fuck Onision

If you have multiple people you’ve worked with in the past and people who have stayed over at your house (DeeFizzy, Cyr, Billie, Ayalla and Social Repose) calling you out on your bullshit and saying you’re a shitty person then there is something wrong with you.

Giant Youtuber list of MBTIs

Pewdiepie - ESFJ
Cryaotic - INFP
Leafyishere - ISTJ
FilthyFrank - ESTP
idubbbzTV - ISTJ
Kubz Scouts - ESFP
Cr1tikal - INTP
Christian Novelli - INFP
DeeFizzy - ESFP
Danisnotonfire - INFJ
AmazingPhil - ESFP
David Seymour - ENTP
FrankJavCee - ISFP
Glam&Gore - ESTP
GlitterCritterForever17 - ESFJ
LtCorbis - ISTJ
Paint - ENFJ
Ian Hecox (SMOSH) - ENFJ
Anthony Padilla (SMOSH) - ESFP
TimmyTomato - ESFP
Shane Dawson - ESTJ
Onision - INTJ
ManVsPin - ESTP