detresse-blog  asked:

Hello, Dee Lee-san. I'd like to ask you if you still work with Kentaro? Or does he currently have any projects? Thank you and sorry if you mind the question in any way!

Kentaro is not in my band and I have not worked with him since he left 2Bullet. (But he is still friend of mine.)
He is now playing in other project called “Kichiku Getorist”.
And he also is working as a booking manager of “Shinjuku Loft plus-one”  :)

If you have interest about his current work, please check his twitter!!/kentorist 

tekerentyus  asked:

Hi DeeLee! I've found your tumblr yesterday, and already tried some of the goodies: this place is a red x on my treasure map. :3 I really like the festive lamps, but in the game I can see a blue rectangle from one side of the object. I've downloaded the festival lights zip only, so could it be it is repositoried to something in the whole set? Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, thanks for the nice compliment! You know, I had the same problem with those lights (the blue on 1 side) when I first put them in my game…I thought I had fixed it because when I put them back in game again it didn’t show and everything was fine, so I went ahead and offered them. I’ll look into it again!! Thank you for letting me know.