deep lust

If I Lived 400 Years... (M)

BTS; Hoseok/J-Hope

Genre: Smut | Fluff

Word count:  2.4k

Description: You and Hobi celebrate his birthday together.

A/N: Sinning + ultra cheesiness. I wrote this in like a day and a half and its 7 am and I haven’t slept yet so sorry if its horrible. Honestly I am god awful at fluff so I’m so sorry again. Um, @seokvie gave me the tummy fluff idea and it spread from there.

Happy Birthday to our dearest sunshine, Hobi!! ^^ 

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flames (m)

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❝you have always been my everything.❞
→ park chanyeol
→ in where he has superpowers, and you are one of the very few people who know (a collaborative series with @soowritings)

Quick pants of breath replaced the sound of the movie that played on the background, long forgotten as the night continued on in a form of a much more pleasurable excitement.

Chanyeol’s hands found their place on your hip, while the other slid up from your hip to your chest to your cheek, holding your jaw and pulling you closer towards him as he kissed you roughly, passion emitting from the way his lips moved against yours.

You were straddling him, sitting on his lap while both of your legs stayed on either of Chanyeol’s side. Beneath you, his desperate want was caressing you, making you shiver at the small satisfaction and push your hips towards him, enjoying the friction made.

Although he really wanted to, Chanyeol contained his moans in fear that people would find out the naughty act you both were starring on. What meant to be a movie date turned into something much more intimate than planned out. It started the moment you felt his warm hands crawling up your thighs, lightly pinching the inside of it when it got closer and closer to your core. You couldn’t let him have fun without you, so you took the risk and placed your hand right about him, palming it through his shorts. Though the both of you seemed to tense, there were no regrets in picking the seats at the very back of the cinema, hiding your sinful touches and soft whimpers from the audience.

“You’re amazing,” Chanyeol said in breathy voice, the deep tone of his voice sounding much more sexier than it usually was. A smirk played on your lips as you kissed him, your hands gripping onto his bicep and neck, feeling the muscle beneath his skin and the warmth radiating from it. He groaned into your lips when you grinded your hips against his, enjoying the feeling of bliss.

Before you say anything, you pulled away from him, taking into sight his swollen lips and his messy hair with the help of vibrant lights coming from the screen as the movie played. You were out of breath, but not just by losing yourself in Chanyeol’s lips but by also in the way he looked at you as you sat on his lap, hands now on his shoulders to find balance, your hair equally as messy as his and lips probably more swollen than his when he softly took them between his teeth, biting your lips gently before swiping his tongue over them.

Short and almost inaudible moans may have escaped your lips just at the sight of him, it only hit you now that the popular hot business major who was more of a cutie was now yours and more specifically, beneath you, breathless as you continued pushing your hips against him, your core feeling his hard want. His head rolled back, his neck resting at the very top of the chair, eyes closed as the pleasure took over his tall frame. “Only for you, baby,” you whispered into his ears, nibbling on the lobes of his ear, licking them softly before leaving a trail of kisses from his ear to his neck. You sucked the skin of neck, calling out the hot blood that ran in his veins.

The moans and whimpers did leave your lips. His hands were working on you, one on your breast, massaging it beneath your shirt and bra, taking your nipple between his two fingers and pinching it, while the other has resting on your thigh, his thumb caressing your inner thigh, slowly finding their way to your front, rubbing against the sensitive area, pushing your euphoria further into its limit.

His name left with every moan, whimper, and groan that seeped from your mouth, and you could tell he liked it as his own lips spilled out your name in a growl, his deep voice now heavily raspy.

You were too lost at the moment, you didn’t realize that heat coming from his hands, his neck, and his body. Maybe it was just the immense exhilaration you’ve created in a heist to orgasm, that beautiful white hot bliss.

It never occurred, not even when your shirt was no longer on your body, its material nonexistent as you continued to please yourselves. The thought only hit you when Chanyeol’s warm hands were against your skin, the heat from his hand radiating to your cold body.

“Chanyeol,” you said, confusion mixed into your lust filled voice, “where did my shirt go?” Chanyeol’s trail of kisses abruptly stopped, however, his hands remained on your waist, warm and comforting despite the lack of coverage from the unknowing audience.

Chanyeol muttered curses beneath his breath, his hands now on his lips, his fingers playing against each other as he bit his lip in concentration. He was very conflicted for some reason. All that has happened was your shirt getting lost… for no reason at all… except one. “Chanyeol?” His name came out like a question, wondering if he was still sane and still had his wits to answer.

His eyes darted across the cinema, looking like he was searching the area for any signs of danger before placing his attention towards you. In his eyes, a deep fire flashed behind those deep brown colors, pulling you into a trance as you stared at it, slowly leaning towards him, your lips attracted to his and the warmth he provided. “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” You sounded like you didn’t know what was happening like as if you’ve never noticed this type of thing before, but Chanyeol was wrong. “I know you’re not like me,” you told him, sitting on his lap diligently like a kid, explaining to him how he was such an idiot that he could keep his powers hidden to you.

“Chanyeol, you always leave burnt handprints on our mattress after every time we do it, and you always also seem to be too warm even at the coldest places. Like please explain to me how on earth were you so warm when we were at the ice skating rink after your Economics lecture yesterday. I know you have powers, Chanyeol. Although it defies each law of our universe, I will accept you as a person with a heart, mind, and soul. I just wish you were open and honest to me about it.”

Somehow, your hand ended up in Chanyeol’s, seeking warmth in the comfort of his hidden flame within him. The only response you received from him was a steamy kiss, almost returning you back to your original intentions as the back of a theatre. “You’re so fucking amazing, Y/N,” he said, smiling as he pulled away from your lips.

“I’m not sure how the hell you’re taking this so well, but damn, I’ll take it. If only I wasn’t so afraid of revelation, I would have told you everything.” The fire within his eyes reflected a sad and mellow color of blue, his hands slowly losing their heat. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you about this absurd talent of mine, and it’s not just me who has these special talents. The othe-”

You butted into his statement, “Oh, is that why the room always seems brighter whenever Baekhyun laughs?”

Chanyeol let out a small giggle, unable to comprehend your calmness despite the insane topic of unreal supernatural powers given to him and the rest at birth. You joined him as you’ve realized every weird event with him and his friends were all connected to their own unique powers. You laughed even more when you’ve realized one thing.

You were shirtless, your bra exposed to the curious eyes of the world or more specifically, the audience as the credits rolled on the screen. Chanyeol caught up to the idea without you having to say anything, his eyes once again lost in concentration. The next thing you know, a big comfy shirt was on your body, and your hands could feel the hard lines of Chanyeol’s abs.

“Well, I can’t let others think that my girl is open for viewing,” Chanyeol said, raising from his seat as he held onto you, making sure your feet were firmly on the ground before releasing you from his strong hold.

The people’s eyes were now turned towards Chanyeol and his toned body. Each muscle was mesmerizing as his movements made them flex before your eyes… and the audience’s.

The familiar overprotective feeling of yours resurfaced, and you tried to cover him by placing your back directly against his, making sure it remained that way until you’ve reached his car which thankfully wasn’t far.

This time, the heat surging through your body was of anger and was your own, created by jealousy and anger at the selfish eyes of young women in the crowd. You slapped Chanyeol’s thigh as soon as he sat down on the driver’s seat. “Idiot! Next time you’re thinking about doing that, you better think again. You also have to learn how to have better control over your powers. I can’t go topless every time you get horny, Chanyeol!” You scolded him, although your cheeks were burning out of embarrassment. Chanyeol merely chuckled, his deep voice awakening your lust to complete your unfinished business.

“Okay, baby, but first,” his hand traced your thigh’s skin, lighting fires within you as its warmth drew closer and closer towards your core, your breaths started to sound like whimpers, your hand squeezed his shoulder beside you while the other held onto the soft cushion of the car seat, Chanyeol’s eyes burned with a red hot flame, and an all too familiar smirk appeared on his lips, “let’s finish something we’ve already started.”

Red Fire (Crowley x Reader x Lucifer) - One Shot Smut

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Summary: You’re Crowley’s personal, little pet and you enjoy every second of it. But when you hear that a more powerful creature is held prison by Crowley, you decide it’s time to move up on the ladder.

A/N: This is just 4000 words of pure, filthy porn but I regret nothing. Set in S12 E15

Tags: @socktrollqueen @tori-supernatural @karlamoriarty

Warnings: SMUT, So much smut everywhere, Explicit Language, Pet Play, Blow Job, Facial, Threesome, Double Penetration, Anal.

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Clothes sharing

um!!!! absolutely? look, i know everyone (meg) has a boner for yuuri in victor’s team russia jacket, and i also share this deep, deep lust, but ALSO think about victor pulling on one of yuuri’s shirts in the morning, and it being too tight across his shoulders, showing off a sliver of skin, the entire expanse of his stomach when he reaches up on top of the fridge to grab the jar of coffee beans, and it nearly gives yuuri a heart attack.  like, he’s seen victor naked a bajillion times, but for some reason seeing victor walk around in his shirts is even worse.

also, headcanon that they take a dirty shirt or jacket of each other with them to competitions the other might not be competing in or able to attend.  victor might not wear yuuri’s shirt to sleep, because it could be too tight, but he’ll put it on one of the extra hotel pillows and spoon himself around it at night and bury his nose deep into it.

Thigh riding (Woozi)


Work had been stressful for you recently, with assignments, meetings and the like piling up one after another, and now that they were all behind (for the time being), all you wanted to do was let go after weeks and weeks of stress and nothing but work, work and work.

So you had decided to go to a club with two of your best friends. It was surprisingly empty for a Friday night, but you didn’t mind: you didn’t particularly enjoy huge masses of people anyway.

Having left your jackets at the cloakroom, you and your friends went straight to the bar and ordered whatever your hearts desired. While enjoying your drinks, you looked around.

“So, Y/N,” one of your friends began and smiled at you. “What do you want to do tonight?”

You looked thoughtful as you sipped your drink, and slowly moved your gaze from the dancefloor to your friend. “Dancing is a must, otherwise I don’t mind as long as it’s fun.”

Your other friend cheered in excitement. “Leave it to us, it’ll be a fun night alright!”

And that it really was - you couldn’t remember having smiled and laughed that much during the past two weeks combined. You talked a lot with your friends, met new people who you had fun with, and like you had wished, danced.

At first, you danced with your friends, but at some point you felt someone bump into you. Upon turning around to look at the person, you were met with a small, embarrassed smile from a guy who pointed behind him. “Sorry, my friends are idiots and thought pushing me into you was a good idea.”

You quirked your eyebrow and looked at the two laughing men behind him, and giggled. “It’s fine, really. I didn’t fall, after all, did I?”

The male grinned. “Luckily, you didn’t. Anyway, my name is Jihoon.”

“I’m Y/N,” you said with a bright smile, and with the song changing into one of your favorites - and a very sensual one, at that - you licked your lips. “Do you want to dance?”

There was something in your gaze and the way you said the words that made Jihoon swallow, but he really didn’t know why he would refuse, especially when he was still slightly bummed at his friends, so he found himself nodding, and soon later, dancing very closely with you.

It almost took you aback how much chemistry there seemed to be with the two of you from early on, even if physical. His body felt toned and all around good as it was pressed against yours and moved along to the rhythm of the music. You danced together for a few songs, during some pressed more closely to each other than you normally would with anyone - yet you wished you could’ve been even closer to him - and during some just having fun and letting go as you moved about, turning around and joking with each other.

Jihoon had unbuttoned some of his dark red button-down by the end of your dances together, and if he had looked attractive before, he looked sinfully gorgeous then. While dancing, you had taken a better look at him, too: he had handsome features, and with his killer smile and shy yet somehow confident aura, he was your type in more ways than one. It was only a plus that he danced well, wasn’t afraid to hold you, and most of all, managed to make you laugh.

After dancing, you found your ways to the bar and started talking more, with drinks in front of you. It was mostly casual chit-chatting with some very flirtatious undertones, and the longer you talked, the touchier your found yourself getting, your hand flying to Jihoon’s arm more and more often, feeling up the slightly defined muscles through the crisp material of his shirt. Not that his hand would’ve left your thigh once it had settled on it, either, though.

Eventually you found yourself leaning closer to him, and when he didn’t do anything to pull away, pressed your lips to his, curious and a bit reserved. However, when Jihoon kissed you back passionately, all reservedness of yours flew out of the window, and your hand on his arm tightened a little.

Some minutes later, Jihoon swallowed and squeezed your leg before turning to look at you, his eyes the slightest bit darker than they had been a bit earlier. “I’m sorry if this sounds pushy, but would you like to just–”

“Take this to your place? Gladly,” you said without waiting for Jihoon to finish his sentence, but judging by the grin that spread to his lips, you concluded you had been correct about where his question was headed to. His hand lingered on your thigh for a while longer, as if he didn’t really want to let go.

“Shall we go, then?” he asked while standing up, and with excitement pooling inside of you, you nodded and followed him to the cloakroom, from where you retrieved your jackets. You sent a message to your friends, who you had been separated from around the time Jihoon bumped into you, and told them that you’d be spending the night with him, just so that they wouldn’t get worried about you at a later time. Not waiting for a reply, you put your phone into your purse and followed Jihoon out of the club, your hand reaching for his while he tried to get the two of you a cab.

“Do you live far?” you inquired when a cab finally pulled by, and opening the door, Jihoon smiled at you.

“Not that far, maybe five, ten minutes away,” he said and motioned for you to get in the car, and so you did. He joined you on the backseat of the cab and gave the driver his address before turning back to you, his hand absentmindedly finding its way to your leg again. You scooted a little closer to Jihoon, placing your hand on his leg, too, and squeezed it.

“You should know I don’t do this very often,” you said quietly and looked into his eyes, just as deep and lustful as your own. Considering you had indeed not done things like that too often, it all felt incredibly good and familiar with him. His lips curved into a smirk as he leaned a bit closer to you.

“Me neither,” he whispered, his eyes slowly falling down to your lips, and all it took was another breath for you to lean in for a kiss, needy from the very second your lips met his.

He replied to the kiss almost immediately, his hand squeezing your thigh and moving slightly higher on it while his other hand found your neck, cupping it gently. You teased his lips with your tongue and grinned when you heard Jihoon sigh, only a moment before he parted his lips and let your tongue into his mouth. Needless to say, things were getting heated, and they got heated fast.

Had it not been for the voice at the backs of your heads nagging at you, reminding that you were in a cab, you would’ve probably gone a lot further than you ended up going, which was nothing but making out with some good caresses over the clothes that allowed you to feel how hard Jihoon was while he felt you up over your clothes, although his fingers did slide under your skirt as well.

“Excuse me, we’ve arrived,” the cab driver said after clearing his throat when the car had indeed stopped, and turned to face you with a disinterested face, as if it was perfectly normal for him to see his customers all over each other on the backseat. Then again, it probably was.

You got off Jihoon’s lap, which you were half on and, giggling, waited for him to pay for the ride before you both got out of the cab. It didn’t take you long to get to his apartment in the sixth floor of the apartment complex, and as soon as he had shut the door behind himself, you found yourself pressed against the wall next to the door.

“Straight to the point,” you said with a grin when you felt Jihoon’s hands on your legs, sliding up them and under your skirt, while his lips latched onto your neck. He hummed, whereas your eyes fluttered shut at the feeling of him kissing and sucking lightly on your skin, and with his hands on your ass, it was impossible not to grind into him, if only a little.

“I think we’re both just as impatient,” he chuckled against your neck when he felt you pushing against his crotch, and began trailing kisses a bit lower on your chest. Wetness was pooling between your legs already, and you knew for a fact that Jihoon had been hard for a good while as well. Impatience felt like an understatement, really, because you were downright desperate.

You got your hand in Jihoon’s blond hair and tugged at it lightly, so that he pulled back and looked into your eyes. Biting your lip playfully, you placed your other hand on Jihoon’s chest and began unbuttoning his shirt slowly. “Where’s your couch?”

A grin spread to his lips as he tilted his head to the left, where you figured his living room was located. “It’s right there.”

You just nodded, and instead of saying anything more, pulled him into a kiss from his collar, during which you began stumbling to the living room, desperately trying to get both yourself and him out of your clothes as you went. It was your pleasure to unbutton his shirt until the end and slide it off his arms, because what you were met with was a lot more muscle than you had expected, and you couldn’t help but let your fingers trace down his abs and play with the trail of black hair leading to his boxers.

“That kind of tickles,” Jihoon said with a lopsided grin as he sat down on the couch and pulled you down with him. You chuckled and sat on his lap, looking at him with a sparkle in your eyes.

“Not my problem,” you muttered before slowly closing the distance between your lips, while your hand moved down his stomach to his boxers, where you palmed him through the fabric. Jihoon grunted against your lips and unhooked your strapless bra, and after tossing it away, easily slid his hand into your panties from the back. You jolted at the touch, and when you felt his fingers moving around in your wetness, you moaned, and the sound Jihoon let out wasn’t far from that, either.

“You’re soaked, baby,” he mumbled into the kiss, while you let out a slightly frustrated sound.

“I know, and if you don’t mind, you could do something about it,” you whined, trying to grind against his fingers a little, which in all honesty was incredibly satisfying yet not exactly what you wanted. Sliding your hand into Jihoon’s boxers, you took a firm grip on his cock and stroked it slowly. “God, I really need you to fuck me.”

“I can’t wait to,” Jihoon said with a breathy gasp when your palm went over the head of his length, and continued exploring your wet pussy with his fingers. You spent a while like that, with you stroking him slowly and him being so close to fingering you that eventually you just told him to go for it. While one of his fingers slowly slid into you, you bent down and pulled his boxers down enough for his cock to be free, standing up hard and proud, with some pre-cum smeared around it.

You looked at his length with such adoring hunger that Jihoon couldn’t help but chuckle while his finger moved in and out of you steadily. “That’s all you can think of right now, isn’t it?”

“Pretty much,” you sighed and leaned down, pressing kisses along the shaft in your hand. Jihoon was fairly well endowed, which you were infinitely grateful for, and apparently fit pretty perfectly in your mouth.

Upon feeling you take him into your mouth and your tongue swirling around the head of his length, Jihoon threw his head back and grunted. His voice sounded the slightest bit unsteady as he spoke with another finger teasing your entrance. “That’s a good girl.”

You hummed around him, which prompted another deep grunt from Jihoon that went straight to your core and had you clenching a little around his fingers. When you felt the second finger enter, you let out a satisfied sigh and took as much of him into your mouth as you could before pulling back up, a thin trail of saliva connecting your puffy lips to his cock, glistening with the mix of your saliva and his pre-cum.

Jihoon’s gaze was almost burning when you looked at him, and his fingers never ceased moving inside of you. You were certain your juices were just about everywhere at that point, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Suddenly his eyes widened, and his fingers came to a halt. You frowned a little. “…I forgot I ran out of condoms.”

It felt like a rough blow of cold wind straight into your face, and you found yourself blinking. “Are you saying you have none?”

Jihoon seemed a bit embarrassed as he nodded, although it was obvious he was just as disappointed as you were. “Do you have any?”

“No,” you sighed heavily, and once Jihoon had pulled his fingers out, moved to sit next to him on the couch, the dark leather of it cool against your warm skin. “I wasn’t planning for this to happen, and I’ve been too busy lately to even think about keeping one in my bag.”

For a moment you sat silently, you with your arms slightly crossed by your chest and Jihoon with his hand on your leg, his thumb rubbing circles into it. He hummed, and you felt his hand move up your leg slowly. “Well… I know we were both looking forward to something else, but we could still do other stuff.”

By the end of his sentence, Jihoon’s hand was already on your crotch, and you couldn’t help but buck against it, desperate for the friction. You uncrossed your arms and placed one hand on the couch and another on Jihoon’s hand, giving him a small grin. “I like the sound of that.”

You got out of your panties, which left you naked, and got Jihoon’s boxers off him, too. Standing on your knees above his lap, you ran your fingers through his hair and looked down at him, straight in the eye, practically eye-fucking him, while his finger massaged your clit in slow, utterly satisfying circles, with you slowly grinding into his finger.

Jihoon chuckled, half-joking as he spoke. “If you want to ride something, I do have two thighs.”

You froze for a second, then let your eyes fall down to his legs - a quiet gasp left your lips when you saw just how nice those two thighs happened to be. “Well, if you don’t mind…”

He just shook his head with a lopsided grin while you moved about until his left thigh was between your legs and you were lowering yourself onto it with Jihoon’s hand on your hip. “Just go for it, baby.”

And you did, moaning as your wet pussy met his cool thigh and you moved for the first time. It was just the friction you needed. He watched you in curiosity, taking in just how swiftly your hips were moving and how erect your nipples were right on his face level, which was also why he was unable to hold himself back when he brought his lips to your breasts and began kissing them.

“That feels good,” you mumbled through your quiet moans as you continued grinding on his thigh at a steady pace, the feeling of his lips moving on your breasts and wrapping around your nipple every now and then only making you that much wetter and needier.

“That was the point,” Jihoon muttered into your skin and continued giving your breasts the kind of attention that infinitely fueled your desire.

You loved the way his thigh felt against you: the way Jihoon would occasionally tensen it so that it felt more solid; the way your clit rubbed into it; the way it was just that much better than using an inanimate object, even if you couldn’t really compare them in the first place. On occasion Jihoon would also shake his leg a little, which always had your breath hitching and your nails digging into his shoulders.

And just as much, he loved watching you, knowing it was his thigh giving you so much pleasure, and especially when it was something he did that clearly made you feel good, he felt a surge of pride inside of him. Naturally it was also something he greatly appreciated that you looked incredibly hot while so needy and so open about it (although he had thought you were hot for the whole night).

From the corner of your eye, you could see his hand start to move closer to his cock, but you grinned and took a hold of it before he could. He gave you a surprised look, but you merely shook your head with a small, playful smirk taking over your features. “Let me.”

He definitely didn’t mind, and so you began stroking him more or less in time with your movements on his leg, and felt his fingers dig a little into your hips as his breathing grew heavier.

“Holy fuck,” Jihoon hissed and let his head fall back and his eyes fall shut while he was overcome with pleasure, both from being touched by you and knowing just how horny you were, right on his lap. Your hand felt heavenly on his length, soft skin on soft skin, and whenever your thumb gently slid over the head of his cock or dipped into the slit, his hips bucked up a little, also resulting in his thigh rubbing into your pussy in a completely new way.

You grinned at his reaction, which he was so obviously unable to hold back, and let your forehead fall against his shoulder as you rode his thigh desperately, your body jolting whenever your clit got just the right kind of a rub. As you got closer to your orgasm, further assisted by Jihoon’s hands that were roaming on your body, it was impossible for you to be quiet. Jihoon’s lips spread to a grin when he could hear the quiet, breathy “Yes”es coming from you and felt your hand get sloppier on his cock.

“Let me help you out a little,” he said, voice raspy and deep, and slid one of his hands down from where it had been on your breast, all the way down to your crotch. You bit down on your lower lip with a whimper when his forefinger pressed into your swollen, sensitive clit, and began massaging it in fast circles.

But it wasn’t enough for you, which Jihoon learned when you, with the most commanding tone you could muster (which in all honesty wasn’t that difficult when you were so close to and so desperate to come), told him to finger you instead.

His hips bucked up at your command, and he for the first time moaned at the feeling of himself moving in your fist. Jihoon moved his hand from your front to your back, and when you adjusted your hips a little, he easily caught some of your wetness to his fingers before easing the first, and soon the second finger into you.

And oh how badly he wished it was his cock inside of you instead, because that was just how temptingly hot and wet you were.

With Jihoon’s fingers moving inside of you fluidly, riding his thigh felt even better. You could barely hold your moans back at all at that point, and instead you allowed the pending orgasm finally start washing over you, while you also stroked Jihoon with a delicious twist of your wrist.

“I’m coming,” you were able to whimper into Jihoon’s shoulder right as you felt the knot in the pit of your stomach open and your core clenching around his fingers, your legs shutting a little by instinct as you released. It was that, joined by your palm moving on the head of his cock, that had Jihoon ejaculating soon, too, his cum covering your fingers and some of his lower stomach while he let out a long, satisfied grunt.

“That was,” he breathed, slowly sliding his fingers out of you and sucking them clean with an approving hum, grinning a bit tiredly afterwards, “a lot better than expected, after the condom catastrophe.”

“It was,” you chuckled and remained in place, slowly moving your hand from Jihoon’s cock to your mouth before licking it clean from his release, his eyes following you intently.

You were panting as you leaned into him, your legs shaky underneath you and your pussy quivering against his sticky thigh. Jihoon stroked your back absentmindedly, and you loved the way it felt. When you had caught your breath, you swallowed. “So… is this a one night kind of a thing, or…”

Jihoon chuckled, at which you pulled back so that you could see his face. His eyes scanned you, and at the end he quirked his eyebrow meaningfully. “Not to be disgusting or anything, but I still want to nail you, so I’m hoping for at least a two night kind of a thing.”

It was impossible not to smile at his comment, so your lips curved into a wide smile as you stroked his hair with your fingers. “You’re lucky the feeling is mutual, because otherwise that wouldn’t have sounded good at all.”

He shrugged and grinned, and you leaned down to kiss him, right on time to hear the wall clock of one of his neighbor’s hit 2am.

“Can I sleep over?” you asked quietly, your forehead resting against Jihoon’s, and felt him smile against your lips.

“I don’t mind.”

Admin Scooter

Foodie Friday: Pasta al Pomodoro

Servings: 2-4

-¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
-1 medium onion, minced
-4 garlic cloves, minced
-Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
-28 oz. can peeled tomatoes, pureed
-Kosher or Sea salt
-3 large basil sprigs, plus basil leaves for garnish
-12 oz pasta of choice (spaghetti, linguine, rotini, or cavatappi recommended)
-2 tbsp unsalted butter
-¼ cup finely grated parmesan, pecorino, or romano cheese

1. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium-low heat. Add onion and cook, stirring, until soft. In a separate pot, bring salted water to a boil.

2. Add garlic and cook, stirring, for about 2-4 minutes (remember to use your nose and keep close attention on fragrance; you don’t want the garlic to burn)

3. Add the pepper flakes and cook for about a minute to release flavor. Increase the heat to medium, add t he tomatoes, and season lightly with salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sauce begins to thicken slightly and the flavors blend (roughly 20 minutes).

4. Remove the pan from heat, stir in the basil sprigs, and set aside.

5. In the pot, add pasta to the boiling water and cook, stirring occasionally until it is close to al dente (but not quite there yet). Drain the pasta, reserving about ½ a cup of the pasta water.

6. Remove the basil from the sauce and heat the skillet over high heat. Stir in the reserved water to loosen the sauce and bring to a boil. Add pasta and cook, stirring, until al dente. Remove the pan from the heat, add butter and cheese, and toss until the cheese and butter has melted.

7. Transfer to warm bowls, and garnish with grated cheese and basil leaves or parsley.

Magical Ingredient

When I get home from work, my boyfriend sometimes comments about how I smell. As I work in an Italian kitchen, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing for him. On a good day, I end up smelling like alfredo with a hint of garlic. On a bad day, I come home smelling strongly of tomatoes. Love them or hate them, it’s difficult to separate the tomato from Italian cooking. From savory to sweet, tomatoes have a wonderful range of flavor depending upon how they’re cooked, and they lend a vibrant red color to whatever dish they’re being made into.

Given how strong of an association tomatoes have to Italian cuisine, it’s sometimes easy to forget that historically, tomatoes are actually fairly new to European cooking, having been introduced as part of the Columbian Exchange and spurned because of its status as a member of the nightshade family of plants, much like potatoes and eggplant. It wouldn’t be for another 150 years before tomatoes would be considered safe for consumption, and even then, only in sauces.

Part of the fear of tomatoes was because of its link to deadly nightshade, but another aspect of this fear was due to its connection to lust. Its deep red color and use as a powerful aphrodisiac linked it rather strongly to the temptation of Eve in the Christian Genesis story, and some languages still associate tomatoes with lust and love (particularly French - pomme d’amore - and Hungarian - paradice appfel - which mean “apple of love” and “apple of paradise” respectively).

In terms of health, tomatoes are extremely beneficial for those who aren’t allergic or sensitive to their acidity. In particular, they’re useful in aiding liver function and are rich in potassium and citric acid. In addition, their high water content makes them useful in helping with hydration.

But in witchcraft, the tomato continues to embrace its status as an ingredient of lust, love, protection, and money-drawing - especially when paired with other ingredients with shared correspondences. When dried and added to sachets, tomatoes can be excellent in attracting love (or sex), or if added along with dried basil or rosemary can be a great money sachet or protection sachet respectively.

Consider pairing tomato varieties with your purpose. If attempting to attract money, consider using a golden variety or little green tomatillos. If working lust or love spells, plump red tomatoes are always a great choice. If looking for protection, consider fiery orange colors.

Many names for tomatoes have linked them to apples. As such, it’s not too great a leap to replace apples in other spells with tomatoes, if it seems appropriate or is more accessible. On the flip side, tomatoes can also be used in spells where nightshade may be an ingredient. While not poisonous, tomatoes are much more easily obtained and the family resemblance is rather uncanny.

For garden witchery, tomatoes are exceptional plants to grow for protection and wealth. Grow them to help banish negativity and invite positive energy to the property, as well as to encourage prosperity and love.

Consider different ways in which this delicious fruit can be used in your spells! Whether cooking up a sauce, roasting them, or setting them in the window to banish negative energy, tomatoes are useful and versatile ingredients for the every day witch!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

Little One: High School Proms

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


Imagine: You and Kol are hooking up at Mystic Falls High School when your siblings, Damon and Stefan, followed up by Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson, burst in and almost ruin the night.

*Requested: “I love Little One. It would be great if you write the next part. For example a school party. Klaus and Rebekah want to hurt Elena. Stefan and Damon looking for Elena. But they in one of the classrooms found Kol between thighs their sister. They just prefer to each other than family drama.


So if you had a great time writing the request, may I ask a follow-up romance Salvatore-Mikaelson? I would be delighted :D

Word Count: 1859

“This is so stupid!”

Caroline Forbes, one of Elena’s best friends, had organised a huge event at the Mystic Falls High School to celebrate something you did not bother to know. People were talking about it all over town, most of them going crazy over clothes, shoes, drinks and all that teenage crap. You always found those things extremely lame and boring. But, of course, Damon and Stefan forced you to smile and accept the invitation to go to the party. Ever since they found out about your relationship with Kol Mikaelson, they were following you around, just to make sure you would never be one second alone and go off to meet him.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Damon said, winking, and you scoffed. “Look, I like this just as much as you do. But I’m doing it to protect Elena. Klaus is still chasing after her and he could be really dangerous.”

“I know that, Damon, I lived with him for over twenty years.” You said, while putting on a pair of high heels.

The vampire narrowed his electric blue eyes, gazing at you annoyed. Almost as if he did not want to remember you spent so many time with the Mikaelsons.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” You smiled, spinning around in front of him. “What do you think?”

Damon swiftly lost the angry traits and quirked an eyebrow, analysing your choice of clothing. As you did not care nor have enough time to go shopping, you had to pick one of your old dresses. It was nothing extraordinary, but did a pretty good job on flattering your every curve; plus, the gown had a considerable cleavage. Definitely the kind of dress it would make Kol freak out and be all jealous over you.

“Too sexy for the teenage boys to handle.”

“Well, thank you, mister. You don’t look bad yourself.”

“As much as I love spending time with you, we need get going. It’s almost nine.”

“You’re right.” You giggled. “Off to the car.”

Damon offered his arm and you gladly accepted, marching to the car as a couple of old friends. While he drove to the school, you could not help but think of how much you loved your siblings. Although you hated how overprotective they were, in the end of the day, Damon and Stefan would always have your back, always helping you in anything you needed and understanding your choices, even the ones they did not approve it. Dating Kol was one of those.

You sighed, placing your hands in your knees.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Why do you look like somebody died or so?”

A laugh came out of your lips and you faced your brother, stroking lightly his face.

“I just missed you. And Stefan too.”

“Who knew Y/N Salvatore had real feelings?”

“Oh, come on Damon! Don’t spoil the moment.”

“I missed you too, sis.” He kissed your cheek. “How about we get inside? If I’m right, things will get wild in a little.”

“Oh, fuck, the blood smells so yummy from here!“ You said, jumping out of the car.

“Just be cautious and don’t let anyone see you, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.”

Inside, you could see couples dancing to a soft ballad, it was actually kind of cute. It got you remembering how much Kol loved to spin you around and pull you close, singing in your ear. A smile grew in your face and you walked towards the bar, anything with alcohol seemed a great call for the moment. However, before you could get there, a guy stopped you.

“Hi there, gorgeous.”

“Do I know you?” You asked, awkwardly.

“No, I don’t think so. But I’d love to.” He took your hand, kissing it. “I’m James, by the way.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“How about I pay you a drink?”

How about you be my drink?” you thought, flashing a wide smile.

“Sounds nice.”

James turned out to be a nice lad, even though he was definitely not your type. Nearly got you guilty for seducing him just to feed. You had to shake your head to focus on what he was saying and not demonstrate you were annoyed to be there. The only thoughts in your mind were that you had to get him out of the crowd, finally enjoy the time you lost on him by tasting his blood and make it fast enough so your boyfriend would not catch you with him. Kol could be really nasty when he was jealous and, since his siblings, Klaus and Rebekah, were after Elena, the family would probably show up.

“Can we go somewhere private?” You questioned, wearing your best smile.

“Sure. There’s a bunch of empty classes we could use.”


It took only a few minutes to escape the noisy party. The teenage boy placed his hands on your shoulders and kissed your neck. You spun around and faced him. He pulled you closer, squeezing the skin of your waist. You felt like a snake, watching your pray approach to finally attack it.

“You’re so beautiful…”

Before he could lean in and kiss you, somebody ripped him off and threw him on the ground.

“You do not mess with somebody else’s girlfriend, mate!”

Kol!” You yelled, pulling your boyfriend away from the other guy. You knelt before James and looked deep in his eyes, compelling him to stay there and not scream.

“What were you doing with that guy? Why he had his filthy hands on you?”

“I was just going to feed, darling.”

“Did you have to let him touch you?”

“I’m not going to argue with you over this any more. What are you doing here?”


“Your psycho siblings are after my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Jackpot!” His devilish smirk showed up, as he slowly walked to you to place a kiss on your lips. “I missed you, babe.”

“Me too.”

“So, do you still fancy a drink?”

“Always, honey.”

Kol chuckled and pushed opened one of the classroom, quickly getting inside. With the door completely open, you dragged James through it and sat him on the teacher’s chair. The boy whimpered scared, but the compulsion did not allow him to do any further, just await to a likely death. You parted his legs, placing yourself in the middle and bending to get the best spot on his neck. He smelt so good and the alcohol on his blood would only make it better. Ultimately, you sunk your teeth on him, spilling the red liquid and calming your thirst.

“You look so sexy when you’re feeding, love.“ 

The brown haired Mikaelson caressed your hair, observing closely your movements. Eventually, you dropped the young man, pretty much dead, on the floor and stood up, facing your boyfriend. The blood was dripping, leisurely staining your chin and slithering through your cleavage. You knew how much Kol loved to see you like this: dominant and strong. A lethal weapon against his sanity.

"Don’t you want have a taste?” You whispered in deep, filled with lust, voice.

“Oh yeah.” He replied, claiming your lips with his. “Shit, your mouth tastes so good, darling…”

You only hummed against his mouth, your hands pulling a lock of his hair aggressively. Kol laughed, kissing the soft skin on your neck, his tongue wiping out the traces of blood from it. Your body was way more responsive than usual and a couple of small strangled noises slipped.

“This is not, oh…” He found your wet core, circling small figure eights on it. “Fair!”

Mikaelson stopped the movements beneath your skirt and firmly grabbed your hips, turning you around and bending you against the table. You struggled to breathe, feeling his length hard on you.

“You drive me crazy, Y/N.” He smacked your ass, making you groan. “I just want to fuck you until you’re senseless.”

“Damn it! Stop teasing me!”

“Y/N.” You glanced back, staring at him. “Can you stand up for me?”

“I can try.” Both of you giggled.

Kol gave you a hand, helping you to get back on your feet again. He smashed his lips onto yours one more time before sitting you on the room’s desk.

“Now what are you going to do?”

“Stick my head between your legs and eat you out until you beg.”

“Uh, you had me on the eat out part.”

The sweet chocolate eyed Mikaelson smirked, a hint of mischief infused in his irises. He knelt in front of you, grabbing your feet and rubbing it softly. Small shudders spread across your form. You screwed your eyes shut and let out a girlish moan.

“I want to hear you screaming my name, love.”

“I thought you were supposed to make me beg.”

He opened your legs, kissing your inner thighs. Kol pulled playfully your panties’ waistband, which made you bit your lips. Your core was so warm and wet that got you anxious for his direct touch. It was almost hurting.

“Stop fooling me around, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Couldn’t you wait, love? Such a hurried kitten!”

You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. Mikaelson took of your knickers and went for it. He darted out his tongue throughout your entrance, suckling your folds and placing delicate kisses on the soft skin. His touch was simply delicious. Kol always got you desiring more and more.

“Oh, Kol.”

“Y/N?” You heard Damon’s voice calling out. “Are you here?”

You have to be kidding me!”

“Y/N?” It was Stefan’s time to reach for you.

Kol stopped what he was doing and raised his look to meet yours. But, before you could say anything, Stefan and Damon bursted into the place. Followed up by Klaus and Rebekah. “Oh, God, why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend? Is this some kind of punishment?”, you thought coming down from the table and facing the astonished look from the trespassers.

“What do you want?”

“We need to find Elena!” Stefan said, worried out and ignoring the whole situation you were in. “She’s gone and doesn’t answer her phone.”

“This is all your fault!”

“I need her, mate. I wouldn’t bloody hurt her.” Klaus retorted Damon’s statement.

“But Rebekah would.”

"Oi! Don’t talk like I’m not here!”

You exchanged a look with Kol. Both of you hated that family drama and could not care less about Elena Gilbert’s whereabouts. You sighed, hearing the fight become louder.

“Can you just shut up?” You yelled, narrowing your eyes. “This is not the place for that kinda argument.”

“But Y/N…”

“For fuck’s sake, I want to shag my boyfriend. Am I asking too much?”

“Ew!” A chorus emitted, whilst frowning. “OK, this is entirely irrelevant.“ Klaus snorted. "Are you going to come with us and look for the doppelgänger?” “I’m sorry, Nik, but I’m with Y/N. I couldn’t care less about Elena Gilbert.”

“So, all of you, leave. Right now.”

You are not bossing me around!” The Original Hybrid growled.“I’ll do what I want.”

“Niklaus, I’m not going to argue with you.”

He raised an eyebrow and Rebekah opened her mouth to say something.

“Nor with you, Rebekah. Now, go off to find Elena or whatever, just leave us out, okay?”

“I’m not leaving you alone with him.” Damon pouted.

“We already had that conversation. He’s my boyfriend, suck it in.”


“No “but”! Out of here.“

Kol was standing against the table, arms crossed and a proud grin on his lips. After everyone left, you ran to his arms, hooking your legs around his waist. The man laughed and you kissed him.

"Now, where were we?”

SWEET NOTHINGS (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: I need a bellamy saying fluffy things while he kisses your pussy and looking up from between your legs please

A/N: hell ye


In all honestly, you’re not sure how you got to this position - lying on your back with his hands squeezing your thighs. Your heads spinning quickly as you look down at your boyfriend. He furrows his eyebrows when he looks down at you again and for a second you wonder if something’s wrong.

“God. You’re perfect like this.” He stresses, teeth catching his lips for a split second before he continues, “Lying down, legs spread out just for me.”

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Honeymoon (Jaebum) ~Requested

Word count: 1600 words

Genre:  Smut

An: Okay so I, Ramen, tried my best to write the smut but in the end like always I gave up and had Cheese write it. ALSO GUESS WHAT! Riceball wrote majority of the smut for me and she died…a moment of silence for our fallen hero. Anyways I hope you like it and keep on requesting!

“I do,” Jaebum smiled, his eyes lighting up. “With the power rested in me, I now pronounce you Man and Wife. You may kiss the bride,” Jaebum didn’t need the permission from the priest. Even before the priest had finished speaking, Jaebum had gently grabbed your chin, giving you a mischievous smile as he kissed you gently.You both were married now. You were so lucky enough to be Im Jaebum’s wife.

“Hey Y/N, wake up,” Jaebum’s soft voice stirred you from your sleep. You opened your eyes to meet the deep brown orbs of the man you were in love with for more than 4 years. “We’re here, come on,” he murmured, and before you could even move, his arms were under your legs and back, picking you up. You giggled, slapping his chest lightly. “Jaebum, stop,” you shook your head at your goofball of a husband, your heart swelling at the cute, innocent grin he gave you. “I love you,” he lightly pecked the top of your head as you entered the hotel you were booked in.

Lingerie. Lingerie. And more lingerie.“What the hell…” you hissed, shifting through the different types of lingerie your friend had packed for you. She had offered to help you pack as you were too busy with the wedding preparations and all… how were you to know she was going to turn this into a complete bag of misunderstanding?

“I packed a little gift for you and Jaebum, though…” you suddenly recalled your best friend telling you before you left the bridal room. You were tempted to call and yell at her when the door of the room suddenly opened. In panic you tried to cover up the bag but it was useless. Jaebum had already seen it.

“Jaebum-ah, I… this- well… you see,” your face was as red as a beetroot as you tried to explain your situation, stumbling over words. However, Jaebum just stood there, a faint smile on his lips. He couldn’t care less about your bag full of lingerie, it wasn’t even what caught his attention. It was your flushed cheeks.

“Hey, jagiya,” Jaebum chuckled, covering your mouth with his hand, “You talk too much,” He grinned, his eyes shining with adoration. Your cheeks coloured even more as you quickly raised your arms to push him away, muttering about him and his cheesiness.

“Get out, Im Jaebum, I need to change!” you huffed and he laughed, shaking his head as he walked away. You were his wife now. It was something he still couldn’t wrap his head around.

Jaebum had his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you both strolled down the streets, taking in the beautiful sight around you. On your way, you came across a small flower shop, making Jaebum instantly halt. Despite your constant comments about his cheesiness, you couldn’t help but fall for him even more when he handed you the bouquet of your favourite flowers. 

“Remember the first time we met? You had this flower in your hair like this,” he plucked out the flower, gently placing it in your hair, “You looked so gorgeous, I swear I had never seen such a beautiful person ever.“ You blushed, burying your head in his chest. He knew you were shy and couldn’t handle such compliments but he also couldn’t help himself.

He wanted to compliment you every single minute, wanting to remind you of how precious you were to him. He was aware that because of your shyness, you never knew why he chose you of all people as his girlfriend, and even more so as his wife. He was determined to prove to you that it didn’t matter to him whether you were beautiful to others or not, because to him you were nothing short of a goddess.

“I love you so much,” he sneakily whispered, making you squeak. No matter how long you had been dating, and no matter how much he said those three simple words, they still surprised you.

Jaebum wasn’t an expressive man and so whenever he expressed himself, even something as simple as ‘you look nice,’ was more precious than all the gems in the world. You sneaked a glance at your interwined hands, both your wedding rings gleaming in the light. With a small smile, you squeezed his hand, laying your head on his shoulder. “I love you too,” you whispered.

You stared at the bag infront of you with a frown. To be extremely honest, you had never ever  worn something like this…never and Jaebum and you had never even passed beyond heavy make-out sessions…How were you going to pull this off?

This was why you never really understood why Jaebum was even interested in you. He had always been into sexy, self-confident girls and all his girlfriends of the past had been like that. What had been so special in you that he chose you, a shy insecure girl over all of those girls? You were going to be the girl Jaebum liked. You weren’t going to give Jaebum the chance to regret his decision.

Jaebum was casually scrolling through the countless messages his friends had sent him, rolling his eyes at their hormone filled minds. He didn’t care if you both were on a honeymoon. Jaebum had swore he wouldn’t do anything until he was a hundred percent sure you wanted it.

Just as he replied to Jackson’s rather heavily implied message, the door of the bathroom opened and you walked out, all clad in red lingere. Anyone could tell how extremely uncomfortable you were when his eyes landed on you, his peircing gaze scanning you over. You could feel his eyes on you but you were to shy to look up and face whatever emotion were in those brown orbs. With your eyes on the floor, you nervously pulled at your hair and shyly wrapped your hands around your stomach, wishing you could just rush back and change.

However, it was too late. Jaebum didn’t know what came over him when he got up, slowly walking up to you. All he knew was that he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you. You looked like a piece of art, a masterpiece created just for him. Your breathing was already ragged but when Jaebum’s hand gently touched your arm, your heart exploded, your head whipping up to meet his dark, almost black eyes. 

“Jagiyah,” he whispered, his voice rough as his arm snaked around your waist, pulling you closer. His eyes scanned your face, his lips dangerously close to yours. “You’re so beautiful,” was all he whispered before his lips crashed on yours, kissing firmly. You kissed him back immediately, his lips molding into yours. His tongue pushed into your mouth, and he dominated over you, nibbling on your bottom lip whenever he had to pull away to breathe. Desire hung in the air as his hands travelled down your bare sides, making you feel things you never imagined you could. You moaned at the feeling of his chapped lips against yours as your hands moved upwards to grasp tightly into his hair.

His lips moved to your neck, biting and sucking at your weak spots while his hands trailled their way to your hips, squeezing them roughly as he pulled you flush against him. Your let out a broken whimper as you gripped his shoulders, pulling his head closer. His kisses were igniting a fire in you, deep in the pit of your stomach, burning you up. His hands pulled you up, making your legs wrap around his waist as he carried you to the bed, his lips never once leaving you.You let out a moan as your back hit the bed, Jaebum straddling you as he continued his assault on you. His hands wandered down your sides, gently pulling your legs up and around his waist as he settled between them, leaning over to suck on the spot just behind your ear, your low whimpers almost causing him to lose his mind. "Jagiyah,” he whispered, breathing hot against your neck .

“Let me take care of you tonight.” You could feel him gulp against you as your hands went to the ends of his shirt, slipping themselves beneath it and feeling over his broad back, feeling every muscle tense up as you glided your fingers over them.

This was such a foreign feeling to you You felt bolder as you let him take control. You both had never gone beyond making out and now, feeling his hands all over you ignited a spark of confidence. For the first time you felt like you were capable of pleasuring him and this drove you forward.

Your mind was nothing but clouds of pleasure as Jaebum took it upon himself to lightly grind his erection against your core.You lifted your hips lightly and gasped everytime he hit up against you, grasping the pillow behind you as you felt him grasp your hips as you felt his grinding become deeper and more fluid than before.

And before you knew it he had flipped you over; he lay on his back while you settled against him, and he immediately pulled your head down and reconnected your lips. You settled against him, softly rolling your hips against his, desperate for friction as this point.

Without warning, he bucked up against you, making you gasp his name. He shifted up, one hand grounded against your back to make sure you didn’t fall as he started to nibble your neck.

“Did you like that, Y/N?” Jaebum mumbled gently, hands moving toward your chest, “I just want to be sure I’m doing what you like.”

“Please, Jaebum,” you groaned, jolts of electricity travelling up your body as his hands gripped your sides. Pausing just under the swell of your breasts, his eyes shifted up to look at you, silently asking permission. You were too far gone in pleasure already that all you could do was moan and nod.

He gently cupped one of your breasts in his hands, making you moan at the tingles that shot right down to your core. A gasp slipped past your lips as his thumb rubbed over your nipple, rolling it between his fingers.“Please.” you pleaded again, not knowing what you wanted yourself. Just that you needed more. Much more of everything right now. His scent, his warmth, his voice. That deep lustful look in his eyes that had been dilated to black… the sealed promise of forever, and everything and anything he would offer you would take gladly.

Letting him move his kisses up to your face, from your stomach, you allowed him to shower you in his undeniable love.

“Jaebum-ah… I need you, please,” You whimpered, feeling him part from you. Jaebum smiled as he gently shushed you, removing his shirt and pants quickly, discarding his clothing at your pleas.

You watch as he reveals his length to you, gulping for a second before his eyes meet yours again and he smiles sweetly. It’s a beautiful smile which you see rarely outside of your house. But here it is, the same smile he gave you when you first woke up next to him. You remember the cute pillow marks on the side of his face he slept on, voice deep and laced with sleep, eyes heavy and slightly swollen.His eyes held the same love now. They were drooping as well and rather than being laced with sleep, they were laced with lust and want, purely reserved for you.

Jaebum’s fingers moved down towards your folds, gently tracing over them and gathering your wetness before pushing slightly inside you with two fingers just barely by the tips. You closed your eyes, moaning at the unfamiliar intrusion. It wasn’t unpleasant but just different. As his digits inched in bit by bit you reached up to grasp at his shoulder with one hand while the other latched onto his bicep.

“You good?” his husky voice mumbled and you nodded weakly. He inched in more before pulling out until the tips and entering again this time, a little faster.
The discomfort disappeared as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of you before moving faster, fillimg you with pleasurable feelings as he rocked his fingers deep into you, hitting special spots each time.

“I’m- I can take you, Jaebum,” You whined at the third finger. He pulled out reluctantly after a few more push and pulls before cupping your face with his clean hand to gently kiss you.

“Are you sure?” he whispered against your swollen lips and you nod.


“I trust you.”

He smiles, kissing you again. Laying his lips against yours, he gently begins to push in slowly.

You gasp against his mouth, nails digging into his back to find purchase against the delicious stretch.

Once he’s fully connected with you he stops to move up to his elbows to wipe away a tear that had fallen out without permission.

“Feels so good,“ You slurred, so high on the feeling of finally being one with the man you loved with your entire heart.

As he whispers promises of forever into your ear you urge him to move and he does just that. Sliding against your walls with a burning drag that makes you erupt into millions of pieces only to be glued back the second he kisses you, and he keeps going.Moans flow out of your lips. You legs tighten around his torso and hands dig deeper into the hard skin of his back as your hips begin to move with his rhythm.

Drops of sweat emerge from his hairline, moving down the middle of his forehead over the bridge of his nose and drips down onto yours.

“More… I need more, please,” Fingers trace down his body to the small of his back and his hips buck faster against yours.

Sounds more high pitched fall frequently from between your swollen, parted lips.Your legs start to shake in a tell tale sign, which has you grasping him even tighter inside of you.

“I’m close,” you manage to stutter out in between the haze of pleasure. You barely catch his reply before you’re arching your back, mouth open in a silent scream, eyes screwed shut and nails digging into his back drawing small specks of blood to the surface. It hurts him, but drives him forward too, and he feels himself begin to climb up the hill.

You tighten around him make the friction burn more than before and he lets go, groaning deeply into the crook of your neck. This only aids your own release as slight bruises form by your hip bones from where he was clutching you hard.
Before you know it, it’s over, and you’re so spent you feel like all you want to do is lie down and sleep away. There’s a pleasant ache in between your legs as Jaebum slowly pulls himself out of you and gently lays you down, caressing your hair and smiling that smile that was only reserved for you.
You feel butterflies as you smile back, and he lays behind you, laying you flush against him.

A gentle peck on your temple woke you up, fluttering your eyes open. Jaebum grinned, the grin at made you lose your heart to him. Gently caressing your cheek, he kissed your fore-head again."How is my jagiyah feeling?” he softly asked, his eyes shining. You smiled, scooting closer as you wraped your arms around him.

“If you keep smiling like that, I’ll feel like I’m on top of the world,” you cheekily replied, nudging your heads together. “Well then, your wish is my command, your majesty,” Jaebum chuckled, his eyes crinkling cutely. You bit your lip as you stared at the man before you, your huband.

“Ah, Y/n-ah don’t,“ Jaebum instanly set your lower lip free, running his thumb gently over the torn lips, "you bit them enough last night, don’t.” Your cheeks instantly flushed red when he mentioned last night. No matter how much you reminded yourself that you were married now, you still felt like a shy little girl facing her boyfriend after their first night.

“Jagiyah…"his voice held amusement as he nudged you, "Please don’t tell me you are shy?”

“Yah! Im Jaebum shut up,” you mumbled, burring your face in the blankets. Jaebum’s voice rang around the room.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to make you get used it…huh,” you peeked at his suggestive face, turning a deeper red. You chuckled, slapping his chest, embarrassed at his bluntness.

“Do you promise to love her and cherish her till death do you apart?”

“I promise to love and cherish her even after death does us apart,” Jaebum smiled softly, watching you laugh, your eyes light up the way they did whenever you smiled or laughed.

anonymous asked:

ok but is it ok to request Dom!RFA+Saeran to MC (No V because he's precious ;~;)

yES I personally find everyone 1278621 times hotter if they’re dominant so yesyesyes (This is NSFW btw, I hope that’s what you wanted!) Yoosung’s turned out pretty long but dom!Yoosung is something I truly believe with my whole heart and need the world to know


  • Everyone says that he is totally a sub but I do honestly imagine him being dominant 
  • Sure, he would act all shy and flustered in the beginning because he is inexperienced, but would warm up fairly fast when he saw you responding positive to everything he did
  • Would do anything to make you whimper and moan
  • The first time you made out heavily on the couch and you took the next step and sat in his lap, he squeeled suprised but recovered quickly by grabbing your butt
  • He started kissing and sucking your neck and you could feel his growing boner against your thigh, making you moan
  • A soon as he started muttering all the filthy things he wanted to do to you in your ear, you realized that you had totally misjudged him
  • He wasn’t always flustered because he was shy, but because he wanted to ravish you and had to hold himself back
  • Loved to pin you down against the bed or couch, as it made him feel taller and more manly to look down at you
  • His usually cheerful and innocent voice would always go deep with lust when he was horny and it was the hottest thing ever
  • In the middle of LOLOL matches, it wasn’t rare for him to order you to blow him or get youself ready in bed for him (he always made sure you were in the mood though, consent is key)
  • Will definitely get turned on by you wearing his hoodie, as it confirmed that you’re his


  • Despite usually being a gentleman, he can only hold back The Beast™ for so long
  • Even when you were making love instead of him fucking you senseless, he made sure that you knew who was in charge
  • “Princess, I’m the man, it’s just fair that I do all the work”
  • Unless he was tired after a long day and ordered you to ride him
  • Loves to make you whimper and beg for him by teasing you
  • Tell him how much you enjoy him inside of you and he will lose it
  • Always touching you when you’re out in public to remind you that you belong to him
  • Likes to pick you up and carry you to the closest place he can fuck you


  • Because Jumin always bossed her around, she loved finally being in control over you
  • Has quite a few toys for revealing herself of the stress Jumin always puts her under
  • Which she liked to use on you, sometimes she would make you have a vibrator in your panties all day that she would turn on at random times
  • Totally a pillow princess, telling you exactly how to please her not that you minded
  • A master with her tongue, will eat you out untill you practically scream her name
  • Sometimes, if it was quiet in the café, she would drag you to the kitchen and push you against the counter, kissing your neck


  • Are you actually kidding me I’ve never heard of anyone this dominant in my life
  • He was really confused about you jokingly calling him daddy ”I am not your father, MC”, but he definitely has a sir and/or master kink
  • You were his kitten, he was your master
  • Would always buy you expensive lingerine, then order you to try it on while he was watching hungrily and touching himself
  • Liked to tie you up with silk ribbons or his tie
  • Sometimes he made you go without underwear to his business meetings so he could punish you when you got home
  • Liked to call you into his office, bend you over his desk and fuck you after making you beg for his cock
  • Bonus points if you wore a tight/short dress or skirt for easy access and the risk of anyone seeing that you didn’t have underwear on


  • His constant teasing wasn’t just innocent and fun, he often said dirty things just to get you riled up when he was busy with work 
  • Had another camera installed in your room, so if he was too busy he would just call you and instruct you to play with yourself while he watched with one hand on his keyboard and the other stroking himself
  • Liked to overstimulate you by continuing to fuck you after you’ve cummed
  • Is a confirmed sadist so you’re probably gonna get bitten (if you’re into that)
  • He’s a switch so he would sometimes prefer you being dominant, but most of the time he was the one on top
  • Roleplay sex! Often revolving around something like cop/prisoner or teacher/student
  • Like Yoosung, will probably cum in his pants if you wear his hooddie


  • Doesn’t like to be the bottom as it made him feel vulnerable, he prefered being the one who gave orders
  • Be prepared to always feel owned by being covered in hickeys
  • Always pushing you against the nearest surface and kissing every part of your skin he can reach
  • No hand cuffs as it gives him bad memories, he likes being the one who held you down
  • Probably growling in your ear every time you have sex and ordering you to say who you belongs to

Important Note: So, first off, I need to say that I didn’t write this. A lovely follower, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent this to me to read and wondered if I could post it for them. And I know that you’re all insatiable and would want to read it too, so please give it lots of love so they can see how much their writing is appreciated!
Warning: pure smut, lots and lots of unapologetic Bughead smut…

“…Betty… god.” His breathing emerges ragged and erratic as he pulls her close, his hand splaying over the back of her neck and guiding her head down to his. The warmth of her lips on his, the stars shooting through his body at the sensation of her being settled on his abdomen. It was enough to make his eyes rolls back into his head, his once articulate and methodical mind fogging over so he forgets his own name. Only one thing remains clear as crystal in his head. 

Elizabeth Cooper. Betty. 

Her legs are splayed either side of his hips and he can feel the wet heat of the apex of her thighs radiating into his core, the sweet warmth of her being igniting his own as she releases his bottom lip from between her teeth. She gasps as he suddenly reaches behind her, grasping her honey blonde curls in his fist and gently tugging her head backwards and dipping his head into the newly revealed crook of her neck, swiping his tongue up from the base of her neck to her jaw as a sweet moan seeps from her lips. He closes his mouth around her neck, feeling her pulse thumping into his throat as he licks and kisses her, relishing in the mewls of pleasure she offers in response. She claws her fingers through his matted curls, grazing his scalp with just enough pressure to make him moan against her skin. She feels it rattle through her bones and seep into her bloodstream, until it burns down into the pit of her stomach. 

“Jughead, please…" Her sighing plea is whispered against the shell of his ear and he shivers as it sends a fleeting wave of goosebumps over his bare back. His name sounds so good like that. He wants to hear it more. 

He raises his head to meet her eyes, lust weighing his lashes down and darkening his irises as they breathe against one another’s lips. Her forehead falls against his, and there they stay until he begins to push his own head forwards. He leans up into her, holding her hooded gaze as he tenderly rests his palm over the back of her head and settles her head to the pillow, lowering himself on top of her. 

He stares into her deep and lustful eyes, gently lowering himself until their lips are all but touching. He breathes against her mouth, and she feels the warmth of his body engulf her as she holds the stare of his grey hooded eyes. 

"Tell me.” His whispers are seared against the flesh of her lips and her eyelids flutter closed from the feeling his soft voice sends coursing through her. He gently closes his mouth around hers, pulling her into a slow and languid kiss in which he licks her upper lip, pulling away again to trail kisses across her cheeks and jawline. "Tell me what you want, Betty.“ Thick and gravelly this time, he mutters against the curve of her jaw and she lets out a soft whine as his damp curls tickle her eyelid. 

"I… I need… you”, she whispers gently, causing his eyelids to flutter closed as he releases a soft and longing sigh. Her breaths are sharp and shallow, and she cups his cheeks and pulls him into her, their lips colliding again in a far more urgent and fiery kiss. He lets out a rough growl into her mouth and bites down hard on her bottom lip as her hips raise off of the bed to circle teasingly against his erection, which is becoming suffocated underneath his boxer shorts. She responds with a high pitched whine, which he swallows inside their kiss as his tongue moves fervently against hers. 

Without warning, he pulls away from her mouth with a wet pop and moves down her torso, gliding his tongue over her chest as she once again grips onto his damp locks and whines deliciously. He raises his head from her chest to look in her glazed over azure irises as his fingertips creep over her stomach and hook over the top of her underwear. Her breath hitches as she meets his questioning eyes, he pauses to watch her quickly nod in desperation and longing before proceeding to gently drag them over her soft thighs. 

He bows his head once more, and licks the curve of her right breast before closing his lips around her nipple, licking and sucking in ways that cause her to involuntarily jerk her hips up into his. 

“Jug… Ju-ohh!” She tugs on his hair making him hiss, and she curls her legs up and around his waist. His own underwear being the only barrier between them now, Jughead could hardly bear the relentless throbbing sensation that he felt underneath them. His hands find her hip bones and grip them as he edges his lips further and further down her torso, pressing feather-light kisses and licks to her ribs, stomach, groin, until his eager lips are hovering over the apex of her thighs. 

Betty quivers in anticipation, locking her eyes onto his as he slowly extends his tongue out of his lips and proceeds to drag it up her sweet, wet heat so slowly it is almost painful, as she lets out a shaky whimper and tips her head back onto the pillow. His tongue curls back inside his mouth, savouring the taste of her as he softly grazes the backs of his fingers over her thighs, reaching her knees and hooking his hands behind them to lift her legs up onto his shoulders. With one last fleeting look into the darkened eyes of his soulmate as she snaps her head up to look at him once more, he dips his head down and buries his face into the essence pooled there by his own torturous teasings.

Betty splays her arms out either side of her, throwing her head back into the pillows and clenching her fists around knots of the bedsheets beneath her, her mouth falling open in a long, loud whine. His tongue moves over her sensitive bundle of nerves before dipping inside her, and the painful accuracy of his strokes has her legs involuntarily flexing against his shoulders and pushing him further into her. He moans into her heat, the vibrations spreading up through her stomach and warming her entire body. 

He licks and sucks, swirling his tongue around her clitoris in perfect circles until Betty is bucking her hips in time with his movements, her whining becoming synchronic with both of their breathing. Jughead grips onto her hip bones for dear life, worried that if he didn’t he would be lost to the world, lost in the disheveled beauty of Betty Cooper. Lifting his eyelids to look up at her, he thanks god for the view he has of her right now. From this angle, Betty is truly a masterpiece to behold. Beads of sweat accumulate in the valley between her breasts and across her stomach, and Jughead can feel it beneath his hands. He takes her clitoris in his mouth and holds it there, sucking gently as she begins to lose herself to him. 

“Oh… my-Jughead, please god… FUCK!” She shrieks, causing his head to snap up in concern. She immediately whimpers at the sudden loss of pleasure. He locks his eyes onto hers before moving himself up to catch her lips, his still wet from her core. The taste of herself sends sparks through her heart and mind, and she moves her hands to his hair, clawing and tugging. She pushes his boxer shorts down and he kicks them off at his ankles, the pair making brief eye contact to confirm their mutual consent before he slowly begins to push himself inside her. 

She bites her lip and squeezes her eyes shut, attempting to swallow her moans and whines of pleasure. He pauses, fully sheathed within her, allowing them both time to adjust. He lets his head drop into the crook of her neck, resting his forehead against her as he steadies himself. 

“Move, Juggie, please.” Slowly at first, he begins to move his hips and thrust in and out of her, both of them releasing delicious cries and moans and groans of pleasure as they entangle their bodies and become synchronised. He trembles against her and trails his fingertips down her waist and then up her back, wrapping his arms around her. One hand cups the back of her head and another nestles in the small of her back, and her legs are still around him, pulling him closer, deeper. 

She can feel herself becoming stronger with each fervid stroke of his hips as he glides in and out of her, ragged breaths hot on her neck as she holds his head and places frantic kisses in his hair and on his forehead, trying to quell the sweet noises spilling from her mouth. With a sudden burst of confidence and sensuality, she rolls him over to lay on his back and sits up, sinking back down onto him. She eyes him with want as he clenches his own eyes shut and lets out a shaky breath, relishing in the confidence this brings her. She begins to raise her hips off of him and lower herself back down, leaning forward and splaying her hands out across his damp chest. His hands dart up to her head, fingers working into her hair in fists as he attempts to keep himself from losing it. He brings her head down to swallow her moans, their ragged breaths intermingling as they feverishly attack each other’s lips. 

“Fuck”, he breathes against her mouth, sending hot waves down her throats and into her core, where she rocks unsteadily as her impending climax looms. His hands snake down from her hair, down her neck and over her breasts, across her stomach and around to rest on her hips. He brings his hips up to meet hers as she loses her pace, sparks beginning to burst behind her closed eyelids as she tips her head back. He raises his head from the pillow, curling his fingers under her chin and bringing her gaze to his. She looks at him with hooded eyes and under thick eyelashes, and his arm settles around her back as they move together.

“Don’t look away.” He breathes, barely audible, and the raw adoration and need in his eyes tips her off the edge. She obeys, holding his eyes as she rides out her high. Her forehead sits on his as he stares at her, his eyes widening as his own climax begins to hit him. His mouth falls open in a silent shout as she fists her hands in his hair, their breathing hot and heavy on each other’s faces. As they both begin to stutter and slow, he uses his arm around her back to guide her body down to lay next to his, remaining inside her as she collapses into his frame. 

He carefully and gently pulls himself out, both of them hissing as he quickly puts his lips to hers, soft and tender. His fingers trace her jaw, and he pulls away and looks deep into her blown pupils. She glides her hands down his sweat laden neck and settles it on his chest, their breathing beginning to slow as they smile against each other’s lips. 

"What Are You Gonna Do!" Monsta x Wonho Smut

Tittle: “What are you gonna do!”

Monsta x Smut Wonho x Reader

•REQUESTED: “Hi! Can you do a Wonho smut with spanking involved and slight asphyxiation (breath play)? Maybe where he gets jealous and he has an argument with you that leads to this? Thank you!!”
(Hope you liked it! ❤️)

“Y/n! What the hell were you thinking!” Wonho said slamming the door to your house. You two were just at a costume party and for some reason he couldn’t handle you looking like a ‘slut’ in front of his friends. “It’s called a fucking costume! And I was more dressed than half the girls there!” You yelled back at him ripping off his coat he made you put on to ‘cover yourself.’

“I don’t think the other girls had boyfriends!” He said yelling back at you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the bedroom to take the itchy costume off. Wonho always got jealous but this time it was his fault. He agreed to the costume until he didn’t realize others would see you in it. “Everyone was fucking staring at you!” He said throwing stuff down on the couch. “Who give a shit wonho!” You yelled back at him slamming the bedroom door not wanting to hear him anymore.

Wonho growled “I fucking care! Why didn’t you tell me it was so revealing!” He said pushing the door open so hard it sounded like it was going to come off the hinge. He walked towards you, you now just in your bra and some shorts you were under the short skirt. You looked at him dead in the eye “what! What are you gonna do Huh!?” You hissed in his face. He clenched his jaw as he picked you up throwing you on the bed. “I’ll fucking show you!” He snarled as he ripped off his shirt and climbed on top of you. “Maybe you just need some punishment to learn” he said with dark eyes.

He turned you so you were on your stomach and looked down at you “this ass” he said slapping it “is mine!” The slap sent chills down your spine it felt heavenly. He slapped the other cheek leaving to big hand prints on your ass cheeks. You moaned with another slap a little lighter this time. You looked back at him and smirked “going soft already” his eyes widened “not at all princess” he said and slapped the already stinging cheek harder. You moaned as his hand connected to your ass.

Wonho pulled your shorts down with you panties and slapped your bare ass. “Look how wet your getting, your enjoying this arnt you!” He said smirked as he leaned down to lick a long line up your folded witch made your arms give out. He chuckled as he flattened his tongue making quick movements against your core. You moaned loudly “best punishment!”

He growled “oh yeah?” He flipped you over now on your bad completely exposed to him. He quickly pulled his pants off “do you want this?” He asked teasing your entrance as he moved the head up and down your folds. You groaned “fuck yes!” He said trying to grab ahold of him to pull him to you. “Tisk tisk” he said pulling away “I don’t think I heard a please baby girl” he said smuggly rubbing himself. “Fuck y-” you started to say but quickly submitted just wanting to feel his cock inside you. “Please Wonho I promise I won’t wear something like that again.”

He smirked “such a good girl” he alined himself as he pushed into you. His rock hard member pushing deep into your warm lust. “Sh-shit!” You said breathy. He stayed there for a second and moved agonizingly slow. “Wonho go faster!” You whined. He looked down at you and stopped. “This isn’t funny!” You said getting annoyed, You just wanted him to move.

“P-please Wonho” you said softly. He smirked as he started to move faster. “Your so sexy when you beg” he said smugly. You didn’t even wanna fight it felt so good. He started to go deeper hitting your core “Fuck!” You screamed, your hands flew to his hips digging your nails into him.

“Your not already gonna cum are you?” He chuckled as he felt your walls tighten around his member. “You better not cum before I do” he said his voice deep. He pounded into you going hard. He leaned down and nibbled on your neck the room filling with the sound of skin hitting each other.

“Im close!” You moaned feeling your orgasm reach. “Your not aloud to cum yet” he growled as he went slower. You whined “please keep going Wonho!” He arched a brow and his finger went around your neck. You have told him before you wanted to try choking but he was always afraid. I guess this was the time to try it? He tightened his grip not to tight but tight enough. “Now you can’t complain.” He chuckled as he started to pick speed back up.

He gulped feeling your orgasm coming closer he must have felt it “you can cum princess, all over my cock” he said groaning loosening his grip a bit but tightening again as you took a few breaths. You moaned slightly it getting broken up from the lack of breath. You never thought choking would turn you on so much but God was it ever.

Wonho slammed into hard hitting your spot “fuck im gonna cum!” He growled as he slammed In and out of you. You came hard all over him your body shaking. He came soon after cumming on your side of the bed. You to were breathing heavy. “Wonho I need to tell you something.” He looked at you raising a brow as a way to say ‘yeah what?’

You smiled at him “I think I’m addicted to this outfit if it makes you choke me.” He just laughed “maybe I’ll do it more often” he said giving you a soft sweaty kiss.

Please, Stop / Mitsuhide x MC

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

@belxsar: Hello, for your ‘Kisses With Meaning’ prompt drabbles, I’d like to request Mitsuhide with either eyelid, nape, or wrist (you pick because I can’t!) please. Thanks so much! :) Love your writing and your blog! <3

  • Mitsuhide + Eyelid (adoration) + Nape (deep attachment) + Wrist (desire/lust)

It’s a game she comes up with on the spot to test a few things, meant to last only a heartbeat. But looking at him now, and every moment before and after, she knows she will never be able to help herself, not when he sits there so fraught and tidy, refusing to play. There will be a wrinkle in his sleeve and a wrinkle in his brow, as well as a wrinkle in his words and a wrinkle in his calm, and she will want nothing more than to reach out on every plane and see how much more wrinkled it would get under her touch.

She does enjoy it. She can admit that. But it won’t even be the best part.



She thinks him untouchable, invulnerable, as stalwart as a battle ship heaving out to sea, and it infuriates her, because she can see the wear and tear. From the pier she wonders why he doesn’t.

“May I kiss you?”

So she plays with him, poking and prodding with gentle paws, until it’s a glorious mess: the stillness. The fake tranquility that goes washing over him and seeping out through his pores. His brush stills. His breath stills. His eyes still. And every inch of his control frays under an invisible, indomitable, weight.

Like the cat that got the canary, she bares her teeth at him in—

“Leave me,” he says.


“I beg your pardon?”

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