deeks x kensi


I had a thought….

I’m still very new here to Tumblr (and to the NCIS:LA fandom) and all, but I’m loving interacting and seeing everyone’s stuff, whether it be writing, or pic sets, or gif sets, etc. Not sure if anything like this already exists (please tell me if it does and I’ll join it), but…

What do you guys think of doing something for Densi-mber

31 days of Densi goodness, whether it be pics, gifs, writings, anything! Not sure if it’d be done better as its own page where all can post things, or as just a tag anyone can use who wants to join in.

Also perfect to do now (being December) with the anniversary of “All in”!


More Prep!

Okay, everyone, we’re 10 days out from the beginning of @densi-mber , our fabulous Densi-centric event month! I’ve been prepping as much as possible, currently working on 31 different gif sets - one to get us thru each day. 

While that is my main focus, what all would everyone else like to see? Drabbles, writing prompts, lists? Anything else you would like to see? Anything you would want to create! Hit me up! Let’s make this a super-fun Densi-mber for all! 

PS - while I’m using the pun of Densi-mber in the month of December, and some of the themes may be holiday/Christmas related, it’s not a must. Just Densi, Densi, Densi!!!

Please msg me for any questions, suggestions, volunteerings! And please, share, share, share!