deep mysteries

If I had to choose a color to describe you,

It wouldn’t be red. Red is powerful and vivid and vast.
You wouldn’t be Orange - warm, welcoming, and vibrant.
You probably wouldn’t be as soft or as bright as yellow.
Nor would you be as fresh and wholesome as green.
It wouldn’t be blue, either. You are not deep enough or mysterious enough to call yourself blue.
You aren’t passionate enough for me to call you indigo and
You aren’t loved enough by me to tell you that you are violet.
You aren’t a new beginning like the way white makes me feel and you are not as edgy and as beautiful as black.
You are a color of your own: bland, monotone, and incomplete. There is no space for you on my color wheel. There is no space for you in my life.

—  // n.b.
There’s something about you. The feeling I got when I was around you, that excited nervousness; I’ve never felt that jolt with anyone else. It’s like listening to your favorite song or that first sip of coffee in the morning. Just pure unexplainable bliss. The way your eyes lit up when you play in the band, or how you stood in the middle of a thunderstorm blowing smoke rings. You’re passionate, talented, deep, mysterious. There’s so much to you that I just can’t put words to. I think that’s why even though you left me and you’re happy with someone else, I can’t be angry with you. I miss you, I mourn you, but I cannot be mad. You are that favorite song. You are that first sip of coffee.
—  A.S
My Favorite and Least Favorite Thing about your Sign


Life of the party, knows how to make everyone laugh

Can’t accept when they’re wrong, explosive 


Loyal, will stick by your side for a very, very long time once you gain their trust, attractive, pulls people towards them

Hypocritical and materialist 


Passionate and so, so witty and intelligent 

Doesn’t know when to stop talking (sorry, cliche, but true), refuses to acknowledge their emotions or the emotions of others


Responsible, a just and kind leader, clever, often the voice of reason

Honestly, they can dish it but they can’t take it, takes everything way to personally 


Best person to party with, knows how to hype everyone up

Self-obsessed and doesn’t think of anyone’s needs but theirs


Easy to talk to, reasonable, a great listener

So, so judgey, thinks their way is the best way


“Cool person” vibe, approachable and good conversationalists

Cares too much about maintaining their image


There’s something so magnetic about them, attracts people, sexxxxyyy (in my opinion lol)

They try way too hard to be deep and mysterious, can’t take responsibility for their actions


Amazingly funny, laid back, makes everyday an adventure

Can’t face reality or anything that doesn’t fits into the world they’ve created for themselves


Also can be the voice of reason, extremely driven, an effortless air of elegance and coolness around them

Unapproachable, they have a crazy superiority complex 


Magnetic, they stand out and are different without even trying, you want to be friends with them

Closed off, can get stuck in a cycle of sadness of self-pity that can be very frustrating for others


Genuinely kind with hearts of gold, that friend you’ll always be able to hit up ten years later, a deep and dark side to them that’s hidden but appealing 

They victimize themselves, never takes people’s advice on things but will still complain forever

Game On!

[Astrology Edition]

Aries: Outlast- this is some SCARY VIOLENT BLOODY shit that requires serious balls to play. It is a hell of an adrenaline rush, and requires you to conquer your fears to make it through. 

Taurus: Skyrim- a game that lets you hoard shit, has lots of pretty nature, so you can chill and wander aimlessly. 

Gemini: Infamous: Second Son- fun, bright, colorful shit with a playful protagonist and unique premise. You’ll fucking love it. 

Cancer: Firewatch- Emotional, deep, but calming and mysterious. It’s an instant classic indie game that makes you feel nostalgic and lonely in the best possible way.

Leo: Mass Effect- It’s all about you, and you’re Shepard, hero of the galaxy. This series is dramatic, allows the player to self-insert, and allows you to romance all kinds of sexy aliens. 

Virgo: Heavy Rain- This is a game designed for those who pay attention to details and are keen on doing the right thing. It is some nerve-wracking shit, but well-suited for analytical types.

Libra: Life is strange- Decisions, decisions. They’re the bane of a libra’s existence, and the central focus of this game. You can change your mind as much as you want, but you’ll have regrets no matter what. 

Scorpio: Until dawn- Horror, the supernatural, and some seriously twisted psychological shit. It’s dark, suspenseful, and has layers and layers of weird clues to connect.

Sagittarius: Uncharted 4- Fun, adventure, and the quest for the ultimate treasure. Combine that with a good-humored protagonist with preternatural good luck, along with a penchant for philosophy, and you have the game-version of Sagittarius. 

Capricorn: The Evil Within- This game is dark, serious, gory, extremely, plot-heavy; but not very emotional. It is also not fun, which is good, because caps don’t want fun; they want a challenge.

Aquarius:The Stanley Parable- An indie game whose sole purpose is to criticize the narrative style of every other game out there. Nuff said. 

Pisces: Beyond: Two Souls- This is a game about sacrifice, about a girl who was a victim and an outcast, but retained her sense of empathy and compassion through it all. Lots of pretty graphics and emotions. You’ll love it. 

** Certain video games give off a vibe similar to the energy of certain signs, but you can take this as a rec list; check moon for what you’ll enjoy and mars for what you’ll probably be good at.