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etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: someone who needs a new scent | 12.16.16

zodiac solid perfume locket by theparlorapothecary

i have just two more scented gift find for you before i do a mini-blitz of some extra faves from already-featured shops today — theparlorapothecary features deep-hued and deep-scented perfume and beauty options in both solid and eau de parfum versions, and this zodiac locket-style necklace find makes this gift custom and special.

Rich and Strange (8): Lull

Getting dressed is a much more involved process than Noriaki expected.

It would be easier if he could see. It would only take a few minutes to take in the way Jotaro’s clothes sit on his shoulders, only one example of how to fasten and unfasten the connections that hold them on; Noriaki’s a fast learner, he has no doubt he could figure things out for himself almost without needing any guidance at all. But the price he paid for the transformation he didn’t ask for but apparently needed is enough to slow his learning curve to a crawl, to require far more assistance from Jotaro to cover the fast-chilling damp of his skin with clothing than Noriaki would prefer. By the time he has the fabric Jotaro refers to as pants covering his legs and something soft and silky over his arms he’s shivering again, his fingers clumsy with cold until Jotaro has to help work up the front of the clothing to fit the small polished shapes called buttons into the spaces left for them on the other side of the fabric.

“It’ll be warmer downstairs,” he says as his touches presses against Noriaki’s collarbones, his fingers fitting the button where it belongs to hold the fabric around the other’s body. “You’ll be more comfortable over dinner.” His hands draw away, his footsteps draw back; Noriaki tries to let his shoulders relax, tries to stand with something like grace in his stance. He feels clumsy even not moving, like all his instinctive grace has been stripped from him to leave him awkward and uncomfortable in a body that feels like he’s stolen it from someone else instead of created it from his own existence. At least his footing is steady, even if his feet are still aching from the walk they took to get here from the beach, even if his legs are still trembling with exhaustion from the too-much effort he’s put in today; he can stand well enough, as long as he’s not moving, as long as he’s not thinking about the effort it takes to stay upright, or the texture of the surface under his feet, or the strange soft of the fabric hanging at his hips and over his shoulders and arms.

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In Too Deep Chapter 21- FFXIII Fic
Escalating escalating ESCALATINGGGGGGGGG
By Organization for Transformative Works

bitch yes. Chp21 imageryyyyy. Someone looks a tad menacing! link: 

Even more menacing, there is only THREE. CHAPTERS. TO GO. OH GOSH. ARE YOU READY? I don’t think I’m ready.


The first time we see the shows tagline, our first appearance of Deep Throat, UFO sightings, guest appearance by Seth Green (aptly playing a stoner no less),Mulder dancing and being a general cutie, and the acknowledgement that aliens have always been here.


Steven Moffat has said the surprise cameo “felt utterly right” for ‘Deep Breath’.

WARNING: The following story contains spoilers!

Speaking on the surprise cameo of Matt Smith’s Doctor, he said: “It just felt utterly right for what we were planning for Peter’s Doctor - and right for Matt’s Doctor that he would think of that as he was just about ready to go out the door. And you think, well it’s never been done before - why not?”

“I did wonder. I wondered when we sat in the cutting room, ‘Does this seem strange?’ And then you remember you’re making Doctor Who and you go, ‘Yes this does seem strange - that’s absolutely fine!’”

Moffat also confirmed that the scene was shot during filming of the 2013 Christmas Special: “We shot that on the set of ‘The Time of the Doctor’, which meant I had to write that scene first and then fill in some gumph about clockwork robots.”

Capaldi also commented on the cameo: “I love Matt, I think he’s fantastic. He had a great kind of wisdom about him; he had this great combination of youthfulness and this very old soul, which is very unique, so I was delighted that he showed up.”

Doctor Who Series 8 continues on Saturday, 30th August at 7:30pm on BBC One.