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The people who are interested in my personality don’t find my appearance suitable with their taste.
The people who find my appearance attractive don’t have enough patience to get to know my personality.
The people who are both into my appearance and my personality either can’t connect to me on a deeper level or whom I don’t find attracted to.
—  Why I am still single

he’s cute, and smart, and tall

but he’s neck deep in a world i’m only starting to be a part of

and he smells of cigarettes,
i smell of Chanel Mademoiselle

- // the good girl and the boy that smokes
a.j.e (via @smells-like-teensluts)

dear myself, note this;
you shouldn’t feel sad on times when he doesn’t call
or times when the conversation runs out of topic and finally comes to an end,
you shouldn’t feel so miserable on times when his name doesn’t pop up in your phone anymore even though he himself still pops up in your head 24/7,
you shouldn’t feel sorrowful on times when you look at him
but he’s not looking at you first like he used to do,
are you happy when you see a rainbow?
do you feel sad when it is finally gone?
have you ever assumed it as yours?
—  f.f
When you look at me, I feel like I can’t breathe. When your lips curl into that smirk of yours, I feel like I could die. Anything you do makes me melt. Even the little things like smiling at me in the hallway. God, I love everything about you.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7
Why am I in love with you?

Why am I in love with you? This question seems so simple, yet it is one of the most complex questions I have ever gotten. So where do I begin? I’m in love with the way your eyes sparkle when a super hero movie comes on the T.V. I’m in love with the way you’d scrunch your nose as you laugh at your friends’ hysterical yet cringy comment. I’m in love with the way you’d crack stupid jokes in class that only I would find absolutely hilarious and adorable. I’m in love with the way your eyes focus intensely at the board when you’re intrigued in a lesson taught by the teacher. I love how you seem like the most popular guy at school but deep down inside you’re a dork. You’re in love with the complicated tales of the ancient Greeks. And with your love of history, I find myself falling deeper in love with you and your quirks. I love the sound of your charming voice when it calls out for my name. I love the way your lips curve themselves when you see me. I love the way you’d immediately pay extra attention to the conversation when my name is mentioned. I love the way you fidget when I’m near you because I make you nervous. I love the way you’d constantly lock your eyes with mine. I love how your eyes search for mine even when there are hundreds of other eyes around you. I love how oblivious you can be at times, especially when we’re merely a few desks apart and I catch you staring at me from the corners of my eyes. There are endless reasons why I am in love with you but that would take me forever to tell you. So for now, I’ll just keep it short and simple and say, the reason why I am in love with you is that you, are you. And that’s why I am in love with you. 

And she was greedy,” He said, a gentle smile forming on his face. “But she was greedy in all the right ways. She didn’t want material things. She was greedy for the feeling of being loved so much that her heart felt happy almost all the time. She was greedy for being called princess and baby. She was greedy for my eyes, and for my laugh. For the way my lips felt on hers. For the way her small body fit in my big sweaters. She was greedy for my love. And oh god, was I ever greedy for hers.
—  Greedy (6:38 AM)
Are We Just Friends?

The two of us, we assume that we’re just friends. Just friends. But whenever I look into your eyes, you tell me that we’re more than just mere acquaintances. Our eyes love to acknowledge each other, always wanting to lock eyes. When we make eye contact, you can’t just tell me you look at all your friends the same way as you look at me. Though neither of us utters a single word to each other, I could tell what you were telling me with every glance you made towards me. And I thought I was shy, too bashful to reach out to you, however, you were also as shy, only communicating to me with your eyes. Though you were never the guy that anybody would ever label as unconfident, always loud and talkative with your close friends. But only with me, you were enveloped in your introverted circle. Why does love have to be so complicated? We know our feelings for each other, yet both are too scared to do anything. Nether less, you wouldn’t consider us just friends right? We share too much enigma to just classify us only as just friends. Let’s just label us as lovers with unspoken words. Because we don’t need words when the heart is purely true since love can be heard even in the deadliest silence.