why can’t girls be girls? I believe girls should look however they want. dress however they want. and just be whoever they want. plain and simple. whoever says you have to wear your hair a certain way and do your makeup a certain way, is wrong. you are you…you are your own person…you can do whatever you want because it’s your body. your hair. your face. yours. to all the girls out there, continue to do you and if you haven’t been, than begin too. it’s the best decision I ever made for MYSELF.

And when I sit by, the cold floorboards coming in contact with my translucent skin, I feel a rush of wind pass by me.

And suddenly I feel okay-suddenly I feel at peace with this world, my life-myself.
The soft, biscuit sand layered around the crystal ocean and the colours of violet and blue rocketing in the sky as I watch the earth live in harmony.

And I tell myself, if the earth lives in such peace with such a diverse, chaotic yet beautiful range of people and nature-then I can too.