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One of the chief barriers people learning to project face is fear.  Many are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some way as a result of their projection. Once you can counteract this fear you can begin trying to project.  

Step one:

Relax the body. According to Monroe, “the ability to relax is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself” to having an OBE. (out of body experience) This includes both physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not suggest a method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive Muscle relaxation, coupled with deep breathing exercises (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3…. until 50 or 100) are known to work well.

Step two:

Enter the state bordering sleep.  This is known as the hypnagogic state. Once again, Monroe doesn’t recommend any method of doing this.  One way is to hold your forearm up, while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will awaken again.  With practice, you can learn to control the Hypnagogic state without using your arm.  Another method is to concentrate on an object.  When other images start to enter your thoughts, you have entered the Hypnagogic state.  Passively watch these images.  This will also help you maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe calls this Condition A.

Step three:

Deepen this state. Begin to clear your mind.  observe your field of vision through your closed eyes.  Do nothing more for a while. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you.  After a while, you may notice light patterns.  These are simply neural discharges.  They have no specific effect.  Ignore them.  When they cease, one has entered what Monroe calls Condition B.  From here, one must enter an even deeper state of relaxation which Monroe calls Condition C– a state of such relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation.  You are almost in a void in which your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts.  The ideal state for leaving your body is Condition D.  This is Condition C when it is voluntarily induced from a rested and refreshed condition and is not the effect of normal fatigue.  To achieve Condition D, Monroe suggests that you practice entering it in the morning or after a short nap.

Step Four:

Enter a state of Vibration. This is the most important part of the technique, and also the most vague.  Many projectors have noted these vibrations at the onset of projection.  They can be experienced as a mild tingling, or as is electricity is being shot through the body.  /their cause is a mystery.  It may be the astral body trying to leave the physical one.  For entering the vibrational state, he offers the following directions:

1. Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching your skin.

2. Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your eyelids, but do not shut out all light.

3. Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head pointed toward magnetic north.

4. Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are slightly warmer than might normally be comfortable.

5. Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time when, there will be absolutely no noise to disturb you.

6. Enter a state of relaxation

7. Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember all that occurs during the upcoming session that will be beneficial to your well-being. Repeat this five times.

8. Proceed to breathe through your half-open mouth.

9. As you breath, concentrate on the void in front of you.

10. Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change your point of mental reference to six feet.

11. Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line parallel to your body axis up and above your head.  Focus there and reach out for the vibrations at that point and bring them back into your body.

Even if you don’t know what these vibrations are, you will know when you have achieved contact with them.

Step five:

Learn to control the vibrational state.  Practice controlling them by mentally pushing them into your head, down to your toes, making them surge throughout your entire body, and producing vibrational waves from head to foot.  To produce this wave effect, concentrate of the vibrations and mentally push a wave out of your head and guide it down your body. Practice this until you can induce these waves on command.  Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are ready to leave the body.

Step six:

Begin with a partial separation.  The key here is thought control.  Keep your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let it wander. Stray thought might cause you to lose control of the state.

Now, having entered the vibrational state, begin exploring the OBE by releasing a hand or a foot of the “second body”.  Monroe suggests that you extend a limb until it comes in contact with a familiar object, such as a wall near your bed.  Then push it through the object. Return the limb by placing it back into coincidence with the physical one, decrease the vibrational rate, and then terminate the experiment.  Lie quietly until you have fully returned to normal. This exercise will prepare you for full separation.

Step seven:

Dissociate yourself from the body. Monroe suggests two methods for this.  One method is to lift out of the body.  To do this, think about getting lighter and lighter after entering this vibrational state.  Think about how nice it would be to float upward.  Keep this thought in mind at all costs and let no extraneous thoughts interrupt it. An OBE will occur naturally at this point.

Another method is the “Rotation method” or “roll-out” technique.  When you have achieved the vibrational state, try to roll over as if you were turning over in bed.  /do not attempt to roll over physically.  Try to twist your body from the top and virtually roll over into your second body right out of your physical self.  At this point, you will be out of the body but next to it.  Think of floating upward, and you should find yourself floating above the body.  Monroe suggests you begin with the lift-out method, but argues that both are equally efficacious.

Source: Scared text archive & (Taken from Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral

Projection, D. Scott Rogo, prentice Hall Press)

As Always


After seeing this image (which is the cutest image ever *blushes*) 

It gave me an idea! 

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I know Jack likes to do different stuff on his channel! You know what would be really neato?! (I know Jack has told us multiple things he does to de-stress) It would be really awesome if Jack could do a video where he would have really nice relaxing music in the background and he would just closes his eyes and just do deep breathing exercises for a little bit (it doesn’t have to be that long)!

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(I know what your thinking, Jack is suppose to be bouncy, and energetic all the time, hahaha)

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Believe it or not he gets stressed out just like you or me! I know I would watch the heck out of that, and there are so many people who are stressed that watches Jack to get them in a much happier place where they started from!

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I use YouTube to de-stress, which works to an extent, but it doesn’t really help me before I go to bed (which I’m guilty of watching Jack at 8:30pm, 9:00pm before I’m suppose to be going to bed, ooops, hahahaha) 

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so, i had bronchitis as you may remember, at the start of the year, & was terrible about remembering to use the inhaler.. & then i went on vacation…& feeling much much better overall…

BUT [warning, gross health talk here] there is a lingering bit of mucus in my lungs that i just can’t freaking shake!? the cough is mostly gone, but sometimes when i’m just waking up, or taking deep breaths while exercising, it like, tickles & forces me to cough to try to work it out, but there isn’t a lot, so it’s like a useless coughing fit that almost makes me throw up sometimes? luckily, it only happens every couple days, but it’s so annoying? will it just go away eventually?

should i take mucinex? or isn’t that for when you’re like, really sick? or have you had this happen & have some suggestions?

the mammalian diving reflex and you

there’s a really effective technique for calming down from extreme emotions really, really quickly and it should seriously be more well-known so. well. here’s a post about it.

basically, this is a thing our bodies do when we dive into very cold water and it helps us to stay underwater for extended periods of time. it forces the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in, which causes our bodies to enter a restful, relaxed state. there are other ways to activate it, like deep breathing exercises, but those can take a little while and when you’re in a state of extreme emotional distress it’s really important to shut that down as quickly as possible, especially if you’re on the edge of acting on a damaging impulse.

extremely important warning: do not do this without talking to your doctor first if you have any kind of heart problem. also, if you have anorexia your heart may be slow/weak right now and it would probably be best to avoid this technique, as it causes your heart rate to drop dramatically and quickly.

onto the process:

  • fill a bowl with icy cold water. the coldest water from your tap should be fine
  • bend over 
  • hold your breath
  • submerge your face, making sure the areas under your eyes and around your nose are making contact with the water, for 30 seconds to one minute

take a few deep breaths. you should be feeling much calmer and clearer. get a glass of water, do something nice for yourself, and be proud that you pulled yourself out of something dark and scary before it got even darker and scarier.

  • louis: babe i can't sleep :(
  • harry: have you tried doing a few yoga poses? maybe spraying some lavender on your pillow? warming up some organic soy goat milk? doing some deep breathing exercises?
  • louis:
  • louis: well that was boring enough to put me to sleep goodnight

everyone without anxiety: just take deep breaths! have you tried exercising? thats what i do when im feeling stressed out! try talking to someone about it! just do everything you need to do that’s causing your anxiety and get it off your mind! :-)

And for the record--

I’ve watched an embarrassing amount of Downey interviews and videos in general, old and new, sometimes he’s clearly high, sometimes he’s bitchy, mostly he’s charming,

and I have never seen him just … seethe like that.

It’s amazing.

Even more amazing is– that shit stain of a journalist didn’t read RDJ’s body cues, how angry he was getting!

Or he probably did, but ignored it for the scoop.

Really– with how pissed Robert looked in that video (he was doing deep-breathing exercises to control himself!), it’s a wonder he didn’t punch the guy.

Cassie managed to calm herself down with some subtle deep breathing exercises she learned in yoga class and the rest of the meal went well. 

Alexander told her about his new friend Lucy and her parents filled her in on what had been happening since her uncle Michael’s funeral. Aunt Dina had come to stay with them for awhile and her father had offered to help her and her sister find a place in Pleasantview so that they could all stay in touch, but ultimately, she moved back in with her sister in Simcity. Despite the fact that they were nothing but nice to her, she always felt somewhat intimidated standing next to the buxom blonde and her fit sister. 

It wasn’t until after their plates were empty that the conversation once again turned uncomfortable.

“I talked to your professor today Cassandra.”

“I really wish you wouldn’t do that, Daddy.”

“Why not?”

“May I be excused please?”

“Yes, Alexander, you may. Your father is just looking out for you, darling. There’s nothing wrong with him keeping tabs on your grades. We do pay for your education.”