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…so, planes and cars fuck me up bc of the conflicting ways they talk about things

For one, ‘that’s just how they were made’ and ‘they were separated at birth’ are said in the same movie

>Some planes and cars are made BAD ‘lemons’ deliberately?

>Even though certain cars and planes are still existing in the world, they discontinue making parts for them? Like… their vital organs can fail and they just have to die?

>Some of them seem to age/be elderly, some young, but how the fuck

>There’s a Pope?

>What degree to which do they feel? Like, they literally spend all night pulling bits off the plane (dusty), and he seems to not notice at all, but being knocked aout by wind or burned (like the helicopter) elicits pain responses

>they can be knocked out?

>fuel is everything, food and drink and blood?

>they have love in the universe, marriage (there was a hint of a new couple getting a bridal suite) which implies… more than i care to eaborate on… so where do little cars come from?

>why do they have mouths if they can put petrol pumps in their petrol tanks directly?

>how do they digest anything? i mean, they plainly state they eat other stuff, mater tries wassabi, the gas truck talks about deep-fried corn…

>where did the first cars come from… 

>how the fuck do half of them do anything?

>what if they dn’t want to be what they are?
Like, trains, big trucks and big planes are born to be servants, whether they want it or not???? what the fuck???

>some cars are made to be more effective, better, higher class, and others deliberately the opposite???

>there are diseases in this universe including rust? Or is that a metaphor for acne/hemorrhoids?

>cars pee… but only in one of the movies… everyone else apparently doesn’t?
cars can be incontinent, too? cars have bidets that shoot under the boot

>do you know we never actually see any f the characters’ homes?
Like, the most ‘indoors’ we see any of them, is in motels and hotels… we have NO IDEA how their houses work, what amenities exist, etc. did you ever notice? bc i just did and it’s fucking me up?

>where do cars learn? are there schools? they have doctors and mechanics and shit, but where did they get the degree?

>mater sleeps in, what is basically, a medical waste pit? he’s surrounded on all sides by pieces f rusty old cars? is he a serial killer and no ones addressing it?

>Tractors are cows in this world? do they get eaten or…?

>cars have body issues? like, they’re legit built a certain way… but the best they can change is their colour and tires?

>what’s… inside… the cars…
I mean, they have all the right windows and shit but like… they wouldn’t need seats or any of the normal stuff you’d expect

>the winnebagos…? are they… like, what is in there? are they considered fat?

>what about the little forklifts? are they considered a servant class? like, you see them doing a lot of manual shit, compared to the others, who swan about…

>what else exists in this world? fast food places, libraries? are the cars even literate to the same extent as humans? we see a few newspapers but that means fuck-all… 

>boats exist, like… we need more info on that…
there was that fuck-ass huge military base on the ocean, how does that dude feel about people using him as a landing pad? 

>if a boat capsizes, how the FUCK do they help them? 
none of the other boats have arms?
Are they ‘missing, presumed drowned’?

>are boats beholden to their land car counterparts? like in cars 2 we see that they need someone to get them out of the water (and then they just hang there waiting for deployment)?
and in planes 2, that boat in a trailer (friend, family, partner), who was almost left to die in a fire by their panicking car buddy

is everyone the same kind of car or can you be related to a train, two aircraft carriers and a plane? 

>are hybrids the result of two different car types intermarrying?


>are there prejudices? like ‘oh, you’re marrying a HONDA?’ or ‘oh, how generous, they adopted a BOAT’??? or ‘no, no, we’re not hiring a Ford… can’t trust them’???

>why do neither of the cars movies or indeed the planes movies, pass the bechdel test?

>do cars even have the same concept of gender as humans, or is it like… whatevs be what you want?


The logistics of this whole universe are just????

I have so???? many??? questions??????

Independence Day

A/N: Fourth of July fluff and nonsense, inspired by some anons I’ve gotten recently about whether Mulder is capable of giving Scully a meaningful gift. 

Timeline:  Post-IWTB, Pre-Revival

Mulder knocks on her door and goes to straighten his tie before he remembers he’s not wearing one.  Hasn’t worn one in years.  He tries not to fidget, suspecting she may be eyeing him through her peephole, but he ends up shifting back and forth on his feet the longer it takes her to answer the door.  

He triple-guesses his outfit for the eighteenth time that night, and berates himself for it, feeling ridiculous for feeling ridiculous.

He hears her soft, even footfalls as she approaches the door, then a long moment of silence. She is peeping.

When she opens the door, her apartment seems to exhale at the exact same moment he does.


“Hey, Scully.”  Scully in her angular new suits and jewel-toned scrubs seems a completely separate being from this creature.  This woman’s hair is pulled up and away from her face and off her neck.  She’s wearing a sky-colored sweater that deepens the blue of her eyes to a dark violet in the low light, and jeans that he knows for a fact have been worn in from years of washing in hard water. He’d washed them a few dozen times himself. She’s hardly wearing a stitch of makeup.

Fuck losing nine minutes.  For a moment, he thinks he might have lost a quarter of a century.  “You look good.”

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Sabbats: Mabon

Mabon: The Second Harvest

Date: Autumn Equinox (March in Southern Hemisphere, September in Northern Hemisphere)

Mabon is a celebration of two things:
The equal nature of the Light and Dark parts of the day. It is the first day of fall and after this day the nights grow longer and colder. It is the separation point between the two halves of the year (The Light Half, and the Dark Half)
It is also the mid harvest festival. Fresh food is plentiful and it is time to offer thanks and look back on the year.


  1. Mabon (God) and Madron (Mother Goddess)
    - Mabon is the Welsh God of Light, and the child of Madron. He is known in his pantheon (and Arthurian legend) as Mabon ap Madron. His name is derivied from Brithonian Gaulish and means ‘great son’; he is associated with the light half of the year. This festival features him as a great hunter, a child of light, and a friend to animals. He was stolen from his mother when he was a baby (three nights old, as the stories go) and returns to Madron’s womb to be reborn for the light half of the year.
  2. Persephone and Demeter
    - The story of Persephone being in the Underworld for the Autumn/Winter months is a well known one in modern lore, far better known that Mabon and Madron…but there are many similarities. Persephone is tricked (or lured) into the Underworld by Hades and eats several seeds of a pomegranate. Because of this Persephone must spend  half the year in Hades realm and half with her mother Demeter.
  3. Parent and Child relationships
    - In case you didn’t notice there are two divine parent/child relationships at play in this holiday. Because of this I really see Mabon as a familial holiday. It is a time to say hello to your family and to reestablish bonds; especially parental/child relationships.
    - Please note, that family isn’t limited to the people with whom you share genetics. Family is what you make it. If your family is a group of friends say thank you to the Mom/Dad of the group.
    - If you are looking to be a mother and father now is a good time to look into fertility magic. It is a good time to sow the future seeds for such an endeavor.
  4. Reflection
    - The change over between long days and short nights is a time to look back what has been going on in your life for the past six months. Are you happy? Why or why not? Is there a goal that you have been putting off? Do you want to commit yourself more firmly to your path? Maybe start a new relationship? Get rid of an old relationship?
    - Mabon is a day to reflect on your life’s choices and make sure they are still what you want in life. As a harvest holiday you will reap what you have been sowing (good or bad) but you can always plan for different crops in the future. That’s a metaphor by the way.
  5. Balance
    - Mabon marks a equal time between Light and Dark. Meditate on that balance and how you can incorporate that into your life.
  6. Apples
    - Apples are a big part of this holiday. Any and all apple-based magic is definitely worth looking into. Decorate your altar with them. They are a sacred symbol for many deities, but here on this holiday they are key to the Mother aspect.
  7. Music (and creativity in general)
    - Creative energy is at a high on Mabon. Maybe it’s the equal nature of it, maybe it’s the change of seasons. If you have had a creative goal (half finished manuscript, partly finished poem, some lyrics that have been swimming in your head…so on and so forth) put some real time and effort into it today, and carry that throughout the rest of the dark half of the year.


Red (especially apple red), brown, cinnamon, corn yellow, deep cream.


  1. Incense
    sweet-grass, myrrh, cinnamon
  2. Herbs
    rosemary, marigold, wheat, oak, rose hips, apple (anything)
  3. Stones
    amber, diamond, gold, tigers eyes, yellow citrine,

Holiday Foods:

Apple (anything apple)

heartbroken-vagabond  asked:

i was just wondering if you knew any information about corn snakes, id love to know more and you seem really knowlagable on many snake and animal related things ^^


Corn snakes have been called corn snakes for a very long time; the first documented use of the name comes from 1675. While corn snakes are completely harmless, their ancestors- and I’m talking evolutionary ancestors, millions of years back- actually were venomous. Looking at their ancestors, it seems that once they started constricting, the venom system started to atrophy- venom’s very expensive for the snake to produce, so there’s a sort of “use it or lose it” evolutionary trajectory at play. (Bryan Fry’s written a lot about this; he’s the director of the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, so if you want to read more about venomous snakes, look up his work.) 

As far as keeping them as pets goes, they’re lovely snakes with wonderful personalities and good feeding responses. They like having room to move around; they can be quite active! There’s a lot of good corn snake resources here on the tumb; @cornysnake is a deep well of knowledge.

In the wake of the Aziz Ansari fall out I’d like to post this letter to the editor that I wrote in 2015 after a writer profiled him and other self-proclaimed “male feminists” instead of literally any woman on Women’s Day. Men who are loudly adamant about labeling themselves male feminists are like Fritos putting a “heart healthy” sticker on their deep fried artificial corn chips. See my full unedited emaiI with less awkward analogies sent below the cut:

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Call Me

Quick, trashy Reinako drabble based on this prompt from otpdisaster

“What?” Rei picked up the phone off her desk and answeredit. She was supposed to be prepping for a meeting, but she figured if Haruka had called her, it must be something serious,  

“Hey, can’t I just call my stupid girlfriend to chat sometimes?” Mina laughed on the other end of the phone. “Maybe I’m feeling sentimental.”

Rei threw a packet of sticky noted into her briefcase. “Of course you’re feeling sentimental, I have something important to do. Why are you on Haruka’s phone?”

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corn fields (pt.7) // k.j.w

✩ Scenario: Bobby x You

✩ Genre: Angst 

✩ Word Count : 12 885

✩ Warning: Abuse, Uncensored Swearing & sexual content

Corn Fields Playlist

dedicated to @jkimk​ , @my-kimbap , and @cottonccccc

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six

Originally posted by yn-g

“Hey, is this spot taken?”

August 27th, 12:30 a.m. The early morning of the day Kim Jiwon was set to embark out of your life for the rest of eternity.

Here you were, underneath the ink-black sky and sparkling stars, surrounded by long stalks of corn so deep and dark that they looked like spiky caps of ocean waves. You had changed out of your dress and shoes and resorted back to your regular uniform; a white v-neck t-shirt, black sweatpants, socks and Nike slippers. You had washed your makeup off your face and had disassembled your fancy hairstyle, your hair crunchy with hairspray and locked into a messy bun on top of your head.

As you had expected, Jiwon was sitting in the empty spot of the field where you two had played with his mother, spent afternoons making up fantasy worlds, talked about important issues, had sex, fought after that one night at the club and now…well what other important memory of you two would this spot collect now?

Jiwon’s body was seated on the ground, his knees folded to his chest and his hands interlocked tightly as he looked up at the sky. Once he heard your voice, he turned to look at you. The previously bleeding cuts on his face were all dried up whereas his left eye was still as dark as the sky. Matching his eye was his lower lip, dark purple and swollen with tiny cuts embedded within the plump flesh.

Despite the pain of his condition, you watched as he sent you a tired smile, patting the spot beside him.

“Nahhhh…” He replied as you slowly walked over to sit beside him. “It’s…it’s never really been taken.”

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anonymous asked:

*black guy with deep voice* hey corn I wanna wish you a merry Christmas yeah.

*white girl with medium toned voice* thenks bro