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Victim of Circumstance
She Bears
Victim of Circumstance

I would be remiss not to first point out to you the band that inspired me to start this tumblr. Going to a show where one of your favorite bands is playing, and realizing there are going to be about 15 people in the crowd is a real kick in the balls. That should never happen. But sometimes it does.

Columbus, Ohio’s She Bears (whose song title named this blog) are one of those bands you swear you’ve heard (and if you’re in the Midwest, or have downloaded deep into Rock Band’s catalog, you probably have). They put on great shows, write great music, and are all around great dudes.

I’m still waiting anxiously for the follow-up to last year’s I Found Myself Asleep, but if the rough-cut tracks frontman Stephen Pence sent me recently are any indication, I can promise it’s going to be an amazing album.

Autumn is in full swing, and the Northeast US is a riot of colors. What causes this seasonal change? We’ve got the answers to all of your fall foliage questions here:


Leaves are green in the summer because they contain a great deal of the pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is necessary for the process of photosynthesis, which plants use to make food.

Chlorophyll is not the only pigment in leaves, but during the summer there’s so much of it that no other colors can be seen. Leaves also contain carotenoids—yellow, orange and brown pigments that give color to such foods as carrots and bananas. In the fall, some leaves produce red pigments called anthocyanins, which are also found in fruits like cranberries and blueberries. 


As autumn approaches, days become shorter and nights grow longer. Trees respond to the decrease in sunlight by slowing down production of the green pigment chlorophyll. As the amount of chlorophyll drops, yellow, orange and brown pigments (carotenoids) become visible. In some trees, dwindling light levels cause other changes inside the leaf. For instance, the concentration of sugars often goes up, which causes the formation of red pigments (anthocyanins).


Only a little bit. Although some people assume that leaves change color in response to cooler weather, it’s really the shorter days of fall that signal to trees that it’s time to prepare for winter. But weather does affect the intensity of leaf color. Seasonably warm and sunny fall days combined with cool (but not freezing) nights seem to produce the most stunning autumn colors. In addition, fall colors can be delayed by a severe summer drought.


No. Trees like pines, spruces and firs are “evergreens”—their leaves are always green. These trees generally have tough needle-shaped leaves that can withstand cold weather. In fact, individual leaves on evergreens can stay on the tree for several years.


Yes. The chart below lists some common trees and their typical fall leaf colors.

 ASPEN:                Golds

BEECH:               Yellows and Tans

DOGWOOD:        Deep Reds

ELM:                    Browns

HICKORY:            Golds

OAK:                   Reds and Browns

RED MAPLE:        Bright Reds

SOURWOOD:       Deep Reds

SUGAR MAPLE:    Orangish Reds

Can’t get enough fall foliage? Check out our Pinterest board Autumn at the Museum


I really wanted to post South because there’s this part in the lyrics where he says, “Hurray it’s your own Bastille Day…” but my file’s an m4a and there’s like no White Octave youtube videos at all which sucks and makes me sad. This band is one of my favorites of all time. I forget about them sometimes. Probably because Menergy sucked. But I really love Style no 6312. I saw them ten years ago with Engine Down at the Rotunda. Remember that place? Then again at the Killtime when Desaparecidos opened for them. I remember little me being so excited to see Conor’s new band and getting their demo and loving it then hating the full length when it came out. I miss old Philly venues.

I’m still waiting for you to break these ties.


Planes Mistaken for Stars - Copper and Stars
S/T | 1999 (Deep Elm)

And I don’t want to say that I wasted my days
Chasing instead of catching, keeping,
Wasting wishes on copper and stars.

Northstar Is An Airplane
Northstar Is An Airplane

Every star falls every plane crashes down.
Every night we could drive twenty miles out of town.
And watch the pinholes as they come down.
We’ll watch the satellites, we’ll chase the fireflies.
I wanna hold your dishpan hands,
I wanna give into your crazy demands.
Placing wagers on the alphabet.
A one subject college ruled romance novelette.

Solid gold from head to toe.
We slow danced on the picnic tables.
And I’m bound to bring you down.

Criticism made of anyone else.
Is a truism about myself.
I wish I might. I wish I may into aerospace.
That tonight I’ll see your freckled face.

Solid gold from head to toe.
We slow danced on the picnic tables.
Every night I, every night I,

Every night I, every night I,
 (I’m through crying over the milk, that has yet to spill
Standing still amidst)
Every night. I lie awake. I lie awake.
Miss you, lost you, I still need you.
I lie awake. I lie awake.
Miss you, lost you, I still need you.

So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen.
Goodnight. And I forget sometimes
That all your time can’t be mine
So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen
And I forget sometimes
Farewell. Auf wiedersehen.

(Imbroco – Northstar Is An Airplane)


A reasons to make it through the day.

Summer Hours - Alone Alone, Alone Together


the white octave - call the kiss

Deep Elm put out some of the best music of the early 2000s