You just came out of nowhere with that smile and kind attitude and empathy towards the less fortunate, and you made me feel like falling. Falling because there is so much good embodied within you that I felt like I could trust you, that I could let my guard slip around you. Why? There is nothing wrong with you. I cannot find a single fault in you, and to someone like me who has always been let down by a man, it terrifies me to think you are flawless. It is terrifying to ask people about you and to find that they all, as well, see you as this ideal character with a pure heart and beautiful intentions. Every day I push you away though, and every day I try to find something that is wrong with you, something that will set me straight and keep me from collapsing into a love spell. Every day, however, someone tells me another wonderful thing about you and every day the only fault I find in you is the lack of one.
—  The Good Man