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“Do you ever get scared?” Poe asks, one night. They are naked, and sharing a cigarra. Outside the window, the sky is the saturated blue-black of a bruise, and the neon lights are painting Poe’s skin like the striations of a sunset.

“Of what.”

He exhales, to the ceiling. Poe has just had him from behind, tied up to the headboard of the bed with his own belt. There are still the deep red impressions lining his wrists; Poe is touching them, idly, with his rough fingers. Hux is beginning to think that he might have a preference for being held down, which is mildly thrilling, and perhaps not as surprising as he would like it to be.

“Of what’s coming,” says Poe, taking the cigarra back. He smokes like he doesn’t really enjoy it: gingerly, a little guilty. “You know, the—stuff, out there. That’s coming. It seems bad, sometimes.”

Bad, thinks Hux, and wants to laugh. He lets his gaze wander to the window, where there is humid air, and the soft cooing of seadoves curled under eaves waiting for the daymoon to rise, and the distant raucous noise of the pleasure bar, and the sound of the tide coming in.

“No,” he says. “I’m waiting for it.”

(from Shared History, Poe/Hux/Ren collab)


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( TRANS ) wonwoo’s japanese md pamphlet — february ‘17

my role in seventeen is ‘brains.’ i like books, be it mystery novels, historical novels, literature, poetry; i don’t choose based on genres. if there’s time, i’m always reading. after reading an emotional book, my tears don’t stop. i’m usually not the type to cry, but when i’m touched by a movie or book, my tears become a lot. recently, i read 3 of higashino keigo’s books. in korea, higashino keigo is very popular (his books). the one that left a deep impression on me was 'miracles of the namiya general store.’ it’s a story about communication between the past and the future via letters, it was very emotional.

my birthplace is changwon, gyeongsangnam-do. i can’t really remember much regarding kindergarten, but the thing that remained in my memory is a high slide. i often went to the nearby park with my friends, it was a very average childhood. in elementary school, i goodheartedly joked around and played with my friends. the most fun was after class, we would have a drawing battle on the blackboard. now that i think about it, it was comedic and cute. (laughs)

i liked playing with my friends, but i also liked doing stuff at home quietly, since then i often read books. in 1st grade someone bought me the whole set of the record of the three kingdoms, i read it multiple times. also, i liked solving quizzes on computer games.

i got into music in middle school. the rock band buzz was popular, so i got excited with my friends and said 'let’s try being a band too!’ and we learned how to play instruments together. i learned guitar, my friend learned drums. i had the vague dream of 'it would be good to have a concert in seoul someday,’ so i started going to a music academy. practicing dance with my friends, we even recieved an offer to stand on the stage of our middle school academy. i couldn’t dance well then, but it was a fun memory. (laughs)

at the suggestion of my teacher at the music academy, i went for an audition. i said to my friends, “if i have a dream to be an artiste, it’s definitely going to be a good experience,” i went to the audition with the purpose of gaining experinece, in the end i couldn’t believe i passed. so i came to seoul, and became a trainee from my 3rd year in middle school.

actually, before passing the audition, i thought 'when i grow up, i want to do music with my friends freely’ or 'i want to travel the world,’ there were a lot of things i had interest in, but i never thought about what i wanted to do for my future job. however, having passed the audition, i formed the goal of being a singer. my father is very happy and is supporting me for chasing my dream now. i’m always concerned about seventeen’s activities, so i search my name on the internet (laughs). my father looks after and treasures my family; at work, he’s someone who devotes himself to his work persistently. i respect him as a father, and looking at the back view of a man who lives confidently, there are a lot of things to learn from him. for the first 6 months in the dorm, there were so many things that i couldn’t get used to from my original lifestyle, it was tiring, but the friends who became trainees first taught me many things, and i could get used to it later on. when i got the sense of things, i could do well in terms of singing and dancing, it was like jumping over a wall. also, i felt reassured that i gained friends who did it with me.

originally, i listened to many genres of music. i also liked hip-hop, so i started doing rap. even thought it was my first time rapping, i was unexpectedly natural. i think rap matches me.

in my opinion, the charm of rap is its lyrics. writing about what you think and feel, and expressing it along with a rhythm was very fun. you can feel the charm of it especially when the rap is very natural. using literature as an example, a vocalist’s lyrics would be a poem, a rap would probably be an essay.

translation by nutjereon / source _j_kei
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My Awkward Babies 3/??

I watched The Lego Batman Movie last night and it was SO GOOD??? IT MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH???? I LOVED IT

ナミダメ“サン”ノミヤタクマの場合 Sample Voice
  • ナミダメ“サン”ノミヤタクマの場合 Sample Voice
  • 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

ナミダメ“サン”ノミヤタクマの場合 Sample Voice (CV: Nakazawa Masatomo)

*NSFW, headphones advised! きたあああああぁぁぁぁぁ! ヽ( ≧ ▽ ≦ )ノ The NSFW-level isn’t quite up there yet, but he’s sounding pretty Mっぽい already. Which is, of course, right up my alley…

Release Date: November 27th, 2015.