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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 2)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 984

Part 1

A/N: Hope you guys like the update :)

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“You look exhausted,” Daisy commented as you shrugged in response, adjusting the beanie on your head before bracing the cold weather waiting outside. Leaving the building, the both of you walked along the bustling streets of Manhattan, making your way to a nearby coffee shop. “Didn’t get enough sleep last night?”

Your eyes flickering over to your friend, you nodded your head. “Yeah…I just had a lot on my mind,” you remarked casually, trying not to let the events of last night pervade your thoughts once more.

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i feel it in my chest. that feeling of pure happiness. the feeling that i could do anything with you by my side. i am absolutely, inevitably in love with you. the idea of being with you is electrifying. tracing my finger across your jaw, your head in my lap and my fingers tangled in your hair. your deep blue eyes completely capturing me and i stutter mid sentence because the thought of ever being without you is completely heartbreaking. you’ve completely changed my outlook on life and my god please don’t ever leave, you’re my light at the end of this dark tunnel.
—  Excerpt from a book i’ll never write // you’re the love of my life

Timo Lieber

Thaw ( a selection)

“Lieber has always held a passion for ice, having travelled countless times to Arctic Norway, Iceland and Greenland. In the summer of 2016, he partnered with the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge for an expedition to the Arctic ice cap. The photographer’s aim was to depict the swift rate of the environment’s continual changes. During his expedition, Lieber flew over deep blue lakes capturing remarkable images. Due to the expense of helicopter flight, he photographed from a twin-engine plane, which was described as a challenge for the pilot and the photographer. The resulting images that constitute Lieber’s ‘THAW’ series live from his passion for nature and understanding of the severity of climate change.”


All images © Timo Lieber


Two NASA spacecraft capture annular eclipse from space.

NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory captured the moon’s shadow crossing the Earth February 26. The rare annular solar eclipse was visible in much of the southern hemisphere. An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is farther away from the Earth than in a normal eclipse and does not completely block out the sun during totality.

DSCOVR also captured a total solar eclipse on March 8, 2016. The satellite has a unique vantage point on the Earth-Moon system from its orbit at the L1 LaGrange point one million miles away from Earth.

NASA’s Terra satellite also captured the eclipse. The climate monitoring satellite saw the moon’s shadow in its field of view over southern South America, as seen by the brownish tint to the clouds in the image below. The black area on the left half of the image represents the area outside the spacecraft’s field of view.


This Image is deep. It perfectly captures how it feels to be overwhelmed. The look on the babies face is perfect. The Mother, she is overbearing. The tapir just wants some space. It shows what it is like to be a young teen, yearning for freedom but not yet given parental permission. Every time I see this pic I cry.

Apollo pt. 8

Apollo Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Sad sex(? I wouldn’t consider this smut though. None of my smut could be considered smutty.

Words: 3986

A/N: There’s a sudden change of pronouns concerning the reader, and there’s a reason behind it. Please send me an ask with your theories, I’d love to know what do you guys think!

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“I know you know where she is, please!” Bucky tried to take a step forward into Wanda’s apartment, her tiny body impeding it. She looked exhausted, tired of talking about the issue. “I have gone all over NYC trying to find somebody willing to share her location, I’m drained.”

“We haven’t talked for months, Buck. I’m as worried as you.” Her head hit the frame of the door, eyes closed as her soft voice tried to persuade him. He tilted his head, confused, as if she hadn’t been telling him the same thing over and over since he knocked on her door.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been awhile since we last hanged out. You can ask Nat, though. I think she’s still in touch with (y/n).” Bucky swallowed, immediately discarding that option. By how she knocked the shit out of him that night, it wasn’t hard to predict that she wasn’t going to say a word about it.

“Is she being picky about choosing friends?” He asked, trying to joke a little bit, to lighten the situation. “Money has changed her, huh?” Her expression hardened, tensing up her whole body as she finally grabbed the doorknob.

“Just go look for her somewhere else, Buck.” Bucky noticed her tired and evading demeanour, and he somehow figured out that this issue was hurting her. At the same time in his mind multiple alarms started to sound, warning him that something was off with you, even though he haven’t had the opportunity of seeing you yet. 

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Company to Adapt Novel ‘The End We Start From’ Into Movie (EXCLUSIVE)
Benedict Cumberbatch’s SunnyMarch and Hera Pictures have acquired the feature film rights to Megan Hunter’s hotly anticipated debut novel, “The End We Start From.” The book,…
By Justin Kroll

Benedict Cumberbatch’s SunnyMarch and Hera Pictures have acquired the feature film rights to Megan Hunter’s hotly anticipated debut novel, “The End We Start From.”

The book, published by Picador this week, follows a new mother and her newborn, who are turned into refugees following an environmental crisis in the U.K. Forced to leave their home after London is submerged in flood waters, the family must search for safety in a country thrown into chaos.

“‘The End We Start From’ is a stunning tale of motherhood,” Cumberbatch said. “Megan has crafted a striking and frighteningly real story of a family fighting for survival that will make everyone stop and think about what kind of planet we are leaving behind for our children. We’re beyond thrilled to be bringing this story to life.”

“This exquisite piece of writing is profoundly moving,” Hera Pictures founder Liza Marshall said. “It captures the deep love between a mother and child while forcing us all to consider what the world could become if climate change destabilized everything we take for granted. Megan has written something very special and unique and we’re excited and honored to have the opportunity to make it into a film.”

The movie will be produced by Cumberbatch, Marshall, Adam Ackland, and Sophie Hunter.

“I am absolutely delighted that such a talented, passionate, and dynamic team will be working together to create a film version of ‘The End We Start From,‘” Hunter said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to see my work translated into a new medium, particularly by a group of people with such a heartfelt appreciation of the book. I can’t wait to see what emerges from this exciting collaboration.”

Since launching the banner in 2013, SunnyMarch has quietly built an exciting slate that includes an adaptation of Matt Haig’s upcoming book “How to Stop Time” and Geoffrey Household’s classic British novel “Rogue Male.” SunnyMarch’s TV arm, supported by StudioCanal, is producing TV adaptations of Ian McEwan’s “The Child in Time” and Edward St Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose novels.


@marvelfanlife: Could you please do hotch x daughter reader request where the reader gets bullied at school and he and the team comfort her and tells her that they’ll find the person who is bulling her and tell the school about what’s going on ❤️


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The cold air encapsulated her trembling form, her skin prickling under the biting wind. Y/N’s cheeks were pained pink, tears coating them lightly as she rubbed her bloodshot eyes. Her fingers shook uncontrollably as she hesitantly took out her phone to dial her father, Aaron Hotchner, while she paced outside of the BAU building.

“D-dad, the receptionist…she won’t let me in.” She muffled her cries, her weak voice making Aaron tense up instantaneously.

“I’m coming, what’s wrong, darling?” Aaron questioned urgently, making the other agents stare on with worry as he rushed to the elevator.

“I-it happened again, dad. I tried to stop them b-but-” Y/N replied, panicked voice shaky as she tried to take deep breaths through her harsh sobs. Aaron exhaled lowly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration as his daughters cries pierced his ears agonisingly.

“Calm down, sweetie. I’m going to hang up now, okay? I’ll be there any second.”

Aaron rushed out of the BAU doors, dark eyes flickering across the parking lot before they landed on Y/N who was curled into the bench, her deep red cheekbone capturing his attention immediately. Within seconds he was by her side, gently placing a hand on her shoulder but she flinched at the touch.

“Hey, it’s just me.” Aaron whispered, his homely voice making her glance up at him immediately. As soon as her eyes met his, she leapt up, burying her head into his chest and wrapping her arms around him tightly.

“It’s okay, they’re not going to hurt you.” Aaron cooed, rubbing his hand up her back comfortingly as he placed his chin on her head. After a while, Aaron pulled back, brushing her knotted face out of her bruising face to inspect the darkening contusions on her cheek before noticing the large one across her forearm.

“Come on, darling, let’s go upstairs.” He uttered, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as he urged her into the building. When they reached the floor of the BAU, Aaron held onto her while she limped slightly towards his office. As soon as they came into sight, the agents in the bullpen shot their concerned stares towards the two immediately. Spencer shot up when he noticed her bruising cheek, empathy possessing him as he recognised the same marks that were once given to him when he was younger.

“Y/N, what’s happened?” Spencer questioned softly, opening the door for her and Aaron, making Aaron nod thankfully towards the doctor. Aaron sat her on the small couch in his office while Spencer leant against his desk, gazing expectantly at the young girl.

“Do you mind staying in here while I go get some ice packs?” Aaron questioned, rushing out of the room as soon as Spencer nodded his head. When her father had disappeared, Spencer sat beside her on the couch, placing his hand on her back comfortingly.

“I tried to leave like you said but I-I couldn’t.” Y/N whispered, her fearful eyes meeting Spencer’s as he began rubbing her back slightly. He smiled softly, shaking his head at her comment.

“It’s okay, we’ll sort it out. But, if anything, we need to keep your mind off of it so I’m sure if you don’t tell your dad we can play chess for a little while.” Spencer grinned goofily when Aaron caught the last of his sentence, making Y/N giggle but winced when her cheeks tensed under the tender bruises.

“Don’t smile and it won’t hurt.” Aaron teased, kneeling in front of his daughter while glancing up at her with a playful smile. Y/N shook her head, trying to supress the smile tugging on her lips. Spencer glanced down at her bruised arm, furrowing his eyebrows at the purple mark. Noticing his lingering glance, Aaron wordlessly offered him one of the icepacks before giving her one to hold on her face.

“I know it will hurt, darling, but you need to press quite firmly.” Aaron urged, causing her to press slightly harder but the harsh sting that cursed through her skin made her hand retract immediately. Aaron sighed, taking the icepack from her to dab her cheek with it softly. However, Spencer offered her the other icepack for her arm as he stood up.

“Take that one a second, I’m just going to go get something.” Spencer muttered, leaving the office before either of them could say anything. Taking the time alone, Aaron lifted his daughters chin slightly, forcing her to look at him.

“Y/N, you have the option to leave that school, you know. You don’t need to stay there while this is happening, I hope you realise that.” Aaron assured, observing her bloodshot eyes closely as she swallowed back the lump in her throat. A soft hum escaped her throat as she nodded but when her removed his hand from her face, she took the opportunity to bow her head once again, getting lost in thought as she fumbled with the icepack.

“I don’t think I will need to leave, not while I do have friends there. But, either way, I know you and the team have my back…right?” Y/N questioned but Aaron simply chuckled breathily, wrapping his arm around her.

“Of course we do. If you don’t want to leave that’s fine but I’m going to talk to the school about it because it has gone too far now, okay?” In response, Y/N nodded into his chest before he glanced down to her face, reapplying the icepack softly. Aaron’s office door creaked open, making Y/N look towards it to find Spencer shuffle into the door with his chessboard he kept at his desk.

“Just an hour or so?” Spencer pleaded to Aaron, a large grin threatening to break across his face when his unit chief uttered ‘yes’ under his breath.


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laughter + george/elizabeth + five line fic

You shouldn’t show your teeth, her mother had always told her - no more than you should show him your hand, or any other part of yourself - you should not laugh unless there’s a ring on your finger and gold in his coffers. 

But when little Valentine had taken his first steps on the sleek new rug in the winter parlor, he had promptly fallen on his bottom - and where she had expected tears, she found only an impish grin and a gurgle of laughter. She had not been able to rein in a high, clear laugh of her own in response and George’s hand quickly found her shoulder and then the arch of her cheekbone. She had not even heard him come in from his study, but he had crouched down beside her and she looked up at him from where she sat, wondering at the way his eyes could not settle on either her or the boy she knew to be their son.

Rings and gold could not buy you certainty, but she had learned that certainty was only ever of the moment, and for the moment, she was certain.

send me a one word / one phrase prompt + a ship +“five line fics” and I’ll write a five line fic

Our School ( Chapter One )

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) moves to a new school and befriends James Madison, his bestfriend gets (Y/N)’s interest.

Au: Modern High school

Warnings: curse words.

Word count: 2,587 (probably the most I’ve ever written, I’m proud)

a/n: I was gone a long time, for personal reasons and issues. And last week I posted something saying “I’m back for good!” Which ended up to be a lie…sorry. So now I’m actually back, and I’m starting a new series. I was thinking of leaving A Lovely Situation there because I honestly just have no idea what to do with it. So here’s a Thomas x Reader series.


Appearance matters a lot when it’s the first and only thing people see when they meet you. You were always the shy and timid girl that sat all by herself, you got so used to it, you didn’t even care anymore. You had just moved to New York from Atlanta to go to some high school you weren’t looking forward to. But you still wanted to make a good impression. It was already half way through the year, so people were definitely going to notice you. For your first day, you chose a pair of slightly ripped jeans and a sweater to wear. Hopefully it wasn’t too plain or too much. The second you walked into the building you were greeted by the principal, who’s name you had already forgotten, and a boy.

“Ah, you must be our new student, (Y/N)!” She greeted you. “I’m Mrs Greenway, I’m sure you’ll love it here! James here will be showing you around today.”

You didn’t say a word, just smiled effortlessly as she left you alone with ‘James’.

“Heya. I’m James,” he said with a bright smile on his face.

“Hey!” You replied.

First period and second period dragged on for ages. The teachers seemed boring, but some of the students seemed nice, not the 'judgy’ type. Sure there were some kids that gave you unsure looks, but you just ignored them. The next class you had was Debate class, James was still by your side, talking to you and being nice to you. Which you appreciated, maybe it wouldn’t be that hard making friends here at all if everyone was just as kind as James. The second you stepped into the class there were loud shouting filling the room, a brunette boy wearing a green t-shirt was arguing with a dark skinned handsome boy wearing a purple hoodie. You widened your eyes and turned to James, with a nervous smile on your face.

“It’s always like this,” he sighed. “You’ll get used to it, so used to it you’ll find it worrying if you enter this class and they aren’t arguing with eachother.”

“They argue a lot?” You questioned, fiddling with the sleeve of your shirt.

“They’re very passionate debaters, their shouting becomes the background music of our lives.” James chuckled lightly. “Unfortunately, the one wearing the purple hoodie happens to be my best friend.”

“Oh.” Maybe you’ll be introduced to him.

Everyone quickly quietened down as the teacher rushed into the room. You swiftly took a seat next to James, not taking your eyes off the boy in the purple hoodie that sat in front of you. Forget butterflies, you felt the whole zoo in your stomach. God, this never happened before, you were never the type of girl to fall head over heels for some boy you just saw didn’t know the name of. You blinked and peeled your eyes off him and stared at your fiddling hands on your desk.

“Morning class, I believe we have a new student today. Her name is (Y/N)? Where are you?” The teacher spoke.

You smiled lightly and raised your hand as everyone turned around to look at you, including the boy in front of you. He smirked at you before facing forwards again, shaking his head.

“Nice to meet you (Y/N), I’m Mr Washington. Let’s begin.”

Debate class was quite funny actually, every two seconds, the boy in the green t-shirt and the boy in the purple hoodie kept arguing. Mr Washington had to keep hushing them. What was rather awkward was that you kept staring at the boy in front of you, there was something about him. He’d turn round a couple times to talk to James, you would instantly put your head down and focus on the work. You could swear you kept hearing him laugh a bit when that happened.

“Hey James what’s next?” You asked

You heard the boy in front of you turn his chair around as quick as he could. His eyes were wide with disbelief.

“You can talk?!” He yelled, but not loud enough for Mr Washington to hear.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “No I actually can’t, my voice is actually an illusion.” You told him with a sarcastic tone.

“Wow pretty and witty, you’re a bit like me then.” He chuckled as he turned back round to do the work.

“Ignore him (Y/N), he’s extremely cocky.” James whispered to you.

“Yeah, no shit.”

Throughout the lesson, the rest of the class was debating quietly, well except the two boys that were arguing in the beginning. They weren’t even partners and they were still shouting across the room to each other. The bell rung, signalling everyone to go to their next class.

“It’s lunch next (Y/N), you can sit with me.” James told you.

Everyone had rushed out of the classroom but you and James waited for a minute, to avoid any crowds. As you began to walk out of the class into the cafeteria. You looked over to the right, there was a very loud table with the same guy wearing the green hoodie. He was with three guys and 3 other girls, one of them he had his arms around.

“Hey James, who’s that dude always arguing with your cocky friend?”

“Ah, Alexander Hamilton, he’s always trying to start a fight with anyone that disagrees with him.”

“I see,” you hummed.

You sat down at a table with James and saw a familiar guy walking towards your table. Oh god. That guy, again.

“K, well I’m gonna go grab some lunch, you alright to stay here (Y/N)?”

“Uh yeah, sure.”

And just like that James left to get lunch and his friend sat down right next to you. You sighed quietly and looked away from him.

“Whats the deal with you (Y/N)?” His deep voice captured your attention. “You gotta boyfriend? Or are you interested in girls”

Your head turned to look at him in the face. “No.” You scoffed, “I just don’t like cocky guys.”

“You know, my personality isn’t the only thing that’s cocky. If you play your cards right, you’ll get to see what I’m talking about.”

Your eyes widened in disgust. When is James getting back! You shouted in your head. Screw it. You quickly got up and simply walked away. You walked past James, a very confused expression covered his face.

“Oh come on! It was a joke (Y/N)!”

“What did you say to her Thomas.” You heard James huff in the distance.

Thomas, was his name.

You were so disgusted you didn’t even notice that you were already out of the cafeteria and into the halls. You didn’t notice until you bumped into a girl wearing a white top with daisies with a bright yellow skirt.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I didn’t-I wasn’t looking where I was going and-” You paused as you saw that the girl in front of you had no ounce of anger in her whatsoever. In fact, she was smiling, beaming like a sun.

“You’re the new girl, (Y/N)? Right?” Her sweet voice asked.

“Yeah, that’s me, you are?”

“Peggy!” She told you. “I saw you hurrying out of the cafeteria, what’s up?”

“That guy, Thomas? I think? He was just being a cocky jerk.” You rolled your eyes.

Peggy’s smile turned into a frown. “Yeah, he’s not a very nice guy, his friend James on the other hand is so sweet! He’s supposed to be showing you around the school.”

“Yeah, I don’t really feel comfortable with sitting with James today at lunch, because of Thomas. Can I sit with you?”

“Oh of course!” She took your hand. “Come I’ll show you my friends”

You entered the cafeteria for the second time that day with Peggy as she guided you to her group of friends. You noticed that they were also Alexander’s friends.

“Hey guys! This is (Y/N), she didn’t want to sit with James today because Thomas was being a jerk. Soo I invited her to sit with us!” Peggy exclaimed. Everyone at the table smiled and greeted you as Peggy introduced them all to you.

She pointed over to the girls that you were both sitting opposite of. “They are my sisters, Angelica and Eliza, together we are”

“The Schuyler Sisters!” They all sang, each including their own harmonies, before bursting into pits of laughter.

“That is Alexander, Eliza’s boyyyfriend!” She giggled. “And one of the best debaters ever”

“Duh,” Alexander shouted. “It definitely isn’t Thomas Jefferson.” He then muttered, which gained everyone’s laughter.

“That is Hercules, he likes to sew pants.” Hercules raised his hand and gave a little wave.

“That is John, he’s a knucklehead.”

“Hey! I’m so not a knucklehead.”

“Fine. John isn’t a knucklehead. Said nobody ever!!”

You smiled at John, there was something about him which made you giggle.

“And last but definitely not least, Lafayette! He moved here from France last year.”

“Bonjour.” He said in his thick French accent.

“Wow, France, I’d like to go there someday.” You said.

You weren’t feeling very hungry at all so you didn’t go up to get food. Lunch with Peggy’s friends was a lot more fun than you’d thought it would be. Most of it was Alexander doing something ridiculous and Eliza hitting him playfully, telling him to stop, or John telling funny jokes and stories. You blushed whenever John talked to you, and you hoped nobody at the table actually noticed. Maybe you did have a tiny crush on him, he was cute, funny and very good looking. But you thought Peggy had a thing for him because of them teasing each other earlier on. You definitely didn’t like Thomas anymore after that horrible thing he told you.

All good things must come to an end as the bells rang, signalling lunch being over. You stood up and grabbed your bags. “Nice having lunch with you guys! I’m going to head to class.” Everyone said their goodbyes as they stood up as well, getting ready to head to their classes.

“Hey, (Y/N), what class do you have?” John asked as he approached you.

“Art,” you smiled.

“Oh, you’re taking art?”

“Yeah, I love drawing, painting, sculpting, literally anything to do with art. It’s just so relaxing.”

“Yeah I get that, do you want to walk with me? I-I have art too.”

“Lead the way, John”

You both exited the cafeteria, you blushing, him fidgeting.

“So-” “Are you”

You both chuckled. “You go first John.”

“So, how do you like it here?” He asked you.

“It’s great! I mean, the worst part of my day was when Thomas said something horrible to me.”

“He was being horrible to you? Where is he. I’ll set him straight.” John huffed, turning around to look for him.

You grabbed his arm, telling him to stop. “No, he wasn’t horrible. He said something horrible.”

“Oh.” He let out a deep breath. “Sorry”

“You have no reason to be sorry.”

You both arrived at your art classes to see canvases for each student in the class and a table in front of them with different objects. Some tables ranged from fruit bowls to wine bottles and glasses. The class had no lights but natural light from the sun, which gave off a very fresh, warm feeling.

“Ah! Are you (Y/N)?” A tall woman approached you and asked you.

“Yes I am,”

“Okay well I’m Miss Gente, we’re doing still life, you should be interested in it, you did sign up for art for a reason.”

“I’m actually interested in all kinds of art, self portraits to sculpting.”

“I like you already, I see you came with John, would you like to work next to him?”

“Yeah, thank you Miss Gente.”

You went over to the blank canvas that was right next to John and smiled at him brightly. His goofy grin made you smile even more, which you didn’t think was possible. In front of you were two wine bottles, one green and one a deep red. As you started sketching out your painting John asked you a question.

“What did he say to you?”

“Well. He asked me 'what’s my deal’ you know, if I’m taken or into girls. I just told him I don’t like cocky guys. And he said something among the lines of 'my personality isn’t the only thing that’s cocky, if you know what I mean.’ It was horrific, so I just stood up and walked away.”

“Jefferson has no boundaries.” He scoffed.



Two weeks have gone by since your first day of school. You had started to hang out with Peggy much more, but you still talked to James occasionally. You got much closer with the rest of the group and hung out with them every single day at school. Thomas approached you and apologised, since then, you and him talked a bit more, got to know each other. Your group of friends didn’t like the fact that you talked to Thomas a lot, but they didn’t try to stop you. They couldn’t. You had your own mind. You also found out that John had a girlfriend that didn’t go to the school.

“Hey (Y/N), what are you looking at,” Thomas asked, taking you away from your thoughts. He was wearing his cute purple hoodie today, the one he wore when you met him.

“Oh, uhm. Nothing don’t worry,” you smiled.

He smiled back at you, what a charming smile you thought as you looked down at your shoes. Thomas was the same, rubbing his neck with his hand, you’d never seen him this nervous or weird before. You wondered why he was like this, you knew exactly why you were like this. In fact, you thought it was obvious to everyone. James had spotted it. Maybe Thomas hadn’t. Or maybe he did. Maybe he found out that you were crushing on him, and maybe he didn’t feel the same. So he ignored it. You blinked and looked up to him, his eyes already latched onto you, smiling at you. It was silent between you two at the lunch table. But you liked it. It was sweet. You noticed that ever since he started to hang out with you more, Thomas started less fights with Alexander. Which was a good thing.

“Why are you two looking at each other like that?” You looked up to see James putting his bag down to sit down in the seat opposite you and Thomas.

“Like what?” You both said in unison before bursting into giggles.

“Great minds think alike, Thomas.” You grinned.

“Just get together already!” James shouted, which drew the attention of a few sitting near you. You rolled your eyes, Thomas probably didn’t feel the same.

After school you were sitting on your bed, doodling anything that came in mind. When out of the blue. Your phone buzzed.

From Thomas:
Are you doing anything tomorrow at 7pm? There’s an art show that’s in that gallery near school. x

Your face went bright red, an 'x.’ What was he implying?

To Thomas:
Why? ;)

You felt like a school girl with a major crush on a guy you weren’t supposed to have a crush on. Well, that’s because that was your exact situation.

From Thomas:
Welll, I was wondering if I could take you, if you would like that.

To Thomas:
Pick me up at 6:30 x

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I think there is some uncertainty on whether she ends up with Silver. They're so ideologically different at the moment and even the way they approach love is vastly opposed. How does that last?

Well, I think it lasts if they both decide that they want it to. Silver is clearly all in. But your points about their ideological differences and approach to love is interesting - so let’s explore that a bit.

So Madi is pretty fixed, ideologically. But I would say that Silver is very malleable. Consider his wavering support for the resistance in recent episodes: Despite his misgivings, he reluctantly pushes on out of loyalty to Flint and Madi. The ONE time we saw him show real passion for this war was when he believed Madi to be dead. He wanted to carry forth - was determined to move forward - to honor HER. In the end, ideology is subject to his emotional attachments - not the other way around. He’ll bend if he needs to, and willingness to bend is key in any relationship.

I’m not sure, though, that the WAY Silver and Madi love is all that different - it’s the context from which they approach that love that’s different.  A recent tweet from the team at Fathoms Deep captures Silver’s perspective so well: Madi is “not just his first love. She is his first love in the context of him learning to love at all.” And he finds his first love within the context of learning to love at one of the most emotionally trying times of his life: He’s only recently lost his leg, he’s in tremendous pain, and he’s struggling to convey strength at a time when he’s feeling less than “whole.” He’s in an incredibly vulnerable position, and then Madi comes along, cares for him, takes his hand, tries to share his pain. She offers herself as a tether but ends up becoming his ANCHOR.

And that’s why she is the point where he is “most vulnerable.” That’s why the mere thought of losing her scares the bejesus out of him. And that’s why he’s willing to do anything, sacrifice everything to be with her. He loves her completely AND selfishly - in a way that speaks to his essential self: an orphan who has had to put his survival ahead of anyone else’s needs to stay alive. Madi, from his perspective, is his survival.

Madi has come into this relationship from an entirely different perspective. She will be a queen, and while self-preservation has been the driving force of Silver’s life, Madi’s sense of self has been shaped by the notion of sacrifice - sacrificing her own needs, her own life - her own father, even - for the sake of her people. The “crown is a burden” that she accepts - embraces, even. BUT there is a moment that suggests that, having fallen in love with Silver, she’s feeling a certain wistfullness - a longing for something…else. She tells her lover “if I were a no-good pirate, I would follow you wherever you led.” And it’s just 13 words, but it says soooo much. Because her words are conditional, right?. If. If IFFFF.  "If I wasn’t who I am, if the survival of a 1000+ men, women, and children didn’t depend on me, if I wasn’t bearing the weight of the goddamned world on my shoulders, I would never leave your side. I would run away with you and never look back. I imagine that falling in love with Siver is maybe the first experience she’s had that is just for HER. How liberating that must be for someone who lives so selflessly! Anyway, I think Madi loves Silver wholeheartedly, and she approaches love with the same intensity that he does, but, unlike Silver, she cannot afford to be selfish about it. There are too many lives at stake.

ETA: All that said, we’ll see if they end up together. I think the only way Madi will end up with Silver is if she takes on the role left vacant by her father - if she becomes her people’s tether to the outside world.


[EPISODE] 110. The Death of Uranus and Neptune? The Talismans Appear.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Kana: ウラヌス達の死? タリスマン出現
Romaji: Uranusu tachi no Shi? Tarisuman Shutsugen

Original Air Date: October 15, 1994

Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Mari Tominaga

Plot: Haruka and Michiru go to meet Eudial, who has discovered the identity of a Talisman host.


  • The opening animation was altered to include Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Pluto, Hotaru Tomoe, and the Holy Grail. Also, Kaolinite was removed.
  • The building and aquarium that Usagi met Haruka and Michiru at would be visited again in episode 167.
  • The shadowy figures that Mimete spoke to in the locker room were likely the remaining Witches 5 members, but they were not identified as such. They did not have the same voice actors as those specific characters either.


  • Setsuna Meiou and Mimete were both officially introduced. Sailor Pluto was a recurring character in the second arc of R, but Setsuna was not revealed to be Sailor Pluto until episode 111.
  • While visualizations of the Talismans were seen earlier, this episode marked the first true appearances of the Deep Aqua Mirror and the Space Sword.
  • Haruka and Michiru’s helicopter was first shown in this episode.


  • The Capture Gun was last seen here.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “Destiny’s Arrival”):

    The Messiah was called the “Ambassador of Good.”

    Setsuna’s name was changed to Trista.

    The shot of Sailor Uranus holding the gun to her chest was removed from the television airing.


  • The Death Busters’ laboratory
  • Haruka and Michiru’s residence
  • Hikawa Shrine
  • Game Center Crown
  • The Tsukino Residence
  • Aquarium
  • Marine Cathedral