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Russel is the prettiest member of Gorillaz.

Who wants to hear my Gorillaz fashion headcanons? ‘Cause I’m gonna share them. [You can remove the headcanons when you reblog if you want.]

Russel has the most refined tastes, especially as he gets older. He appreciates good quality construction and fabrics, and classic silhouettes and styles. Deep jewel tones, dark navy and black suits. Of course, he never forgets his hip-hop roots and will still wear the baggy pants and ringer tees as he pleases. It just depends in his mood and the situation.

Noodle is high-fashion and street fashion with a dash of punk. Fashion is just another form of art after all, and “fuck flattering” is definitely a guiding rule when she gets dressed in the mornings. She basically never wears dresses or skirts without pants or leggings for ease-of-movement reasons. She also never wears heels for the same reason. Likes to see how many different ways she can wear an article of clothing, like wearing a t-shirt as a skirt. She once put together an outfit that was nothing but scarves tied and tucked in various ways and looked fab as fuck.

2D was a total slogan-tee and jeans kinda dude for years, but has recently gotten into festival, hippie wear. He wears a lot of cut-off jeans with patches, flowing tank tops, and a lot of flower accessories. Really enjoying chokers as well. Getting into wearing more pink, since it goes well with his hair.

Murdoc is a gross old man who wears the same thing every day (black shirt of some kind and jeans) or nothing at all. Let’s be real with ourselves. But his biggest secret is that he’s been stealing some of Noodle’s oversized shirts to wear sometimes. Tell no one!

Oh Sweet Jealousy

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Pairing: Chanyeol  x Reader

Summary: Chanyeol is always jealous of you and your ex’s relationship, after a heated fight, comes some heated sex.

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 1574


Everyone looked at your relationship with your ex-boyfriend as weird, even your current boyfriend Chanyeol saw the friendship as a problem. You just pushed away from their opinions, your Ex Sam had been your friend since childhood, before you dated for almost a year, but you ended up cutting it off not having any romantic feelings for Sam. Both you and Sam agree to keep the friendship. Sometimes both of you forget that you even had a romantic relationship, He felt like such a big brother to you, and because of the many years you’ve been friends. you tend to be playful with each other and have billions of inside jokes.

Chanyeol has expressed recently that he didn’t want you to hang out anymore, he didn’t feel like it was just a friendship you guys had, but you fought with him telling him that in fact didn’t rule your life and she wouldn’t end their childhood friendship just because he was jealous. Today was different though you had been dragged to the nightclub by Sam he wanted you to be his wing girl and help him get a chick for the night, not trusting you two, Chanyeol followed you guys, watching from a far as you sipped on water as Sam downs liquid courage, you let a small laugh when Sam offered you a shot, but pushed it away, dragging him by his wrist to the dance floor.

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hiya! so i saw that ask you answered about the AA s3 finale & it made me really want to watch the show to see how it portrays their relationship, but im moving into college tomorrow, and im afraid if i don't start now, i'll never get around to it bc lack of time?? so i was wondering if you had the time, could you share which episodes are Essential(tm) for AA!stony, so i know which ones to prioritize if i don't get to watch them all? i 100% understand if you can't, but if you do, tysm in advance!

oh my goodness! well first off, congratulations on starting your freshman year at college! I hope it’s positively wonderful. Second, I’d be happy to give you the Essential™ list of AA episodes to watch (though I will say the episodes with stevetony moments far outnumber the ones without, so if you do get the chance, definitely watch the show the whole way through!)

Season 1:

  • Ep. 1 + 2 (”The Avengers Protocol”): the show is literally gay from the start. Tony saves Steve, Steve saves Tony, and there’s lots of gentle cradling and heartfelt speeches to be had.
  • Ep. 6 (“Super-Adaptoid”): you could cut the sexual tension with a knife in this episode. There’s lots of banter, a [redacted] shower scene, and a plethora of moments that destroy the “Steve Rogers is incompetent with technology” trope.
  • Ep. 7 (“Hyperion”): this episode is worth watching simply for the “I’d hate to be on the other end of that grunt” scene.
  • Ep. 13 (“In Deep”): the crown jewel of AA episodes. Steve and Tony role-play as bad guys while beating up the bad guys, and Clint finally catches on to their ““(b)romance.””
  • Ep. 16 (“Bring on the Bad Guys”): Red Skull predicts that Tony would jeopardize any mission just to keep Steve safe. He’s right.
  • Ep. 17 (“Savages”): Steve and Tony make a bet, the team gets stuck in the Savage Land, and the day is saved almost exclusively by Steve’s faith in Tony’s genius.
  • Ep. 22 (“Guardians and Space Knights”): Tony goes rogue to save the planet. Steve disapproves, but really is just glad he makes it out alive.
  • Ep. 25 (“Exodus”): Tony is scared he’s leading the team to their deaths, Steve just wants his co-leader back, and the two share a romantic moment under the stars.
  • Ep. 26 (“The Final Showdown”): “Iron or no, you’re still the man!” Enough said.

Season 2: 

  • Ep. 33 (“The Age of Tony Stark”): hands down the best AA episode of all time. Tony is de-aged, Steve is both supportive and starstruck, and long emotional hugs are shared.
  • Ep. 34 (“Head to Head”): the body swap episode. Also, Steve and Tony plan an implied shawarma date.
  • Ep. 35 (“The Dark Avengers”): in which Tony flirting with Steve is constant across all realities. Also: “told you if you fell backwards I’d catch you.”
  • Ep. 39 (“Thanos Triumphant”): Thanos underestimates just how Extra Steve and Tony can be. Also, this episode contains Steve’s most dramatic “IRON MAN!!!!” shout of despair to date.
  • Ep. 40 (“Crack in the System”): Tony breaks Steve’s trust, and Steve breaks up with Tony the team.
  • Ep. 41 (“Avengers Disassembled”): Steve and Tony bicker like a divorced couple that desperately doesn’t want to admit they still care for each other. No one is amused (especially Spider-Man). 
  • Ep. 44 (“The Ultron Outbreak”): Steve and Tony finally make up. Home of the famous “taking a risk that ends of saving the world? Tony does that five times before breakfast” line. 
  • Ep. 45 (“Spectrums”): worth watching simply for this gratuitous “don’t worry I’ll catch you” scene
  • Ep. 51 (“New Frontiers”): if I could rename this episode, I’d call it “gays in space.” 

Season 3: 

  • Ep. 53 (“Adapting to Change”): The flirting in this episode is just off the charts. Probably my third favorite AA episode of all time. 
  • Ep. 55 (“Saving Captain Rogers”): Tony proves that he’s Cap’s #1 fanboy and teams up with Natasha to save him from Baron Zemo. Plus, everyone in this episode looks extra pretty. Good job animators 👍
  • Ep. 63 (“The Kids Are Alright”): Steve and Tony adopt Ms. Marvel and Inferno. That’s pretty much the whole episode.
  • Ep. 66 (“Seeing Double”): Hulk is brainwashed, Natasha fights her duplicate, and Steve and Tony make a great (if not slightly intense) tag team.
  • Ep. 69 (“Panther’s Rage”): T’Challa is a true delight, and Steve and Tony are married as fuck.
  • Ep. 71 (“The House of Zemo”): Nat, Clint, and Sam get stuck in 1943 and meet preserum Steve, while present-day Steve is just relieved (and proud) that his boyfriend’s a genius. 
  • Ep. 78 (“Civil War Part 4: Avengers Revolution”): The most bittersweet season finale of all time. Ultron is an asshole that just won’t die, and when things go south, Steve and Tony share an intimate moment in front of the entire team.

Happy watching! 😄

The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royal AU [Chapter 3]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Catch Up On Previous Chapters: One, Two
Also on and AO3.

Word Count: 5,064

Alright, here’s the next Killian chapter! Lots of backstory and setting the stage for what’s coming - I know a lot of you are anxious for Killian and Emma to meet and I promise, it’s coming! Stick with me :]

The route to the palace was a familiar one and Killian wagered little had changed since the first time a driver escorted him from Kensington to the heart of Westminster. The streets of metropolitan London were busily lined with citizens taking full advantage of the near noon bustle, scurrying along to various shops and pausing for late breakfasts at any one of the various cafes found in the downtown district. Their lives seemed casual and enviously simple, a fact that Killian tried not to harbor on as he stared out the window of the unmarked black car Liam had sent for him. It was highly likely that his dutiful brother was already well immersed in whatever task list a future king gets handed when he shows up at Her Majesty’s headquarters very bright and far too early.

Such a stubborn arse, Killian thought as he ran a hand over his unamused eyes. It was probably for the best that the Queen was part way around the globe for now. The absence of their lovable yet all too proper Gran and the steaming cup of coffee Marco had brought along were the only two things lending him luck at the moment.

“Around to the back gate, your highness?”

“Aye,” Killian nodded, glancing up toward the rear view mirror with an arched brow. “But are we ever going to agree on you calling me 'Killian’? I’d thought we were well beyond formalities by now, mate.”

He caught the humored smile of the man in the driver’s seat via the reflective overhead glass, accompanied with familiar eyes set in typical analysis and a beard almost all white as a reminder of just how long the loyal confidante had been chauffeuring the royal family around. Marco was a former carpenter and had come from Italy right around the time of the last elaborate royal wedding, beginning his work initially in one of the palace’s many gardens on instructed maintenance and upkeep. It hadn’t taken long for the flower loving and recently wed princess to prod him into an unlikely friendship, one that was built around what blossomed on royal grounds but eventually extended into a bond akin to family.

Killian had heard many tales of those simpler times from Marco on their countless drives together, his favorite including a time when building a royal crib suddenly became a request for the man who was more accustomed to being asked to pull weeds. He had told Killian so much about his mother over the years - how she lovingly bossed him around when it was time to select what to plant for spring, how she’d all but demanded that he attend every holiday banquet as an esteemed guest of their family, and how he’d helped her learn bits of conversational Italian while escorting her between the regal grounds and whatever location she was destined for. It was this kindly man who’d migrated to London only a few decades earlier who had been instrumental in their lives for a number of critical years, certainly long enough to see the high points and the extremely low ones. He’d claimed teasingly several times that there were very few rides more unpleasant than the time he drove the royal couple and their second newborn baby boy - one with 'strong lungs and even stronger opinions on London traffic’ - home from St. Mary’s on a very snowy January morning.

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Magical Elvish Woodland Realm Pendants. <3 Within the land of the cosmic elves, a small shamanic group forged magickal pendants, each with an earth stone…

Lazy Mornings

Fandom: Little Witch Academia 

Word Count: 403

Characters: Akko Kagari/Diana Cavendish 

A/N Small fluffy Diakko

The feeling of warm silken sheets was the first thing to greet her once the traces of consciousness began embracing her body. Gentle puffs of warm air gently hitting against her face and reminding her that she wasn’t alone. Slowly, very slowly, a bright blue eye met the world; smooth features and a cute little nose becoming the focus as her body began to awaken. It was then she picked up curved lips and smiling eyes, brown locks of bed ridden hair framing her face in a way that emphasized her round and endearing features. 

“Morning, Diana.” Her tone was a mixture of sleepy and excited, like a child who tried to keep themselves awake past their bedtime. 

“How long have you been awake?” There was a slight movement of sheets as Akko began to nuzzle under her chin, strawberry drifting up her nose. She never even realized how automatic it was when her arm began playing with the chocolate colored strands. 

“Not long.” She could feel fingers smaller than her own intertwining between hers, a gentle thumb caressing that back of her hand. 

Being born in a well off background, Diana never had the luxury of lazy mornings, always needing to be up by a certain time and take care of whatever needed to be done for the day. That was when Akko Kagari entered her life, the ever cheery witch somehow filling her heart with a warmth she never knew existed. 

“Akko, we should get up.” There was a little whine as the brunette nuzzled further against her. “Akko.” 

“Noooo!” Both arms were not securely locked around the platinum blonde’s body, legs wrapped around defined hips. “Can’t we stay for a little while longer?” 

Diana could literally feel the pout, “fine. But only ten minutes.” Now she understood why Amanda would make those whipping noises around her. 

She pulled back slightly when Akko began to move again, those deep red jewels that she was in love with practically sparkling in the morning light. “I love you, Diana.” 

The young Cavendish already knew that her cheeks would be a bright cherry red at the proclamation. “I-I love you too, Akko.” She was rewarded with a blinding smile, the brunette happily nuzzling her nose against Diana’s in pure joy, warm lips pressing against her own as the two shared one kiss out of many. 

Unknown to Akko, Diana really did love their lazy mornings. 

Center Stage

This is my first Malec week submission. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Hope you like this.

Magnus had been in a frenzy all week. He was planning a birthday party for Alec and he wanted everything perfect.

He’d been trying to do most of the work while Alec was at the Institute so he couldn’t complain about him over doing things.

“Just don’t go over- board, please? You know I’m not that sort of person. That’s your department.” He had said to him one night a few weeks before hand when they had been snuggled up on the sofa together in the loft when Magnus had told him what he wanted to do.

“I know, my love, but I just think it would be a great opportunity to get all our friends and your parents and Max together. We haven’t had a party since Max’s ruin ceremony.”

“Yeah, and look what happened then. Just promise me you’ll keep a lid on it. It will be the first time that Mum and Dad will be here since they divorced. Dad mentioned the last time I spoke to him that he was seeing someone so that should be interesting.” Alec raised his eye brows. Magnus gave his hand a comforting pat.

“I’m sure it will be fine. It’s been two years since then and I’m sure they have both moved on from any hostilities.”

“Yeah, I’m not holding my breath on that one.”

It was now the day before the party and Magnus was in a whirlwind of activity in the loft. He had done the decorating himself, basing the theme on their last trip away together in Morocco. Rich, deep jewelled colours of dark red, peacock blue, emerald green, dark pink and a rich gold filled the living area in beautiful glass mosaic lamps and candle holders. He had tented the roof from the centre of the ceiling in heavy silk material in the chosen colours, a magnificent coloured glass chandelier the centrepiece.

Magnus had replaced the sofas with piles of large floor cushions and richly upholstered chairs. He had organised caterers to prepare a buffet of traditional food with a few planner dishes as well. He had to laugh a little when Izzy had offered to help with the cooking.

She and Simon had been together for just over a year now and they had moved in together about six months ago but from the amount of times they had ended up at the loft for dinner with he and Alec, Magnus was sure her cooking skills still left a lot to be desired.

The caterers arrived to start bringing in their equipment and unpacking the crockery, glass ware and cutlery. Magnus smiled when he saw Clary sneaking in behind them. She stood in the room, hands on her hips, looking around.

“Well Magnus, I have to say, I think you’ve out done yourself this time. It looks absolutely beautiful.” She said, smiling at him.

“Thank you, Biscuit, I’m glad you think so. I just hope Alexander feels the same. He did warn me about over doing things.”

“I’m sure he’ll love it. Especially when he gets his “special” present. It will all be worth it.”  Clary gave him a wink.

Magnus had let her in on the special gift he had prepared for Alec. He had gotten it a month ago and he had needed to trust someone with it so he hadn’t been tempted to give it to him early or run the risk of Alec finding it.

Clary was the only person he had entrusted with it. He had thought about giving it to Caterina but she was so busy with Madsi now be didn’t want her to forget to bring it with her to the party.

“You haven’t told that big mouth boyfriend of yours, have you? I know what Jace is like. He can’t keep anything to himself for long.” Magnus asked, giving her a worried look.

“No, I haven’t and it’s not from his lack of trying to get it out of me either. He’s done everything but hold a seraph blade to my throat and he knows that I’d probably beat him with that as well. You’re secret’s safe with me, Magnus. I can’t wait.”

Alec had arrived home just as the last of the caterers had left for the evening. He walked in the door and just shook his head. Magnus obviously had no clue what ‘keeping it simple” meant. But he had to admit, it did look fantastic.

Magnus came up to him and handed him one of his special cocktails.

“Welcome home, my love. Hard day at the office?” He took a sip from his own glass, his eyes never moving from Alec’s face.

“I thought we agreed to tone it down, Magnus? You call this simple?”

“well, yes, actually. It could have been worse, I could have moved the loft to Morocco for the night. This was much easier. I heard from your parents earlier. They arrived here safely from Idris and are very comfortable at the apartments I organised for them.”

“I hope they’re on separate floors.”

“Oh don’t be like that, they were fine with the arrangements and they said to tell you they would see you tomorrow night.”

“Did Max come as well?”

“Yes, he’s staying with your mother. Maryse did happen to mention he is currently going through his angsty teenager phase so we should be prepared for that.” Alec gave a small laugh. It was hard for him to realise that his little brother was growing up. It only seemed liked yesterday when his mother was accusing him of being the same way. Only he knew it was for a different reason than Max’s would be.

The next day went quickly and Alec had Clary and Izzy pushing him out the door early so he could go home and get ready for his party. He had already had a small celebration with some of the other Shadowhunters at lunch time in the Institute’s dining room. Izzy had proudly brought out a rather lop sided, frosting smothered cake that she had made for him and the members that had been there all sang happy birthday to him.

He had arrived at the loft to find magnus running around attending to all the last-minute details and he had shooed him into the shower the second he had hit the door. He was already looking wonderful in his signature silk shirt, embroidered waist coat and black slim fitting pants. His makeup done perfectly as always.

Alec found a brand-new suit and shirt waiting for him when he came back into the bedroom. It was beautifully tailored and he shook his head when he saw the designer label inside the coat. Magnus never did things by halves, that was for sure.

Two hours later, and the room was filled with their family and friends. Maryse came with Max, who looked like he would of rather been running drills with one of his instructors instead of being there.

Robert Lightwood had arrived with his girlfriend and introduced her to Magnus and Alec. She had seemed very nice if not a bit nervous. Clary and Jace were sitting on the floor cushions with Izzy and Simon, laughing and joking with each other. Caterina was there with Madsi who was clinging shyly to her arm. She was still not used to events that had a lot of people at them.

As the night went on, Magnus sought out Clary and they ducked into the bedroom together.

“Here it is, Magnus. Safe and sound. I hope you don’t mind but I did have a peek at it and it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen, so unique.”

“Yes, you have no idea what I had to do to get it but I’d do it all again for Alexander. Wish me luck, Biscuit.” Clary gave him a warm hug.

“It’ll be fine. Go for it.” She told him and they headed back out to the party. Magnus searched the room for his boyfriend. He was talking to his mother on the other side of the room. He took a deep breath and started towards him when one of the caterers came up to him about a problem in the kitchen. He went with her to sort it out and then headed back to find Alec.

He only got another two steps before someone pulled him up to talk to him and he tried to be polite but his nerves were really getting to him. After the third person had stopped him he had reached his limit.

“Excuse me, everyone. I want to thank you all for coming to help celebrate Alexander’s birthday with us and I hope you are enjoying yourselves. I have been trying to get to my beloved for half an hour now and I can’t wait any longer. Alexander, can you come here please?” He looked around and saw Alec weave his way to him and stand at his side. Magnus closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“My special Shadow hunter here didn’t want a fuss made for his birthday and he probably thinks that I went too far, yet again but I wanted to make tonight as special as possible for a good reason.” A round of laughter went around the room as everyone watched them. Alec ran a finger around the inside of his collar, nervously. He had always been uncomfortable being the centre of attention. Magnus turned to face him and grabbed his hand. There was something about the way he was looking at him that made him hold his breath.

“Alexander, I want all our friends and family know how much I truly love you. You’ve been there for me in so many ways over the past two years and I hope I have done the same for you. I told you once that you had unlocked something in me and I was right. You had the key to my heart.”

 Magnus took a small red leather box out of his pocket and went down on one knee. The room went completely silent and Alec felt his heart jump into his throat. Magnus opened the case and held it up to him. His eyes grew wide as he saw a ring that had a magical jewel in its center. It was a deep purple and seemed to swirl around like a miniature galaxy. It was breath taking.

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood, would you marry me?” Magnus said, his voice wavering slightly with emotion.

Alec looked to his face and saw tears filling his eyes.  There was only ever going to be one answer.

“Yes, Magnus, I can’t wait to marry you.” The tears streamed down Magnus’ cheeks and he took the ring from its case and slid it onto Alec’s finger before standing up to take him in his arms and kiss him soundly. A loud cheer went up from around the room and everyone came over to congratulate them. Alec felt overwhelmed by all the well-wishers and never let Magnus’ hand go once. Clary, Izzy and even his mother were all in tears and he ended up with a damp shoulder by the time they had let him go. This was one time that Alec had never been happier to be center stage.

Now, days later, you are still
Clear and intact in my mind,
Your arch, small, transcendent face,
Your voice, so pure, light, and dry,
All your body’s movement like
Thought in some more noble brain,
I know I shall remember
You for many, many years.
Your vision in my memory
Will teach and guide my vision,
Like the contemplation of
The deep heart of a jewel.
—  Kenneth Rexroth, from “For the Chinese Actress, Gardenia Chang,” The Collected Poems of Kenneth Rexroth, eds. Sam Hamill & Bradford Morrow (Copper Canyon Press, 2004)
Friends is Only One Letter Different Than Fiends


“But, Raven!”


The sight was an odd one, even for Titan Tower. Raven, surrounded by a, for once literal, black cloud of discontent, stalked down the hallway, trailed by a procession of other women. One of which was floating, in order to keep the pink, sparkling monstrosity she carried from trailing on the floor.

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So we finally meet Sharon’s parents–and make it to Connecticut. For a long time I had pictured Vanessa Redgrave and Gregory Peck as Sharon’s parents, but after hearing the suggestion someone made of Ellen Burstyn ( I apologize but I can’t remember who it was who made the suggestion or I’d give you a shout out) I have changed my mind. So, the cast for this story will be Ellen Burstyn as Colleen O’Dwyer and Gregory Peck as William O’Dwyer–because I just totally seen Sharon being raised by a dad like Atticus Finch.

Christmas in Connecticut-Part 8

“This is where you grew up?” Following Sharon’s directions, Andy turned into a long driveway. Once he parked, he turned to her with raised brows. He knew Sharon had grown up with money but the large brick Colonial home sitting up on the knoll of a long sloping front yard was still a surprise. A single candle burned in each of the many windows and big festive wreaths did indeed adorn the doors.  It was a classic, elegant home. A home that befit the classic, elegant woman to whom he was now engaged.

“Home sweet home,” she smiled.

“It’s huge.”

“I know it looks big but actually,” she snapped her seatbelt off. “By Greenwich standards it’s a pretty modest house.”

Andy nodded. He had seen some of the ostentatious mansions as they were driving into the quaint tree-lined downtown area of the city. “Like Beverly Hill’s in Connecticut.”

“Pretty much. There are a lot of celebrities who live here because we‘re so close to Manhattan and right on Long Island Sound.”

“Mom, this was your house?” Rusty’s eyes widened with awe as he met her in the driveway. “And there was only you and your brother and sister.”


“It’s an absolutely beautiful home Sharon,” Nicole said. “But are you sure we wouldn’t be better off staying in a hotel?”

“Oh, no, there’s plenty of room.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about. The boys, they’re so young, they rough house and well, I just don’t want them breaking anything.”

Sharon smiled. “It’s a home Nicole, not a museum.”

“Yeah,” Ricky said. “Em and I did plenty of rough housing here growing up. Gran always said she just put away the good antiques when we came for a visit.”

“There really isn’t anything to worry about; my parents are thrilled to have everyone here for the holiday. They‘d be very disappointed if you didn‘t stay.”

As if the conversation had been heard inside, the front door was flung open by an attractive older woman, her short wavy white hair perfectly coiffed and still retaining a faded hint of the auburn of her youth. “Oh, they’re here William,”she cried out with excitement. “They’re here! “

Ricky and Emily rushed up to the house throwing themselves into their grandmother’s open arms. When Rusty continued to stand tentatively behind his more gregarious siblings, Colleen stretched an arm out to him.

“Rusty Beck, you get over here and give your grandmother a hug,” she said, sounding very much like Sharon at her most bossy. Rusty complied with a shy smile, finally laughing when she pulled him in with Emily and Ricky.  

Sharon held back, letting her mother get in all the hugging and cheek pinching with her grandkids before stepping forward into a gentler embrace.

“Mom.” She kissed her mother’s soft cheek, inhaling the faint scent of her Chanel perfume. Her mother had worn that same perfume since Sharon was a child and it was a scent she would always associate with “mother”.

“Oh, Sharon,” Colleen O’Dwyer cupped her daughter’s precious face in her hands. “It’s so good to have you all here.”

“Well, we’re excited to be here.”

“Colleen you think we might want to let them all inside to warm up? They do have that thin California blood, you know.”

They all looked up at the tall stern looking white haired man who seemed to fill the doorway, a Golden Retriever at his side.

“Daddy,” Sharon beamed. The stern features softened into a tender smile.

“Munchkin,” he said, crushing his daughter in a bear hug.

“Munchkin?” Nicole mouthed the word to an amused Andy.

“William is right,” Colleen said. “You must be freezing. Please come inside everyone.”

Once inside Sharon began the introductions.

“I know you’ve all talked on skype, but Mom, Dad, I’d like you to formally meet Lieutenant Andrew Patrick Flynn. Andy, my parents William and Colleen O‘Dwyer.”

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I Win

Pairing: Hercules x Reader
Inspired by a gif set that I saw and now can no longer find lol
Trigger Warnings: None???
NOTE: This is my very first imagine soooo hopefully I’ll get better at writing these :)

You weren’t sure what started this war between brothers. John was standing behind Alexander, roughly massaging his shoulders. As he gave words of encouragement, Alex shooed him away. “You’re not helping,” He muttered. Lafayette was squatting between Alex and Hercules, “You know the rules, mon amis. Elbows on the table.”

“I still don’t understand why you must do this now.” You claimed loudly from your seat.

“How else am I to prove that I am just as strong as Hercules, Y/N?” Alex demanded impatiently. Herc simply rolled his eyes, “You’re not.”

“He’s right.” You said. “You’re not.”

“See, this is why Laf has to mediate. You’re biased because Herc is soon to be your courter.” John smirked, watching your cheeks become a deep shade of red.

You and Herc had been friends since childhood. It began with small Hercules asking you how to put on a dress. That’s when you knew he’d be a tailor one day. Both your parents had caught you and Herc in your room. He was in the middle of trying to get on the second layer of clothing when your fathers doubled over laughing.

Since then, the both of you were told you would marry. The topic never came up much between the two of you, but leave it to your parents and friends to elongate the lifelong awkward tension. You and Herc were very close; you told each other everything. But marriage was something you two silently agreed to never speak about.

“Stop stalling. Let’s get on with it. I have a dress to finish.” Herc chuckled when Alex almost growled at his condescending tone. He glanced at you, giving a small reassuring smile. Then they gripped hands and Lafayette signaled the start. A few seconds in, it was clear that Alex was losing this battle. “Don’t win too quickly, Alexander.” You giggled.

“Shut up.”

Herc gave one look to Alex’s distressed face, then to the clock on the wall behind him. “For the love of God,” He muttered. Suddenly, before you could blink, Alexander’s hand smacked the table, leaving Hercules victorious. You grinned as John and Lafayette cheered. “Looks like we’ve found the one thing Alex can’t do.” You said, standing from your seat.


“Alex, I have work to do.”

“Fine. Tomorrow, on your break.”

“If it’s that important to you, fine.” Herc chuckled.

John, Alex, and Lafayette said their goodbyes soon after, leaving you and him alone. “That was very fun to watch.” You told him with a grin. “Well, I do try to cease every opportunity to make him angry.” He joked. “So, are you ready to try on the dress?”

“I think so.”

He pointed you in the direction of the dressing room where your dress, which he made in preparation for your birthday ball the next day, was waiting. Upon seeing the dress, you were taken aback. It was beautiful. You muttered a small wow before moving to try it on. “Is it okay?”

“It’s perfect.”

“I know your mother said white, but blue really seems to do you justice.”

You smiled to yourself, relishing in the compliment. He thought you looked good in blue. Maybe that’s just him being a tailor, but you couldn’t help but feel a jolt of electricity.

“Hurry up Y/N!”

“Don’t rush me.” You chuckled. “I just want to see. You’ve left me dangling on a string.” He laughed. “And I intend to leave you dangling if you continue to rush me.” You returned, giggling at his excitement. “Sorry, sorry.”

You walked out, picking up the skirts so they didn’t drag across the floor too much. Hercules’s eyes widened as he gazed at you, jaw slacked. “Wow.” He said.

“Close your mouth,” You laughed, “You’ll catch flies.”

“You look stunning.” He grinned. “Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous.” You blushed as he continued to pour out compliments. The fact that he thought you were attractive was news to you. You were completely enamored as you watched his all but gawk over you. Suddenly, you painfully aware of something.

You loved him.

Yes, you, Y/N Y/L/N, were completely, totally, utterly, truly, madly, deeply in love with Hercules Mulligan. You always had been. And you always will be.

You began to look for imperfections, eager to try and change the subject, but found none. “Um, maybe you should check the, uh, measurements. Just to make sure.” You blurted out.

He looked confused, but nodded. “Of course. Wait for me inside, I’ve got to grab a few things.”

You walked into the dressing room and stood on the pedestal. You looked at yourself in the reflection, feeling more than proud of yourself. Hercules thought you were pretty. Gorgeous, even. You twirled around with a smile on your face, the dress flowing naturally around you.

Little did you know, Herc could see you from the counter. He was watching with a tiny smile, ecstatic that you liked the dress. He’d worked on that dress, exclusively, for two weeks. He wasn’t going to make anything for you that wasn’t the best. You only deserved the best. Which was why he never brought up marriage with you.

You deserved more than a tailor’s apprentice. You deserved a lawyer, a politician, a general, a god, if that was possible. And he was anything but.

He shook his head, gathering his present for you before heading into the dressing room. “Hey Y/N?” You hummed your acknowledgment.

“I, uh, got you a present.”

“Hercules, you don’t have to get a present every year. Your friendship is enough.” No it’s not, your brain said. You want more than friendship and you know it. “You know that I don’t care about your no-presents policy.” He chuckled. “Close your eyes.”

“Hercules–” He gave you a warning look, so you sighed and closed your eyes.

You heard his footsteps come closer and closer until he was on the pedestal with you. Your breath hitched as his breath fanned over your neck. Suddenly, you felt something cold lay on your chest. You gasped at its temperature, your eyes flying open. The jewels of the necklace were sparkling as you brought your hand up to touch it. You turned around and looked into his deep brown eyes. The jewels’ paled in comparison. “Oh my god. Herc, it’s beautiful.”

“A beautiful necklace for a beautiful girl.”

You would’ve been a liar if you said this moment didn’t feel perfect. You were staring into each other’s eyes, passionate silence filling the room. He slowly and hesitantly brought his hands to the your face, and cupped your cheeks. “Y/N…” He whispered. Your eyes fluttered closed and you leaned into him. Finally, you—


Something must’ve fallen in the main room and startled Hercules because he fell backwards off the pedestal and straight into a pile of fabric. “Oh my god, Herc!” You rushed over to him, picking fabric off of him. “Are you okay?”

He cleared his throat and stood up awkwardly. “I’m fine. I’m fine.” He breathed. He looked bewildered and embarrassed, the blush that covered his cheeks showing a sharp contrast between his skin. “I’ve got to, um. I’ve got some dresses to finish up.” He declared. “I’ll see you tomorrow on my break?”

You felt dejected and hurt as you furrowed your brow, nodding. “Of course.”

The next day, your birthday, seemed to move in a blur. You were counting down the minutes until you could see Herc again. Quite frankly, you thought it was unfair to both you for him to leave things the way he did. You needed to talk to him. You got there a bit early, careful to avoid this talk being made a huge deal by your other three friends, calling out Herc’s name.

“Y/N! Happy birthday!” He grinned, hugging you tightly. He was warm and cuddly and you never wanted to let go. Unfortunately, he pulled away, claiming he had just a bit more work to finish. “Honestly, I’m pushing this deadline. I spent most of my time on your dress and—”

“You did?”

He looked into your eyes, seeming to look for something. “Yes.” He immediately turned back around and began working. You could tell he was stressed. His brow furrowed, his hands clumsily bumping into each other as he sewed, his foot tapping the floor at an alarming rate. That plus the awkward tension was too much. So you came up with an idea.

You plopped your elbow on the table noisily, ignoring the pain it caused. Hercules looked up to you and your open hand, before putting two and two together.

“You can’t be serious.”

“If you can arm wrestle the boys, why can’t you arm wrestle me?” You looked at him expectantly as he sighed and sat across from you. He hesitantly placed his elbow on the table and gripped your hand loosely, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

You could tell there was a double meaning to that, but chose to respond to the situation. “I’m not a porcelain doll, Herc. I don’t need to be a revolutionary to beat you.” You gripped his hand tighter, sending a fuzzy feeling through your arm, and he fought back a smile at your statement. “Okay.” He quietly agreed.

You counted off and began immediately straining yourself to compensate for Herc’s strength. He was surprised you’d lasted as long as you did. Sure, he wasn’t using his full strength, but you could barely carry firewood without toppling over.

You looked up at him and let out a breath, feeling yourself starting to lose. He gave a chuckle as he stared at the both of your hands. His eyes were shimmering with amusement although he wouldn’t look at you. You glanced at his lips. They were twitching into a small playful smile.

Oh, what the hell.

You stood up and leaned over the table, softly pressing your lips to his. Herc sat in confusion, his thoughts running a million miles an hour. You immediately thought you’d done something wrong so you started to pull away. As soon as you broke apart, he brought his other hand to the back of your neck and pulled you back where you belonged. Your lips moved in sync with sparks flying in each and every direction. It was better than you had ever imagined.

Not that you imagined it or anything.

You both had to pull away, simply to breath. You curse your need for oxygen as he pressed his forehead against yours. You noticed his grip on your arm wrestling hand had tightened. Smirking, you pecked his lips once more.


You sat back in your chair with a grin on your face. His smile grew as he watched you giggle, staring at his hand that was now on the table.

“I win.”