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Working with Water

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Air rules me but so does water. I am split down the middle between the two. Water is chaotic and memorizing, and there is much you can do because it is one of the two elements that you can actually touch. Just like my other post, Working with Air, we will be exploring different ways that  you can connect more deeply with water. Enjoy dearies! 

Here is a list of different ways to work with water: 

  • We must drink water to survive, so when you are about to grab a glass of water (whether purified, tap, or bottled) before you pour it in your glass or before opening your bottle, enchant it by holding your hands around the glass/bottle (with your eyes closed or open) then say something along the lines as “I am one with the running waters of the Earth.” 
  • Go to the beach. Collect seashells, rocks, and sand. Dip yourself in the ocean. Feel the powerful waves crash against you. NOTE: Be careful of any animals that live within the ocean, be respectful. Don’t collect anything that can be harmful for your health or illegal. EX. feathers
  • Showers are powerful. If you are one who likes to take showers in the morning, imagine the water energizing you for the day ahead and see yourself conquering all that lies before you. If you are one who likes to take showers at night, imagine the water rinsing off to cleanse you from long day you had and see yourself washing away everything so you are fresh and new. No matter what time you take a shower, allow the water to freshen up your spirits. 
  • Baths are very calming and relaxing. When one cannot go to the beach, this is an excellent way to substitute. Fill the tub, surround yourself with blue/purple candles, seashells, and crystals that relate to water. Put in herbs or essential oils within your bath to connect you to the ocean waves of the deep, vast blue. Bonus, you can put on ocean sound music to set the mood. NOTE: Do your research, do not put in herbs or oils that are harmful to your health. Do not put crystals around the tub if they can be toxic or if they deteriorate in water. Your health is always most important.  
  • When it is raining, go outside and let the rain fall upon you. Close your eyes and let the water cleanse your being. Then if you would like, play. Splash in puddles, run around. Enjoy yourself. 
  • Make a sigil that means “I connect with the waters of the deep, beautiful sea.” or something along the lines. (Again, I am not a sigil maker but something I would like to include for others who are) Wear the sigil on you as you go to the beach or are working at your water altar.    
  • Make a special water altar, preferably facing west. Fill it with mermaid items, chalices, colors of dark blues and purples, seashells, etc.    
  • Research mermaids. Merpeople swim in the deep depths of the sea. They are beautiful, alluring, and mysterious. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any sources on how to communicate with them so here is a small list of ways I have personally used to connect with them.
    • Go to the beach, sit in front of the water and sing. Whether it is a mermaid song (like Jolly Sailor Bold) or your all time favorite song, just sing your heart out. If others are around you on the beach, sing quietly or have your headphones in. If you are alone, then sing as loud as you want. 
    • Collect seawater in a jar, then when you get home make an oil using essential oils and herbs that mermaids love. Then before you go to sleep, take a small inhale, then fall asleep. Let the mermaids come to you in your dreams. NOTE: Do your research, do not use oils that will harm your health. This is more for aroma, not placing on your skin. 
    • While you are at the beach, leave the mermaids small offerings that you feel they would enjoy. NOTE: Do not leave anything that is harmful to our environment, like jars filled with items. Be respectful to our Earth. 
    • If you cannot go to the beach, take a bath and surround yourself with mermaid items; like statues, mirrors, seashells, etc. Fill the bath with herbs and oils that relate to merpeople then while you are bathing, sing. Look in the mirror if you would like, allow yourself to become one with them. NOTE: I don’t really care that I repeat myself so often but for real, do you research. Do not use herbs or oils that will harm your health.
    • Be careful as you would communicating with any kind of spirit. Protect yourself and be respectful while you contact. 



Did this shrimp get into a fight with a highlighter?

No – this is actually a California mantis shrimp, distinguished by its bright yellow and blue markings. Mantis shrimp can strike their prey incredibly quickly, more than 50 times faster than the blink of an eye! This one was spotted in the deep waters of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. 

(Photo: OET/NOAA)

Dusk till Dawn

Fandoms: Super Sons, Batman DC, Superman DC

Parings: Damijon, TimKon, JayRoy, BirdFlash,

Characters: Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Wally West, Connor Kent, Roy Harper, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Lois Lane

Summary: Genius playboy Damian Wayne has everything he could ever want and more yet people fail to see how broken this boy truly is. He meets Jon Kent a bright cheerful boy who’ll show Damian there’s more to life than fame and fortune

Link: Dusk till Dawn by GoNEF

Chapter 1: The end of an era

Chapter 1: End of an Era

“Damian Wayne has ended his engagement with Kitty Moth, the singer told G! News that he and model Kitty Moth wanted different things, sources indicated that Damian didn’t want to be tied down, he wanted to party and be wild while he still could while Kitty wanted to have a calm more private life, she says that she was ready to start a family and Damian wasn’t.

Our sources indicate that the main reason Damian [Wayne] kept putting off the wedding is due to the fact that he was afraid of being tied down to one woman and needed freedom after three years of cheating, heart breaks, Damian [Wayne] finally ended the engagement leaving Kitty [Moth] heartbroken and distraught, the model refuses to talk about it and wishes Damian the best,”

“And me being gay having to hide my sexuality as well as this whole mess being a pr stunt to further her career has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I called off that engagement,”

Dick let out a surprised squeak as he turned around to see Damian leaning against the door way, glaring at the TV, Dick looked at the TV before he looked at Damian, he was about to turn off the television so that Damian wouldn’t have to see the media trash talking him about his engagement with Kitty, Damian however, had other plans.

Taking the remote from Dick the younger Wayne turned the volume up as he continued to hear the reported paint him as some bad guy while making Kitty look like an angel.


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I need some supercat romance weekend away fluff with this please 'your eyes are so blue when the sun hits them' just give me fluff all the fluff. NC x

The water is limpid above a sea of white sand that seems to go on forever, sparkling under the bright and hot sunlight. The air, hot and sweet, carries hints of salt, wet sand and coconut sun oil and no cloud is marring the infinite azure of the sky. Everything is blue and white and the only different color comes from the green leaves atop the palm trees that provide a much needed shadow over the edge of the beach.

Cat Grant is a writer, everybody knows that. She’s a multiple time awarded journalist and she built a media conglomerate that has become the most thriving empire on the coast, maybe even across the whole country, based on her sharp and cutting talent with words and this, not always healthy, obsession for the truth.

She knows more words than an average, intelligent and educated person and she prides herself for being very good with synonyms, with comparisons, metaphors, verbatim, rhetoric and all kind of literary prowess but today, faced with a pair of glistering, intense and deep ocean eyes that shine and gleam from all the blue shades surrounding them, she can’t seem to manage one simple, let alone coherent, sentence.

Kara is looking at her and the whole universe is written in her incredibly deep irises. There are stars made of the gold sparkles the sun is discarding across the surface of the sea, sparkles that reflect so perfectly in Kara’s eyes Cat wonders if it’s a super power as well. It’s intoxicating, all those galaxies she can see move and sway in the ocean of her lover’s eyes and she thinks she should say something, try to put words on this strange and overwhelming feeling that fills every corners of her being, courses through her veins like lava, implodes in her heart like fireworks and makes her very soul feel whole again.

“Your eyes are so blue when the sun hits them like this,” she whispers, a little dreamily, but the words sound dull and flat, so far away from the reality of what she sees that it makes her cringe, inwardly.

Kara’s laughter is now exploding in the air, swimming across the surface of the limpid water and carried away by the very soft breeze that barely temper the heat of the sun beams.
She’s beautiful, with her dark wet hair tumbling messily on her broad shoulders, with the water drops scattered all over her tanned skin catching the light in every possible way and Cat wonders, not for the first time, how she ended up with this unreal woman by her sides.

“Well I’m glad you noticed the colors of my eyes, given how much time you spend starring into them,” Kara sasses and Cat rolls her eyes but she’s not annoyed in the slightest.
She’s slowly getting used to the way Kara takes her breath away on the most random occasions and she doesn’t even mind, that her words seem to fail her as well, because Kara makes her feel like she doesn’t need to speak to be understood.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Cat orders and Kara obliges but her laughter never truly dies. Instead, it endlessly echoes in the summer day like, a promise.

I want it Rough.

Summary(Requested): You hand out with Theo too much and you’re boyfriend Liam doesn’t like it, so he asks you why and you say your want him rougher and he shows you it.

{Warning: Rough, cursing, fighting, spanking and dirty talk.}

Liam once again sat with an angry expression, the sight of his girlfriend getting flirted with by another guy, and out of all people Theo Reaken, the dick head himself. Theo knew it pissed him off and the little smiles and smirks he was giving Liam only made him angrier.

Finally not being able to take it anymore he walks over to the two, his finger’s wrapping around the small wrist of his girlfriend pulling away from the predator that tried taking his territory. “Liam what are you doing?” You ask now alone with your very angry boyfriend.

“I swear to god if you’re not at my house after school you’ll regret it.” You roll your eyes at his random out burst. Liam was known to get angry, actually a real lot so this was nothing new.

“Yeah okay.” You mumble completely avoiding his gaze, his angry eyes fixated on you to only have it broken along with him stomping down the hall way. School was long and boring as usual and Theo was being weird as well he held your books to every class and was very touchy. It probably didn’t help that you had every class with him.

“Need a ride home?” Theo’s voice echoed across the school halls to only smirk at Liam’s growing heart beat that increased in anger. You shake your head giving him a small smile, obviously there was something wrong with your boyfriend and you wanted to fix it. Theo frowned, “Alright maybe next time babe.”

The nickname almost sent Liam flipping as he gripped his locker door tightly the metal squeaking as it bent at the fury of his fist. “Liam.” You hiss catching his attention as he noticed the people staring at him, his hand unlocking from the locker to show the hand shaped indent.

“Let’s go.” Liam mumbles. To add onto his anger, he was mad at himself now for loosing it in public. He’s been working on his anger but at the moment he was to pissed off to control it. Finally in the comfort of Liam’s navy blue room your shoes quickly joined the pile of his located next to the wall. Liam discarded his shoes as well throwing them and laying back onto his bed.

“You said you wanted me here.” You start wanting to see what have you done to inpact his anger so much. Liam sat up staring deep into your eyes and you back into his. Liam’s eyes were beautiful, a deep sea blue that sucked you deep inside the depts. of the calm but now angry ocean.

“Do you like Theo?” A loud laugh fell from your mouth only annoying Liam more as he tried but was failing to keep his cool with you. Liam was quick to snarl, “I don’t see what’s so funny.”

You stop seeing how even more angry if that was possible he has grown. “No I don’t like him, I wouldn’t be dating you if I did.”

Liam was convinced as his hand met with your arm not gentle either, a little rougher then usual. “Then why do you hang out with him so much?”

Liam’s question caught you off guard because you really weren’t sure, maybe because you both enjoyed the darker things in life, or maybe because he wasn’t gentle with you all the time. “I don’t know.” You pause before looking down, “He isn’t as gentle with me?”

Liam was irate now, fire coursed through out him. “So I’m not gentle with you?” He laughs to himself, “You want me rough and mean in bed is that what this is?” You pause not believe what he said. Instead of waiting for an answer his arms lift you onto the bed back against the cozy mattress. Liam’s lips were fast against yours, molding together as if they were made for each other’s. Liam surprised you when his teeth came in contact with your lip making you cry out.

Liam’s touch was rough between your thighs giving them a hard squeeze making you whine out, his fingers quickly twirled around your shirt lifting it over your head and throwing it somewhere on the floor to expose your bare breast. “No bra, you were just asking for Theo to fuck you.” You groan at his meanness, his thumb roughly drawing circles on your hardening nipple. “Liam.” You moan a whimper escaping soon after at the feeling of his teeth making contact with the sensitive numb.

There was no denying this was hot, and Liam was sexy as hell. Liam’s finger quickly and messily pushed  past your jeans to met your clit which made you cry out. “Who’s making you feel good now slut?” Liam was almost seeing red from anger.

“Theo.” You smirk, challenging him. But boy did you regret it as he turned you over making you stay on all fours, his hands took your panties and jeans down to your knees because they couldn’t go any further. Without warning his hand hit your ass, hard. The cry that left your lips left with some tears as well. “Liam/” You beg, to only earn another slap. “Shutup.”

After what seemed like ten slaps later his hand was rubbing against the raw, pink flesh. “You look so hot like this.” He pauses getting on his eyes to be eye level with your pussy. “Little pink ass and dripping wet pussy.” His lips teasingly met with your clit, leaving a small kiss, which made you whimper in response needing to be touched. The ache in your pussy was strong, just wanting to be touched, suck, fucked or anything.

“Your pussy looks so good babe.” He finally uses one of your nicknames. “Do you want me to eat it?” You just moan that earns a tiny slap against your pussy, leaving you cry out, “Yes, Yes Liam please.”

Feeling relieved about the answer, he pushed your hips back into his face. His position kneeling on the ground gave him the perfect spot to give you head, moans from you and cusses left your lips as you fisted the darker blue sheets. You sigh at the feeling of his tongue leaving you.

“I’m so hard for you baby.” Liam couldn’t take the aching and throbbing of his cock. Liam quickly pulled his shirt off exposing hid hard, firm muscles. The clinging of metal came next with his belt and pants on the floor leaving him in his tight black boxers bulge proiment.

“Tell me how bad you want to be fucked.” His front pressing against your back, the head of his clothed cock resting against your enterence, his arm reaching around to lay a finger on your clit.

“So bad Liam.” You moan pressing back against him, leaving more pressure on your cock. “Not good enough.”

“Fuck me please. I need you so bad Liam.” You groan in light frustration as he still stands behind you. “Please, make me forget about Theo.”

“Oh I play too baby, don’t you worry.” Bodly turning around, you pull his boxers down his impressive length springing to freedom. Without even seeing if he was angry at this you took in the head of his cock. As soon as his large hand came to meet with your hair pulling it into his fist you knew he didn’t mind.

“Mmm.” He moaned as you once again took him deep into your mouth, the head of his cock meeting with the back of your smaller throat, before you knew it he was ripped from your mouth, leg’s wrapped around his waist, back against the cold colored walls.

Liam’s lips met with your neck, leaving rough, wet kisses against it. Liam’s head met with the enternce of your pussy making you whine and with one big push he filled you completely, stretching you to the max. He was so big and felt so tight inside of you almost so tight he couldn’t move.

“Fuck someone is tight for daddy.” You moan at his words and he takes his hips back, slamming them back roughly into you.

“Liam.” You mumble, every time Liam would fill you over an over again you felt that feeling, the feeling of him hitting your g-spot, and  the gush of wetness that came with it. You felt yourself growing hotter by the second, face flushed red as Liam’s hips met with yours, leaving you whining.

“Who’s making you feel good?” Liam purrs, one arms extended against the wall, the other wrapped around your waist as he pounds into your pussy greedily. “You are Liam.” You puff, making him roll his hips giving you a whole other feeling of his cock.

“And Who isn’t?” He growls, cheeks growing red probably from being so close himself. “Theo!” You cry, “You’re making me feel good not theo.”

The familiar warm sensation grew inside you, Liam’s finger rubbing your clit as he could sense you were close, as your orgasm built. Finally you came around Liam, and with one final trust his cum filled you completely. Pulling out of you, and helping you stand which was hard due to the fucking you have just had he looked at you cupping your chin. “No more hanging with Theo and don’t make me fuck that into you too.”

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Could you maybe do a playlist on water( i.e having a close relationship to the ocean)

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I LOVE the ocean <3 

Smoke on the water | Deep purple

Bottom of the deep blue sea | MISSIO

Riptide | Vance joy

Ocean breathes salty | Modest mouse

Oceans | Coasts

Float on | Modest mouse

Waves | Mr probz

March to the sea | Twenty one pilots

Claimed by the sea | French for rabbits

Into waves | A little nothing

I sat by the ocean | Queens of the stone age

Live by the ocean | The hoosiers

The ocean | Led zeppelin

Ocean eyes | Billie eilish

Island in the sun | Weezer

5 years ago, I would sit and gaze up into grey skies,
Gasping for breath and taking in shallow water,
Wondering why the sharks around me only
Had interests lying skin deep. Oh I was in deep,
Wishing I could meet someone like you,
Not knowing that you were drowning in a different ocean,
The same sharks would stare as you sent bottles out to sea,
With hopes of friendships, life and prosperity.

Then the currents changed,
And our courses rearranged, I no longer had to look up to see blue skies,
For now I just look across and into your eyes.
Meanwhile, the sharks may follow, but they’ll never swallow us whole
As long as we are together, linked at the soul.

However, just like the weather, things change again,
I’m sat here with a pen in my hand and fears in my heart,
But none of them come from us being apart
Because I know that wherever you and I go,
I’ll still love you,
The girl I dreamt of 5 years ago.

P.H acidic

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How would you describe the color of Dane's eyes?

OMG! It’s soooo difficult to describe them. 
It is the most beautiful eye color you’ll ever see. They are blue, but the color is really deep, there is a depth similar to the depth you see in ocean, or sea. Sometimes they are turquoise, sometimes they are more light. There is also a metallic shine in them. Like silver they have this cold but magnetic glow.
Dane’s eye color is very pure; it’s almost like they are glowing from the inside, lighting up what’s around.
But it’s not only the color that is so amazing (it changes according to Dane’s mood, outfit, etc etc), it’s the stare that makes you speechless. I’ve never seen anyone with such a rare ability to give this deep gaze right into your soul

I can only imagine what it’s like to look into this guy’s eyes irl!

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