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Rare Snail Fish Swims by ROV Hercules | Nautilus Live 

The Liparidae, commonly known as snailfish or sea snails, are a family of scorpaeniform marine fishes.

Widely distributed from the Arctic to Antarctic Oceans including the northern Pacific, the snailfish family contains about 30 genera and 410 species. They are closely related to the sculpins of the family Cottidae and the lumpfish of the family Cyclopteridae. Snailfish are sometimes included within the latter family. The snailfish family is poorly studied and few specifics are known. Their elongated, tadpole-like bodies are similar in profile to the rattails… (Wikipedia)

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Hello leetle feeshies….

Working on some last-minute stuff for Otakon this year - and I’ve been meaning to do a piece with this mer-lady for a while now. I have a thing for undersea critters - especially of the deep and horrifying variety. 

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The Pacific Barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) is one of a group of deep sea fish that have evolved a unique set of anatomical accoutrements to fit their particular lifestyle. These fish are very fragile and specimens brought to the surface by fisherman and researchers were distorted by the pressure differential. This fish’s most unique features are its soft, transparent head and the barrel-shaped eyes within. Normally fixed in an upward-looking position with green “lens caps” to filter out sunlight, the Pacific Barreleye can swivel it’s eyes like a telescope. What appear to be “eyes” are sensory organs; the real eyes reside inside the fish’s fighter plane canopy style forehead.