Please reblog so Damon can see this, I'v been trying so hard for him to see this on other social networking sites so this is my only hope now, it would mean the world please i beg :(

Damon, you don’t understand how much I love you! You have helped me so much even though I have never spoken to you. I look up to you because I think you’re amazing! I don’t know your whole story but I love how you always try so hard to stay positive but yes sometimes it’s hard to do that.. Damon please know that you have so many people by your side! You’re not alone. On the plus side you have the whole of the fizzy family! I love you Damon and i'v always wanted to meet you even if i’m from the UK. I don’t know how long i'v been a fan of you but I know that I will be one forever. #FizzyFamilyForever Damon, I wish there were more people like you because you are truly perfect! Maybe your story may not be perfect but who you truly are is perfect. Please don’t ever change. Just know that things can get better if you try and be patience. I love you Damon and I really hope you’ll be okay. I do hope you read this because I want you to know that I really care for you! Just take some time to relax and think things through. Lay down on your bed, put your headphones in and write down everything that you are sad about. It helps! Just let out all your feelings on one sheet of paper. Once you’re done with that, go outside with a match stick or lighter and burn it. Burn all of your problems. I did this with my friend and for some reason I felt a lot better. Hopefully it will help for you! Don’t suffer in silence Damon even if you feel like its the right thing. I realllllllllllllly hope you read this and again I love you Damon and I would be depressed for about 5 years if anything bad happened to you. Yes this is mostly about how much I love you and want you to be okay but I just want to get the message across, I love you…again