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A Summary Of Today’s ComicCon Events, For All Whom Are Curious.

- Woke up at 6AM. Arrived at ComicCon at about 11. Actually got into the venue at 12:20.

- Went straight to see what time Connor was going to be there. Actually had a melt-down upon discovering his photo shoot had been 11-12. We’d missed it by about half-an-hour.

- Walked to every signing stall we could find to look for Connor. Found him half-way through eating his lunch. (It was a sandwich). We shook hands, I had a little fangirl moment after he noticed that I was cosplaying as him, and had another fangirl moment after he remembered me from November. He signed a photo of me and him from November, and the inside cover of my Fire & Water book. Asked us if we we’re going to attend the 3PM photoshoot. 
We immediately made plans to attend the 3PM photoshoot.

- Went to go and see Kensi and Deeks from NCIS-LA. 

-Spent £20 on a ticket to go and see Kensi and Deeks. 

- Approached Deeks. Fangirled some more. Gave him the comics I’d drawn. He read them through, and promised he’d hand them out to the corresponding characters. Shook my hand, was very warm and cuddly. Laughed a lot. Liked my name. Has very nice handwriting. Also, a lot more American in person.

- When Deeks signed my poster, he gave me a wink. A full wink. I nearly melted into a little puddle at his feet.

- Discovered Kensi had never used a fidget spinner before. My brother let her borrow his, and she was instantly better at it than I could ever hope to be. When I wanted her to see the comics, Deeks shuffled them around to make sure they were in the correct order for the story to make sense, before passing them to her by reaching over the head of the guy sitting between them.

- While Deeks laid the comic flat on the table to read them, Kensi just kind of cycled through them. When she got to the bit about Eric and Nell, she said it was cute.
Enquired as to what time the show was on in this country. Then asked if we were allowed to stay up until 11 on Sunday nights to watch the show.
My father said no, not always. My brother realised it was Whit Week, and asked if we could stay up late to watch it this Sunday (tomorrow)

- At this point, Kensi laughed, put on a British accent and said “Oh go on dad. It’s the holidays!”
We all laughed.

- Went to queue up for Connor’s photoshoot. 
Stood in line in front of a very kind, but also slightly intimidating Connor fan.
Struck up a conversation with slightly intimidating Connor fan.
Slightly intimidating Connor fan has a Tumblr, and now we are mutuals.
Slightly intimidating Connor fan is @wedonthaveajiffy
Slightly intimidating Connor fan was kind enough to listen to me and my autism ramble on about Connor and Becker and the novels for a good 5-10 minutes. At least.

- Took a photo with Connor. 
I appeared to be sinking into his side in the photo.
No regrets.

- As I walked away, quaking in my metaphorical boots, Connor pulled a face at me, that can only be described as the face of a person who has just seen an adorable puppy dog.
It’s the very cliched “awww” face, and I’m very glad he pulled it at me.

- While I was waiting for my photo to be printed, Connor finished his photoshoot, and as he walked past where I was queuing, he laid his hand on my shoulder, and kind of ruffled it?? he ruffled my shoulder as he walked past.
I fangirled some more. Albeit slightly more quietly, as I was standing next to Slightly intimidating Connor fan, upon whom I was trying to make a good impression. 

- Purchased an NCIS T-Shirt about Gibbslaps, and a black and red fidget cube.

- Best ComicCon experience ever.



K: It’s been a while since I slept that well. I feel really good.

D: Well that’s awesome and we should celebrate, you know how we should celebrate then? Deeks’ Frittatas, Deeks’ famous Frittatas and then we should go paddle-boarding down the Marina. You know the guy renting out all the boards…