deen and stoya

Where to begin...

Let’s just say this is not an anonymous message from a porn vet. This is a taste of my interactions with James Deen. My name is Brian Kendrick or Street Team depending on what circumstances we know each other and I’ve known Deen since 2008. I first met him in his house and in the beginning, like many of his first interactions I observed, he was polite, a little standoffish but generally normal. I liked him in the beginning and did for a real long time. He was dating what was to become one of my best friends and like any good friend I did my best to get along with him to make all future interactions pleasant. What happened is we started becoming what I believed to become friends. But what I’ve come to realize is that no one can be James Deen’s friend. I’m sure there are some that are reading this thinking that they are. I’m sorry. You are wrong. He does not posses the ability to be friends with someone. Oh I’m sure he is nice and polite to you while you’re cutting him a nice check for the work he’s done for you but he is not your friend. He is using you, you are being manipulated by a cold hearted, sociopathic being that does not care if you live, die or get crushed by a passing bus.

As we spent more time together he became more comfortable around me allowing me to see passed the curtain into his actual persona. He was mean to Joanna. There’s no other way I can describe it. Way mean. Overtly mean. So mean I pulled Joanna aside early on when he yelled at her for not getting the correct yogurt for an hour while calling her a fucking moron, I asked Joanna if he hit her or anything. She assured me that he didn’t hit her per say but thing were different in the bedroom. Me being mostly uniformed of the BDSM lifestyle I thought that was just the way some people were and shrugged it off as nothing much of a big deal and most of all none of my business.

Again with the additional level of comfort I saw deeper and deeper into Deen’s darker persona. Saying that he is just an asshole is an understatement. He is a sadistic fuck that enjoys the discomfort of others. He enjoys being in control of people. This is not limited to just sexually controlling people. He never did that to me, no for me it was good old fashioned demeaning and belittling that he enjoys so much all while having a smile on his face and telling you he’s your dad. He likes to find out what you don’t have and leverage that against you to do his bidding. Like him telling you to “rip a girls pubes out during the scene, it’ll be hot”, which he had said to me on a set. That might be erogenous to some but to me it seemed a bit disturbing.

Saying being an asshole is acceptable behavior is truly something only an asshole is going to say. That not just what it is though. When you demoralize someone, especially an individual that is as accomplished as Joanna is, and tell them in the comfort of “friends” that she is a worthless moron and she a terrible director and stupid and there’s no reason she should own a company and on and on and on with this repetitive onslaught of hurtful words towards a person you “love and admire and wish it would have work out better with” THAT is beyond being an asshole. That is someone who is not a person.

He enjoyed sharing his stories with me as well. He would tell them to me like casual “guys talking over sexual conquests” type of tones but I’ve come to realize in the last few days it was quite the contrary. He told me the story of TM the weekend after it happened. “Oh yeah everyone fucked her last weekend, you totally could have banged her. I fucked her at this random Porno party in front of a bunch of people. She’s a giant whore.”

I feel disgusted. I was never directly involved in any of these vial acts but I’m sure there were times I was in the vicinity and could have done something to maybe stop it and I didn’t. I could’ve told my best friend to ditch the total crazy person she was with and save her life earlier than I did but I didn’t. I could’ve continued to keep quiet like I have for years, out of what I perceived as respect, for other companies that myself and those I care for are employed by but I’m not anymore. James Deen or Bryan Sevilla is a sick person. It is just a matter of time before he hurts someone again. I hope he gets help honestly.

This is just a taste of what I experienced. As for him getting a fair experience in the justice system? Fuck that. This is a pattern of abuse that this diseased individual has displayed over many years. He has manipulated those around him to believe he is a nice guy. You have been deceived. This is not true. He is a bad person. Bad people should be shamed. This abuse should not be acceptable behavior. Anyone who condones his behavior or feels like conducting business as usual please fee free to never talk to me again. To the companies that may hire him in the future that’s your choice but I feel it’s a bad one and you will lose my respect. If that’s something you can live with (it probably is I’m not that big of a deal) fine.

I applaud Stoya, Joanna, Tori, Amber and TM (and the many others) for breaking the ice and letting the floodgates of all these terrible stories come forward. And I applaud every other single individual that has been abused that stands up for themselves.

Eight women have accused this man of rape. I see a lot of people talk about how he is innocent. Well maybe you should truly rethink that. This is a picture of him and then under Ted bundy. Now if you don’t know who Ted bundy is then you should read what he did to get into prison. The caption is well a lot like how Ted may think too so he is comparing himself in many ways. The fact that this has so many likes disgusts me. I mean do you truly think this is a good thing to make when you are being accused of rape? Just like common sense I can’t find it.

This whole deal with Stoya and James Deen pisses me off

Not because I believe he raped her, or that she wasn’t raped. So far we have no proof of anything; all we have is an emotionally zealous tweet and friends joining in on the party. She didn’t go to the police, she cried on social media and is now facing the consequence of article after article supporting her claims and other such media attention.

However, when it was Cytheria who got raped and robbed and went to the police after the event there were CRICKETS from the public. There was evidence and there were arrests and there were no questions as to whether it was true or not.

But this woman goes and makes an outstanding claim with no evidence and no previous police report, and she gets support and praise and accolades? She gets to ruin a man’s life without any evidence? There’s outrage from all walks of life that she was potentially raped, but a woman who we KNOW was raped and only receives outrage from a handful of people, and more articles about how despicable it is that more people aren’t outraged than there were articles being outraged.

“But why didn’t Stoya and these other women go to the police instead of posting on Twitter and talking to new outlets?? Go to the cops, not social media!!”

Wow!!! Wow! Woww!!!1!! It’s almost as though James Deen knows that women in the sex industry often don’t go to the police when assaulted because they know that law enforcement tend to consider it just a workplace hazard and/or blame them for being in that position at all!!! It’s almost like James knows of the stigma regarding female sex workers and knows that a lot of people, including cops, lawyers, juries and even dumbasses online, are going to blame the victim and insist that their profession provides implied consent. It’s almost like James knows his victim pool and acted very carefully and deliberately did things in a way that would keep him beloved, employed and out of prison while he RAPED women for sport!!! It’s almost like when you give a guy the power to pretend to violently rape women on camera for the enjoyment of other men on the internet, he eventually forgets how to keep it in his professional life and starts doing it at parties, hotels and even in his relationship!! It’s almost like James is taking advantage of a very broken, scary and misogynistic industry to make sure that he never got into trouble and even had the benefit of the doubt when his bubble eventually burst!!! 

It’s almost like these are things that PREDATORS do so that they can keep abusing their victims while avoiding prosecution or ever taking responsibility for their actions!! It’s almost like this is fucking textbook and there are still some dickmongers who are defending James’ actions and calling these women sluts and liars!! It’s almost like all of that!! Almost!! Wouldn’t that be crazy?? What a concept!!!