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I want it Rough.

Summary(Requested): You hand out with Theo too much and you’re boyfriend Liam doesn’t like it, so he asks you why and you say your want him rougher and he shows you it.

{Warning: Rough, cursing, fighting, spanking and dirty talk.}

Liam once again sat with an angry expression, the sight of his girlfriend getting flirted with by another guy, and out of all people Theo Reaken, the dick head himself. Theo knew it pissed him off and the little smiles and smirks he was giving Liam only made him angrier.

Finally not being able to take it anymore he walks over to the two, his finger’s wrapping around the small wrist of his girlfriend pulling away from the predator that tried taking his territory. “Liam what are you doing?” You ask now alone with your very angry boyfriend.

“I swear to god if you’re not at my house after school you’ll regret it.” You roll your eyes at his random out burst. Liam was known to get angry, actually a real lot so this was nothing new.

“Yeah okay.” You mumble completely avoiding his gaze, his angry eyes fixated on you to only have it broken along with him stomping down the hall way. School was long and boring as usual and Theo was being weird as well he held your books to every class and was very touchy. It probably didn’t help that you had every class with him.

“Need a ride home?” Theo’s voice echoed across the school halls to only smirk at Liam’s growing heart beat that increased in anger. You shake your head giving him a small smile, obviously there was something wrong with your boyfriend and you wanted to fix it. Theo frowned, “Alright maybe next time babe.”

The nickname almost sent Liam flipping as he gripped his locker door tightly the metal squeaking as it bent at the fury of his fist. “Liam.” You hiss catching his attention as he noticed the people staring at him, his hand unlocking from the locker to show the hand shaped indent.

“Let’s go.” Liam mumbles. To add onto his anger, he was mad at himself now for loosing it in public. He’s been working on his anger but at the moment he was to pissed off to control it. Finally in the comfort of Liam’s navy blue room your shoes quickly joined the pile of his located next to the wall. Liam discarded his shoes as well throwing them and laying back onto his bed.

“You said you wanted me here.” You start wanting to see what have you done to inpact his anger so much. Liam sat up staring deep into your eyes and you back into his. Liam’s eyes were beautiful, a deep sea blue that sucked you deep inside the depts. of the calm but now angry ocean.

“Do you like Theo?” A loud laugh fell from your mouth only annoying Liam more as he tried but was failing to keep his cool with you. Liam was quick to snarl, “I don’t see what’s so funny.”

You stop seeing how even more angry if that was possible he has grown. “No I don’t like him, I wouldn’t be dating you if I did.”

Liam was convinced as his hand met with your arm not gentle either, a little rougher then usual. “Then why do you hang out with him so much?”

Liam’s question caught you off guard because you really weren’t sure, maybe because you both enjoyed the darker things in life, or maybe because he wasn’t gentle with you all the time. “I don’t know.” You pause before looking down, “He isn’t as gentle with me?”

Liam was irate now, fire coursed through out him. “So I’m not gentle with you?” He laughs to himself, “You want me rough and mean in bed is that what this is?” You pause not believe what he said. Instead of waiting for an answer his arms lift you onto the bed back against the cozy mattress. Liam’s lips were fast against yours, molding together as if they were made for each other’s. Liam surprised you when his teeth came in contact with your lip making you cry out.

Liam’s touch was rough between your thighs giving them a hard squeeze making you whine out, his fingers quickly twirled around your shirt lifting it over your head and throwing it somewhere on the floor to expose your bare breast. “No bra, you were just asking for Theo to fuck you.” You groan at his meanness, his thumb roughly drawing circles on your hardening nipple. “Liam.” You moan a whimper escaping soon after at the feeling of his teeth making contact with the sensitive numb.

There was no denying this was hot, and Liam was sexy as hell. Liam’s finger quickly and messily pushed  past your jeans to met your clit which made you cry out. “Who’s making you feel good now slut?” Liam was almost seeing red from anger.

“Theo.” You smirk, challenging him. But boy did you regret it as he turned you over making you stay on all fours, his hands took your panties and jeans down to your knees because they couldn’t go any further. Without warning his hand hit your ass, hard. The cry that left your lips left with some tears as well. “Liam/” You beg, to only earn another slap. “Shutup.”

After what seemed like ten slaps later his hand was rubbing against the raw, pink flesh. “You look so hot like this.” He pauses getting on his eyes to be eye level with your pussy. “Little pink ass and dripping wet pussy.” His lips teasingly met with your clit, leaving a small kiss, which made you whimper in response needing to be touched. The ache in your pussy was strong, just wanting to be touched, suck, fucked or anything.

“Your pussy looks so good babe.” He finally uses one of your nicknames. “Do you want me to eat it?” You just moan that earns a tiny slap against your pussy, leaving you cry out, “Yes, Yes Liam please.”

Feeling relieved about the answer, he pushed your hips back into his face. His position kneeling on the ground gave him the perfect spot to give you head, moans from you and cusses left your lips as you fisted the darker blue sheets. You sigh at the feeling of his tongue leaving you.

“I’m so hard for you baby.” Liam couldn’t take the aching and throbbing of his cock. Liam quickly pulled his shirt off exposing hid hard, firm muscles. The clinging of metal came next with his belt and pants on the floor leaving him in his tight black boxers bulge proiment.

“Tell me how bad you want to be fucked.” His front pressing against your back, the head of his clothed cock resting against your enterence, his arm reaching around to lay a finger on your clit.

“So bad Liam.” You moan pressing back against him, leaving more pressure on your cock. “Not good enough.”

“Fuck me please. I need you so bad Liam.” You groan in light frustration as he still stands behind you. “Please, make me forget about Theo.”

“Oh I play too baby, don’t you worry.” Bodly turning around, you pull his boxers down his impressive length springing to freedom. Without even seeing if he was angry at this you took in the head of his cock. As soon as his large hand came to meet with your hair pulling it into his fist you knew he didn’t mind.

“Mmm.” He moaned as you once again took him deep into your mouth, the head of his cock meeting with the back of your smaller throat, before you knew it he was ripped from your mouth, leg’s wrapped around his waist, back against the cold colored walls.

Liam’s lips met with your neck, leaving rough, wet kisses against it. Liam’s head met with the enternce of your pussy making you whine and with one big push he filled you completely, stretching you to the max. He was so big and felt so tight inside of you almost so tight he couldn’t move.

“Fuck someone is tight for daddy.” You moan at his words and he takes his hips back, slamming them back roughly into you.

“Liam.” You mumble, every time Liam would fill you over an over again you felt that feeling, the feeling of him hitting your g-spot, and  the gush of wetness that came with it. You felt yourself growing hotter by the second, face flushed red as Liam’s hips met with yours, leaving you whining.

“Who’s making you feel good?” Liam purrs, one arms extended against the wall, the other wrapped around your waist as he pounds into your pussy greedily. “You are Liam.” You puff, making him roll his hips giving you a whole other feeling of his cock.

“And Who isn’t?” He growls, cheeks growing red probably from being so close himself. “Theo!” You cry, “You’re making me feel good not theo.”

The familiar warm sensation grew inside you, Liam’s finger rubbing your clit as he could sense you were close, as your orgasm built. Finally you came around Liam, and with one final trust his cum filled you completely. Pulling out of you, and helping you stand which was hard due to the fucking you have just had he looked at you cupping your chin. “No more hanging with Theo and don’t make me fuck that into you too.”

Request are open.(:

1. yellow. my number one favorite color. childhood favorite, still my favorite today. it represents innocence, happiness, joy for just being alive. it’s like dandelion kisses in the spring, like flower promises that a big yellow sun will appear even brighter in the summer. clarity and hope. delicate and soft. grandma’s yellow tulips on her easter gathering. the place i grew up, sunny and bright, the countryside. my old yellow top with black dots i wore everyday that summer. yellow stands for the biggest goal in life i hope to achieve, happiness. i hope to achieve a soul of yellow, forever. the color of peace with myself, with my surroundings. representing my imagination, humor and adventurousness. yellow is to me enjoying the small moments in life, always finding reasons to be happy and keeping that bright spark in your soul alive.

2. pink. first favorite color ever as a child, still remains as number two. nostalgic as beautiful and pretty as sad. a sweet reminder of the pale pink scarf my mom gave me at christmas. the color of my childhood room, a strong hot pink. my pink diadem and all the pink skirts i’ve been wearing. symbolizing the hopeless romantic inside of me, the love and affection i wish to give throughout my life. representing my delicate parts, the sensitive and fragile. my way to transform the sad and melancholy to romantic and bittersweet. pink is to me finding beauty in less pretty things, looking for the good in others when they are hard to love.

3. blue. makes me think of one of things i love the most, rain. also the sea or the ocean. bittersweet thoughts in my head, longing for something more. dark blue nights, a deep blue sea, my old turquoise bracelet i had as a kid. those turquoise paintings that made me first understand art. when blue eyes meet my brown. diving into the sky kissed water in the summer, being covered in happy blue. a mad mix of happiness and sadness coming together. the yearning for something more, stardust of a bright pale blue future. magic, glimmer and sweet sorrows. the sky after the sun has gone down, that wonder of deep dark blue that will fade away any second into a pitch black night. blue is to me the color of “everything will be okay” and finding the happy in the sad.

4. gray. the color i wouldn’t wear too much probably, but the color  i can’t help but admire. gloomy wind-still days giving peace to my longing soul. that dark day grandma walked me to the library, that day we kicked ball outside my house. thoughts in gray become pretty sorrowful poems. all the beautiful grays i’ve felt in my heart. a bright red rose garden with a dark gray sky. all the powerful colors on the inside of my house when everything outside is in dark gray. finding the beauty in the dull. everything crashed down, but you’re still happy. gray is the poetry walk through hard times. gray is to me reviving all the parts of you that died.

—  t.j. // My favorite colors

5 years ago, I would sit and gaze up into grey skies,
Gasping for breath and taking in shallow water,
Wondering why the sharks around me only
Had interests lying skin deep. Oh I was in deep,
Wishing I could meet someone like you,
Not knowing that you were drowning in a different ocean,
The same sharks would stare as you sent bottles out to sea,
With hopes of friendships, life and prosperity.

Then the currents changed,
And our courses rearranged, I no longer had to look up to see blue skies,
For now I just look across and into your eyes.
Meanwhile, the sharks may follow, but they’ll never swallow us whole
As long as we are together, linked at the soul.

However, just like the weather, things change again,
I’m sat here with a pen in my hand and fears in my heart,
But none of them come from us being apart
Because I know that wherever you and I go,
I’ll still love you,
The girl I dreamt of 5 years ago.

P.H acidic

seacrades  asked:

How would you describe the color of Dane's eyes?

OMG! It’s soooo difficult to describe them. 
It is the most beautiful eye color you’ll ever see. They are blue, but the color is really deep, there is a depth similar to the depth you see in ocean, or sea. Sometimes they are turquoise, sometimes they are more light. There is also a metallic shine in them. Like silver they have this cold but magnetic glow.
Dane’s eye color is very pure; it’s almost like they are glowing from the inside, lighting up what’s around.
But it’s not only the color that is so amazing (it changes according to Dane’s mood, outfit, etc etc), it’s the stare that makes you speechless. I’ve never seen anyone with such a rare ability to give this deep gaze right into your soul

I can only imagine what it’s like to look into this guy’s eyes irl!

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