I get so angry when people assume video games are just a hobby or a time killing element of pop culture.
video games are an interactive form of media that could be used for learning, exploring, teaching, experiencing, etc. it has this whole untapped potential that will probably never be fully taken advantage of because they carry the stigma that they are reserved for snapback wearing, energy drink consuming teenage boys with too much time on their hands. I know more about the countless video game worlds I’ve visited than I do the real world. if I had been given the opportunity to experience the things I was taught in school the way I experience the world of an RPG, learning would have been so engaging while being effortless and fun.
it’s the 21st century. why are we teaching children using age old techniques when we could be adjusting to the way of life these kids have developed and helping them learn and grow using a media they are comfortable and familiar with?

Saw these two pennies at work today and they made me think. They’re both from the same year, but look totally different. They both started the same but it is easy to tell that the one on the left has been through a lot more. It’s diminished, dented, scratched. Even so, both pennies are worth the same. In my mind, these penny can represent people. Everyone starts out the same, as babies, but we all go through our own paths and end up looking differently, but we’re all worth the same.