deep ink

You found me at one of my lowest points. There are times I feel I should walk away because I’m not right for you. I’m not the woman I want to be for you. Yet somehow you love me more than anyone has, regardless.
—  K.N.B.

Distracted from the world, by tunes and proses;

Guitars desperately weeping , Guns N’ Roses.

Loud melodies that could turn me deaf one day,

But it’s my only peace, so it’s on replay.

Drums drumming and banging against my eardrums,

Chords making me sing from cords where my voice comes.

Loud enough for the whole world to be dismissed,

For the beat of these tunes is my only bliss.

When I met you, I finally realized what it was like to be loved. It wasn’t pda or saying “I love you,” in front of all your friends to prove you had a boyfriend. It wasn’t texting all day, asking the same questions over and over .It was being able to stay awake all night and tell you my deepest fears and my deepest secrets. Talking to you all day and night and feeling like the most lonely person in the world when we had to part. Feeling like I could tell you anything and the world , and you would sit and listen until eternity. Hiding nothing from you, knowing you’re my actual best friend . Telling you everything that happened throughout my day, telling you all the drama that happened like you were one of my girlfriends . Getting so happy just from seeing your face pop up in the distance, being able to spot you as soon as you step foot into the door. Wanting to stare at your face every second of the day because you are the most handsome guy I’ve ever met and your personality only makes me love you more. Feeling a true connection with somebody after being antisocial for so long, feels like you just found the stairway to heaven. Being able to talk for hours without running out of topics to talk about. You get every little thing I say, sharing your sadness until I cheer you up . I fell in love with your mind, before falling in love with your exterior . Feeling like I’ve known you forever even though it’s only been a few months. I’ve found my other half, the other half of my heart. The only person in the world I can trust with every little thing that crosses into my mind. My soulmate , my lover, and my best friend.
—  I’ve found my home, it’s in your heart .
Wake me up when time has healed this.
I don’t want to endure anymore.
My mind is standing at the edge of a cliff,
My heart lies shattered on the floor.
I taste the sweet solace of surrenders kiss,
It’s becoming impossible to ignore.
—  K.N.B.
It’s painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
—  Wordsbymymind
I sat there,
falling in love
with every ounce of who you are
just at the sound of your voice.
—  E. Grin, phone calls
Fifty years from now, if you knocked on my door and told me that you needed me, I would still drop everything I had to help you.

Fifty years from now, if you knocked on my door and told me you were ready to try again, I would be ready to try again.

Fifty years from now, if you knocked on my door and told me that you loved me, I would love you back.

I know that I will want you for the rest of my life, so I’m hoping that in fifty years from now when you knock on my door, it will only be because you misplaced the key.

—  I’ll want you forever. (via @sinfulessentials)
Have you ever just laid down and thought about how you have so many ‘friends’ but in actuality you have no one? It’s not like you wanna think about it but you do. and you start to cry but you don’t want anyone to hear you so you start to silent cry and it’s the most painful feeling because you wanna scream and let all your emotions out but you put your hand over your mouth, close your eyes, and lets the tears and your fears consume you.
Isn’t it weird how you can actually feel the pain in your chest and stomach when something really hurts your feelings.
—  wordsbymymind
Love isn’t about how you feel about someone else.

It’s about how they make you feel about yourself.

You kissed me and I tasted the sky.
—  E. Grin, i think i’m addicted to the stars.

I’ve never been simple.
I’m a full time job.
If you can’t put in the time,
Don’t bother trying.

I’ve never tried lying,
I have no reason to hide it.
If you can survive the war,
I promise I’m worth the fight.

—  K.N.B.
But do you know what’s absolutely beautiful? Falling in love with the same person over and over again, because it shows that you’re never done with loving them, it shows that you are loving them every second of the day despite everything.
—  The Art of Falling in Love // r.k
Even on your bad days you’re still the most beautiful person to me.
—  t.i // Repost from something I wrote a while ago.