding, too aware of the other feelings that are playing a role in your anger. 

The hunt went bad. It happens, occasionally. No one died, and you ended up ganking the ghost that was haunting a family north of Lebanon. You have a few scrapes and scratches, but it was worth it, when you were able to save a little boy and girl and get them safely back to their parents.

Dean didn’t agree. Sure, you saw the relief in his eyes when the whole thing was over, but it wasn’t long until he tore into you. You were angry at him, and embarrassed. He didn’t even wait until you were out of earshot of the Hughes family before he started telling you you acted like an amateur. 

When you finally pull into the garage at the bunker, you’re out the door of the Impala practically before Dean puts it into park. 

He says your name as he opens the driver’s side door, and you take a deep breath, trying not to fly off the handle. “Dean, don’t.” You shake your head. “I am so fucking mad at you right now and I really don’t want to say anything I’m gonna regret later.” 

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❝ I Promise... ❞

Plot: You’re being bullied at your school but rapmon doesn’t know, but when one day he decides to surprise you and pick you up, he sees you get bullied and saves you

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst and fluff

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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Is there anything that’s perfect? Body, grades, life? This was something that weighed heavy on your mind. It wasn’t something odd to think about at your age but it was something weird to be thinking off around 2am in the morning. Turning for the for nth time, you finally drifted to sleep but was pulled out of your sleep by the sound of your alarm clock. Your daily routine kicked in which involved; brushing teeth, bathing, getting dressed, sorting out hair and then looking at your phone for your morning message.

From Joonie

Have fun at school today baby. I will see you later at the studio. Love you lots.

‘School…’ You sigh heavily as you look at the purplish bruise on your inner arm, ‘How fun.’

Getting on the bus, you sank deep into your seat and put on your earphones. The calming music vibrated into your ears as you looked out the window at the moving scenery. The morning bus drives were always your favourite thing during the day, apart from seeing Namjoon. Tapping your finger melodically on your thigh, you felt your earphones begin ripped out.

Here we go, The thought rang through your mind.

‘Morning brat.’ A familiar voice sneered, ‘Did you sleep well?’

‘Y-yes, Jihoon.’ You stutter, looking down in your lap.

‘Speak louder you idiot! Someone of us aren’t used to mouse talk.’ Lee Jihoon, your classmate and personal bully, asked.

‘Yes!’ Your voice more firm.

‘Ooooo look at that, little miss mouse has a bite.’ Jihoon pushed your head, resulting in it hitting the widow slightly as the bus came to a stop, ‘Well see you later mouse.’

Grabbing your things, you all but ran out the bus. Truth be told, you hated attending school, well just the current one you were attending at the moment. You never understood why you were bullied, you never bothered anyone. You did as you were told and moved on with life. Rubbing your head, you bumped into someone which caused you too freeze

‘Jihoon?’ The voice asked and instantly calmed you down.

‘Do you even have to ask.’ You sigh looking up at your best friend, Yerim.

‘I don’t understand why you don’t just report them, Y/N.’ She huffed.

‘Because if I do that then they will be more angry.’ You reasoned, looking at the bruise in your inner wrist.

‘Has Namjoon seen that?’ Yerim asked with a raised brow.

‘No and he will never see it.’ You pull down your jersey sleeve and walked to class.

The bruise was given to you a few days ago by Jihoon and his band of misfits. It was still slightly sore but only when force was used by that hand. One would say it was unethical for a boy to bully a girl, but it wasn’t just him. Within the group there were four girls who made your life a living hell. Peace couldn’t even be achieved in the bathroom because they would be around.

From Joonie

Was the bus ride fun?

To Joonie

Same old same old, could have been better.

From Joonie

Are you okay, babe? You sound offish.

To Joonie

I am okay baby, I have to go to class. See you later ^^

Locking your phone, you slipped it into your backpack to only hear a snicker behind you, ‘How cute. Busy telling the boyf about your day?’

‘Yes.’ Your response short as you tried to walk pass them but only to be shoved into the wall.

‘Hey hold up, what’s the rush buttercup?’ Seunghee asked, ‘It must be so burdensome to be a student while your boyfriend is already an adult. Talk about being a babysitter.’ The others laughed at the comment, ‘Are you sure he isn’t paid by your parents to look after you, so you don’t  go running into moving traffic?’

Just then the bell rang and you bolted from the scene before they could rip into you anymore. Tears threatened to fall from your eyes as you sat in class. The day dragged with lessons and hourly bully checks. Eventually the final bell rang and you were on the bus towards Namjoon. Getting off you sighed, you were exhausted mentally and physically. Your back still hurt from being thrown into the wall earlier.

‘Babe!’ Your prince beamed.

‘Hey Joonie.’ You smile as he came to hug you, you just placed your hand on his chest, ‘Ahhh no hugs.’

‘What?’ Why?’ He asked with a raised brow? ‘I haven’t seen you all day.’

He pouted at the rejection while a little chuckle left your lips, ‘I hmmmm just had gym so I am all sweaty. Do you want a sweaty hug?’

‘It’s not like I haven’t been sweaty with you before.’ A naughty grimace spread upon his face as the dimples appeared.

‘Namjoon!’ You hit his chest playfully to only wince at the pain that shot up your arm, ‘Ahh!’

‘What?’ He grabbed your arm, ‘Baby are you okay?’

‘No no, just my wrist.’

‘Are you hurt?’

He was about to lift your sleeve before you ripped it from his touch, ‘No it’s nothing. I am sure I just hit you in a weird manner. Probably from those sculpted pecks.’

‘Ha ha ha, very funny,’ He now held your clothed wrist delicately, placing a soft kiss on it, ‘Are you sure you okay?’

‘My wrist is fine.’ You reassured.

He took your face in his hands and caressed your cheeks with his thumbs, ‘I am talking about you in general, not your wrist baby girl. You have been very offish for the past few days. Is everything good? Home? School?’ He looked deep into your eyes, ‘You know you can tell me anything, Y/N.’

At that moment you wanted to spill everything out to him. You wanted to scream out your irritations and frustrations to the world. But you rather not tell him. He was your boyfriend, not your counsellor. Sighing, you placed a delicate kiss on his lips before breaking apart and giving him the biggest smile you could ever muster.

‘I am okay, baby.’ You said for the nth time, ‘But I have to go home now.’

‘But you just got here!’ He whined.

‘I have tons of school work.’ You stated, ‘I am sorry. But I will see you this weekend, okay?’

‘Why not tomorrow?’

‘I might finish late and I rather not take the bus.’

With that, you said your goodbyes and split ways. Truth be the matter, you just didn’t want to tell him you might be late due to the issues at school because he would want to know why and all that. Arriving at home, you took some meds and went straight to bed. The evening sky was quickly replaced with the morning one. Soon the daily routine kicked in. Bus bullying, scolding from best friend but you tired your best avoiding your offenders.

Walking, you suddenly tripped due to someone, ‘Some would say you are avoiding us Y/N-ah.’

‘And we don’t like being avoided.’ Seunghee added, bending down and tilting your chin up, ‘I’m sure you are used to that feeling though.’

‘Wh-why are you all doing this?’ Your voice cracked, a car pulling up in the parking lot a few feet away.

‘Ahhhh it’s fun?’ Jihoon questioned, a person emerging from the sleek car and walking towards the group of people, ’Does that qualify as a viable answer?’

‘I would say so.’ Another chuckled, ‘Unless you want a soppy answer. Do you want a soppy answer?’

You remained silent, ‘Well do you?!’

‘Y-yes.’ Your voice shook at the force in Seunghee’s question.

‘Look at that, she is actually talking back.’ She pushed you down before standing up.

Your body was in pain. Your back still ached from yesterday and your wrist was on fire due to having to hold yourself up. Picking yourself up, you no longer lay down but sat up straight and looked up towards them. They were once your friends, people you cared about when you were younger but something changed. You weren’t sure and you knew they would never tell you because they left you all alone. Attending school with the people you once cared for was something that was the toughest for you.

‘What? All talk and no bark?’ Jihoon sneered.

‘Maybe she needs a lesson, Hoon-ah.’ Seunghee urged.

‘Or maybe you all need a hit in the head.’ A voice broke the conversation, causing your heart to sink into your chest and them to turn their heads towards the person.

’N-namjoon?’ You asked.

‘Get the fuck away from Y/N!’ Your boyfriend threatened.

‘And what if we don’t?’ Jihoon stood up from himself, ‘Not like you can do anything about it, ahjussi.’

Before Namjoon could make a logical thought in his head, his first went ramming into the younger males face. Jihoon flew to the floor due to the impact that was applied to his cheek, ‘The next person to talk ill towards me gets something way worse then that punch, do you hear me?’

‘Y-yes.’ The others stuttered.

‘I am your senior and elder, show some respect you punks!’ He spat, ‘Next time I see anyone of you around Y/N or even looking at her, I will personally end you. Understood?’ They all nodded, ‘Now beat it before things get ugly.’

With shuffled footwork, they ran down the halls as you tried to get up, ‘Ah..AH!’

‘Wait wait baby,’ He picked you up in bridal style, ‘Let me help you.’

‘What are you doing here?’ You asked as he placed you down on a bench, and took a seat.

‘I wanted to come fetch you since you said you didn’t wanna take the late bus, and it’s a good thing I did,’ He looked at you, ‘What was all that?’

‘Nothing, just friends being friends.’

‘Y/N, I maybe a few years out of school but I ain’t that old to know that those weren’t friends. Are you being bullied?’

‘I would say casual teasing.’ You said softly.

‘Casual teasing doesn’t have one on the floor, thats called physical assault.’ He corrected, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I don’t know…’ The lie seemed to sound more real then anything.

‘So suffering in silence was your best option?’ He asked with a raised brow, ‘Listen to me Y/N Y/L/N, I am your boyfriend.’

‘Exactly you are my boyf-’

‘A boyfriend that wants to protect and keep you safe. I can’t do that when you keep things from me, so promise me something.’


‘Promise me you will tell me anything that is troubling you. Whether its friends, family or life. I need to know because what if I didn’t come at the time that I did, imagine what would have happened?! How could I live with myself knowing that something like that happened right under my nose-’

Namjoon was shut up by your soft lips on his. Within seconds, his plump ones kissed you back with the utter most delicate touch. Enveloping yours, you placed a hand on his knee and gave it a reassign squeeze before pulling apart and pressing your foreheads together and whispering softly.

‘I promise…’

Frat!Mendes: Pt. 1

pls enjoy this 1.5k vacuole of shit that i couldn’t get right but like we just ~rollin with it bc nothin much has happened so far so soz if this is high key boring but like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   what’re ya gonna do #amirite ps thx to my bitch ass friend lucinda for helping talk me thru this shit even tho she hates me and i hate her milk baggin’ ass okay i’m done with my soliloquy happy reading don’t fall asleep. 

You walk into your first Gen Chem II lecture of the semester with the same anxious feelings that you always have. Where are you gonna sit? Is anyone gonna talk to you? What if you don’t understand any of the material and your professor calls on you?

You take a deep breath and seat yourself in the dead center of the lecture hall, hoping to just blend right into the crowd like usual. You get out your notebook, calculator and a pencil, and you throw your hair into a bun to get ready to focus on the notes. You’re relatively early to the class, but the professor seems to be in a rush to get started, so she begins her lecture ahead of schedule.

Halfway into introducing herself to your class, the auditorium doors swing open and a group of 4 boys stumble into the room, pushing one another in and laughing rather obnoxiously. The class goes dead silent as the teacher abruptly stops her monologue and darts her gaze directly at the group of boys.

“Unless you clowns have a circus act prepared to show the class, I suggest you find your seats, and quietly please.” The professor snaps at them, causing the boys to chuckle guiltily, elbowing each other and pushing one another up the steps to one of the higher rows in the hall.

You watch as they take a turn down the row in front of the one you’re seated in and start shuffling to the three empty seats directly in front of you. The first two boys make it past you with no problems, but the last boy manages to accidentally knock your calculator off of the table top with his bookbag and you hear it hit the ground causing yet another clatter in the auditorium.

The boy bends down and picks up your calculator, placing it on top of your readied notebook. “Sorry ‘bout that, hun.” He says to you with a wink and a flashy smile, before sitting in the chair right in front of you. For the entire class period, you catch yourself doing nothing but staring at the backside of this boy, noticing everything from the slight curls in his hair, to the tightness of his shirt, to the greek letters on his back: ΔΣΦ.

No wonder they’re asshats, you think to yourself, They’re frat boys.

You slump into your seat, trying to ignore the fact that the boy sitting in front of you is arguably one of the most attractive guys you’ve ever come across. He’s a frat boy. Never in a million years would you ever get involved with a frat boy.


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Six Times Voltage Inc Tugged at my Heartstrings

I’ve been playing Voltage games for about four years now, and I have to say, there were moments in certain routes that made me Feel Things™. Generally, Voltage games aren’t really known for being cynical or overly emotional. Heck, their games, while having some mature content, mostly have an optimistic feel to them. However, there were some moments in particular that stood out to me—those scenes were written powerfully enough to shake me to the core.

I have to admit, it was difficult for me to select a few moments from hundreds of routes, but I tried my best to narrow it down as much as I could.


  • I limited it to one character per game to avoid repetition.
  • I haven’t played every Voltage game (or route for that matter). The moments I’ve chosen only come from the games I’ve played.
  • I didn’t include SLBP because I only started getting into it recently (plus I don’t know too much about the other lords to make solid conclusions about them lmao).
  • This is all my personal opinion, so that means you probably won’t share the same views as I do, which is cool (I’d actually appreciate it if you told me what your favorite moments were :D).

Anyhow, let’s begin! (long post below):

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Libra is ruled by Venus as esoterically by Uranus. Libra is the sign of partnership and socialising and has deep seated need to be liked despite often having a very unique and different personality (Uranus). However, Libra’s can be at fault to the same negative traits of their air sign counterpart, Aquarius, in the sense that they will act purposely “weird” just to stand out. This is especially true for Libra’s that have realised you can’t please everyone yet still struggle with their own insecurities - they will purposely act outlandish, wayward and even downright mean, just to protect their ego.

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Can you blame us for wanting Pontaff to go fuck themselves? They want to ruin everything for the fans....

You mean I can’t blame fans for throwing deep-seated hatred and contempt towards their way? Over a video game franchise?

You mean I can’t blame fans for throwing them under the bus at every single opportunity imaginable, and acting like a snarling beast towards them? Over a video game franchise?

You mean I can’t blame fans for handing out death threats to them with disturbing regularity? Over a video game franchise?

You mean I can’t blame fans for interpreting them as a malevolent entity who actively wants to ruin the franchise, as opposed to two guys who are ultimately just doing their job in order to pay the bills and whatnot? Over a video game franchise?

Yes, anon. I can blame the unruly fans in question for all that behaviour and more. Because that shit is not acceptable. That’s not level-headed criticism. That’s just embarrassing for the fandom’s image, and we all know more fuel to the fire is the last thing this fandom’s widespread image needs.

You want to be taken seriously with your complaints about the direction of the series?

ACT like it.

Originally posted by sebuttianstans

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
Rating: T 
Warnings: No real warnings - mild language, references to sex.
Summary: You’re having the worst day imaginable and find some kindness where you aren’t expecting it.
Author’s Note: I can’t believe the feedback I’ve gotten from the other Seb stories that I’ve written lately. You guys are the best! This is a little shorter than usual, but it popped into my head randomly. Again, I just want to reiterate that I don’t know him, and that there’s no harm intended with these stories. Any similarities between real life and these stories are coincidence. 

You’re having the absolute worst day of your life. You’ve just been fired from your job over an issue that was definitely not your fault, and you just realized you left your wallet at home, meaning you have to trudge all the way back to your apartment with a box of your things instead of taking a cab like you wanted to.

You feel like you’re two seconds away from bursting into tears, so you shove your headphones into your ears and start heading to your apartment. The minute you step outside with your box, the clouds open up and it starts pouring down rain.

“Of fucking course.” You say out loud, a semi-hysterical laugh leaving your mouth. It turns into a sob, though, as your shoulders slump.

“Are you okay?” A voice asks, and you glance up to see a man with an umbrella looking at you, concerned.

“F-fine,” you mumble, embarrassed.

“No offense, but you don’t look fine.” He says, and when you blink in response, his eyes widen. “Not that you don’t look fine! I just mean– you look upset.”

You can’t help but smile softly at him as he gets flustered. “I’m just having a bad day. I’ll be fine.”

He returns your smile, a faint blush on his cheeks. “Are you going very far?” He asks, gesturing towards the box in your hands. “No free hand for an umbrella.”

“Just a few blocks. I’ll probably get a cab.”

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One headcanon I kinda like is the idea that post-canon Kaiba sometimes still has trouble entirely separating Yuugi from Atem. He knows they’re separate entities by now. He knows there’s a Yuugi and an Atem. He knows that Yuugi never was Atem. And he knows that Atem is gone.


But sometimes he just can’t wrap his mind around that. Everything that happened still feels so surreal, so impossible. Sometimes he finds himself looking at Yuugi and expecting Atem to be there, somewhere. He knows he’s not, but a little part of him still wants to believe otherwise. How could he come to accept that Atem exists and then have to accept that he doesn’t anymore? Not here, anyway. Not in Yuugi.

Usually Yuugi doesn’t mind too much. He understands. Even he still thinks of Atem as his other self. He really kept the act up for a while, too. Kaiba didn’t know for as long as the others did, and he’s had to get past deep-seated skepticism to get this far. It makes sense that it’s difficult for him to process.

But Yuugi has better days and worse days. Sometimes he misses Atem so much it’s like there’s a hole in his chest that can’t be filled. He just feels so alone. Sometimes he struggles to pin down his own identity – his own strengths – as he compares himself to Atem. Sometimes he just desperately needs people to understand that he is here and that he’s trying to make the best of it.

So sometimes it hurts when Kaiba calls Atem “Yuugi” or talks about things Atem did as if Yuugi did them. He can get upset, maybe disproportionately so. It’s not like Kaiba’s the only one who does these things. But he tried so long to be Kaiba’s friend, cared for him so deeply, all the while knowing that Kaiba was chasing after a goal that wasn’t him. That most of his friends knew him first as Yuugi, the real Yuugi… but not Kaiba. And now, whether they’re friends or something more, Kaiba’s finally seeing him for who he is. Just… maybe not all the time.

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of April 30 - May 6, 2017

You better learn how to tuck, because this week’s emotional rollercoaster is gonna be speeedy, queen!

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Underneath that peppy facade lurks a deep-seated emotional trauma that has moved centerstage in your heart of hearts during this crucial time in your life. The pain is so great that talking about it with other bitches might cause your psyche more harm. We respect this decision of yours, and more power to you, gurl, but know that at some point, that shit’s gotta come out.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

When bitches accuse you of being scatterbrained this week, it’s not something that you can just brush off and claim that they just don’t understand ju. It will be because there is some T to what they’re saying. You are juggling a lot of personas this week – more than your default of 2 – and it may take some time to find a comfortable rhythm that can service all identities. It’s doable, tho!

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

You are crabbier than usual this week, pun fucking intended, and if EVEN YOU can’t handle this emotional turmoil, then the rest of us are fucked. What you have to understand, dahling, is that this shit will take time. The most important thing you can do right now is to be patient with yourself and how you’re dealing with it all. Contrary to popular belief, you have more time than you think.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

So, you have like this set plan for the week, right? That’s cute and all, but bitch, yous gonna need a contingency plan because not errbody’s gonna be hip to your itinerary, no matter how sickening it is. And here’s the thing, queen. The more you cling onto your schedule for dear life, the more miserable you’ll feel when it all goes to shit. If you can be more open like you are at 3am at some random trick’s doorstep after a night out on boystown, then the more you can handle the shitshow.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You’ve been stepping back a bit because major shifts are happening on the astral plane, but you’re doing this all wrong, gurl! The thing is, you’re not the only queen who’s refraining from the usual hustle, and if no one else is taking action, this means the pathways are open wide for you to take advantage of. Better untuck quick, and come up with a strategic plan of attack.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

If there’s ever a time for you to stay in your lane, than this week is it, my darling. Comparing your progress to that of others will only make you paranoid, nitpicking what has gone wrong in your life and blaming others for your so-called misfortunes. And gurl, that shit is all a waste of your fucking time. The more you put your focus on being fierce, the faster your ascension will be.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Okay, gurl, so like, there’s just waaayyy too much input from social media about your recent escapades and postings about the shit that matters to you. And at some point, you’re gonna have to clear out all the din and really listen to your own opinions about your own opinions, you know what I’m saying? It won’t hurt to turn off all the noise so much so that you can hear the beating of your own heart.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

The worst way for you to get anybody to sign up for your cause is to fucking guilt them into being on board. Bitches don’t wanna HAVE TO DO SOMETHING because of some sense of personal obligation. I always say, there are more people out there who believe in your cause – they may not be close acquaintances of yours but they would subscribe to your agenda and they’re a lot easier to find and convince than you may think. Point blank, stop wasting time on your so-called friends who just don’t give a shit.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

When your ex shows up at your doorstep, you’re gonna have to turn the ho away. Yeah, bitch, I know it sounds cruel, but if you so much as let an atomic particle of this queen in your house, then it’ll be that much easier for hurr to manipulate yo ass. Remember, you don’t have the best control of your emotions right now. But you still have the physical coordination to shut the door on hurr fucking face.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

When something like really emotional happens, you tend to shy away from the situation and rely on the mental realms to help you get through the shitshow. Well, your usual defense mechanismz/machinations won’t work this time, bitch! Not all the brain olympics in the world can detract you from what’s really at stake here. This is a matter of the heart and not of your big ass mind.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

See, like, when shit hits the fan, we can always rely on you to be sprawled on your thrift store couch, smoking a joint and being like, “it’s all good, man.” And that moment where we’re all wondering if you’re being inspirational or just plain lazy, is enough to distract us from the shitshow in front of us. That alone, is why you’re a crucial part of our clique.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

The time for ambiguity is OVAH, queen! This is the week where you start drawing the muthafucking lines. There is no room for gray anymore. Things are so crucial right now that any dilly dally in beliefs is sure to set yo ass back. Nobody’s got time for that! The great thing about being so stalwart in your conviction is that it has the power to inspire others to do the same damn thing. Kudos, bitch!

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

So last night I had the wildest dream that Robert confessed everything to Aaron and they had an actual conversation that covered their fears and their deep seated issues and how they hurt one another and it referenced the affair and their January argument and Robert called Aaron his beautiful husband and Aaron chose talking to his counsellor over hurting himself and then they talked some more and they still loved one another at the end of it all in their messed up but incredible way but they’re gonna stay together and fight for their love

Anyway that was an amazing dream but I’m awake now I wonder how the reveal eps will actually play out 🤔🤔

Wait, how did so many of you manage to gif my dream????

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Would you please continue "Renewed"? You cannot possibly leave us in the lurch before the wedding - that's downright cruel ;-) Thank you in advance ladies- I'm looking forward to your stories every single day!

lindseyylu17 submitted to imagineclaireandjamie
More Renewed please!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

may we have more “Renewed”- now that they are finally married? How will their life together pan out - at this age surely not such an easy adaption. Perhaps a totally unexpected pregnancy?? That would be great- and thank you so much for your daily effort to bring us happiness. It’s greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work.

As requested…Renewed:

Despite his protests, Colum had kept him late. There’d been a specific job Colum had wanted completed by the end of the day and Jamie, it seemed, was the only one capable enough of completing said task.

Claire’s mystery sickness had been sitting heavy in his mind and heart all night and Colum’s insistence that he stay had only increased the feeling of trepidation. She’d had her appointment earlier in the day and he’d hoped that she might call him with news. Of course, knowing Claire’s insistence that he wouldn’t ever contact him at work unless it was an absolute emergency, she’d be holding up at home waiting to tell him the news.   

It wasn’t a long task, and before he knew it he’d clocked off and was racing through the icy streets home. The ground was still coated in a wee smattering of snow, and his workbooks slid along the slick pavement as he jogged down the small cycle path that ran alongside the Clyde. The feeling grew heavier with each step he took, the same thoughts running through his head. It hadn’t been something terrible – she hadn’t called.

Though what if it was? What if something was desperately wrong?

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Sleep in my sweater P4

Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three Here

Pairing: Sam x reader 

Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader, mention of an unnamed driver 

Word count: 1255

Warnings: angst, gore, hurt!Sam, swearing

Summary: The reader wakes up and has to figure out how to save Sam

A/N: Sorry for the delay on this one, part 5 is coming soon! Also, this is officially the longest series I’ve written like whoa! Thanks for reading I hope you guys enjoy and comments/feedback are always appreciated:)<3

Tag list: @padackles2010@mamaredd123​​ @milkymilky-cocopuff@iwantthedean @zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista​​ @d-s-winchester​ @just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride​ @waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802 @kittenofdoomage​​​ @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan​ ​ @mogaruke​​ @therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala  @deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad @impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire @itseverythingilike@jesspfly @love-kittykat21 @mysteriouslyme81 @mrswhozeewhatsis @aiaranradnay  @supernatural-jackles @girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha @27bmm @spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @bambinovak @writingthingsisdifficult @spn-imagines-to-feel @spn-ficfanatic @cleverdame @saxxxology @jensen-jarpad dancingpanda137

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