deep fried


So I finally got around to writing down how to make seitan fried chicken! To make the seitan itself I follow this recipe

It creates wonderfully juicy chunks of seitan which is exactly what you want! Nobody wants dry fried chicken!

Now the secret is the skin. You know those rice papers to make clear spring rolls? You can buy them dried in any Asian supermarket. You want to soak one in warm water until it becomes soft and floppy then lay it out on the side. Put a seitan chunk in the middle and wrap the sides around to cover the whole thing. Do this for all your chunks and set them to one side.

Next up you want to make the coating. I use plain flour mixed with various herbs and spices. I recommend smoked paprika, pepper, onion power, salt, and anything else that takes your fancy.

In a seperate bowl you want some classic yellow mustard, mixed with a bit of water and a couple of spoons full of the flour mix. You want it to make a creamy paste, not too gloopy, not too runny.

Then grab your wrapped seitan chunks, roll them around in the mustard mix, then transfer to the flour bowl and ensure the whole thing is covered. You can then pop them into the deep fryer for a minute or so until golden and crispy.

Enjoy hot or cold with ketchup or vegan mayo! The magic really is in the spring roll paper making the fake skin!