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What inspired you to make Hubert?

A story I tell often, Hubert originally started off about 4 or 5 years ago as just a doodle out of boredom on a Caraba’s kids menu (I drew several of these minimalistic birds attacking a city on the back) At the time I was into rom hacking, doing custom sprites and all that. Mom was impressed, and thought my designs would serve nicely as computer icons. She got my grandma to buy me the software to make ‘em, and so I got into that for a while. The “Chickadoodles” featured similar looking birds that would later become the basis for Hubert. They looked so iconic and fun that as a standalone character I thought it would work. His name was just something I thought of when thinking of names that sound like “bird”. Over the years, I’ve developed a family for him, neighbors, friends, worlds… all of which I hope to one day reveal more about. So much inspiration after some silly doodle!

Adventure Time “Sketch-A-Day” Challenge - Day 8

The first day of February and the second week of the challenge brings us a romantic balloon ride with Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig, plus a hose of others.

I almost drew Ricardio’s face on the balloon, but decided it was too much.

Request from my mother.