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Joker Imagine - You Lose Your Virginity

WARNING: SMUT!!!! This is not for kids (But are any of my imagines tho?)

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Your P.O.V.

Being Joker’s girlfriend wasn’t easy, but I loved it. I loved spending time with him, stand by his side and feel special. He made me feel like I was one in a billion. Even tho he could be scary and really crazy, I loved him. Most people feared Joker for his behaviour which was good, but I knew him better. We’ve been together for just a few weeks, but it was enough. He was crazy and I was crazy, a perfect mixture for Gotham city. A crazy couple that likes to play with Batsy. We had a lot of fun, but then came the more personal part.

I was still a virgin.

The fact had made me nervous and to be honest I was scared. Joker wasn’t a gentle man, he was more dominating. I knew he had a rough grip so I was stressed about when the time would come. I was mentally ready, but I was just scared as heck. My old friends had told me that they were in pain, that it stung and some of them even bled. Knowing Joker he wouldn’t be any gentler than an ordinary guy, perhaps he was worse.

 Damn he didn’t even know. I had always came up with an excuse like ‘I’m on my periods’ ‘the wounds I got from the heist hurt’ or ‘I’m tired, sorry’ when he tried to take kissing a step further. Now he probably suspected something, which was ok. I knew I should tell him.

It was Valentine’s day, 10 p.m. and he would come home anytime soon. I had been up all day as he was on a heist with Frost. I had stayed on purpose, trying to prepare myself. Joker was surprised when I a blood thirsty little monster didn’t come with him to kill a few people who didn’t pay him back. While he was gone from the luxurious penthouse, I was thinking. I knew that I’d give him my virginity tonight. So I had taken a warm bath, I read loads of blogs where people talked about losing it. It was the same pain and blood kind of shit. But then I saw more positive posts. Some said that foreplay and lube could make it better. Also not everyone would bleed. So I felt a little better.

I sighed and grabbed my laptop. Then I sat down on our bed, on the dark purple sheets and I sat comfortably. Then I opened a tab and decided to do something I didn’t do that often, but I felt like I had to. If Joker would catch me, I’d be so embarrassed. I watched some more mature videos, yes porn. To be honest it was kinda hot and impressive how these people did all that. Maybe one day J could take me like that? Damn it was a thrilling thought. I got so lost in my thoughts by watching the video that I forgot to follow the time. The volume was quite high and a girl was moaning really heavily. I bet her moans were echoing through the house. I just watched keenly, slowly getting wet.

Then I heard footsteps coming closer loudly. My eyes widened and my breath hitched in my throat. Before I could sit up, Joker walked in with a gun in his hand. There was an angry look on his face. My heart jumped to my throat and I froze on the bed. ‘’Oh’’ He muttered and lowered the gun. Instead of being angry, he smirked. ‘’Is my kitten horny?’’ He purred at me. He still had his silver jacket on. He probably thought that something was happening here so he just hurried to me. A blush spread on my face and I shut the tab and then put the computer away. Way to go.

‘’We need to talk’’ I cleared my throat and looked away from my boyfriend. It was really embarrassing to be caught watching porn. ‘’Hmm I’d love to talk’’ Joker told me deeply and crawled in bed next to me. I noticed that I got tense. He grabbed my jaw and made me look at him. His usually ice blue eyes were dark and his pupils were bigger than normal. ‘’I’s..can do you want to..ugh..’’ I wanted to tell him about my virginity, but I was so nervous that I didn’t make sense. I stopped stuttering when he put his fingers on my lips. ‘’Do you want me to fuck you?’’ He asked me shamelessly. My eyes widened a bit and I felt like I was a heat lamp by now. Why was this so bad?

‘’Kinda.. yes’’ I whispered and watched how his smirk turned into a grin. ‘’But there’s should know’’ I hurried to say before he got started. Joker nodded and waited for me to tell him. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it was ok. He should know. ‘’I’ve..I’ve never done this before’’ I spat it out shyly and expected him to laugh, but nope, he didn’t laugh. ‘’I figured’’ He replied calmly. I looked at him with surprise. Before I could ask him how, he kept going. ‘’You always had an excuse kitten. You could have just told me’’ He let me know and climbed above me. I looked into his eyes quietly. Joker sat on my hips, but he put most of his weight on his legs. 

‘’Sorry’’ I apologized for not telling him earlier. ‘’’s ok. But why didn’t you tell me kitten? Why’’ He pried while taking off his silver jacket, revealing his red shirt that wasn’t buttoned. I saw his toned chest and to be honest I liked that sight. ‘’I was scared’’ I admitted, knowing that being honest with him was the best choice. Joker took off his shirt as well before he leaned closer to my face. ‘’Why were you scared?’’ He purred quietly and cupped my face. I put my hands on his and took a deep breath, noticing how his scent of gunpowder and cologne calmed me down.

‘’I was scared because I know it hurts..and it’s kinda embarrassing’’ I admitted, finding it hard to speak when he started kissing my neck. J licked my skin and then started kissing me until he found my sweet spot. I whimpered,but muffled it by biting my lips together. ‘’It’s not embarrassing’’ He told me seriously before looking back into my eyes.This side of him wasn’t really familiar for me. He wasn’t angry nor overly happy and cheerful. He seemed like he genuinely cared about my safety. But there was also that smirk there since he caught he watching that video. 

‘’You know I won’t hurt you right?’’ He whispered into my ear. I licked my lips and closed my eyes for a while. ‘’..unless you want me to’’ He added darkly, but I knew what he meant with that. ‘’I trust you J’’ I let him know. All this got me hornier and I just wanted to get started. I felt impatient, but also shy and vulnerable. ‘’Look at me’’ He demanded and so I opened my eyes. His face was right above mine. ‘’I’ll take care of you. Why would I ever want to hurt my queen?’’ He looked at me seriously, but he didn’t seem angry. I cracked a smile and it was enough for an answer.

Then J pressed his red lips against mine. I relaxed into the kiss and shut my eyes again, kissing him harder. Joker opened his mouth a little so he could push his tongue out. I gave him access to my mouth and then he started exploring me like never before. His hand travelled down on my body so he was cupping my right boob. I tensed as he touched me and of course he noticed. J pulled back and looked deep in my eyes. ‘’Relax kitten’’ He demanded calmly. I nodded and took a deep breath. 

Then he grabbed the hems of my black shirt that I was wearing and he dragged it up until I was shirtless. I watched as he threw the shirt away somewhere on the wooden floor. The cool air made contact on my skin and I felt goosebumps rising. Then J got up, standing next to the bed. He unbuckled his belt and got out of his black jeans. I was wearing golden pajama shorts and black underwear. When I saw J in his boxers, I realized that this was real. He had a boner and man it looked huge. How could all that fit inside me?

‘’What did you think of when you watched it baby?’’ He broke the silence and got on the bed again. I sat up next to him and sighed. Was it so obvious that I had been thinking of him? Of us doing those things? ‘’You’’ I replied shortly. J put his hands on my shorts and dragged them off, making me raise my legs so he could take them all the way off. Now we were both in our underwear only. I couldn’t help but to be nervous, but I was getting really wet. ‘’Mmh baby..’’ He growled with a smile and suddenly dragged me on his lap. I put my hands on his muscled shoulders and bit my bottom lip.His grip was strong, but sure. I liked it.

‘’I’ve thought about you very very much baby..About you and me, together’’ He purred and then his hands played with my bra. He unclasped them and I felt them hanging by the straps. He had never seen me buttnaked before, but I didn’t mind that he would now. Then he slid them off of me and threw them away as well. My nipples were hard and I knew he noticed. I mean, my boobs were nearly in his face. ‘’You’ve got really nice tits’’ he smirked and cupped both of them. Then he gave them a squeeze, making me flinch because the sensitivity came so suddenly. ‘’I know you like them because you’re always staring’’ I chuckled and tried to feel comfortable. I wasn’t uncomfortable either, just nervous.

‘’Have you touched yourself?’’ J asked me seriously and then licked my left nipple. I bit my bottom lip and nearly moaned when he blew cold air on the spot before nibbling me with his teeth. He used his hand on the other one so I wouldn’t feel lonely. ‘’Tell me’’ He reminded me and kept going. As I opened my  mouth to speak, he bit me a little harder, making me moan. ‘’That’s my girl, don’t hold it back’’ He let me know more happily. ‘’Now tell me, have you ever touched yourself while thinking of us?’’ He wanted to know very eagerly. It made me think of the few times I had done that. It had all been very recently. He was making me a horny mess.

‘’Yes J mmh’’ I whimpered, getting wet for him. Then I looked at my horny boyfriend who got a dangerous dark twist in those pretty eyes. ‘’Dirty dirty girl’’ He rumbled deeply. Then he used his mouth on my other boob. I leaned closer to him so his face was hugging them. I wanted to get some friction, but I was patient enough. I knew that foreplay was important so it wouldn’t hurt so much. His warm hands squeezed my boobs a little harder, making me jump a little every time, but I liked the feeling. Suddenly he pinched both my nipples, making me gasp. ‘’I need to punish you for being a naughty girl, but not tonight’’ He warned me and then moved his hands on my back, sliding them down until he clutched my bum. He did it to press our clothed crotches closer. Then he leaned back against the bedpost and attached his lips on my neck.

‘’Damn..I can feel how wet you are’’ J admitted and grinded his hard on against me. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head from the unfamiliar touch, but the feeling it made. My clit was pulsing by now because I was so eager for his touch. ‘’Oh baby long have you been waiting for me?’’ He licked his lips and kept planting kisses on my neck and chest. ‘’A few hours’’ I answered shortly, focusing on the small amount of friction that felt good already.

‘’Maybe..just maybe I won’t tease you too much now’’ He thought out loud. Then he rolled us over so he was on top. I looked into his eyes and now it was my turn to smirk. ‘’It must be tight in those boxers J’’ I whispered and touched his back with my nail, gently tho. ‘’Trust me, it is’’ He growled and then pressed his crotch against mine again, way harder than earlier because he was on top now. As I was about to moan, he pressed those sweet lips of his against mine, making me moan into his mouth. He grabbed my hair with his left hand to keep me steady. The feeling of him dry humping me was so good after waiting so long.

Then he let go of my lips, looking into my eyes silently for a while. He was probably finding it hard to keep control over his actions. ‘’Daddy’s hungry’’ He let me know. At first I didn’t get it, but I was quick to catch on. J went down on me and soon he bit my last piece of clothing, my undies. I watched as he slid them off very slowly, keeping eye contact while teasing the hell out of me. ‘’J’’ I whined impatiently, but couldn’t help but to admit that it was hot. His hands touched my thighs and then moved closer again. He moved his eyes away from my eyes to look at my heat. I felt a little shy and embarrassed again. No one had ever been this close to me.

‘’Oh you’re glistening..something needs to be done here’’ He purred excitedly and placed a kiss on my inner thigh. I squeezed the bedsheets and waited for him to do something. I didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath until he told me. ‘’Relax kitten, I’ll make you feel good’’ He promised me. I let out a long breath and then encouraged him with a smile. ‘’Please daddy’’ I begged him. Something twisted in his eyes and his grip got tighter, but I didn’t feel any pain. Then he licked my pussy slowly, from my clit to my opening. I gasped and then held my breath for a few seconds. J didn’t stop now. He kitten licked my wetness and then attached his mouth of my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly in pleasure. It didn’t hurt, yet.

J nibbled my clit with his teeth and made me arch my back. He put his right arm on my hips to keep me on place. ‘’Damn baby you taste so good’’ He complimented me and kept licking my clit. ‘’harder J’’ I whimpered, wanting more. I wanted him to take me harder. It was probably because I was so horny. ‘’Baby girl..I feel like after a few times you’ll be one feisty beast in bed’’ He chuckled and then pushed his index finger inside of me. He had long and kinda thick fingers. I had never felt that before from anyone else than myself and I had smaller fingers.

I chewed my bottom lip and whimpered as he started fingering me. It hurt a little, but it felt so good as well. Then I moved my hand to touch his arm he used to keep my hips down. J looked at my face to see if I was in any kind of discomfort.  He wasn’t smiling and he had a dark look on his smug face, but I could tell he was both happy but worried. He truly cared about me. ‘’Does my kitten enjoy this?’’ He purred and curled his long finger against me soft walls, hitting a spot that made me moan loudly. He noticed and kept pressing his finger against that magic spot. 

‘’Y-Yes’’ I answered him and tried to buck my hips, but it was useless. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers while using his other hand to pleasure me. Once he pulled out his finger, he pushed back two. This time he had more difficulties getting both in smoothly. I gulped and realized that it hurt a little. J saw it on my face and he stopped. ‘’Relax’’ He reminded me and used his thumb to rub my clit. ‘’Keep going’’ I told him a little unsurely. He listened to me and fingered me with two fingers, but he couldn’t get both fully in. My head leaned against the pillows and I squeezed his hand, but I still moaned out in both pleasure and pain. Soon he managed to get both fingers in and he pressed the magic spot again. 

‘’Fuck yes’’ I breathed out sharply. ‘’It wasn’t that hard to find’’ He told me proudly. I guess the magic spot was my G-spot. He was still slow with his fingers, but I wanted more now that I got more used to it. I wanted to feel him in me, to be connected with him. ‘’J’’ I whispered nervously and looked into his dark eyes. ‘’Yes baby?’’ He answered quickly and stopped moving his fingers. I felt how my juices stained the sheets. I couldn’t help but to think of the chance of bleeding.

‘’I want you’’ I told him honestly. J pulled out his fingers and climbed closer to my face. ‘’Do you want me now?’’ He questioned me with his sexy raspy voice and touched my bottom lips with the fingers he just used to finger fuck me with. I nodded and opened my mouth so I could taste myself. J pushed his fingers in my mouth and I sucked them clean. ‘’I’ll get a condom’’ He let me know. J pressed a kiss on my stomach, making me smile, before he got up. He walked to the dark brown drawer and opened it, grabbing a condom. Reality hit me again. This was it. I just hoped that he managed to remain as calm as possible. J wasn’t normal, but I couldn’t be happier to share this moment with him. No one else could replace him, never ever in a gazillion years.

J took off his boxers and then I saw his cock. My eyes widened. Now it looked even bigger. Pre-cum was dripping from his tip. He was stone hard. It would be a miracle if this wouldn’t hurt. I mean I barely managed two of his fingers and now that? He was at least nine inches long, at least! ‘’Do you want to put it on?’’ J asked me, knocking me out of my thoughts. He had holding the condom near me. I grabbed it from his hand and then ripped the small package open, revealing a slimy piece of rubber that would keep us away from infections and kids.

Then I looked at his cock. Was I supposed to touch him? What if I’d screw up? J noticed that I was staring, so he decided to speak. ‘’You’re adorable’’ He chuckled and then grabbed my wrist, bringing my hand close to his erection. My hands were trembling because I was so nervous, but damn I wanted this. ‘’Um..How do I know when it’s right?’’ I mumbled, feeling like my brain was running in circles. ‘’I’ll know, just roll it on’’ He encouraged me. His voice was raspier than normally. I grabbed his shaft and tried to keep a gentle touch. I had no idea if it hurt or what it felt like for him. Then I put the condom on his tip and tried to remember what I had learned earlier. I pinched the tip while rolling it on. Then I let go and looked at J for approval.

‘’Good, was it so hard?’’ J asked me and licked his lips. I shook my head no, but to be honest I just wanted to begin. ‘’Now baby girl you need to relax, okay?’’ He looked deep in my eyes while making me lie down on my back. ‘’I will’’ I promised him and took a shaky breath. Joker grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders. Then he positioned himself close to my entrance, letting the tip touch me but he didn’t push in yet. My nerves were about to kill me.

‘’Hey, look at me’’ J demanded and I was quick to do so. He grabbed my hand and looked deep into my eyes. ‘’Do it’’ I whispered and prepared myself for the pain. I gritted my teeth as he pushed his length inside of me, stretching my walls that had never experienced this. First I couldn’t feel pain, until he got an inch or two in. ‘’Fuck’’ I hissed nervously and tensed my muscles.J stopped and clenched his jaw. This wasn’t easy for him either. ‘’Y/N, take it easy baby’’ He reminded me. Tears stung my eyes, but it was mostly because of my nerves. I had been thinking too much all day and this was the moment all that stress and worry came out. It didn’t hurt so much that I couldn’t handle it.

‘’You’re doing good, now be a good girl for daddy and relax’’ J spoke slowly, but deeply. I nodded and relaxed after taking a deep breath.He kept going slowly. I felt the struggle, since everything was so tight down there. J never broke eye-contact while he entered me. Then as I thought things wouldn’t get worse, I felt a stinging pain. ‘’Ow ow ow’’ I whined and gritted my teeth. J didn’t stop, he kept pushing himself in. I knew that he had torn my hymen. ‘’I know it hurts baby,but it’ll be over soon’’ He promised me seriously. The tears rolled down my face, but I didn’t sob. Then he cupped my cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb. I liked J like this, which I never expected. 

Soon he was all the way in. J stopped, wanting me to adjust to his size. I was breathing heavily because my nerves were unravelling. It stung and hurt as my walls stretched, but it didn’t get any worse. Actually now that he wasn’t moving, it didn’t hurt too much. ‘’You’re doing so good’’ J purred and tried to stay still. Man he had been weeks without sex and now he had to contain himself, which was a hard task for Joker. I was so glad that he cared about me enough to not hurt me on purpose.

‘’Move’’ I whispered after a while. He nodded and pulled back. I gritted my teeth, but tried to stay relaxed as he moved. J was almost all the way out until he pushed back in, this time a little faster without stopping. I grunted in pain but the pleasure made it bearable. J growled under his breath. I untangled our hands so I could hug him by putting my hands on his strong back. J supported himself a little better now and found a better position. Soon he was finding a slow but steady rhythm. One more single tear rolled down my face until I started to find pleasure coming above the pain. I moaned quite loudly now, allowing J to know that the worst pain was over. He smiled, but it quickly faded as he started to pace up.

My nails raked his back without me noticing. ‘’Fuck J’’ I cried out in pleasure. The feeling was new but so lovely. His big cock rubbed my soft and sensitive walls by every move and once he was in me, his tip hit the magic spot that made my eyes roll to the back of my head. ‘’Do you feel good?’’ He asked me darkly and he gritted his teeth. We were both getting sweaty, but neither of us minded. ‘’Y-Y..ah fuck yes!’’ I wailed out happily. J started breathing heavily and so did I, but I was a moaning mess as well. I bucked my hips against J’s to get more friction. I wanted him to go faster and not be so careful anymore. Just like I read the pain goes away after a few minutes. Now I felt simply amazing.

‘’Faster..’’ I whispered quietly, but he didn’t quite catch it. I knew he wanted to go slow to keep me safe which was sweet. J probably found this hard, since he actually gave a fuck about me. I knew how to make him take me harder tho. ‘’Fuck me harder daddy’’I told him loudly. J slowed down until he stopped. My ass was wet because I was legit dripping arousal. J put his hand on my jaw and looked into my eyes seriously. ‘’Y/N..don’t get me to the point where I can’t control myself’’ He warned me, but I knew he wanted it. Me being the crazy girl who didn’t follow rules anyway did something else.

‘’I know you want to..I can take you daddy’’ I purred and bucked my hips, already missing the feeling of him fucking me. I wanted more. I didn’t even care if it hurt a little bit. ‘’Y/N’’ J growled and shut his eyes. I smirked, knowing that I got him. ‘’I’m all yours daddy, look at me’’ I said innocently. When he opened his eyes I used my left hand to touch my clit. J looked at my actions for a few seconds until he lost it. He grabbed my wrist harshly and pinned it next to my head. ‘’Oh darling you’ll cry soon’’ He warned me angrily. Finally. 

Before I could answer, he grabbed the bedpost and let his anger out on me, just as I expected him to. J pounded himself balls deep in me, making the sound of skin slapping against skin echo in our room and probably the entire penthouse.’’Yes..Yes daddy’’ I gasped and rolled my eyes to the back of my head again. Then I curled my toes and felt a knot forming in my stomach. J was going really hard, harder now that I thought he would. ‘’Is this what you wanted?’’ He growled heatedly. I couldn’t even answer him. The pleasure and pain mixed together had me overwhelmed. My mouth was open and I was gasping between my loud cries of pleasure. The look in J’s eyes was so sexy but dangerous.

I had awakened a beast.

J kept slamming his entire length in me, until a strong feeling seemed to come closer. I guess I was close to an orgasm. Although I also read that most women don’t come the first time, or even the first few times. ‘’J’’ I tried to say his name, but it came out as a whisper. J growled and kept doing this hard work. A shiver ran down my spine and I struggled to breathe. It felt so good. ‘’J’’ I tried again and it came out a little louder. ‘’You’re close, I know’’ he let me know. Tomorrow would be a day I’d find it hard to walk. I just felt it.

As the feeling grew stronger, tears stung my eyes again. I wanted to let go so bad, but I found it hard. I blinked, letting the tears wash down my face. But the roughness was fucking amazing. I knew I wasn’t normal. ‘’Ah-’’ I screamed, but fell silent as a wave of pleasure washed across my entire body, feeling like a good slap. It’s like all my other senses numbed down, only allowing me to feel the amazing feeling. It made my abdomen muscles tense. I curled my toes and used my free hand to dig my nails into J’s back.

After a while I came back to my senses, still feeling like heaven, but something unexpected happened. I got super sensitive. It’s like every move J did was like twenty times more sensitive. ‘’J’’ I whimpered, still recovering from that hard orgasm. He didn’t stop yet. I screamed out and my body started shaking. I was pushing him, but I wanted more. I wanted this, but my body couldn’t handle much more. J noticed and then stopped. He pulled out and put my legs down. I squeezed them together, panting hard on the bed now. J took off the condom and I watched as he came seconds later. His cum cum shot on my body, landing on my stomach. His entire hot load just pooled on my skin as I panted.

For some reason I liked that dirty sight of being covered in his cum. But now I felt like I was on fire, but it was so worth it. J was breathing heavily and he ran his hand through his hair. I cracked a smile and I looked at my boyfriend. Suddenly I felt much closer to him, it’s like we were more serious. ‘’Thank you’’ I whispered tiredly, but I was so happy. J  looked into my eyes more calmly now. ‘’Well it’s not over yet doll face. I need to run you a bath, you’re bleeding’’ He let me know. My eyes widened. Then I sat up, ignoring the burning sensation. He was right. There was a little blood on the sheets. Fuck.

I wasn’t sure if he was angry or not, but I still grew nervous.’’Shit sorry..I-I’ll clean up’’ I promised him quickly. Before I could panic more, J cupped my face and kissed me. It took me by surprise, but I kissed him back. The kiss was sweet and salty, but it sure calmed me down. Then J grabbed my wrists and let me put my hands on his chest. ‘’Oh kitten just take it easy, it’s fine. Daddy isn’t mad at you’’ He assured me. ‘’I lov..’’ I started, but quickly shut up. His smile faded. Joker never told anyone those three words, at least not that I knew of it. He knew how to show his emotions, especially when he got protective over me or when he wanted to spend time with me. He knew it as well ,but so far he had never said that he loved me. I was kinda nervous now. Everything went well, but I went and tried to say those words to him.

Way to go.

‘’I loved it’’ I cleared my throat, talking about the sex. Maybe he’d think through it. J sighed and then stood up. I thought he’d leave me alone, but instead he picked me up in his strong arms. So he carried me to the master bathroom. ‘’I know what you were going to say Y/N’’ he admitted ,but I was unsure if he was angry at me or not. He wasn’t obvious like an open book. No, Joker was a nut that was hard to crack, but I was going the right way. ‘’Sorry’’ I whispered and looked down. He put me on my feet and locked the white bathroom door. My legs were numb, kinda feeling like jelly. So I sat on the edge of the tub quickly. Then I watched as J let the warm water fill the big tub, big enough for two.

‘’Don’t be sorry’’ He started a little angrily. Well sherlock it wasn’t easy not to be. I didn’t want to ruin a perfect night with my own stupid feelings in words. J kneeled down in front of me and rested his head on my knees. ‘’Do you mean it?’’ He wanted to know. A blush spread on my already rosy cheeks. Then I nodded, a little scared if I had to be honest. Instead of getting mad at me like I expected him to be, instead of hitting me neither, he did the opposite.

‘’Well..I think that’s good, so I know our feelings are mutual’’ He let me know mysteriously. Just as I expected, he wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ but he found a way to let me know. 

Well this was a perfect valentine’s day..

“I kissed Nursey.”

Chowder’s eyes widen comically. He looks exactly as shocked about it as Dex still feels. “You– Oh my– What?!”

“I didn’t mean to.”

Chowder stops walking in the middle of the path. They’re going to be late to class, but Dex kinda figured that would be the case when he brought this up. “How do you kiss somebody without meaning to?”

“I was angry.”


“And, so, you know how I’ve been going to counseling this year?” Chowder nods. Dex stuffs his hands into his pockets and shrugs. “Well, my counselor recommended that I try to find more constructive ways of channeling my anger whenever it comes up.”

“Ways like… kissing.”

“Honestly, C? It was that or punch him.”

“I’m not sure I understand how the only options were either punching him or kissing him.”

Dex shrugs again. And then breathes in deep as much crisp, autumn air as his lungs can take, bracing himself for his next admission. “Because those have kinda always been the only two options for me when it comes to Nursey.”

Chowder’s expression softens from shock to a quiet understanding. “Oh.”

Dex drops his head and stares down at his own shoes.

“So… did he kiss you back?”

A small smile tugs at one corner of Dex’s mouth, and for the first time in a very long while he doesn’t bother fighting it. “Yeah. Yeah, he did.”

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Does Noodle have any words of encouragement to share for bad days? I could really use it. I love noodle.

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noodle says to remember to take deep breaths! 

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maybe hang out with friends! even small ones with big hats that kinda smell like food

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She says it’s always ok to curl up in pipes bed for a while and relax! bad times always pass!

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always keep swimming! no matter who’s biting your tail

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lastly, noodle will scream @ what ever is causing you stress! It will hear her mighty roar and back down!! probably!!!

So recently i started reading this manga Dungeon Meshi. I fucking love it.

So there’s this group of adventures exploring a dungeon RPG style, you know like go into the dungeon defeat the evil sorcerer kinda stuff. They get pretty deep in it and they run into a dragon.

They could totally take it down except there was one problem…they ran out of food and were way too hungry to take it on. So…

They got their asses handed to them. Their mage is casting their “get the hell out of there” spell but the main characters sister get eaten by the dragon. When he realizes what happen he wants to go back down on a rescue mission, if they can get there before the dragon finishes digesting her they can fix her up good as new.  BUT there are problems, the biggest one is

they broke yo. They dropped most of their loot when they were dying. They got no money to buy supplies, no money to replace the members that left, and not a lot of time to fix that problem. So our three brave adventurers decide to go in on their own with nothing but what they managed to have equipped. But how do they solve the food problem?

YEP! THE MC TELLS THEM THEY ARE GONNA EAT MONSTERS! But none of them have actually cooked or eaten monsters before. So the MC is about to cook a giant scorpion when this dude shows up

Meet Senshi, he has spent a decade in the mid part of the dungeon cooking and eating monsters. He gets interested when he finally meets some people who also want to eat monsters and decides to show them how to cook.

He knows his shit. So in case you haven’t figured it out…

This is a cooking manga.


…I just love the idea about it. It was a one shot that became a series. Give it a read if you want.

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Does the book mention anything about Star's feelings or any Starco moment?

The book is mostly ship tease, except for some bits, even more since, after all, it’s set before the season 2 finale, so everything said in it regarding relationships would have been outdated. 

There’s this bit from a letter from Marco to Star (not after the season 2 finale, don’t worry)

And this horribly painful bits. Star being heartbroken is Starco, right?

And, more importantly, Star interviews Jackie on Marco’s behalf, asking things about what she things about him, and some of the answers are veeery similar to Star and Marco’s current situation as well. Coincidence? I think not, since the writers are shipping demons, and since the central theme of Sleepover was “changing feelings”:

NOTE: this interview clearly takes place after Sleepover, but before Bon Bon The Birthday Clown

Star: Tell me about your relationship with Marco Diaz
Jackie: My relationship with Marco is really confusing, I guess. I mean, if I really think about it, I’ve always kinda known that maybe Marco like me… as more than a friend. […] but I think because I really value him as a friend and didn’t want to ruin our friendship, I kinda ignored the signs. Plus, cute guy from skate camp last summer, ya know?

Star: Do you like Marco Diaz as more than a friend?
Jackie: Not until we were at your sleepover party […] and when it asked Marco who he had a crush on… well, he said me, which totally blew my mind… but not really… And for the first time, I really looked at him, ya know? Like totally sared him in the eyes and saw down deep into his soul […] And he really, really like me. Like, for real. And the cute guy from skate camp was only a friend, because nothing happened between us, so I had nothing to feel bad about in discovering that maybe, I kinda like Marco, too.

Wow I guess my feelings for Marco aren’t as confusing as I thought they were. I mean I definitely have a crush on him now, too.

So a situation strikingly similar to the one Marco is living right now, after Star’s confession. With the huge difference of the bolded part in Jackie’s answer. Because something did happen between Marco and Jackie, he’s currently dating, so feelings can’t and shouldn’t change that easily, in his case.

How Deep is Your Love?

How Deep is Your Love?

Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Requested: Yes… kinda? I was asked for a Stark!reader fic by @waitwhoscarleigh

Warnings: no… I don’t think so at least…

A/N: This is going to be a two parter I think.. if people like it enough and request it! Enjoy!

Request part two in my ask box! :3

The day after Liz Allen moved, I knew things wouldn’t be the same. Peter walked into the classroom sat down beside me and started taking out his books. No “Hello Y/N, how are you today?”, no “Have you seen Ned yet?”, and most importantly, I didn’t get the signature dorky smile that was always on his face in the morning.

“Michelle, have you noticed something different about Peter today?” I asked my friend who was multitasking eating her lunch and reading a book.

“Yeah,” she continued to eat.

“Really?” I asked, “What?”

“He isn’t starring at a girl like a walking goddess today,” She looked up from her book to grin at me.

I groaned, “Come on MJ! I’m being serious!”

She grinned, “I’m being serious too, Miss Stark!”

I glared at her, “MJ,”

Michelle sighed. She put her book down and looked over at Peter and Ned. Ned was talking about a Millennium Falcon lego model he had found and how it would be awesome to finish, while Peter just pushed the food on his plate around with the fork.

“I guess he does look kinda out of it.” She stated, “But I wouldn’t think too much of it. He’ll be fine in a few days, it’s probably cause Liz moved.”

I sighed and looked over at the dorky boy.
“Yeah, probably.”

But a few days turned to a week, and a week to a month and soon enough, I had been waiting for 2 months for Peter to “Get over it.”

“Hey Peter, I was just calling to let you know that I was free this weekend, and I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out at the new Avengers building with me! Call me back when you get this! Bye!”

I put the phone down and sighed. Walking over to my bed I jumped and face planted onto my pillows. I hadn’t talked to Peter in a while and it was starting to take a toll on our relationship. The boy I’d had a crush on for years was drifting from me. And so we’re my feelings for him.

I got up from my bed and took my phone. I climbed out the window and up the fire escape.

When I got to the top I sat down and clicked play on my music app. I closed my eyes as “When You Move” by Parachute played through the air.

About halfway through the song I heard a thud behind me. Standing up I turned around to see a red and blue dressed vigilante leaning against the rooftop exit.

“Hey,”. His voice was muffled by the mask that covered his face.

“Spider-Man,” I smiled “To what do I owe the visit.”

He walked towards me and sat down next to where I was, I sat down too.

“I saw you sitting, you looked upset. Wanna rant to someone.” He quirked his head to the side and I guessed that he probably had a smile.

“It’s not that big a deal,” I pressed pause on my music and turned off my phone.

“Everything’s a big deal, if it bothers you.”

I looked down before talking. “There’s a kid at my school who I like, like a lot, but he likes another girl. I haven’t talked to him much and I can feel my feelings for him fading but I don’t want them to.”

He looked at me before looking out at the city. “Have you tried talking to this boy?”

“Yes,” I sighed. “Multiple times.”


I looked out at the setting sun over the roof tops and stated, “It’s funny, you work with my dad but I’ve never actually met you. And I also don’t know whose under that mask!”

“U-um, I like to keep my personal life personal?” His voice squeaked a little at the end and sounded almost familiar. “I gotta go, bye!” And with that he flew away across the city.


A month later I had been talking to Spider-Man almost every other night and I still hadn’t figured out who it was.

“Daddy?” I asked as I walked into my fathers office.

“Yes Y/N?” He looked up at me.

“Who’s Spider-Man? Why won’t you tell me?”

My dad stopped what he was doing and replied, “The Spiderling doesn’t want his identity to be known.”

“Yeah, but why?”

“He says he knows you and that you, and I quote, you would ‘kill him then bring him back just to kill him again.”

“I.. know him?”

Teaser For The Trash Pennywise x Reader I'm Going To Hell For Writing

| So here’s a little preview of the Pennywise x Reader I’m working on. Basically reader escaped Pennywise as a kid, now he’s back to get the one that got away. Reader seduces the clown in the hopes that he’ll spare her life. This is absolute trash. I’m not even kidding. Someone should stop me, honestly.|

The menacing clown hovers over you, breathing heavily and licking his lips.

You know this is it. There’s nowhere to go, and the evil entity that haunted you as a child, is about to finish what he started. He’s been waiting years for this - for the one that got away. There’s no way you’ll talk your way out of it.

The demon growls out your name, slow and gravelly - his teeth turning sharp and gangly, making your eyes well up with tears. Any second those fangs could come down onto your neck, ripping your throat out as you choke on your own blood.

His face is so close to yours - your noses almost touching. In a desperate panic, you wrap a hand around the back of his neck, and lean up touching your lips to his.

The clown pauses - eyes wide with confusion.

You can’t believe you just did that, or even understand why you did. A last second attempt to save your life, perhaps? If anything, at least a way to stall the inevitable.

Your body’s trembling underneath him, just waiting to see what happens.

Pennywise, puts two fingers up to his red painted lips, still looking as shocked as ever.

“Did you just…. Did you just kiss me?”

“Yes.” You nod, swallowing thickly.

He squints down at you in suspicion. “Now why would you go and do a thing like that?” He sneers.

You only have seconds to come up with a response. You better make it good.

“I got caught up in the heat of the moment. You lying on top of me, about to kill me. It’s kinda hot, no?” You manage to fake a smirk.

The clown leans in closer - his nose pressing into your neck and breathes in deep.

“I can smell your fear.” He whispers, grinning widely.

“I can be scared and aroused at the same time, ya know.” This is a hard argument to sell considering your voice is shaking along with your body and it doesn’t look like the clown is buying it.

“What is it that you want?” He whispers - a glint of curiosity in his eye.

You lick your lips, trying your best to look genuinely aroused and not terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

“Are you gonna make me say it?” You ask, placing your quivering hand up against the clown’s heaving chest.

“Yes.” He growls.

“Sex.” You reply, pulling Pennywise in closer, till your breasts are pressing into his body.

“Sex?” He repeats - his eyes wide with curiosity.

| I told you it was trash. See you in hell, ficcers|

what a twice fan’s bias says about them

nayeon: gay

jeongyeon: hella gay, like so strongly attracted to their own gender

momo: very possibly the gayest fans in the fandom, they may or may not get it from their bias

sana: might be the type to say they’re ‘kinda gay’ or ‘a little bit gay’ but is actually deep down 847% gay af, this world has seen very few people who are gayer than sana-biased fans and they aren’t fooling anyone

jihyo: also gay + appreciates kickass high notes

mina: gay as well

dahyun: gay

chaeyoung: gay and probably smol too

tzuyu: straight…. i’m kidding.

Call Boy (Taeyong x Reader x Yuta)

Rating: M

(A/N) Someone please take my computer away from me, this is a perfect example of what happens when I stay up too late. Anyway, how are you guys? This was supposed to be a Daddy type smut, but it got WAY OUT OF HAND. Idk what possessed me while writing this lol But shout out to my homeboy SoMo for being my soundtrack while writing this, Hide & Freak is a blessing.

ps This was the only gif I could find of them together, I’m so shook #STOPYUTA2K16

Part II

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The bright summer sun blared overhead, not a cloud to obstruct its rays as people walked through the busy street, enjoying their weekend as best they could. It was the type of warm weather that felt good for the first few hours you were outside, but quickly wore off as the sweat began to collect uncomfortably on your lower back. That morning when you leisurely woke up to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, you’d checked the weather app on your phone, eyes bulging out of your head at the nearly triple digit number. 

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Joker Imagine - I love you

Your P.O.V.

‘‘Go away, Y/N’‘ ‘‘I’m busy’‘ ‘‘Not now’‘ 

Those were the things I heard on a daily basis. Maybe I should’ve guessed this could happen when I started seeing the Joker. It was a few months ago when he robbed the jewelry shop I worked in. I had been terrified but for some reason I didn’t call the cops. He took me with him and I actually enjoyed it.

We got along and I completely let go of my life to be his henchgirl. I fell for the Joker but lately I started feel lonely. He never had time for me and I spent so much time alone in the penthouse, watching tv or reading a book.

It got to the point I started regretting everything

My bag had the most important things in it and some cash. I was holding back tears as I stared at my belongings. It ached my heart but I was convinced that J wouldn’t even notice I was gone. I zipped up the bag and walked out of our bedroom. I put on my shoes, a trenchcoat and a hat so I wouldn’t be so recognizable. Before I left, I decided to try it one more time.

I took a deep breath and walked up to his office. I knocked on the door and opened it a little bit. ‘’What is it now?’’ He sighed and kept his eyes on the desk. ‘’I was just’d like to do something today’’ I asked him and tried to smile. ‘’It’s a sweet thought doll but I’m busy’’ He answered with another sigh. I gulped because I almost sobbed. I truly thought he could get up from that chair but no.

‘‘Okay’‘ I mumbled, shut the door and walked off. I grabbed my bag and then left the penthouse with an aching heart.

                     A few hours passed as I just walked around. I had nowhere to go and I knew I should look for apartments, but I wasn’t in the mood. I just walked. As the day grew dark, I sat down in an alley on top of a dumpster. It was better than sitting on the ground. Then I leaned against the wall and looked up. The stars tried to shine through the clouds but they were barely visible.

Then I chuckled as I wondered if J had even noticed. I left a letter on the bed so he wouldn’t worry that someone found his damn hideout. Still, it hurt. I had fallen in love with him and I was just a toy for him. At least it felt like it.

All the things I had done. I had been by his side while he killed people. It didn’t make me sad but I could go to Arkham just because of that. Maybe I should? Maybe I deserved to serve my time? 

‘‘No’‘ I muttered to myself and jumped onto my feet. I would not go to that looney bin no matter what. I started heading towards the nearest hotel where I could spend the night.

As I got inside the hotel, I headed to reception. ‘’I’d like a room for one’’ I muttered and put cash on the desk. The lady stared at my money and then at me, wide eyed. ‘’A-Are you..Y/N?’’ She stuttered, almost trembling. Her hand travelled underneath the desk and she pressed a button. ‘’Yes but I’m not like that anymore’’ I defended myself.

Just then someone grabbed my arm. I turned around and saw a security guard. ‘’Hey! Let go of me!’’ I yelled and tried to tug myself free. I hadn’t done anything! The guard tried to put handcuffs around me and that’s when my anger took the best of me. I kicked his thigh and then his grip on me loosened. I punched his jaw and watched as the guard fell onto his back. Without second doubts, I ran straight out of the hotel.

‘‘Fucking hell’‘ I groaned as I tried to find a hiding place. It was so unfair. I ran and ran until I saw ladders. ‘‘Perfect’‘ I smiled and started climbing on top of a building. As I reached the top, I sat down. My heart was pumping hard and I was feeling the adrenaline in my body. Although I was angry, I kinda liked it. Although I must say that I’d like to sleep in a nice bed even more.

‘‘Not so fast, Y/N’‘ A deep voice broke the silence.I clenched my jaw as I looked up to see Batman. Of course, the damn Bat would come for me! ‘‘Fuck off you big flying idiot!’‘ I screeched and stood up. ‘‘I haven’t done anything! Let me be’‘ I hissed, ready to fight that man. ‘‘You attacked a guard’‘ Batman said, making my blood boil. He tried to come closer so he could get me but I wouldn’t allow it. I stepped back. Suddenly he stopped but I kept backing off.

‘‘I didn’t do anything, Bats. The guard came without a-’‘ I defended myself but suddenly I didn’t feel a surface beneath me. I fell back and then screamed. I was falling to the fucking ground! It all happened so fast that I couldn’t process my fear.

But before I got smashed like an egg, someone grabbed me. I held onto whoever had me. The person got us down safely and that’s when tears started to roll down my face. ‘’You gotta be careful, darling’’ A raspy voice said, making me gasp. I looked at my saviour and saw the Joker. ‘’How did you-why..’’ I tried to speak but I was trembling like mad. All these thoughts were running around my head.

Then I saw Batman trying to get Joker. ‘’Watch out, Puddin!’’ I hissed and he ducked just in time. I grabbed Joker’s gun that he always had with him and then pointed at Batman. ‘’You’’ I growled madly, allowing my anger to control me. Joker smiled as he watched the situation.

‘‘Put it down’‘ Batman warned me seriously. I just flashed him a smile and loaded the gun. ‘‘You got about three seconds before I blow your brains out’‘ I let him know. Batman tried to hit the gun out of my head, but I pulled the trigger and it barely touched him, but it was enough make a hole in his cape.

Joker’s henchmen surrounded Batman and that’s when I stepped back. ‘’Let’s go’’ Joker said and took his gun away from me. I glanced at Batman one more time until we left. It wasn’t until we sat in his car that I realised what had happened. I left him and he came for me, saving my life and now I was in his car..

‘‘I didn’t enjoy your letter baby’‘ Joker broke the silence as we drove. Guilt punched my guts. ‘‘I’m sorry’‘ I whispered, looking out of the window. ‘‘No, I’m sorry’‘ He said which honestly surprised me. I almost gasped at his words. The Joker never said that. Never ever in a million years would I have believed to hear that.

‘‘You know doll..I don’t really do this too often. Actually, I don’t remember ever feeling like this’‘ He started to say weird things. I kept my eyes on him as I waited for him to continue. ‘‘I..I love you okay? I thought I lost you and it made me mad’‘ He admitted quietly, almost like he wasn’t sure how to say it. My heart fluttered in my chest and I swear I almost started crying.

Joker held onto the steering wheel tightly and he looked angrily on the road. We were quiet for a while. I was overwhelmed by everything but mostly because he said that. ‘’I love you too’’ I let him know and smiled. Then I leaned against the car seat happily.

He loved me!

@delicrieux  (I wrote this in a hurry so I’m sorry if it sucks haha)

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Top 5 best sexual tension in hq??

This is the best top 5 for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Warning: this top 5 is heavily influenced by my experience as a smut writer. 

1. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. The iwaoi royal deluxe ship wins by a landslide. You can either have sweet sweet loving or hardcore sex, it doesn’t matter because they can make anything work. Every single kink, every single au. Oikawa is flirty and seductive while Iwa is extremely strong and passionate (harsh Iwa and Oikawa who lets him dispose of his body as he pleases always a big yes), together they’re an explosive mix and overall a blessing for every single smut writer out there. 

Originally posted by oikahwatooru

The subtitle is wrong, he said: I’m going to make you scream my name later, Shittykawa

2. Kuroo and Tsukishima“They kinda share that really” aka the only couple that I can make work both ways, if you know what I mean. Actually, Kurotsuki is the pair I have most fun with when it comes to kinks (especially with bsdm). They are equally teasing and dominant, but at the same time they like when the other is in charge. They’re the worst when it comes to fluff, but if you’re in the mood for an insanely intense and deep smut scene, they’ll never ever let you down. Hottest couple, hands down. 

Originally posted by uver-chin

3. Bokuto and Akaashi. Ah, Bokuaka. These two are an interesting couple, too bad it’s really hard for me to find smut that I enjoy reading due too the characterization problems. They have a unique sexual tension, fueled by Akaashi’s glacial sex appeal and by Bokuto’s heat that can make him melt in a moment. My Bokuto treats every single kink like it’s the most natural thing, he’s not embarrassed by anything (literally, anything), he’s impulsive, playful and powerful to the point of not being able to handle his strength properly, but at the same time is extremely selfless and aware of Akaashi’s needs. And Akaashi…well, he likes to be controlled, played and spanked by him…so much. A+ awkward after sex fluff. 

Originally posted by silvermusichunter

Thirsty, Akaashi?

4. Daichi and Sugawara. Finding characters to make the domestic-long-term-boyfriends sex work is incredibly difficult (established relationship is the hardest au in my opinion), so thank you very much for them. It’s a couple that gets off on how much they love each other, spiced it up with the fact that our beloved Suga is a sinnamonroll personified.They win the best fluff award, but this goes without saying. They’re a classic and, like all the classics, their perfect sexual tension immortal. 

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5. Hinata and Kageyama (eventually). I’m not a fan of Kagehina smut. At all. I can’t read it, I can’t write it. I’m still in the stage where my favorite boys just kiss, cuddle and hold hands, but I can’t deny that the tension is there and more they’ll grow, the more the bond they already have is going to grow deeper and deeper and would probably explode into some mind blowing smut. I’m gonna let them explore while I wait for them to reach their 3rd years, then we can’t talk about this more. 

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Thank you for your message and happy Valentine’s Day to you and to all the OTPs! 

Ask me my top 5 things!

picking a bias in seventeen

so i was like “guys, i finally did it. i mean, i love you all, but i picked a bias,” and they all just gathered around and was looking at me like “ok bitch so who is it?”:

“well, damn. okay then.  it’s hoshi.“ i look over and see him all happy and shit but the others look pissed tbh:

i try to explain that i needed a bias because 13 was just too much even though i still had love for all of them, but they weren’t having it at all.:

so jun was like “okay girl, you got it. i mean you was saying that i did the best body rolls, but it’s cool. i wish y’all the best.”:

then the8 was like “oh, true? damn, that’s wild. i remember you saying something different, but imma let you rock.”:

dino don’t even say nothing.  he just look at me like, ‘i’m not finna put you out on front street but you know what you said.’:

mingyu just like “i mean i guess if you like short guys. you told me tall was your type, but you do you.”:

s. coups look kinda confused, but he’s clearly still upset. “so it was all a lie, then?” i try to comfort him and he just like “nah, nah. ion fuck with liars.”:

wonwoo just looking at me like he hope my first born dies and i get the clap or something.:

vernon looks disappointed but deep down he saw this coming because he knew i don’t fw guys that young.  he low key feel bad that dino ain’t know.:

woozi checked out of the conversation as soon as he heard mingyu say something about tall guys.  and joshua just judging me mad hard bc he remembered me sliding in his dms not too long ago, asking him if he wanted to go to bible study with me.:

seungkwan is offended af but he try to laugh it off and crack jokes.  “ByE gUrL! are you kidding?!”:

dk look like he trying not to cry and it makes me feel some type of way because i never meant to hurt him.:

i finally look at jeonghan and this mf is tying up his hair.  he’s heard enough of the lies and he’s ready to fight.  if he wasn’t already mad because of me, now he’s mad bc he got a stingy ass pony tail since they cut his hair.:

so before i can even react, he the first one to start throwing punches.  then the others join in and these mfs jump me.:

i call out to hoshi for help, but he’s mad bc he ain’t know i was spitting game to the other members.  so he just sitting there like:

so, seventeen beat my ass and then wrote a song about it.  you may have heard the tune.  the original title was “cheatin’ ass hoe”, but pledis wouldn’t let them release it without a different name, so now it’s called “don’t wanna cry”.  to this day, my bias list and my wig are still fucked up.


( Inspired by an imagine by fandomoftears I really hope you don’t mind me writing this. It was just such a fun idea! )

Warnings : Balthazar does make a sexual comment. This imagine is kinda lengthy. Sorry, I got carried away.

You didn’t want to go; you weren’t really the religious type, but when a few of the Angels offered to go with you on a trip to visit your old family church, how could you say no? Cas accompanied you in your jeep since he knew you hated driving long distances on your own and the two of you met Gabriel, Balthazar, and Lucifer at you mothers house. It really was the oddest situation. You walked through the door to see your mother fawning over ‘how adorable’ Lucifer was and the angel looked surprised at the attention to say the least. Your mother knew about what you did for a living and she was beyond excited when you told her about the Angels. She insisted on meeting them, so this trip really did work out for everyone.

“Oh, (Y/n), these boys are all just so cute! And they’ve been so well mannered. I can’t really get the littler one to talk though.” She whispered the last part, cutting her eyes towards Lucifer.

“Luce, you feeling alright?” You laughed at him and he stuck his tongue out at you.

“Better now that you’re here, (Y/n).” He soon replied and your mother made a small squealing sound, squeezing your elbow.

“He’s flirting with you, (Y/n).” You mother said excitedly. You rolled your eyes. “So, where is everyone sleeping tonight?” She asked, looking around at the five of you.

“Angels don’t sleep, mom.” You said, laughing a bit as you carried your bags upstairs. The Angels had begun following you closely ever since you walked through the door and your mother was more than amused by it.

“I want to stay where ever (Y/n) is staying. We wouldn’t be sleeping much anyways.” Gabriel winked and you turned around on the top step, quickly punching him in the arm.

“Oh, you kids.” Your mother giggled before walking out the front door.

“Could you be anymore obnoxious?” You snapped at Gabe as you reached your old bedroom, throwing you bag on your bed.

“I could, but you keep me on a leash, doll.” Gabriel threw himself on your bed, bouncing once in the air before settling down on the soft mattress.

“Can you boys imagine how many times a sexually awakened, teenaged (Y/n) has touched herself in this very room.” Balthazar waved his hand around the room for a dramatic effect and you groaned in annoyance. “Oh, stop stressing yourself, love. We’ll be on our best behavior tomorrow morning.” He promised, sitting down in your office chair, spinning himself a bit.

“I hope so.” You mumbled before laying down next to Gabriel. “Don’t make me regret this.”

“We’re just poking fun at you, sweets. Now, you should get some rest. Big day tomorrow.” Gabriel seemed more excited than anyone and you didn’t see why. It was just church.


“(Y/n), are you sure this is a good idea? Should I be here?” Lucifer was holding your hand like a lost child and you felt kinda bad for him. “Of course I shouldn’t be here. What kind of question is that?” He was uttering to himself and you stopped, turning around to face him before walking through the church door.

“Listen to me, Luce, you’re fine. No one knows who you are and I want you with me. I need you with me.” You whispered to him. He smiled softly at you before taking in a deep breath and walking through the door with you.

“This is exciting.” Gabriel smirked, flopping down next to Castiel. Your mother was sitting in the front row, but you thought it would be best to keep your little party of angles in the back in case they got too rowdy. You were honestly worried at how happy Gabe was over this. He had to be up to something.

“Gabe,” you sighed, leaning forward so that you could see him past Balthazar. He shot you a wink.

“I’ll keep an eye on him, (Y/n). He won’t do anything out of line while I’m here.” Castiel promised you.

“Thank you, Cas.” You smiled a bit at him before the preacher took the stage.

“Let’s get this party started.” Balthazar said, resting his hand on your thigh. You never really noticed how close you were with all of the Angels until now. It was nice.


You were halfway through the service and you could tell the boys were getting antsy. Lucifer had both of his hands wrapped tightly around your right one. Balthazar was tapping your thigh impatiently and snickering quietly to you in between sarcastic remarks. Castiel kept leaning forward to look at you every time the preacher said something he didn’t like. Gabriel was just scaring you now. He was quiet. Too quiet.

You leaned forward to get a peak at him.

“Relax, darling. He knows better than to upset you.” Balthazar whispered to you, but you just couldn’t shake the worry you felt.

“There are signs everywhere of the Lord’s presence.” The preacher was saying. “When you’re in times of-” He fell silent, staring towards the back of the room. You and everyone else turned around to see a flag blowing frantically without a bit of wind in the room. Balthazar placed his head on your shoulder to hide his red face as he tried to hold in his laughter. You glanced at Gabe to see him smirking, at the amazed expressions on everyone’s faces.

“Oh my god.” You whispered, turning back around in your seat.

“God is with us ladies and gentlemen!” The preacher began shouting and the room erupted in applause.

“I’m gonna kill him.” You swore, looking up at Lucifer to see him smirking as well.

“He’s not harming anything, (Y/n).” He chuckled a bit. “If anything, he just gave these people a story to tell.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You sighed, allowing yourself to laugh a bit and settle down in your seat. This actually went pretty well for having four Angels in church.


“It was great to see you, (Y/n).” Your mother hugged you tightly before kissing your cheek and turning around to look at the Angels. “Don’t think I don’t know that it was one of you who pulled that flag stunt.” She raised her pointer finger and looked at them sternly before breaking into a smile. “That was the most entertaining service that church has had since (Y/n) switched the piano music with an ACDC song.”

“You did what?!” Gabriel burst into laughter and you giggled a bit. “This whole time you thought that I was going to be the one to start trouble! We should have been keeping an eye on you instead!”

“Oh, hush.” You rolled your eyes before hugging your mom one last time.

“Don’t be shy, boys! Come back with (Y/n) and see me anytime!” She said as the five of you walked towards your jeep. You all waved your goodbyes as you pulled out of the driveway and started down the road.

“I actually had a lot of fun with you guys this weekend.” You admitted to the Angels, smiling to yourself.

“See? We’re not that bad.” Gabriel poked your cheek before turning up a song on the radio.

“Now we just need to meet your father.” Balthazar added with a devious smirk. Gabriel smirked as well when he saw a look of horror flash across your face.

“That is so not happening.”

alec decides to propose on christmas day

prompted by the lovely @imthewarmpenguininthemiddle !! sorry it’s so late, but i really wanted to plan this one out properly. i’ve always wanted to write a proposal scene so i hope you enjoy! let me know what you think <3

also, this is seemingly after shadowhunter/downworlder marriage is legalised.

Christmas was a fairly new tradition amongst the group. Even Simon had only started to celebrate it due to Clary’s enthusiasm, which she made sure to thrust onto everyone else. Luckily for Magnus, the holidays entailed glittery decorations which he didn’t mind too much. Alec, Izzy, and Jace were still trying to get their heads around the ridiculous Mundane tradition.

It was only a couple of hours left until Christmas was over and the group had gathered at Magnus’ beautifully adorned apartment to exchange gifts. Magnus had stepped outside onto the balcony to feed Chairman Meow the leftovers when Isabelle turned to Alec with a level of excitement that he had never seen before. She began whispering something to him in a hushed tone and the others turned to them in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jace, concern laced through his features.

“He’s gonna propose,” Isabelle stated hastily. “Now, go!”

“What?” exclaimed Clary, moving to the edge of the sofa. “Oh my God, oh my God.”

“Called it!” cheered Simon with a clap. “You owe me fifty bucks,” he said, turning to Jace who had a scowl on his face.

“Alec, what the hell?” he asked in a sad tone. “I thought you would’ve told me!” Alec swallowed nervously. He had meant to tell Jace. But he thought he would have more time.

The bickering immediately ceased when everyone realised just how nervous Alec was. He was swirling the drink in his glass, staring at Magnus through the glass doors, and chewing at his lip.

Izzy placed a comforting hand on Alec’s shoulder. “Hey,” she said in a soft voice. “Stop over thinking it. Just ask him.” Alec scoffed. She made it seem like the easiest thing in the world. He knew they’d all be watching through the glass and it only made him even more anxious.

“Don’t over think it?” he asked, incredulously. “If there’s one think to ever over think in my life, this is it. What if he says no?”

“Are you serious?” questioned Simon, a hint of surprise in his voice. “You hated Clary and me, but he still fell in love with you. He won’t say no to you,” he said in a sincere tone. It was true. Magnus had grown to love both Clary and Simon like his own, yet he still put up with Alec’s jadedness.

Alec took a deep breath. “Still kinda hate you,” he murmured, pointedly, to which Simon cracked a smile. Alec looked down at his still half full glass of wine and figured he could use a confidence boost. Impulsively, Alec quickly downed the glass and stood up, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants. He pulled at the collar of his shirt. He was getting way too anxious. He sighed, placing the glass down. “I should not have done that. Oh, by the Angel, I really should not have done that,” he muttered while pinching the bridge of his nose.

Izzy stood up. “Alec, you have about 30 seconds before he comes back in and you lose your chance,” she said, giving him a shove towards the balcony doors.

Almost tripping over his own feet, Alec stumbled over to the threshold of the balcony and collided with Magnus. He could already hear everyone inside grimacing at him. “Hey, um… Can I talk to you outside for a sec?” he asked.

Magnus sensed the nervousness in his demeanour and frowned. “Yeah, sure.” They walked out towards the edge of the balcony and stood side by side, facing the glittering lights of the city. Alec took a moment to let everything sink in. He glanced at Magnus and his heart skipped a beat. The moonlight gracefully swept across his face, cutting against is angular cheekbones. Magnus turned to look at Alec and he looked away. “What’s wrong?” he asked. He sounded so gentle.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” Alec stuttered.

Magnus raised an eyebrow at the boy. The tip of Alec’s nose was red from the cold and his breath puffed out in clouds in front of him. “Okay…?” replied Magnus, confused as to why Alec had brought him out here.

Alec could hear the blood rushing in his ears. “You know I love you more than anything,” he stalled.

Magnus’ frown only deepened as he let out a chuckle. “I love you, too…?”

Alec took in a deep breath and held it for a few seconds before letting it out in a nervous sigh. “I’m not really sure how to say this,” he explained, his hands flailing about. “So I’m just going to say it.”

“Alexander, I’ll be honest,” said Magnus, cutting Alec off. “It sounds like you’re trying to break up with me…”

Alec looked up at Magnus, a look of horror on his face. That was not what he was going for. “What? No! No, that’s not what I’m doing. In fact, I was going to do the exact opposite,” he rambled, secretly hoping something would interrupt them. “I wasn’t originally going to do it today so I’m a little unprepared. Look, you deserve the best, Magnus.”

“Still kind of sounds like a breakup.”

“No, I… You deserve the grandest of gestures, so I’m sorry of this doesn’t live up to your expectations,” said Alec, again avoiding Magnus’ eyes.

Magnus smiled and turned back to face the city. Maybe his gaze was making Alec even more anxious. “I would very much like to know what ‘this’ is,” he mused with a laugh.

Alec licked his lips and decided this was his chance, Magnus was looking away now. Alec pulled out a ring from his pocket – no box, just the ring – and got on one knee. He swallowed nervously, waiting for Magnus to notice.

As if on cue, Magnus turned around to look and Alec and his smile immediately faded when he saw the boy’s position. “Magnus,” breathed Alec. “Will you marry me?” he asked, his heart pounding so loudly in his chest he was afraid Magnus could hear it too. The two looked at each other for a while and Alec swore he saw a twinkle of gold in Magnus’ eyes just for a second. The moment felt like everything was on pause. It was the quietest it had ever been between them. No one moved, not even an inch.

Magnus – still stunned – looked at the ring, then at Alec, then at the ring, and back at Alec. “Get up,” he said quickly and Alec finally blinked. “Get up, please.”

“What?” Alec felt his pounding heart drop into the bottomless pit of his stomach. And he didn’t feel like it would stop falling.

“Just get up,” Magnus pleaded, breathing hard. So Alec got up. He kept his hands to his sides as though he was a child again and had just been scolded. He stayed quiet, not sure what to say. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to find the words after what had just happened. His heart was still falling.

The silence engulfed them once again. They both became uncomfortably aware of the silence inside. The group had all hushed and looked outside in a mix of confusion and horror.

“I’m sorry,” Magnus said, stiffer than anyone had ever seen him. “But are you sure?” he asked.

“If I want to marry you? You are the love of my life, Magnus. Of course I want to marry you,” Alec said. He didn’t know where he found the courage to string those sentences together. His heart stopped falling. Magnus felt his eyes sting and had to look away again, a hand wiping a tear before it could fall. “Magnus, what’s wrong?” asked Alec.

“I just never thought this would happen. No one has ever been willing to live the rest of their life with me before.” Alec felt his stomach twist. He couldn’t imagine anybody not loving Magnus enough. “Immortal or not.”

“Is that a no?” asked Alec.

“No.” Magnus shook his head and smiled. “It is the biggest yes I have ever given anybody.”

Alec felt his heart fling back into his chest in full force and almost doubled over. He nodded, in disbelief. “Yeah?” He felt his entire body burning and he was sure it wasn’t the wine kicking in. Magnus nodded and murmured in agreement, a similar smile gracing his face.

Alec clenched the ring in his hand. He didn’t even put it on Magnus’ finger before rushing in for a kiss. His fingers curled around the back of Magnus’ neck and Magnus’ hands travelled to Alec’s waist, and he kissed him back with as much love as he could muster. They heard an eruption of cheers from inside, Simon’s voice evidently louder than the rest.

They both chuckled against each other, pressing together so tightly they could feel the other’s heart beat. And neither had felt more alive.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, when magnus finds out alec isn’t the head.

More Like a Father

Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: Sam is like a dad to you so you decide to do some things for Father’s Day
Reader’s Age: At least 13+
Word Count: 664

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: So my fren @fangirling-equestrian  helped with the last parts cause I couldn’t think of what to do next so she was a big help thANKS FREN! Anywho Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy!

Growing up with John Winchester as a father never really felt like you even had one. He tried his best, but he was never the father he could’ve been. So throughout the years, Sam felt like he had to take on this father role. He always took care of you from day one. Dean helped out, too, but not as much as Sam. Because of this, you wanted to do something special for this coming Father’s Day. Even though Sam is your brother, you will forever see him as a father.

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  • Yixing: F is for friends who do stuff together.
  • Chanyeol: U is for u and me.
  • Yixing and Chanyeol: N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue-
  • Kyungsoo: F is for fire, burn down the whole town!!
  • Minseok: U is uranium bombs!!
  • Kyungsoo and Minseok: N is for NO SURVIVORS!!
  • Minseok: Why are you both under the table?
  • Chanyeol: We're scared.
  • Yixing: Are you gonna hit us?
  • Kyungsoo: Oh, Yixing we'd never hit you.
  • Chanyeol: What about me?
  • Kyungsoo: Like I said, Yixing, we'd never hit you.
62. Cheryl Blossom x Fem!Reader x Veronica Lodge x Betty Cooper

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Summary: You love Betty. Betty loves you. You love Veronica. Veronica loves you too. You’re dating and in love with Cheryl. Cheryl is dating you and while she’s a bitch to the world she’s nothing but soft and caring with you. So what are you to do with three amazing girls who love you??? Why, date them all of course.

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