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anonymous asked:

Is it ok to wear hijab in my free time but not at work since I'm not allowed to?

No sis, the hijab is fardh and a command of Allah. I remember i posted an excert which beautifully explained how Allah sees us as His diamonds. So those who wear the hijab are truly beloved to Allah.


Because just as how we would hide and protect our most adored items, Allah gives His treasured diamonds the ability to cover themselves.

Sis, don’t violate your deen and the command of Allah just because you think you need something from this dunya. Don’t let go of your hijab. Don’t let go of your honour that Allah has given you.

If your work place doesn’t allow you to wear the hijab then try to negotiate with whoever’s in charge to let you wear it. Explain to them that it’s a religious obligation and you can’t take it off. And if they still say no, then leave that place because wallahi, it’s not worth it.

I know of a Sheikh who left his job because his manager didn’t allow him to go for Jummu'ah. And he said,

“حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل”

He left his job just like that and he went for Jummu'ah. And subhanallah, because of his sincerity towards Allah, Allah facilitated for him another job.

Straight after Jummu'ah salah, a man came up to him and gave him a job on the spot that had double the salary than his last job.

Make Allah your priority and He will make everything in your life fall into place.

Often times when we think of improving in our deen we focus on concrete actions such as tahajjud, wearing less makeup, saying certain duas.

These are all important, but if we look at the life of our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), it’s clear that working on your character first is the key to success in Islam.

Being kind to our parents, being patient with aggravating people, humbling our ego, and forgiving other’s mistakes. These are important goals we all have to work on as well.

May Allah ﷻ protect and enhance our character, making us those who represent Islam beautifully.