deep jewel

Russel is the prettiest member of Gorillaz.

Who wants to hear my Gorillaz fashion headcanons? ‘Cause I’m gonna share them. [You can remove the headcanons when you reblog if you want.]

Russel has the most refined tastes, especially as he gets older. He appreciates good quality construction and fabrics, and classic silhouettes and styles. Deep jewel tones, dark navy and black suits. Of course, he never forgets his hip-hop roots and will still wear the baggy pants and ringer tees as he pleases. It just depends in his mood and the situation.

Noodle is high-fashion and street fashion with a dash of punk. Fashion is just another form of art after all, and “fuck flattering” is definitely a guiding rule when she gets dressed in the mornings. She basically never wears dresses or skirts without pants or leggings for ease-of-movement reasons. She also never wears heels for the same reason. Likes to see how many different ways she can wear an article of clothing, like wearing a t-shirt as a skirt. She once put together an outfit that was nothing but scarves tied and tucked in various ways and looked fab as fuck.

2D was a total slogan-tee and jeans kinda dude for years, but has recently gotten into festival, hippie wear. He wears a lot of cut-off jeans with patches, flowing tank tops, and a lot of flower accessories. Really enjoying chokers as well. Getting into wearing more pink, since it goes well with his hair.

Murdoc is a gross old man who wears the same thing every day (black shirt of some kind and jeans) or nothing at all. Let’s be real with ourselves. But his biggest secret is that he’s been stealing some of Noodle’s oversized shirts to wear sometimes. Tell no one!



Magical Elvish Woodland Realm Pendants. <3 Within the land of the cosmic elves, a small shamanic group forged magickal pendants, each with an earth stone…

Now, days later, you are still
Clear and intact in my mind,
Your arch, small, transcendent face,
Your voice, so pure, light, and dry,
All your body’s movement like
Thought in some more noble brain,
I know I shall remember
You for many, many years.
Your vision in my memory
Will teach and guide my vision,
Like the contemplation of
The deep heart of a jewel.
—  Kenneth Rexroth, from “For the Chinese Actress, Gardenia Chang,” The Collected Poems of Kenneth Rexroth, eds. Sam Hamill & Bradford Morrow (Copper Canyon Press, 2004)

@rcsistcnt | Continued​

      “Merely a bit of friendly and sage advice from a lover of life, cheri.”

Nonchalantly, Herbert outstretched and turned his attention to one of his hands. As he admired the light which so attractively played with the contours of his fingers, the way the subtle light glinted off of the deep jewel of his ring, he smiled a secret smile. It was always such fun to play with a new toy. And such a PRETTY one at that.

     "Perhaps I’ve simply seen far too many young men such as yourself FOOLISHLY chase after the distant light of someone else’s dream. Perhaps it pains me to see so many beautiful lives flit by as if they had not even existed in the first place.”

A short bark of laughter escaped his lips.

     "Perhaps I’m BORED.


The universe buries strange jewels
deep within us all,
and then stands back
to see if we can find them.
~ Big Magic #slowflow

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