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what do u hate about twenty one pilots


ok first of all the band/fanbase seems VERY elitist when it comes to ~not being like those OTHER UNINTELLIGENT rappers~ (see: drake, nicki, travie etc)

u notice a theme there lmao (not to mention lane boy is racist af)

another thing is that the fanbase goes on and on and ON about how ~the CLIQUE IS SO ACCEPTING  WE LOVE EVERYONE~ but will defend a LITERAL TRANSPHOBE over listening to ACTUAL trans ppls complaints

yet ANOTHER elitist esque thing is how the band is like “if u abbreviate our band w NUMBERS and dont TYPE IT OUT u dont ~get our band~” like????????

 ok first of all WHAT is the POINT of abbreviations  exactly???? convenience. and they want u to Not do That

second of all there may be people who find it physically easier to process the post when the abbreviation is  typed out in numbers  (be it dyslexia or not being native to english ) and they want u to Not Do That

third of all???? like… let ppl fuckin abbreviate ur fuckin bands title however the FUCK they want FUCK OFF

ok final gripe i have and its just i dont like their music lmao

7.8/10 too much deep not enough Fun

It is fascinating that straight men watch Supernatural and think “Dean and Cas are really close friends.” 

My dude. Do you have ANY friends who would do that sort of shit for you? Leave their families? Die for you? Give up their job and fame and power because you asked? Would carry your clothes around as a talisman?

I mean, do you even have friends that you talk to about the deep, meaningful shit in life? Cause it’s my understanding that you only Reveal Feelings with a) women you are b) planning on sleeping with and this is a major source of general societal dysfunction. 

And yet two men on screen who do that reads to you as bros? What?


THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I just… do you even know how happy this is making me? And their faces? The relief and joy and PURE ELATION that is washing over them knowing that their partner in this madness has been found. THAT THE OTHER IS STILL ALIVE. Look at them grasping each other. Holding tight. Battered, beaten, and bruised. They’re warriors and they fought to be reunited. They had to believe, and hold on to the spark of hope that they were still out there. They couldn’t survive Earth without each other. No way. The only reason they have made it this far is BECAUSE of each other. They’ve changed each other; brought out the most important aspects of themselves; two halves creating a perfect whole. No one else understands the pressures they’ve been under. That they shared. These are their people that they’ve fought to protect, and they did it together. This embrace… this reunitement… it’s so much more than two old friends seeing each other after time apart. This is relief. This is knowing that they haven’t failed each other. This is knowing that the burden of being the Brave Princess and the Rebel Leader can be shared again. This is what H O M E looks like. It’s in each other’s arms.

potential tattoos and piercings

Lestat, being a valley girl he is, would have a belly button piercing, nipple piercings, a tramp stamp and Louis’ name tattooed on his but…in a heart.

Louis would have some deep, meaningful, gothic shit on his wrist, something like “Our very existence refuses your laws and your science, your religions and your philosophies.” And an eyebrow piercing.

Marius would have something inspirational like “Carpe diem” (or Carpe Noctem) and “Repetitio mater studiorum est.”

Armand wouldn’t want to ruin his face with piercings so he would want something like helix piercings and industrial.

If you’re going to get a tattoo in another language, for the love of God, please pleaaaase check it with at least 10 other people who speak/read the damn language. I’m seeing too many people with random ass words for tattoos thinking it means some deep meaningful shit not knowing the true meaning.