deep in blue


GW2 Fashionweek- Day 4

  • Doctor Percival Taeriqson- Elementalist

The good doctor is in- and wears sensible clothes that are comfy and easy to move around in so he can quickly zip around from patient to patient.


  • Royal Ascalonian Dagger
  • Aureate Charm


  • Head: Reading Glasses
  • Shoulders: Vigil’s Honor Mantle
  • Chest: Whisper’s Secret Robes
  • Gloves: Aetherblade Light Gloves
  • Pants: Aristocrat’s Pants
  • Boots: Vigil’s Honor Footwear


  • Abyss
  • Midnight Blue
  • Deep Maple
  • Winter Sky
  • Cinnamon
  • Iron
  • Orange Frost
  • Blue Tint
  • Pottery
  • Midnight Red
  • Midnight Ice

anonymous asked:

Professor Morrison is... Intriguing. When I'm in his class, sometimes I can't help but get lost in him. Really handsome, pretty eyes, gruff, and just- so hard to read. It's a bit frustrating even. But um, I'm pretty sure he caught me looking at him more than once, and whenever he passed by as he watched us work, he'd squeeze my shoulder or lean in a bit. Is he suspicious? Will he make me stay after class or call me up to his office? I'm a bit nervous..... (sfw and nsfw)

Ah, I heard some students having similar problems. There’s nothing to be suspicious of. That’s just the way he is with those deep blue eyes, his piercing stare, the broad expanse of his shoulders and gruff in his voice–It’s ridiculously hard not to get lost in all of that and I don’t blame you dear student. I’ve heard from his TA and even some of the other professors that he has quite the cologne selection. Have you caught a whiff of it? I heard it’s tantalizing at the very least, alluring and downright seductive when coupled with his deep, gravelly voice and the bite of his words–Dear Heavens. 

Musk and amber, sometimes a hint of jasmine, maybe some rosemary and a touch of wood if he’s up for it, is that a bit of sage? I’d have to refer to my sources but I’m sure a little coaxing will get Maya talking. I believe she might have the same problem as you. She always gets a little red in the cheeks whenever I or the other TAs bring him up though, I wonder why? 

Do you think she’s sick? Is she hiding something from us?

I don’t see a reason why he would ask you to his office or stay after class if you haven’t done anything wrong but maybe you should bring up your worries to him if it bothers you that much? Perhaps catch him during his office hours so you don’t have to worry about time constraints if you stick around after class? Professor Morrison is a respectable guy. He takes all of his student’s comments and concerns very seriously.

 The question is, can you keep your train of thought when you’re sat in his office surrounded by his scent and at the whim of his powerful gaze? Can you keep your eyes on him as he’s staring into yours with not a blink of hesitation or question? Don’t melt, dear student. He’s watching your every move, studying you as he stares at those plush lips while you speak. He’ll catch the blush on your cheeks, the fluster in your eyes. He’ll answer your question with a question of his own. Does it bother you that much? Do you want me to stop? What would you like me to do to solve this problem? 

There’s tricks in his words, he’s a sly one I tell’ya and if you play your cards right, if you keep your eye on the prize, you might just get exactly what you want from him, maybe a little more if you’re not careful while playing with your food. 

He may have grays but I heard this man can make even the most stubborn of people bend, maybe even scream if he really wants to get that pretty voice of yours past those delicious lips.

Uncommon Love pt. 2

Tagging @agent-fangirl because this is their request that I made into a series. So thanks for the idea! I really like this part, please tell me what you think. Enjoy! (Also I wrote this in 20 minutes instead of doing my sociology homework someone kill me)

Pt. 1  

As you were getting ready for the ball that night, you couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous. Yes it was exciting, but you were a lowly servant that was about to attend a ball with royal at the king’s invitation.

You were already hearing gossip about it, mainly from the servants, and not a lot of people seemed very pleased.

The dress that the king had sent to you was gorgeous. You were afraid to wear it, a dress like this would cost you your life it seemed.

The dress itself was a deep blue color, the color of the night. It had a full underskirt that was a melted gold color. The arms and torso had soft gold swirls that wrapped around you.

There was also a pair of elegant blue heels for you to wear. They looked like they would cost you seven years of hard labor.

Emily came in and helped you into the dress.

“Once the King sees you in this I don’t think that it will be long until you are crowned queen!” she cried, fixing your hair into an elegant updo.

You rolled your eyes.

“Come on, I am not going to be a queen. Not in the wildest dreams,” you replied.

She scoffed.

“Now I don’t think you’ve been paying attention to much of anything but the floors lately. The king has been making eyes at you for the past few months dontcha know.”

You gave her a ‘are you stupid’ look. She laughed.

“You may not believe it but you are a beautiful person, no matter what. You are smart and loveable. Caring and kind. What man wouldn’t be attracted to you?”

“A king.”

She smiled softly.

“Come on now dear, lift up your chin. I know that you’re scared about this too, but don’t be. You wouldn’t even be recognizable. Just have some fun.”

You took a deep breath and nodded.

You stood up carefully, not trusting yourself walk in this dress. Although you had to admit that it was incredibly comfortable for a ball gown.

You said your goodbye to Emily and walked out of the room.

You caught a glimpse of yourself in a mirror as you were walking to the ballroom. Emily was right. You looked like a completely different person.

Walking up to the ballroom doors you prepared to enter. You could feel yourself shaking.

You had the sudden thought of your mother. You were almost able to hear her voice as you remembered a quote she always told you when you were scared to do something.

“What good are wings without the courage to fly?”

You smiled, your nerves calming slightly. You could almost feel her next to you.

“Thank you mom. I love you.”

And with that, you entered the ballroom. Here goes nothing.

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(IM GONNA PRETEND NOTHING DRAMATIC IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW LMAO) Edd was in his room, he'd stripped Tom's bed clean of sheets and pillows and stole some of his iconic deep blue hoodies to make a small fort of warmth around him. He could tell scents now, his small little green scaly ears, tail and yellow horns were on him to show he was half shifted. He was surrounded by his 'Alpha's' scent and he loved it. (CCA)

Tom slips into Edd’s room, walking over to his bed, “are those my sheets…? So that’s here they’ve been….” He sighs, smiling and shaking his head. “God edd you dork.”

december 2016

the dock extended out further than we remembered. all of us walking on water,
trying to find enough good in our chests to justify it. the thick blanket of humidity,
holding us as the only home we can still find a way back to. here in the blue
deepness of night, where we got lost on our feet & our bikes & in our cars.

under bridges, in the middle of the river, kissing under interstates in parking lots.
i’ve been rewriting the stories in my head. trying to color in truer versions
where the memories skip. planks are missing where the dock once was stable.
careful, we might fall in. would you still know me, if i climbed out after i slipped?