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Hey guys! So I wrote this in like ten minutes because I had just just get it out! I’m sure there will be similar stories floating around but I just wanted to put my take on it! It is unbeta’d so please forgive all errors and mistakes. I hope you enjoy!

After Snow leaves Emma rejoins her Pirate to finish what they started in the kitchen. This does contain spoilers for s6e18!

Rated M

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He could hear both Emma and Snow chatting about wedding plans as he awkwardly shuffled up the stairs, his member left aching and wanting for his Swan. But he knew he wasn’t getting any help with that any time soon. There was fated to be some sort of problem or crisis to fix. Even if there wasn’t any immediate threat he knew someone would kill the mood. This family  always did have impeccable timing.

Ever since their relationship began there was bound to be an interruption every time they had a moment alone. That’s why after Emma and Killian got home for the loft after their second proposal they wasted no time ripping each others clothes off, determined to get their fill of one another while they had the chance. They barely got any sleep, but for all the right reasons.

Reminiscing about last night was not helping his not so little problem pressing against the hard zipper of his jeans. He knew a shower was the only way he could move past this. Killian stepped into their shared master bathroom and turn the water on, knowing many cold showers may be in the near future if the Charming’s keep dragging on this crazed wedding planning process. He had half a mind to elope!

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THE F@#! I’M DOING ** Justin Bieber Imagine

It wasn’t typical of him, Justin wasn’t an introvert by nature at all – Justin was a competitive kid even on the simplest challenges but y/n wasn’t surprised to see him being quiet, distant and minding his own business because that’s all he was doing lately.

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[Amy’s] the only child of two very sort of demanding parents, who’d created a book based on her childhood, and yet they’d taken her childhood and improved upon it. So Amy had, in a way, a twin. But not a twin you could healthily compete with…a twin who was a fiction, and was constantly there to make you feel inadequate.

Carrie Coon: I mean, [Go’s] being tested, for sure, but deep down in her core she thinks she knows what [Nick’s] capable of.
Ben Affleck: You get a sense that she loves him no matter what.
Carrie Coon: Yeah, like, she’ll handle it.
Ben Affleck: You’ve got family, and they’re there for you, even if you didn’t – even if you made a really bad mistake. They still love you, and they’re still with you.

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hello your monster haus is the greatest. mermaid lardo blessings on you and your family

Thank you! Blessing on your family as well. I told my mom you said so and she asked me when I’m moving out. 

I know this wasn’t exactly a prompt or maybe it was but either way IM GOING WITH IT.

For the Monster Haus AU. Featuring Mermaid Lardo.

Lardo was not her name. Larissa wasn’t even really her name, but they were both things she was called. It wasn’t that she disliked either name, quite the contrary really. She liked having a sound that humans and witches and werewolves could pronounce, a sound that meant her and her alone.

It was a good sound, but that sound was not her name.

Lardo’s name, her real name, couldn’t be said without a mouthful of salt water, and a tongue made to push through it. She had said it once at Samwell, submerged in the deepest part of the Pond alongside three other mergirls from campus. When she said her name it hadn’t sounded right, no salt in the water to form the sounds properly, and it hadn’t echoed right in the algae and rocky bottom, but they had understood her well enough.

They were nice, the other mergirls. Two were freshwater creatures, with smooth and soft skin made for bathing along riverbeds. The other was East Coast saltwater, with dark hair that went down past her hips when she chose to wear legs. They were all nice, and she liked swimming with them when she could. But it wan’t the same.

Right now though, Lardo was floating.

She had no idea how deep she was, no way of knowing how far down she had reached. All she could tell was she was in the Deep. The weight of billions of gallons of water was pressing down on her, keeping her from lifting back up through the water, from floating all the way to the surface. Under her she could feel the same, the same horrendous pressure keeping her from falling. Her tail was curled beneath her, idly drifting back and forth, pressing through the heavy weight of the water.

Water was rushing down her throat, in her ears, pressing on her skin and into her eyes. It was where she belonged.

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San Francisco

hello this is my first imagine and it’s quite short but the rest of the imagines i’ll post will be longer i hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes :) also requests are open


They met when there was really no possible hope of them having a future with one another. Michael was a famous rockstar who did not like to settle down into something serious and Y/N wanted something that Michael could not provide her with. That didn’t stop them.

With only the intention of Michael wanting to go on a couple dates, have some fun in the bedroom and lots of cuddling, he never felt anything for Y/N. On the other hand, she thought she could actually change him. She thought that she could change his intentions, change his ways, make him fall in love with someone like her.

Everything they did together was something out of a movie. He took her on dates that made Y/N’s heart swoon but only made Michael think of the reward she would give him later that night. He cuddled her whenever he pleased and she thought that it was the start of something new with him, but he was only trying to fill the empty void in his heart. Michael only thought of her as another girl and she thought of Michael as someone who can keep her heart safe. Y/N should have been keeping her heart safe from someone like Michael.

Her friends would warn her and tell her about how bad of an idea this was. Y/N shouldn’t have invested all of her time with someone that was not reciprocating the same amount of effort. But love is not only blind, it is deaf too. She only listened to her heart and maybe that was her own mistake.

Michael’s friends weren’t any different. They constantly warned him about how attached Y/N was getting and Michael would just brush them off and mutter something along the lines of, “We both know it’s a fling. There are no strings attached.”

One day when they were sitting on the couch watching a movie in Y/N’s tiny apartment in San Francisco, she finally asked the question that has been on the tip of her tongue since this whole mess started.
“Have you ever thought of falling in love with someone like me?”

Michael was taken aback from her bold question and was suddenly not comfortable holding her hand. She subconsciously stroked her thumb against his knuckles and that soothed Michael’s tense body but it did not steady the pounding in his chest. She could not look Michael in the eye as she asked the question she’s been dreading to ask since she first realized her feelings for the famous rockstar.

“I don’t think I’m capable of loving anyone. It’s just not possible,” Michael admitted, slowly retracting his hand from Y/N’s. She immediately frowned at his sudden anxiousness. She knew deep down inside that she messed everything up just by asking the question that has been lingering in the back of her mind.

But she still had hope. “Leaves fall from the tallest trees, don’t they?”

“I guess they do.”

“And mountains crumble into the sea sometimes.”

“Y/N, I don’t see your point.”

“If even those things are possible, maybe it’s possible that you can love me the way I love you.” Both their eyes widened at Y/N’s sudden confession. Michael abruptly stood up from the couch and whispered a quick apology and goodbye before slamming the door on his way out of Y/N’s apartment.

He left her apartment with emotions he could not decipher running through his mind and Y/N stayed on her couch with a heavy heart and tears in her eyes.


you can ask for a part 2 if you want one


I love both these scenes so very much. It marks the return of a piece of each character. Emma dawns the red leather jacket not only as her signature piece of clothing but as her armor to protect herself from her emotions. Killian locks back in his hook and allows a piece of his Hook persona to emerge as to protect himself from his emotions.

Since season 1 Emma has worn her red leather jacket as armor and it is not surprising to have seen her put it on again in New York City Serenade. Her world has literally been altered just by taking a drink of a potion. One moment she believed she had overcome the pain Neal caused when he left her. Her heart was filled the joy of believing she raised Henry and created a life with him. Emma was able to get past the trust issues and open her heart up to love. She was even ready to marry which goes to show how open her heart was.The abandonment issues were there but instead of them building this high wall they built a small wall that she could step over.

Drinking the potion took it all away. The abandonment issues came back. The pain of Neal leaving her to take the fall for his crime returned. The agony of remembering giving up Henry back. They high wall was back. With the painful memories did return the good of knowing of her parents, who are now having another baby so it is a good thing she has her armor on because we all know the emotion toll that will take, better late than never she does meet Henry and have a relationship with him,and remembering in the pre-fake memory life their was a man who did care for her and one that she cared for herself. In both lives she had love though which complicates things. Fake memory Emma loved Walsh and real memory Emma still feels it but also feels that she cares for Killian. That is a lot to handle for one person. Emma needs to sort it all out. She knows she is capable of loving Killian but now it is just figuring out how to overcome her wall again.

Killian and his hook means the return of the smug innuendo saying pirate. Can you blame him? I certainly can’t. He crossed realms to be with Emma and return her home. Killian had to have some hope that deep down somewhere she would remember him. He may have even hoped that once she remembered her pre-fake memory life they would have picked up where they left off. Sadly,the relationship that was being built in Neverland doesn’t start up again once Emma remembers. Emma has a new beau and needs to not only deal with any left over feelings she has for Neal but now from Walsh. Killian understands that this takes time and in order to protect his own heart from what will come next he acts a little more like Hook. The man who hides the hero behind innuendos and his pirate behavior. This doesn’t mean that he will stop caring for Emma. It just means he will go with the flow of the emotions both are letting off. Emma needs time to sort it all out and he will give it to her because he loves her.

The red jacket and hook are Emma and Killian’s armor. It protects them from the feelings they have for each other and ones that expose what they are going through. Right now both are in a fragile state and need to protect themselves at all cost. There is nothing wrong with it. It is a human reaction. From this both will grow together and as individuals. Before we know it the walls will be down, the armor gone and they will be back to the good.

Ok so before I go to bed I wanted to say just a tad bit more on the last episode. Just a little something if that’s alright you all..

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that follows me, that I love Daryl Dixon. Its pretty obvious I would say. And my love for this character isn’t shallow (even though is rather lovely to look at sometimes) and I’m not about saving him or anything, but there was just something I loved and still love about him and I think the end of last nights episode sort of showed why for me.

Because when he is around Carol he is that ‘man of honor’ she talked about. I’m not saying he doesn’t do good things when she’s not around but when he’s with her, around her, he is better. I mean look at what he did. Went right to her, to check on her first thing.

He needed to know she was ok. It was important to him to be able to look in her eyes and ask her. That gentle touch to her chin, not the first time either with her btw, lifting her face to his and asking again her again if she’s ok is so remarkable to me.

When I think about where he came from. The violence he comes from and is still capable of. But when this woman is around him, he’s different. I think around her is the man he’s always wanted to be deep down inside, the one he never imagined he could be.

The one who could comfort her when she was clearly in pain.

The one  who knows exactly who she is, the real Carol, sees it in her and loves her just the same. Because she always saw it in him too. That he was better than a henchman, that he was better than he thought he was.

He is better when he’s around Carol. And I think he likes who he is when he’s with her as opposed to when he’s not. And for Daryl to like any part of himself is a big thing. for him.. 

He would do anything to keep her safe and protect and comfort her because without her he wouldn’t be what he is today. A better man, because she believed in him first.

And basically what I’m saying is.. I’m proud of him and how far he’s came that he can give this moment of comfort she so desperately needed. And that he desperately needed to give her.

Just wanted to add that… now I can sleep :)

Caryl on everyone
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Falling For An Angel

Sitting up from the not so comfortable mattress in a motel room she shared with her brother’s Sam and Dean. It’s been the fifth night this week that she couldn’t get a full night’s sleep, not only from the Mr. lumpy bed, but from him.

The thoughts of him kept her wide awake more than her favorite coffee.

I am in love with an angel.

Quietly pulling the covers off of herself carefully not to wake the boys.

She tiptoed toward the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she looked at herself in the mirror.

“ Get a grip. He’s an angel, and you’re human, how could this possibly work.” She mumbled at the messy haired girl in the mirror.

Deciding to get some fresh air, she put on her denim shorts and a AC/DC t-shirt, and her hair in a loose bun. She crept to the front door.

“ Where are you going?” Sam asked looking up at her from the couch that was too small for such a man of his height. Her brother’s  would always let her get one of the beds, and they would alway play rock, paper, scissors for the couch.  

“ I couldn’t sleep, I’m just getting some fresh air.” answering quiet enough not to wake Dean.

“ I’ll go with you.”

“ No. You go back to sleep. I will be just outside the door, besides I have Old Betsy with me.”

She whispered, while patting the knife she had in a holster on her belt.

“ If you need us just yell, Okay?”


Walking past the vending machines to a picnic table at the end on the motel parking lot.

Taking a seat at the bench with her back to the table and her elbows resting on the table, she looked up at the clear starry night sky.

“Castiel, why do you have to…”

Just then she heard a noise that snapped her out of her trance. Quickly looking behind her with knife in hand. She turned her gaze back to the front. Jumping from the unexpected sight of Castiel.

“What are you doing here?” She asked with her heart racing either from the scare of from the the sight of him standing right in front of her.

“You called.”

“ I…I didn’t…Wait are you following me?”

“ I…umm…” He paused for a moment before he could answer.

“Can I show you something?”

“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise.” He held out his hand for her touch.

She reached out and stood next to him.

“Now, close your eyes. No peeking.”

Eyes held tight, a quick sense of motion passed through her.

Opening her eyes. She could see a wheat field and a small barn used for storing hay.

Cas looking confused and flustered.

“What are we doing at a wheat field?”

“ I must have got the locations mixed up. It was supposed be a white sand beach.”

Just as Castiel finish speaking a crash of lightning filled the sky, with heavy rain following shortly behind.

Grabbing his hand they ran to the small barn.

The wooden shelter had been stacked with bale of straw from ground to rooftop and there wasn’t much left for them to take cover from the rain. Cas put his shoulders on some stacked bales and pushed them up against the wall. Giving them almost a couple of squared yards.

Seeing him push those bales effortlessly, just as if they were made of styrofoam, made her heart start to race.

“There that should suffice for now. I could always take us back to the motel.”

“No…I mean not yet.” She replied with anxiety in her voice.

“ Are you alright?”  He said, his suddenly quiet and deeper than usual; it was the tone, that made her heart pound slow and hard, so blood rushed too fast in her body.He took a few step toward her. Now only a couple of feet next to each other.


Looking at her with his brows furrowed in curiosity on what she was going to say.

He lent in forward and kissed her.

Gently at first- almost shyly- but when she cupped his jam with her hand and returned it, he grew bolder and drew her closer, so they could deepen the kiss. She almost smiled, when his heart beat rose rapidly underneath her touch.

When the need for breathing finally forced them apart, he leaned his forehead against hers, his placing a  hand on her face.

“I wanted to do this for a long time.”

“What took you so long?” She whispered.

He let out a timed chuckle “Fear, I guess.”

“Fear of what?”

“Rejection.” he said quietly.

Raising her free hand, gently following his strong jaw line to his chin.

His skin was warm and damp.

And she saw his eyes lighting up,at the same time nervously and intense, by her touch.

“ You are the only one I want, Castiel.”

He looked slightly bashful and had already opened his mouth to reply, when she rose on her toes and kissed him. A long, heartfelt kiss, which she hoped would prove her words to him.

He smiled. Light flashed through the shelter and before the thunder even came, he had his arm around her, pulling her in so their bodies collided. And he kissed her, like he would never get the chance again.

They were kissing each other to the edge of senselessness; heady and electrifying like the thunderstorm raging outside, blistering and passionate as the hunger inside each of them. He pushed her up against the wall of bales and she was clinging to his shoulders, standing on her toes not to give him a crick in the neck.

“Wait…” He mumbled against her lips and without breaking the kiss, he bent his knees slightly, before be with one arm around her hips, lifted her up on the bale behind her. With the height difference gone, they were chest to chest and she could feel his heart beating against her ribs, when she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her head was spinning. Her entire body tingled like a glass of champagne and left her breathless, when his lips moved from her mouth to her collarbone, touching her skin with lingering kisses.

She closed her eyes at his caress. Her own heart was eating just as fast as his now; she could feel pulse under his lips and warm breath- and when she noticed him smirk against the soft skin underneath her jawbone, she knew that he sensed it too…

She pulled him closer and he let out a soft, hoarse groan of yearning and willingness, when she was pressed up against him, his mouth now buried in the notch of her throat. The sound rolled up from the bottom of his chest, deep and wonderfully arousing and the tingling feeling in her stomach spread downwards, so fast it took her breath away…

She looked out into the night. The clouds were still dark like slate, periodically with sharp, luminous edges from silent lighting. It was strangely beautiful and she found herself wishing this night could be as endless as the sound of the rain falling.

She had Castiel and that was all she needed.

They somehow ended  up on the floor and in a moment of soft silence, when they both had a catch up with the lack of air again, she couldn’t but admire his ocean blue eyes. He looked down at her, eyes flickering from her mouth to her eyes, when she gently stroked the back of his neck and let her fingers run through his short hair cut.


“Yes.” He mumbled as he kissed her collarbone.

“ I’m…I’m a virgin.”

“Just tell me, if you want me to stop.” He said huskily, his naked chest heaving just inches away from hers.

“The last thing I wanna do, is to push you into something you don’t want to do.”

She smiled and kissed him, tenderly at first, then longer and deeper. And he returned it, tightening his grip around the small of her back, until it was no longer a secret how much he wanted her…

“Cas.” She whispered, brushing her hand down his firm chest.


“I Really should be going back to the motel.”

Castiel was silent for a second, before softly responding. “That didn’t sound very convincing.”

She smiled, “No…”

He returned her smile, reached out and stroked a wavy lock of hair behind her ear, his thumb brushing her cheekbone delicately. Then he cupped her jaw and kissed her. Compared to the ones they had shaved during the thunderstorm, the kiss was slow and tender, but somehow it still manage to stir the embers of desire and craving, that was still very much alive inside them, just waiting for the slightest of nourishment to awake again like a wildfire. His hand slid behind her neck.

Gently, he pushed her over and settled one knee between her legs, so she came to lie halfway underneath him without carrying any of his weight. She smirked when he leaned down to kiss her again. Even during the most heated moment he had been most careful not to put any weight on her or harm her in anyway.

She knew he wasn’t a violent man, but she had seen what he was capable off. He could do anything to her if he wanted to, but instead he treated her like a delicate, cherished flower-and she loved it.

“If you knew how long I’ve wished for this to happen.” He muttered in his deep voice, placing a kiss on top of her head.

“What?” She teased him “ That we would do it in a hay shelter?”

You could almost hear him blush.”Uhm…”

She smiled. “ I wouldn’t have been here with anyone but you.” She told him quietly, sweeping her hand down his shoulderblades. He was still wearing his unbuttoned shirt; She hadn’t had the time to slide it off his shoulders. “ You know that, right?”

“ So why me?” Castiel asked silently.

“Because it feels right with you.” She responded and kissed his collarbone. She felt his shoulders drop under her embrace, like a man who had just been freed from a heavy burden and he smiled down her hair.

“ I lost my heart to you on the first day we met.” He said huskily.

“ That was when we saved that small town from Uriel and the other angels.”

“Yeah.” He admitted bashfully.

“I couldn’t help, but fall in love with you too.” She cooed…

They reached the motel a quarter to midnight, which was two hours when she told Sam she was going out for fresh air.

Standing in front front of the door, the couple shared a soft, tender kiss.

“I’ll see you later tomorrow, for the case we’re working on.”

“ I look forward to it. And if you ever need me or anything, just say my name and I’ll be there.”

Smiling she cupped his face and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Goodnight, Cas.”  She whispered, while unlocking the door.


At that moment Castiel disappeared and she started to creep her way back to her bed.

Thankfully, her brothers were sleeping soundly. Curling up under the covers, she could finally feel her body surcome to the power of sleep.


Well Lucifans some thoughts
> God put Chloe on Earth for her meeting Lucifer and makes him experience love. Emotion Lucifer never felt and understand. So it’s the most powerful thing existed - love - this power could redeem Lucifer and turn him back to light again; God was wondering is his son evil by his nature or maybe he still has good deep down in him and capable of love and creating not destroying.
> God put Chloe on Earth on his own purpuse. Like she is the one who could fight with evel in any form. And probably the one who could stop his son Lucifer if he decides to do harm to humanity. So she is the one could send him back to hell
> And the last one..well don’t know why but I think that God didn’t plan to make Lucifer and Chloe fall in love with each other. I think that this is exact part of his plan that went wrong somehow. It wasn’t supposed to happen. They were suppose to strongly dislike each other but…love is love. I doubt that creators will say that love can be controlled. Even by God. Well, we’ll see…

♛ Forbidden Fruit | Hades & Persephone AU

Summary: Centuries of stories and folklore have claimed to accurately depict Persephone’s disappearance from the world as that of a helpless victim thus the tales painted Hades out to be a manipulative and wretched monster. Though there is some merit to this, it is not the entire story.

In fact, the story is quite simple really: it is the tale of a god who fell in love with a women he could not have and the powerful brother who would go so far as to scheme and lie in order to help him out.

AN: This is dedicated to batsonthebrain who first brought this dynamic to my attention and it kinda stuck with me. Hope you all enjoy it! :D

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