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thecity-ofhatr3d  asked:

I was just wondering if you could explain to me why Yuki was crying in chapter 9 page 8/9 of VKM? Is it because of her feelings for Kaname?

Hi there,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your patience! Despite your question being straightforward, I think there are several aspects which are worth discussing in relation to page 8/9 in Chapter 9.

To present my thoughts in the clearest way possible, I will structure my analysis under appropriate sub-headings.

Just as a side note, I have also broken some areas into bullet points. The post is lengthy already and I may as well try and be succinct then blab too much. Though a little too late! Apologies in advance for any spelling/ punctuation errors.

1) The reason behind Yuuki’s tears?

From following the plot of Vampire Knight, as well as Yuuki’s recent development in VKM, its clear that Kaname is the reason behind her tears. With Zero acting as Yuuki’s confidant, providing her with the moral support and blood she needs, this is equally apparent to him. This is explicitly confirmed by Zero himself where he states: ‘I know fully well who these tears are aimed at’. After watching Yuuki stand by Kaname’s ice coffin for two months, and be constantly reminded that the simple gesture of holding his hands reminds her of Kaname, those scenes speak for themselves.

Despite Kaname’s ‘dormancy’ so to speak, the characters of VKM such as Ai, Zero and Ruka – and most obviously Yuuki - continue to remember and speak of him. In this sense, Kaname continues to have a presence within the plot - even if to a minimal extent. In Yuuki’s case, despite time passing, she continues to mourn over her loss of Kaname. The extent of her grief and desire to be with – or rather ‘part of him’ is undeniably confirmed in Chapter 9 where she stated her ‘wish’ – ‘these strange things’ that won’t ‘fade away from [her] mind’. She admitted that she wanted to ‘revive that person, to have my life swallowed up by that person – let’s return inside that person’. As highlighted from previous chapters, such as Chapter 66, the concept of consuming your significant other is an instinctive vampire trait. Yuuki’s inner conscious even tempted her with the idea that she ‘can eat all of him’ and that failing to ‘devour what you desire’ will drive her insane. Yuuki even then expressed that her hunger for Kaname was so ‘pure’ that it could not be hidden. Furthermore, in Chapter 7, it is revealed that Yuuki had neglected her personal wellbeing. She did not sleep. She did not eat. During that period, she was completely detached from time and reality, as well as those around her. She isolated herself from everything. Strange as it seems, she treated herself as though she had entered into a deep slumber and was encased within an ice coffin of her own. It was like a part of her died with Kaname.

Collating these and other factors together, Yuuki is crying because of Kaname. Hino makes this dead plain from the text.

2) Secondary factors

Having established that, it is now necessary to examine the crux of your question: was it because of Yuuki’s feelings for Kaname? My answer to this is yes – yes, it is the predominant reason, but I believe there are also secondary factors too. I will go through each one accordingly. This includes 1) her experiences and emotions in experiencing motherhood as a single parent; 2) Yuuki’s increasing responsibility as the head of the Kuran family and leader of the vampire society.

3) Motherhood I: Kaname’s absence

In Chapter 9, Yuuki states the following: ‘The treasure that person left me with, till now I managed to bring it here without harm’.

By referring to ‘treasure’, Yuuki is clearly talking about Ai. Ai symbolises the light that brought Yuuki out of her depressed state and back onto her feet. Ai reminded and continues to remind Yuuki that ‘there is a light at the end of this journey’. Her existence not only acts as a firm confirmation of Kaname’s last words, but also his love and determination to protect Yuuki to the very end. As their child, Ai represents Kaname in several ways – some of which Yuuki has commented on - from the softness of her hair, her smell to her intellect. Their beloved ‘treasure’ demonstrates Kaname’s selflessness. Not once did he care for his own wellbeing. If you refer to the panels in Chapter 93 – when Kaname throws his heart into the furnace there is no ounce of hesitation. He lived and breathed for Yuuki. With that said, Ai returned the light to Yuuki’s eyes – she gave her mother a purpose to continue living. Ai was Kaname’s last gift to Yuuki before throwing his heart into the furnace. Like Kaname who saved Yuuki on that wintry night, it is through their child that Yuuki was saved once more. Looking at this from a different perspective, you could say that Kaname was also trying to fulfil the one promise that he was not able to commit to Yuuki. The promise that they would live together.

Having therefore received the most precious and final gift from her most dearest person, I can only imagine that Yuuki made a silent promise to herself to protect their daughter – the last remains of Kaname’s existence. However, in making this silence promise, Yuuki must have also spent time reflecting on what life would have been like had Kaname stayed. With recollection comes regrets, ‘what ifs’ and wishful thinking. In Chapter 9, I think this represents one of many occasions where Yuuki has shed a tear and reflected.

Perhaps the following:
  • To see Kaname be a father and raise their child together. For instance, Yuuki’s strong desire to see Kaname hold their new-born is illustrated by the fact that she dreamt about it. As a general basis, dreams reflect our inner conscience and desires. In Chapter 93.1, Yuuki tells Zero that she had a dream about ‘that person’ holding the baby. Upon hearing this, Zero returned a knowing smile. He very well knew who she was talking about - just like Chapter 9 in VKM. From this, it can be implied that Yuuki has dreamt about Kaname (perhaps with baby Ai) on previous occasions. 
  • To see Kaname interact, play and make memories with Ai as she grows up. In Chapter 5 of VKM, Kaname is visited by Yuuki and baby Ai – I assume one of many. Yuuki says the following: To Ai - ‘You wish that you could talk to him to huh?’ To Kaname- ‘Aren’t you jealous that I have her all to myself’. Despite knowing that Kaname cannot not hear, see or respond, Yuuki is determined for Ai to know her father, to know what he was like, and keep her in contact with Kaname.
  • Just further assumptions on my part– his absence during her pregnancy and Ai’s birth.

Thinking these things through, this must have brought up a turbulence of emotions for Yuuki.

4) Motherhood II: Raising Ai

As a single parent, Yuuki had to play the role of both mother and father. In Kaname’s absence, it is likely that Yuuki was adamant in ensuring that Ai received the same amount of love that any child would have received with both parents being present. With Zero’s constant presence, he clearly assumed the role of an adoptive father (despite the awkward period of being Ai’s crush). In several chapters, Ai calls Zero her father and this is reflected by her actions in constantly seeking his support and comfort. But even then, Zero’s role cannot replace the fact that Kaname is her biological father. In my opinion, even if Zero gave Ai the most happiest childhood, the amount of love received cannot replace or be enough to fulfil the love a child may yearn, seek or receive from their biological father. This evident with Ai too. In Chapter 93.3, Kaname pulls Ai into her father’s arms. Embracing his daughter, we see tears in Ai’s eyes. Just before this scene, Hino refers to Zero’s conversation with Aidou where he was patted on the head by Yuuki: ‘hugged tightly and coaxed like a child’.

Can you imagine how Ai must have felt at that time? After hearing so many stories about her father. After seeing her father trapped in ice for thousands of years. To be able to embrace him and hear his voice must have awoken so many emotions within her since a child.

Another aspect worth discussing is where Yuuki states ‘without harm’. This most likely refers to the early stages of Yuuki’s motherhood. This may include Yuuki’s pregnancy which lasted for several years, as well as Ai’s birth and upbringing. Throughout this entire time, despite the help provided (predominantly from Ruka and Kain from what is implied), Yuuki may have been anxious and understandably scared. She may have also lacked confidence in her ability of being a first-time mother. Can you imagine how these concerns may have been exacerbated in Kaname’s absence? For anyone in her position, her concerns may have been endless. Her queries may have been endless. To add an extra dash of complexity, Yuuki had to deal with Ai’s physical and emotional development as a vampire. In Chapter 9, we see Yuuki comforting Ai with regards to her hunger. For the safety of Ai and others, she decides to exclude the opposite sex, including those of their household, from their home. In my opinion, this is similar to when Yuuki was kept inside by Kaname in order to stabilize her hunger. Despite the opinion others hold, Kaname had done this for the purpose of teaching her to use her fangs and to accept her instincts. After several years of dormancy, her physical and emotional state was incredibly unstable and in complete disorder. To allow Yuuki to wonder off into the nearest public area in her unstable state would be asking for trouble. In Chapter 93, after neglecting her hunger for three months, Yuuki made an attempt to attack Yori. Fortunately, Zero was there to prevent that. To say that Yuuki’s time within the Kuran mansion was a form of imprisonment is completely overlooking the matter. Yuuki was clearly aware of this. She is taking her previous experiences as a form of guidance. She is using this and taking a similar stance in order for Ai to go through a smooth transition.

Overall, the early periods of Yuuki’s motherhood was likely a difficult process – not to mention physically and emotionally exhausting. The fact that Yuuki managed to pull through on her own presents her as an outstanding mother. It shows her determination to make things work for her little family – to show Kaname that she’s alright – that she managed to bring their ‘treasure’ into the world, and raise her to the best of her ability in a safe and loving envrionment ‘without harm’.

5) Yuuki’s increasing responsibility: Head of the Kuran family and vampire society

To further my point in 3) and 4), Yuuki’s experience of motherhood (not to mention being a single parent) has been further complicated by the responsibilities that come with being the Head of the Kuran family. As VKM progresses, we see her workload increase as Yuuki takes on a more active role. Upon leaving Yori’s funeral in Chapter 93.1, Yuuki is requested to attend an ‘important annual meeting’. In another chapter, we see Yuuki vote on a matter concerning the execution of an aristocrat who sold weapon deflecting technology. After Ai returns from her errands, she sees her mother reviewing documents in her study. Overall, in Chapter 5, Yuuki apologies to Ai saying that ‘mother is going to be a bit busy from now on’. Even as a small child we see Ruka tell a very young Ai that she will be staying in Cross Academy.

All in all, despite the revelations that come her way, Yuuki has demonstrated her determination to care and love the treasure she had received from her most beloved person.

6) Concluding thoughts

If anything, the infamous bench in VK is not only the place where Zero and Yuuki meet. It represents the only real time that Yuuki is able to detach herself from her obligations and duties. It is a place where she can simply sit, rest and reflect. It is where she can simply appreciate that despite being a pureblood, she too has a humane side where its okay to cry despite the notion that it is a sin for purebloods to show their emotions/vulnerability. But it is also during these rare occasions that Yuuk’s restrained and underlying emotions come to the surface. They consume her. Specifically, her love, sadness and loss for Kaname – her lover and father of their daughter who is their ‘precious treasure’ and light.

After seeking to keep herself busy by preoccupying herself with work, there is nothing to stop the constant and lingering questions at the back of her mind from coming into play:

I miss you - I wish you were here – I want you here - I wish we experienced this together – Don’t worry - I’m okay - Are you proud of me? Are you lonely? Are you sad? Can you see me now? What are you thinking of right now? Did I do everything right? What would you do? Am I a good mother? Should I have done things differently? Should I have chosen this instead? Do you see Ai? What do you think of her? Are you proud of her? I hope you are – and so on.

Respect to Zero, he stated the very thing that Yuuki yearned to hear from Kaname during the thousands of years he slept in his ice coffin. It was simply to receive his praise. To know that she ‘did a good job’ – that she confidently succeeded as a mother as well as an independent woman in managing to raise and protect their daughter on her own – that she succeeded in bringing a sense of order and reform to the vampire society in his absence – that throughout everything she had endured, she had managed to find her own happiness and peace.

Despite the tragic reality that Yuuki had never managed to hear these very words from Kaname himself, upon seeing this:

1) Kaname’s instinctive embrace to a tearful Ai

2) Kaname’s loving expression and reaction to his daughter’s concern for his wellbeing - and tendency to wander off!

3) His tender smiles upon seeing Ai and Ren bicker in the kitchen

4) The fact that he watches over his sleeping daughter and Ren, caressing their heads

There is no doubt within my mind that Kaname would reply with a resounding yes.

NB: Although his vampire instinct and (most) memories of Yuuki are sealed away this is open to question in light of three previous examples where characters of VK regained their memories due to their ‘strong feelings for another. For instance, Yuuki, Zero and the School President.

With recent chapters showing Yuuki and Kaname looking up to a bright, starry sky, there is a strong sense that Hino is confirming Yume’s eternal love – that it is irreplaceable – limitless - timeless – ageless- that they will always remain connected – that they hold an indestructible bond that withstands time itself.

With everything discussed, Yuuki’s tears for Kaname hold a mixture of meanings. Joy. Happiness. Love. Relief. Sadness. Grief. They reflect everything Yuuki has experienced and overcome from the day Kaname threw his heart into the furnace.

Those very tears are worth a thousand words - a thousand words that Yuuki wished that she could convey to Kaname.

This is my take on Chapter 9.

Thank you for your question thecity-ofhatr3d!

lonely in loneliness

There are moments when you feel unloved. Like in a world full of seven billion living, breathing bodies, you are alone. 

It is odd. 

Because in truth, alone is relative and the feeling of loneliness is unfounded. No one human truly exists in isolation - it is a state, created and fed by a glamorous life portrayed in snap shots that speak of nothing below superficial. 

You are not alone. 

And yet the feeling tugs at your conscious, whispering deceit into the shell of your ear. In your weakest moments, you believe. Feed it like a growing child, deprived of affection and hungry for more. 

Once, you think, there was life and love and laughter. Now only the voice speak and that feeling of being unloved consumes you like a chasm so deep it spans the universe. 

A black hole. 


The voice is jagged around the edges. It bleeds endlessly and maybe, you think, you are not so alone. In your loneliness there is another, one who has also lost.

“Come inside.”

In the pit of your stomach you feel a churning, bile filled and apt to end poorly. Because love is pain and it is lonely in your loneliness. Beside you sits another, one who loves and who lives and who breathes and you feel nothing. Not their presence or their love or their life. 

“She wouldn’t want you to be like this.”

You hear tales of once upon a time and true love and fairy tale endings and you feel every bit betrayed. Because in this vast world, none of that exists. None of it hugs you like warm arms and loves you endlessly. 

You are alone.

“Don’t be like this.” 

Rhyme and reason feel like distant friends who float in and out of your life. Because somewhere buried deep and encased in thick layers of insecurity, of loneliness, of self-loathing, is an understanding. A deeply seeded understanding that these feelings are lies and the soft, sweet voice of deceit is unjust and untrue and you are better than this.

But that does not chase away the emotions and the fears and the way it consumes the very fibers of your being. 

Help me

Remus X Reader: Part 4

part1 part2 part3 

Y/N : your name

Y/L/N: your last name

Minutes seemed to seep away; the last remnants of sand began to drain from the glass grip of the hourglass. Time was up and so was her exam. Shakily, Y/N placed her quill down and sceptically scanned over her paper; it was the first exam she had completed without leaving any questions undone and not having a break down mid-way through. After all papers had been collected in, she exhaled a sigh of relief: if she had done badly, there was no way of changing what had already been done.

Apprehensively, she made her way out of the hall. In need of comfort and cheer and a confession fuelling up inside, she made her way up the stairs, towards Classroom 3C.

As she reached the foot of the stairs, she noticed that the door was already wide open. Hesitantly, Y/N stepped inside, clutching tightly onto her bag. To her astonishment, the entire classroom looked manic. Parchments and quills were strewn on the floor, tables and chairs were knocked over; the entire room was cloaked in darkness, the only flicker of light emitting was from the sunset outside. Y/N couldn’t comprehend what, why and how this scene had occurred. She crept slowly towards the front desk, eyes skimming over her professor’s untidy workload. Suddenly, a loud bang erupted from above her, making her jump out of her skin. Her eyes trailed up to find a dark silhouette, hiding behind the shadows; his demeanour rugged yet sturdy.

“What are you doing here?” spoke a monotone voice; his tone unfamiliar to Y/N- unfilled with warmth and serenity as it usually was.

“Erm… Remus?” Y/N replied cautiously, concern filling her voice as the figure began to descend down the stairs.

“Answer the question” he commanded in a stern voice, sending fearful shivers down Y/N’s spine. She seemed unable to find her words as his body started to make its way closer to her- his spiritual presence away.

“Nothing I suspect-” he cut,

“- Now if you would be so kind as to leave my office, it’s after hours.” He retorted, irritation lingering in his voice.

“- Considering you’re going to get your good grades, I guess I won’t be of much service.”  Y/N stared at him in bewilderment. ‘what is he saying?’ she thought to herself, before she began to speak.

“Remus… what do you mean? It’s me…?” she muttered silently, her breathing hitching as she spoke each word.

He scoffed quietly before he continued, “You know, I’m surprised your still keeping up the ‘innocent-student’ act. Seriously, it’s getting boring.” He paused for a moment, racking his brain of his thoughts.

“-Well, of course you wouldn’t understand the meaning behind your actions…not when you were with Professor Kettleburn, and certainly not with me.-” Y/N burrowed her eyebrows in confusion at her professors words.

“I-I-I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to imply, Remus” she responded.

Professor Lupin-” he interrupted, his face motionless and eyes glaring.

“- students aren’t supposed to address teachers by their first name… it’s impolite and disrespectful.

But I suppose it’s because you’re…” he paused, eyes narrowing down at her,

“- a child. You don’t understand the meaning of respect. You only care for yourself, as children tend to do-”. he halted for a moment, before he shook out an empty, panged laugh,

“Getting intimate with a teacher in order to get a good grade: a little cliché don’t you think Y/N… even for your standards”. Y/N’s eyes began to line with tears, her face furrowed with disbelief at the professor’s word of animosity.

“.. E-Excuse me?” she choked her voice unable to penetrate through her anger.

“- is that what you think of me. A fucking slut who sleeps around with teachers to get a good grade?” she shrieked in fury at the accusation.

“Well that’s what I’ve heard” Professor Lupin replied, not making eye contact.

“What and you believe rumours spread by teenagers, do you?” she questioned him with a burning glare. He didn’t respond.

If you must know, the reason why I stayed behind with Kettleburn, wasn’t to fucking screw him.-

… it was to get help with my lessons because that’s what a person does when they’re struggling at a certain subject….because …” she explained, trying to steady her breathing before she continued

“… Because that person actually cares about what they get in their N.E.W.T’s because maybe, just maybe, they want to create a better future for themselves because they’ve endured such a shitty past.-“ she hitched, strangled cries rendering her unable to speak properly,

- B-b-because their parent’s made bad choices and now they’re locked away in Azkaban, leaving their child to fend for themselves.-

-… And as much as the child tries to cover up her horrible life and  create a positive mind-set ….she can’t.  Because guess what…-”

“… People always have to assume the worst even when she’s trying her best… including the ones she thought she loved.  So there you go…-” she broke off, tears cascading down her broken face,

“…I hope you’re satisfied.” She sputtered.

A wave of guilt and remorse washed over Professor Lupin as he began to fill with realisation. Without making eye contact at Y/N, he looked over to the window; darkness began to shadow the sky, filling the room in dimness.

“…Y/N?-” He spoke, slowly placing a hand on her arm, finally meet her gaze, but she flinched away at his touch.

Don’t…” she whispered with hurt,

Not anymore.” applying inflation on the last word. Before Professor Lupin could voice his say, Y/N leftt.

Running as fast as her legs could carry her, she made her way out the door and down towards her dormitory. Tears streamed down her face as she buried her body deep within the covers; encasing her in pain and misery. And she remained in that position for hours; oblivious to the faint cries from a werewolf not far away; its body brandished in cuts and scars… her heart wielded in the same way.

The following morning arrived with a foggy start. Y/N got up, her head heavy and face rugged. She had spent all night crying; the puffiness and dark circles under her eyes serving a friendly reminder that slumber did not pay her a visit. 

She looked at her image in the mirror and groaned in disgust; not only did she look a mess but her first lesson would be with… him. She couldn’t bear the thought of facing him in her DADA lesson. She pondered for a moment before deciding that it would be best if she did not go. Surely no one would realise her absence anyway.

“Professor Lupin, what a pleasant surprise. Shouldn’t you be resting” responded the cold voice of Professor Snape, who was covering Lupin’s lesson, due to his ill condition. Professor Lupin had clamoured though the door, his shirt askew, hair messy and fresh scars littering his face.

“Sorry to interrupt but could I please borrow Y/N” he asked, a hint of urgency in his tone.

“Unfortunately Miss Y/L/N, much like yourself, has failed to show up to her lesson at the appropriate time. She is marked absent” he muttered flatly.  ‘that’s odd, she always turns up to her Defence lessons’ Professor Lupin thought to himself, burrowing his eyebrows in concern and confusion.

“N-n-no matter…Thank you Professor” he smiled lightly before turning to leave, limping along the way to due to his injuries.

Y/N lay on the tattered bed, her back rested against the wall of the Shrieking Shack . She made no reaction, she simply stared out into the open space; cast away in her thoughts. A small creak plunged her out her minds rambling.

“I thought you’d be here-” a silken voice sounded. She shifted her gaze to meet his figure; her face emotionless.

“-This place had always served as a sanctuary to unearth all worries and troubles-” Professor Lupin continued, strolling around the open space,

“- as well as serving as a prison of isolation from normality.” He mumbled, sadness brimming in his tone, gaining Y/N’s attention, despite her cold exterior.  Professor Lupin slowly stumbled over to the wall adjacent from Y/N, his hands scanning over the scratched wooden structure.

“That night was pretty horrific-” his hand still gently stroking at the slashed wood as he spoke,

“James sustained quite a nasty gash but Sirius still managed to subdue my destruction”. He let out a pained, expressionless laugh; Y/N looked at him with confusion, her mind suddenly filled with worry and concern. He slowly turned to face her direction, his eyes filled with distress as he began to express his mind’s furtiveness.

“You know Y/N, there’s something I’ve been keeping from you, that will probably make you detest me more than you already do-” he paused, making his way over to Y/N,

“-But first… I owe you an huge apology” he drew in a long deep breath before he continued, crouching beside Y/N as he spoke,

I am so sorry Y/N… for everything. I accused you of something so unjust and ridiculous, that I rendered all sources of logical reasoning useless. I actually believed a rumour spread by 16 year-old’s about the person I cared for the most, instead of coming to you first. I’m a fool and the way I acted towards you was disgusting and completely unforgiveable. I feel so ashamed that I showed my worst side to the best thing that’s ever happened to me in a long time. I’ve already lost so many of who were dear to me and now I feel as though it’s happening again… but this time due to my own accord. Y-you know one of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter…”

“… but considering I’m about to tell you something that will put our entire relationship in jeopardy, I’m willing to throw caution at the wind-” he paused, a few tears escaping his eyes as he looked up to meet Y/N awaiting gaze,

“… I love you Y/N

…You’re the reason I wake up in the morning because seeing your face every day just makes this, ‘living’ that much more enjoyable. Your smile is absolutely intoxicating and when you laugh, by Merlin, when you laugh Y/N… I feel as though my heart’s bound to beat right out my chest because it’s so beautiful. You’re beautiful. And I know I’ve pretty much fucked things up between us, I just hope you don’t forget that because you’re everything I’ve always wanted and more. I love you Y/N and I don’t think I will ever stop. Please know that because what I’m about to tell you will change everything” He sighed in alleviation but soon anxiousness crept up inside him,

“… I’m a werewolf Y/N… That’s why I’ve been missing classes and limited my time seeing you, including last night…-

I’m so sorry.” He ended solemnly, bowing his head in disesteem.

Y/N didn’t know how to react. She sat there, gazing at the broken man who had just poured out his heart and soul. On one hand, her heart filled with glee and adoration or her professor. On the other hand, her body quaked in fear as she began to process his condition. She didn’t know what to do.

Swiftly, Professor Lupin brushed his hand on top of Y/N’s and placed a loving kiss; Y/N felt as though all the misery and pain that lingered within her suddenly evaporated out her system, simply leaving her filled with warmth and…. Love.

Languidly, Professor Lupin got up from his position and, glumly, started to make his way to the door. Without warning, he suddenly felt himself loose balance but managed to position himself, as a pair of arms lightly wrapped around his torso. And that’s when he finally heard her speak,

I love you too, Professor Lupin” she sobbed into his shirt, dampening the material. He curved slowly to face her, his hands stationed at her side.

“W-w-what” he stammered, before Y/N giggled silently at his expression,

“I love you too …Remus” she countered, making Professor Lupin laugh in the process. She inched closer towards him and pecked a gentle kiss across his jaw.

“I want you and only you. Nothing else is relevant to me” she spoke before Lupin interrupted,

“- but what about my condition, I mean don’t you mi-” but she quickly hushed him by placing her hands over his mouth.

“I don’t care about that. I want you, Remus John Lupin… and that includes everything that comes with being with you.” she countered as she began to intertwine her arms around his neck, bringing him in for a long- awaited kiss.  

You’re amazing” Professor Lupin proclaimed, pulling away from her slightly,

“And you’re still stupid” she replied giggling. Professor Lupin smiled down at her in adoration, before he pulled her back in for a more intimate and prolonged kiss. And in that moment, their minds settled to an agreement; they were to spend the rest of their lives devoted to one another; conjuring up different ways to make the other happy; until their dying breath… forever and eternity, as one.


warning: implied SMUT 

Pitiful wisps of cloud drifted lazily across the bright February sky, its small candyfloss-like tufts waltzing gently above the archaic edifice of Hogwarts. The mellow rays of the dying winter sun shone brightly through the windows of Defence class.

“….their high pitch cackles are particularly entrancing to children, and they use this to lure them away from their guardians to eat them.-” Professor Lupin explained to his class of Fourth Years, who all gazed at their professor with intrigue. Abruptly, they were soon retracted from their wonderment of the fascinating properties of an Erkling, by Professor Lupin’s instructions;

“Now, if you’d please turn to page 200 of your textbooks, you’ll find a whole detailed account of an Erkling. What I’d like you from you please, is a two sided roll of parchment on the properties of an Erkling and what differentiates them from a gnome. You have 45 minutes, talking will not be required so … silence please.” He ended and made his way to his desk whilst the class settled into silence; the only sound emitting from the students were the scratches of quills and shuffling of parchment.

Professor Lupin sat at his desk, eyes scanning over his mount of marking and paperwork, huffing in annoyance. His eyes were then drawn to the diamond earring that lay askew from beside his ink pot. His mouth began to mould into a grin as his mind began to reminisce the ‘celebratory study session’ he had with Y/N the previous evening to commemorate passing her exams. The earring now served as a mere memorabilia of the intense pride and impassioned felicitations shared between the two; leaving poor Professor Lupin’s grinning widely; his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

His attention soon became directed elsewhere; from the corner of his eye a small parchment glided through the room, landing swiftly on top of the clutter. Professor Lupin eyed the material with suspicion before reading. His eyes scanned the note:

“Professor Lupin,
There is some help required on the seventh floor and we are in need of your assistance…

Professor Lupin looked around sceptically: it was odd that the note had not come signed or addressed, neither was it stamped with the Hogwarts crest. Cautiously he got up from his seat, pre-warned his class to have their work completed for when he arrived, and slithered out the door making his way towards the seventh floor.

When he arrived, there was not a person in sight. He looked down at the parchment again, going over it; it had clearly said ‘the seventh floor’, then where on earth is th- Professor Lupin was suddenly cut off from his thoughts as a fairly large door began to configure from within the wall he was currently standing opposite from. The door creaked slightly whilst opening; Professor Lupin looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was nearby but suddenly, a fairly strong force grasped him inside, whilst the door began to conceal itself again, hidden away from any peering bodies.

 “WHAT IN MERLIN’S NAME?! Y/N! You scared m-” Lupin began to exclaim, flailing his arms like a panicked turtle.

“Shhhh-” Y/N hushed softly, her hands clasping his mouth.

“It’s okay… it’s just me” she cooed gently, her warmth breaths tingling his skin.

After he’d calmed, she started to back away slightly, leaving Professor Lupin speechless as he flashed over Y/N’s body; her meagre frame was draped in a flimsy silk slip-on dress, exposing most of her flesh, quickening her professors breaths. She smiled in satisfaction as he suddenly became rigid in composure at the sight of her. Silence shifted after a couple moments as Professor Lupin began to speak, his voice low and rough;

“You know, members of staff address each other by first name, even by note-” he chuckled lightly before continuing,

“- rendering you the only culprit who sent this subliminal note?” he asked cocking an eyebrow, slipping closer towards Y/N.

Guilty” she replied in a seductive, faint tone.

“So I’m right in guessing that my assistance is not required for any help…?” he mewled, closing the small gap between; his warmth breaths caressing her exposed flesh.

“Well, not exactly…” Y/N responded without meeting his gaze, hands tugging slightly on his tie. Professor Lupin eyed her quizzically before he continued,

“Then please enlighten me Y/N… what is it that you need?” he whispered, barely inaudible, his arm began to spiral around her waist, his touch needy yet gentle, making Y/N weak in the knees. Her eyes suddenly snapped up to meet his intense gaze, her eyes lined with lust and impatience.

“…. You” she finally replied, crashing her lips onto him with force. He reacted without thought as his lips moved in the same rhythm as Y/N, deepening in pressure as they turned and moaned in pleasure; each kiss radiating excitement, passion and need for more.

“W-w-wait, wait … Y/N I have class” Professor Lupin mumbled against Y/N’s lips.

“… Your point” Y/N whispered in response and carried on peppering kisses against his skin.

“I have to get back in half an hour” he continued breathlessly until he met Y/N’s smug smirk; he rolled his eyes in agitation,

Fuck it.” he remarked before he attached his lips on her neck, kissing her senseless. He backed her up against a desk before grabbing her from behind the legs and placing her on top; her legs wrapped around his body in response whilst he kept a firm grip on them, edging his body closer to her touch. Y/N helplessly tried to strip him of his tie but it wouldn’t move, until Remus yanked it off along with his shirt; Y/N following suit. Their lips found one another and they resumed to their previous motions, it wasn’t until a low, barely audible moan leaving Y/N’s mouth, Remus slipped carelessly into copulation: minds retracting… but bodies becoming one.

Professor Lupin strolled into his class, 25 minutes later, his expression confident as he sat down behind his desk, his head buried in his work, in order to conceal the remnants of Y/N’s affection around his collar.

“Where did you go, Sir” questioned a small fourth year. Professor Lupin looked up, his expression relaxed,,

“A student needed my help …and I obliged” he responded; resuming to grin from behind his work, like an idiot. An idiot… who was so very deeply in love

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Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i loved writing it!

05. collateral damage

Genre: Smut/Slight angst.

Content: Kim Seokjin. It wasn’t until you started working for bangtan that you realized jealousy will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Request: Jin smut about anything.

Word Count: 3,230

You hated Kim Seokjin.

He was fake, pretentious, and crude. To this day, it still ate away at your dignity how you never saw through his intricately fabricated facade when you first met him. Back then, you were a budding, foolish teenager pouring out your gratuities and feelings for a mere concept, a love rooted in the figment of your imagination at a fan signing. It was as if it was yesterday when he held your hand and smiled back with his gleaming, conscientious gaze; however, you had seen enough since then to know that his eyes were only glossy from drinking too much the night before, and that his sharp sense of attentiveness was only for spotting out pretty girls wearing low-cut tops. You almost hated yourself more than him for falling for his petty act in the first place. Almost. In your mind, nothing could possibly top the sickly sweet tone he used to talk to fans, the polite and mature character he would transform into whenever there was a camera nearby, and the fact that he had his own mini cooking series when the only dishes he could actually do were the ones left in the sink after each meal. 

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renlavaye  asked:

Send “💭” for my characters thoughts on yours. - Ren La'Vaye

“Baron La’Vaye? Oh, he’s a charmer for certain. I’ve only met him twice, but both times I greatly enjoyed our sharing of words. He seems confident, and that is good, he should be. I don’t believe he is as charitable as I, but that is understandable, not everyone wishes to give their gold away, but I think deep down, perhaps encased in stone, the man has a bigger heart than he lets on.”


J-Hope Fluff/Smut: Exams

okay so here it is. i made it based off of exams since i know a lot of ARMYs (me being one of them ;-;) are dealing with exams at the moment. i hope y’all like it! ^^ 

You woke up early morning with your alarm buzzing loudly. Groaning and practically falling out of bed, you reached over and turned it off, yawning. You sat up and looked at the mess of your bed; your binders and sticky-notes and index cards sprawled all over, with opened highlighters marking up your comforter with specks of neon yellow. You sighed, squinting at your calendar half-way across the room. Today was the big day: exam day. You were so unbelievably nervous. This exam could make or break your GPA, and even had the potential to fail you… you didn’t even wanna think about the consequences if you didn’t pass.

You got up and showered, trying (and failing) to wash all of the doubt off of you. You tried to convince yourself that you had this, and that you’d do fine, but the little devil of self-doubt kept chanting in the back of your mind, telling you that you weren’t even remotely prepared, and that you’d screw this up horribly.

After your shower, you dressed and ate a small breakfast, deciding not to cram in some extra morning studying. Instead, you kept to yourself, trying to clear your mind.

“You’ve got this,” you whispered to yourself. You had it, right? You just needed that extra push of confidence. You just needed a bit more reassurance.

You arrived at school, two sharpened No. 2 pencils, a black and blue ink pen, extra erasers, and a smile in place. You were as ready as you could be. But why did you still feel so incomplete and nervous?

You exited the car and looked at the entrance of the school where students all filed in. No one looked as nervous as you. Did they have a secret to studying and confidence that you hadn’t unlocked yet?

You inhaled and headed for the door—but not before you heard your name being called.

“_______~! My lovely girlfriend!!! Hey~! Woohoo! My smart girlfriend! She’s gonna pass all of her exams with flying colors! Yahoo!!!”

You looked over with wide eyes as Hoseok stood with a poster that had your name in glittery letters as he danced to a beat in his head. You ran over to him, an embarrassed smile on your face.

“Hoseok!” You squealed, feeling yourself burst with happiness. He looked tired, and you knew he’d been up all night practicing, which was the reason you refrained from texting him like you wanted to so desperately. He smiled at you, putting his poster down.

“Ay~ there’s my little Einstein! Are you ready for your exam?”

You frowned. “I’m a little nervous, honestly.”

He smiled, leaning in to kiss your cheek. “You’ll be fine, I promise. You studied so diligently. There’s no way you don’t have this material mastered. And even if you don’t, your whole life isn’t defined after one test. You’ll do great.”

You could only smile gratefully as you looked up at him. In an instant, the self-doubt you were filled with had left you. You now felt more than confident enough to go into the classroom and master this exam. You sighed.

“Thank you, Hoseok. I love you, okay?”

“I love you, too. I’ll be out here waiting for you when you’re done.”

You nodded, kissing his cheek quickly before turning from him, entering your school.

You all handed over your finished exams and text booklets. Some of the students looked confident in what they’d just turned in, and some students looked honestly sick with what they’d just submitted. You honestly had no idea. When you were with Hoseok, you felt confident, but alone in here, the doubts slowly began to swim back. You exited the building, and looked up at the bright sky and sighed. It was a lovely day, at least.

“Hey,” you heard Hoseok’s voice as he approached you, a soft smile on his face. You sighed contently. He pulled you into a warm hug, and you felt the tenseness built up in you begin to melt. “How do you think you did?” He asked you softly.

You exhaled. “I don’t know. I don’t wanna think about it. I’ll just see my results at the end of the week… do you have a schedule today?”

He smiled. “I do. It’s to take you out and make you feel better. Where to?”

Hoseok insisted on taking you out to dinner, or maybe out to the movies or an amusement park, but to his surprise, you simply wanted to go home.

“Why home?” He asked as you both headed there.

“I just wanna relax with you. Watch a movie, eat some leftovers… nothing too special.” You yawned. He smiled, pinching your cheeks. You both drove back to the members’ dorm which was empty at the moment. You plopped down on the couch, and gasped.

“Show Me the Money’s on! Hoseok~ come watch it with me!” You smiled, patting the cushion next to you. He came to your side, and you both watched the show as you used his arm as a pillow.

“You should go on there,” you said, looking up at him. He raised a brow.

“Nah,” he said. “I think this kind of show fits Yoongi or Namjoon a bit better….”

You tsked. “You’d still do really well, though.”

He smiled. “You freestyle. I wanna hear it.”

You snorted. “Me? Freestyle?”

“Come on, I bet it’s good.”

You bit your lip, looking between him and the TV.

“Yo, yo,” you said before bursting out into laughter.

“Ah! Why’d you stop! The feeling was there!” He groaned. You shook your head, looking at him happily. You couldn’t believe that just this morning you were so unbelievably stressed out. Just being around Hoseok alone filled you with the utmost happiness, a bubbly feeling that you hadn’t received from being around anyone else. You took his hand.

“Hoseok?” You asked him, sitting up.


“How long before the members come back?”

“I’m not sure… an hour? Two?”

You smiled to yourself, and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“Why?” He asked, turning to look at you. When he did so, you kissed his lips. He smiled softly, and you kissed him again. He kissed you back warmly, and you let your hand wander over to the tail of his shirt and slide up until it touched his toned stomach. You both kissed warmly on the couch as your hands wandered back down until you were at the buckle of his jeans. You unfastened them quickly, and he jerked as your hand slid into his pants.

You both groaned as you heard the front door unlock.

“Hey, it’s—heyyy.” Namjoon tsked, looking at you two sitting on the couch. “Did we interrupt something, you two dirty kids?”

Hoseok smiled. “Not at all.”

“Tell that to your unbuttoned jeans,” Yoongi said, a look of disgust on his face. “For crying out loud, there are children still in this group.”

You sighed, rising from the couch.

“We brought food!” Jimin announced happily. You walked excitedly to the kitchen, helping the members set up the meal.

After a day at the dorm, you were exhausted. You could only watch Jimin and Hoseok dance to girl group songs while Taehyung showed you funny videos online for so long before wanting to pass out.

“I’ll be taking _______ home now.” Hoseok announced, holding your hand as you both walked out the door. The members bid you farewell, and in moments you were in the car as Hoseok drove you back.

“Are you tired?” He asked, looking over to you. “You’re nodding off.” He whispered.

You nodded. “It’s been a long day.” He smiled, caressing your face lightly as you began to sleep in.

“We’re here,” he told me as you pulled into your parking lot. You noticed immediately that you were the only ones home. You sighed.

“Walk me in,” you told Hoseok as you opened the front door. You walked back to your room, and he laughed.

“Look at all your notes everywhere. Did you even sleep last night?”

“A little bit… I’m glad it’s over though.” You said, clearing the bed. He smiled.

“I’m proud of you. I bet you did really well. I wish I was as smart as you when I was back in school.”

You frowned. “You’re really smart, Hoseok.”

“I guess so,” he said, pulling you into a hug. “I was smart enough to ask you out.”

You snorted. “…you’re also really cheesy.” You joked before looking him in the eye. He eyed you carefully, but gave you a look full of admiration. You leaned up and kissed his lips softly.

“Can you stay over tonight?” You asked him quietly while your lips were still close. He kissed you.

“Mhm,” he assured you before kissing you again, this time a deep, passionate kiss that encased you both.

You backed up into the bed so that you could lay down on it, and he crawled over you, his lips on your neck as he pushed your shirt up. You stifled a moan, loving his touch all over your body.

As he worked on undressing you, you worked on undressing him, and in-between rough kisses and soft moans, you both found yourselves completely naked in the darkness of your bedroom, kissing passionately and enjoying the feeling of your bodies pressed together so closely. When the feeling proved to not be enough anymore, he positioned himself between your legs, and entered you slowly.

You moaned out your boyfriend’s name slowly and sweetly, and he kissed your nose before continuing to rock inside of you. The passionate experience made you feel slightly overwhelmed, from the soft moans you both produced, to the lip-biting, skin-gripping, sweat-inducing romance that was blossoming at the current moment. As always whenever you two had sex, you felt overwhelmed with love. You felt as if you were bursting with it.

Your nails dug into the soft skin on his back, and scratched deep down as he slid deeper into you, and you gasped out, moaning louder.

“Hoseok,” you called his name, feeling yourself reaching your climax quickly. He could feel it, too, and he began to rock inside of you faster, deeper, until your back arched off of the bed, and your vision began to blur.

In moments, you were over the edge, and his name stuttered off of your tongue as you held him in your arms. He reached his climax, as well, gripping the headboard and exhaling.

You both sighed.

He kissed your face lightly. “Get some sleep,” he instructed, wrapping his arms around you and spooning you on the bed. You nodded sleepily, feeling the tiredness that you once felt starting back again.

“I love you, Hoseok.” You said, yawning lightly in his arms. You heard him whisper, “I love you, too,” quietly before you fell asleep.

I feel like this was written a bit awkwardly but I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for reading! ~ 

kristsune  asked:

Did someone say they wanted clone wars prompts??? If there is any way I could get some sassy Rex with Obi Wan I would probably love you forever


“If I can just say, sir,” Rex says, struggling ineffectually against the waist deep mud encasing his body, “this really isn’t how I was hoping to spend my evening.”

“You and me both, Captain,” Kenobi says. He’s only thigh-deep, being lighter without a full set of armor. “But not to worry, I’ll have us out in a moment.”

“Right.” There’s a suspicious looking bulge under the mud about three meters to their left. Suspicious, because – yep, Rex called it, for once he would have liked to be wrong – the lump is moving.

“General,” Rex says, keeping his voice flat with some effort. The mud is creeping up toward his chest. “If you could hurry it up–”

“Just a second,” Kenobi says, and closes his eyes. Rex curses silently. Jedi. Why.

Kenobi calls a vine to them with the Force, and they pull themselves to safety just in time for the lump to reveal itself as some sort of toothy mud monster.

“Run?” Rex can’t help himself. This never happens with his general; Kenobi just brings out the bastard in him.

“Run!” The general is grinning like the secret adrenaline junkie he is. Skywalker ‘my master would never do this’ is so full of shit.

Freeing You ~An Everlark One-Shot~

Wow. It has literally been months since I’ve written about this lovely couple, so I of course decided they needed some attention. After being quite inspired by a drabble written by my dear friend Buns, I in turn wanted to write some angst-y Everlark goodness. Though I do find them a bit more difficult to write than Joshifer, they are wonderful and I will certainly write more about them in the future!

Anywho, this one-shot takes place post-Mockingjay, and can either be before Katniss and Peeta are married, or after; I prefer to view it as they have just moved in together and are falling more and more in love. This one-shot was also intended to be a drabble originally as well but…I just kind of got carried away; drabble apparently doesn’t exist in my vocabulary yet. Whoops lol!

But without further ado…

Freeing You

The wind beats at the curtains draped across the open window, only allowing a small amount of air and moonlight into the room. As usual, I am unable to sleep well, constantly waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares or bouts of insomnia. I’ve always found this time of night peaceful however.

The room is bathed in a silvery-blue glow, and shadows occasionally dance across the floor as the curtains whip from breaths of wind. The only other audible sound is the sound of Katniss’ breathing beside me.

She has finally fallen asleep, so it seems, after a night of unease. Her nightmares have been reoccurring lately, but I try my best to ease her fears and calm her whenever she needs me. We’re there for each other; to protect one another.

I find myself gazing at her sleeping form. She looks so fragile. Her usual scowl has melted off her face, and a more serene expression has taken over her features. Her long, dark strands of hair are cascaded over the pillow, weaving every which way across the silky fabric.

I wish she could be this content all the time, and during her waking hours, but I know this is close to impossible; it’s impossible for me as well. The Games have punctured wounds and left their scars, ones that she and I can never heal. But we can always help each other through the pain, much like we always have.

Before long, I can feel the tendrils of sleep pulling be back under, and I wiggle back beneath the covers to settle in. I give one last glance at Katniss, and that’s when I notice something out of the ordinary.

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A Hint Of Coffee- Jongin Scenario

Busy Busy Busy ~


‘Morning beautiful.’ The words make you flutter on a high, your favourite barista smiling handsomely at you, his hair slightly curled and windswept unintentionally across his head. Biting down the urge to whimper, you bow your head shyly and murmur a greeting back, your shy antics not phasing the taller male. 

'Want your usual? Or would you like me to whip up a surprise special?’ He says in that deep voice of his, making you cross your legs and clear your throat, a deep red encasing your cheeks and neck. 'Just the usual please Jongin.’ Nodding, he smiles widely and turns to start preparing your drink, your eyes hungrily roaming the canvas of his back fitted in that incredibly tight black work shirt, his bottom shaped perfectly in his skinny trousers with a loose green apron half folded and tied around his waist, covering nothing. 

Smirking to himself knowingly, he whistles whilst shaking the mix of milk and cream, preparing your drink before turning and wiping his hands, smiling at you with a gleam in his eye. Reaching forward, you let out a surprised gasp as his arms tense in a sexy manner, the shirt expanding across his chest as he grabs a chocolate muffin and a cookie, placing it in the shop bag. 'You look like you could use a pick me up.’ Grinning, he hands it to you, making sure to reject your payment before finishing off the prep for your drink. 

'Study well ____.’


You laugh softly and push the light tendrils of your hair behind your ear, completely aware of the dark eyes focused on your every minimal movement, his pink tongue darting out to swipe at his lips in a protective manner. 

‘I should probably get going.’ Chanyeol chuckles, packing his books into his backpack. Blushing, you nod and do the same, standing from the sofa in the coffee store. 

‘We can finish off the rest tomorrow night?’ He asks with a cute smile, making you smile. ‘Sounds like a plan.’ He laughs and ruffles your hair, making your skin warm considerably. 

‘Need me to walk you home?’ Before you could squeal out a yes, a gruff voice entered the conversation, making you blink, only to see the store void of the handsome music student. ‘Wha-’ Staring at you fiercely, Jongin licks his lips once more as his eyes darken over your figure, staring at the expanse of skin exposed by your shirt. ‘Where did he go?’ You look around, burning up at the male’s gaze. 

‘He left.’ He crosses his arms, his expression on you dark and piercing, difficult for you to ignore as your heart jumps with slight heat, chastising yourself for going back to those feelings. ‘He was going to walk me ho-’ ‘I’ll take you.’ Frowning slightly in anger, you finally looked at him, your fists clenching. ‘We can’t do this.’ ‘Like hell we can’t.’ He finally hisses, making you snap. ‘You said it was a one time thing!’ ‘You didn’t hear me out properly without leaving me there!’ Scoffing, you grabbed your bag roughly and shook your head-

He grabs you roughly against his tight and well toned figure, your lips crashing fiercely as you cup his cheeks tightly, lifting yourself up with the help of his hands groping your bottom and pulling you into his arms, shoving you back into the wall as he kisses you hungrily, heated growls escaping his lips when he pulls away, quickly sucking an evident bruise into your pale neck, your whimpered moans fueling him on as you dig your nails into the back of his shirt. ‘Mine.’ He snarls as his teeth barely sink into your flesh, making you arch up and scream out in desperation, a hand moving to tug the back of his hair harshly. 


Zipping your jeans up with your back to the male, your cheeks flush red at what had transpired, biting your lip as his hand holds out your blazer, taking it silently only for him to tug you closer, his brown eyes warm and light on you. ‘You’re not just another girl in my bed _____. I really like you.’ He murmurs almost nervously, making you look up with surprise evident. 

‘What?’ He sighs and steps closer, cupping your cheek with a large palm, his arm circling your waist. ‘I really would like for you to be my girlfriend. I don’t exactly let anyone stay back at my workplace.’ He grins shyly before it falls, seeing you unresponsive. He sighs almost softly, ready to step back when you pull him in for a gentle kiss. 

‘Teach me how to make that frap?’

Sasuke Falters Again? Or a Drawing Blip?

As I was going through each fight in the manga for nostalgia’s sake, I had finally reached Naruto vs Sasuke Round 2, and I was reminded of a scene which caused much debate in our fandom. In the panel below:

There was much controversy regarding whether or not that was a tear in Sasuke’s eye, or just his bottom eyelid.

At the time I didn’t think it was a tear, because if it was, I think Kishi would have made it a little more obvious, and would probably have made a bigger deal out of it as well. So far, my opinion hasn’t changed, I still don’t really think it’s a tear. Yet, I always felt that If it was just his eyelid, then why wasn’t Naruto’s drawn in a similar fashion? He just has a line, whereas Sasuke has a blob, and as far as I can tell, it’s not that hard to replicate a line.

Despite that, I still thought it would have been grasping for straws a little, and I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so I had just assumed that it was Sasuke’s bottom eyelid drawn weirdly. It wouldn’t have been the first time Kishi had drawn something weirdly. However, assuming it was a tear would open the floodgates for a few links and parallels to other themes, so from that perspective, maybe it’s not such a far-fetched thought. This is especially considering how the chapter was already literally so full of indications that Sasuke was forcing himself to act in a manner that caused the SasuSaku fandom to constantly think:

So this would have only added to the plethora of those examples.

So let’s assume that it was a tear for a moment, because in that case, what was that about Sasuke? were your actions really that painful to commit? Was Sakura’s confession really that “annoyingly” difficult to listen to?

When putting those two panels together, it looks as though he was so remorseful for casting that cruel genjustu on Sakura, but he deemed it a necessary evil to accomplish his goal. Again, I think it was probably just his eyelid because on the actual page, this was a rather small detail, so Kishi probably just thought that it was an acceptable inconsistency. However, assuming it was a tear would further emphasize the fact that Sasuke was trying really hard to force himself to do what he thought was necessary to preserve the cooperation between the villages, even at the severe cost of his own happiness. What a melancholic and tragic ideal. 

Furthermore, the tear theory links to certain other themes and parallels. Firstly, it would parallel Itachi during the night of the Uchiha massacre. This is because just like how Sasuke put Sakura through that cruel genjustu in order to get her to hate him, back then, Itachi put Sasuke through a very cruel genjutsu in order to reach the same conclusion, and subsequently failed to contain a single tear, just like Sasuke (maybe): 

Sasuke is more similar to his brother than he realizes :P

Secondly, the tear theory would link back to the theme of the principles of an ideal shinobi, because according to this:

Sasuke acted almost as the perfect shinobi. He kept his emotions on the inside, and he made his mission his top priority, but he just couldn’t hold that one “tear” back; more foreshadowing of the good in him that was somewhere deep inside, but encased in hatred. He was deemed to be pretty much perfect back in his days at the academy; that’s who Sakura had a crush on. But she learned that he was flawed, very flawed, and that’s who she fell in love with. Sasuke failing to contain a single tear would also probably have been the first time where an Uchiha’s love overpowered their hatred, if only for a second. Therefore setting a precedent for future Uchihas to now gain their strength through love instead of hate. His daughter was the pioneer for this notion:

With Sarada becoming the first Uchiha to unlock her Sharingan through love; the overwhelming desire to want to see her father. Now that’s something.

Of course, the majority of what I’ve just said is not only very cheesy, but is also probably null and void considering that the ”tear” is most likely just carelessness on Kishi’s part, lol. But who cares! Delusional headcanons add more depth to the story! :D

Besides, it’s always nice to have more food for thought, especially while waiting for each weekly Gaiden release :)

anonymous asked:

Masquerade or E.R. AU with with whichever Hamada! Btw I love your writing, all of your stories are really cute! :D

I’m going to do the E.R fic bc I have yet to really do that oneeeee. It’s for Tadashi by the way :P

Hiro didn’t mean to get into a fight. Well, that’s what he told Tadashi on the way to the hospital with a possible broken leg and arm. He just told Tadashi through the grit of his teeth that he had won the bot fight and the person who lost didn’t take it very well. The entire way there, unfortunately, was torture for Hiro for he was in obvious pain and his brother was doing nothing but sitting there driving, and calling him a bonehead. Which was true, but hey! “LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY!” Hiro said to Tadashi, holding up a stack of crisp bills with his good hand. Tadashi only rolled his eyes.

And now, as Tadashi sat in the emergency room waiting area, his hat covering his eyes, he sighed deeply. Thinking about all the times Hiro almost got beaten to a pulp, he wondered why Hiro couldn’t do something… Proactive in his life. Bot fighting was for starters, illegal and not to mention dangerous! Had it not been for the GPS in Hiro’s jacket, Tadashi wouldn’t have been able to find Hiro and he could have been seriously hurt. Reckon, a broken arm and leg was pretty bad, but it wasn’t the worst case scenario. Sighing again, Tadashi sat his body up when his back began aching, and gently placed his hat on his knee. When his beautiful eyes opened again, flinching slightly at the sterile light, he noticed that someone else was sitting in the room with him now.

He looked at you, over the cover of the book that was in your hands. Humming gently, he sat back and rubbed his hands on the top of his thighs. He noticed your head of hair, which was exceedingly tangled, and your clothing which was that of an oversized Captain America shirt and shorts to match. On your feet were average shoes, probably Kedds from the looks of it. Tadashi couldn’t help but laugh softly. You dropped your book when you heard him chuckle. He looked at you with semi-wide eyes and now laughed a bit more nervously. “Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you and your reading I just,” He smiled slightly, “Noticed what you were wearing and… Siblings huh?”

Rubbing the back of his neck, he heard your answer a few moments later. “My little brother doesn’t know how to stay out of fights.” You smiled slightly. Tadashi nodded, understanding fully. “He’s lucky he’s got such a nice sister who gets out of bed to come save his butt.”

“I usually don’t sleep if my brother doesn’t come home,” Tadashi smiled slightly, “There’s no point in getting warm if you have to go play hero again.”

You giggled softly, looking at him with shiny eyes. Humming gently, you took in his appearance, and his words did match what he was wearing. Despite it being nearly midnight, he was wearing a lightly colored t-shirt, with a light yellow cardigan and dark grey blazer over it. His legs were encased by deep brown pants that fit him perfectly, and his feet were covered by mint green converse. You smiled at him, and said, “I’m (Full Name), by the way.”

“Tadashi Hamada,” He said a bit too eagerly, “My name is Tadashi Hamada.”

There's So Much More (If You'd Only Look)

Summary: She met him second. The question that is always in the back of her mind is what if she’d met him first. Not that it matters. Because Killian Jones looked right through Emma as if she wasn’t the vital beauty she knew she was.

A/N: This is just a one-shot that sort of hints to the bigger picture that surrounds it.

At the ringing of her cell phone from on top of the laundry basket, Emma only peeked through the shower curtain to glance at it. There was no way that she was going to drip her way over to the opposite side of the room to answer the phone that was more than likely unimportant. Instead, she dipped her shampoo-covered head into the steady stream of hot water.

It was only seconds after the ringing had stopped that it had begun again.

Someone was being persistent…

Emma groaned, but refused to let it bother her more than that. She had to get ready for work. She didn’t have time for whoever it was. And how important could it be when anyone who knew her schedule knew what she would be doing at this time of morning?

So she ignored that ring as well. And when, not five minutes later the phone rang again, she dismissed it once more. Was fifteen minutes too much to ask of time for herself? She didn’t think so.

Keep reading