“Follow the rainbow to my door….”  The male Satin Bowerbird, an Australian species endemic to the rainforests of the East Coast regions of the mainland and Tasmania, constructs an intricate ‘bower’ on which to display, dance and attract a mate. All bowerbird species do this, however the Satin variety has a penchant for indigo blue and collects all kinds of objects in various shades of this colour to decorate the bower with. The male Satin bowerbird’s plumage has an iridescent sheen in this colour, and the female, whilst having spotted beige plumage, has a striking eye colour in this same indigo shade as well. Male bowerbirds spend an extraordinary amount of effort and time adorning their bowers, arranging and re-arranging objects around it’s entrance as seen in the above photo examples.

I was going through my GoPro videos from my trip to Florida and I came across the day we went out on the boat. I forgot to screen shot any photos I liked from the boat day and I found this beautiful video of the water. I took a screenshot and didn’t touch this photo at all. Sometimes I brighten the photo a little bit so you can see the photo but this photo is untouched and unedited. This beautiful body of water doesn’t need any special editing attention. The deep blue colors are magnificent and I’m so happy I got to experience it in person!