deep local

AU fic idea: Marinette Agreste’s husband went missing two years ago and she’s been trying to find him ever since. Her five year old son can’t even remember what his father looks like anymore. There aren’t any leads and no one remembers seeing him after he left for work the morning he vanished. With a lack of evidence and a healthy dose of local gossip, Marinette has to face the reality that he might have abandoned their family. However, she refuses to believe what everyone is saying and still thinks that something happened to her Adrien; he would never leave them like that. One day, his car is found at an abandoned house several towns away, but no one can explain how it got there. Even stranger is the town’s history of odd coincidences: there are people who live within the town that closely resemble other missing people, but they claim that they aren’t those people. When a man turns up that looks like the spitting image of Adrien, Marinette delves deep into local town history to find any clue as to what is happening within this unusual town. What she finds will have her fearing for her life and the safety of her son.

a time lord’s biggest weakness

ten/rose. ~6k. sick!fic. fluff. silliness. and pretty much squeaky clean :3
this is for @braveten​, who requested a sick fic after winning the ‘best url’ award in my tumblr awards earlier this year! i hope this is at least close to what you wanted, dear. enjoy!

Rose regains consciousness slowly.

Completely exhausted, she fights against it, willing to be pulled back under, to succumb to sleep again and only wake once she feels properly rested.

But then the visions flash behind her eyelids: the Doctor shouting that they’d been drugged and dropping to his knees as the deep green locals in the dining hall close in around them.


Her head is throbbing with too much heat, like the blood vessels in it are about to burst. Her legs feel like they’ve been stretched, the joints in her knees and hips ache with a strange kind of tension she’s never felt before. No sound enters her ears save for a low, electric humming coming from somewhere by her feet. She can’t feel a surface beneath her, so she wriggles around a little, but there’s only air supporting her back, the only sensation it creates is a pressure closing around her sore ankles that makes her squeak with pain.

Oh bloody hell. This can’t be good.

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@scientistofdevon (cont.)

He took a deep sigh. “The local authorities were suppose to put signs up…” Really, he might as well do it himself with how dangerous things were. “I must offer my sincere apologies ma'am. I was called here to help with the situation and have a chance to at least observe the situation to see what cause such berserk behavior in them to prevent future incidents. At least that’s what they hired me for.”

Keith held out his hand. “Keith Garwood, a Pokemon trainer that  specialize in Bug-types. I hope this situation hasn’t inconvenienced you in any way.”