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All For Me

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: I feel blessed to write this

Prompt: “P-possibly a smutty RaphxChubby!Reader who’s wearing lingerie for the first time, please? >//////<” @badchubbybunny

Word count: 1352

Warnings: SMUT

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“C’mon! You should at least try it on!” Going to Victoria’s Secret with your best friend on a Saturday morning wasn’t what you had in mind. Especially since she basically pushed you into a changing room with arms full of lacy and scandalous pieces that you wouldn’t think of trying on. Eyeing the skinny shop assistants, you looked at your best friend through the curtains with a bright red face.

“Dude, I can’t do this! He never even asked!” Although she didn’t know the turtles, she knew of one’s name: Raphael, your long-term boyfriend. Although bitter that she’d never met him since you’d gotten together a year ago, she was happy for you, and happy you were finally getting some action. And because of that reason, she’d do anything to hear the dirty details of your late night rendezvous. She was your best friend after all.

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Richonners...the real MVPs

The FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, nan them hoes got anything on a Richonne fan…ya heard me!? Y'all done discovered and giffed out in super slo mo Andy with his hand deep in them pants, peeped out Michonne apocalypse free wheelin with no draws on…like damn! Rick tonguing Michonne down, massaging her esophagus and shit! Damn! 

A scene doesn’t have enough light? Fuck that…a Richonner is out here with professional editing skills adding light, removing music, emphasizing Rick groaning, Michy sighing…

There’s even a gif out there with added scenes that are truly a work of art…giving us nasty girls what we really wanted to see Rick and Michonne do in that sex-funked van…

So here’s to you Richonners…yall are the real MVPs! Where the show has failed us, y'all succeed…now go forth and find those other Richonne sex scenes Gimple and Nicotero are hoarding for themselves!

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“My lady, are you sure we’re supposed to be whiling away time like this when an…”

* Toccata and Fugue playing in a distance*

guess who went on anon to make you a birthday present @xenaphobiia :3

normalisjustafairytale  asked:

The counter olivers hand is on is the perfect height for certain things.. I'M JUST SAYING.

Yes, the counter is the perfect height because of course it is

When they were looking at the houses, Oliver never really told her this but the moment he saw the kitchen and that counter, he knew it was perfect. He pretends to be a gentleman in a lot of ways but he’s got a dirty mind and a sexy girlfriend he loves to pieces. So, of course the counter in the perfect height, because when she sits on it, her legs dangle just enough for him to step in between them and thrust into her hips. He has come home a lot of mornings to find her on the counter like this. 

And of course Felicity never tells him she does it on purpose because she knows seeing her on that counter fires his blood and she enjoys seeing his eyes heat like that. She sits there every chance she finds, and he comes homes every morning with a soft smile, sweaty and breathing heavily, his blood already thrumming in his veins and she knows it’s just perfect because he slides up to her and pulls her butt right to the edge, spreading her legs apart, and rocks his hips into hers. 

And she rocks back. And the soft smiles mingle with oh my god and don’t stop and oh fuck and oh, oliver and screams and moans and lots of incoherent noises. Lots of them. They are so vocal she fears the neighbors hear them sometimes.

Some days they just smile and proceed for breakfast (which he makes). Some days he has her for breakfast while kneeling on the floor and her legs over his shoulders because that counter… just the perfect height. 

mrs-deloria  asked:

😘Fic request? Tadashi getting jealous when his gf gets hit on by other guys?💏 (💗BTW I love your blog, I'm always checking for your posts because they make my day😍)

A small hum emitted from your chest as your eyes scaled one of the many book shelves of the San Fransokyo Tech library. You decided on ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and reached up with nimble fingers and grasped the semi-bend spine of the book. “I’d have chosen ‘Catcher in the Rye.’ A deep voice peeped from behind you, catching your attention as you thought you were alone with the rows of books. “But, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ was a good book. Very complex, and the time it was written is brutal.”

You laughed softly and turned around, holding the book tightly. “Hey, Lucas.” Your voice picked up with happiness and a warm smile. “What are you, a book reviewer?”

“Hey, (Name). I’ve read the book before. High school English.” He grinned cutely, bumping his body against yours, “You usually procrastinate and read the book during the last week of the semester. What’s got you picking it out so early?”

“Tadashi,” You looked up at the blond and chuckled deeply, “You know, he’s pushing me not to procrastinate as much as I used to, though, it’s a nasty habit to kick.” Your voice drew to a close when you caught hold of the distaste on his face.

“Oh right,” Lucas said a bit distantly, clearing his throat, “How long have you him been dating?”

“A few months.” You explained and looked at your feet at the mere thought of your close to perfect boyfriend. “He’s really great, really loving and really strives to be the best.” 

You heard him laugh before patting your small shoulder, “Lucky him, I guess. There’s a lot of guys here, and even some girls, who wanted to date you.” You rolled your eyes, almost silently telling him that you doubted the truth in his words. “Or, maybe it was just me who wanted to date you…”

“Lucas, I’m flattered, but Tadashi and I…”

“You know, I’ve really liked you since the 10th grade… You’ve only known Hamada for a year and a half… It’s sorta unfair.”

“She knows.” Tadashi uttered and walked down the aisle, setting his book back on the shelf. The tall, dark haired man looked back at the shorter blond with precise, almost threatening eyes, “Your flirting in Biology wasn’t very subtle.” He wrapped an arm around you protectively and pressed a warm kiss to your forehead. You accepted the token of love and nuzzled yourself into his arms. Your eyes rested on Lucas as Tadashi began speaking. “Learn to step down when the thing you want is someone else.”

Lucas looked at Tadashi with a fiery gaze, “Learn to step down when you feel threatened. (Name) is nice but I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh?” You asked softly.

“Yeah, you know Rena?”

“OH!” You gasped, punching his arm playfully, “Congrats! We can have double dates now!”

“No double dates.” Tadashi snarled and looked at Lucas through dark eyes. “I like my alone time with you.”


“Our very, very…” He leaned towards Lucas, “Intimate close alone time. Without Lucas Mucus.”

“That was one time!” He whined, “I was five and I didn’t have a tissue!”

You looked at Lucas with apologizing eyes, tugging Tadashi with you as you began walking back to the table in the spacious area of the library, “I should probably go read my book before I drown in testosterone.”


I could be reading too deep.. But peep Chance’s Ascension as he progressed in the rap game. On 10Day it’s like he is looking up to people star struck with his “head in the clouds”. On Acid Rap he’s on the same level as the people he once looked up to. He’s seeing what the success is really like. The background looks like his success has brought him down from his high of 10Day and grounded him in reality. On Coloring Book he’s looking down on the game now and the background suggests he’s ascended to the heavens almost calling himself a god. Chance really the GOAT.