Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 5: Favorite Couple Moment

These flirty babies on their first date. They are already so in love with each other but they want so badly to try to be a normal couple. They are so nervous and shy around each other because they are so used to just being so comfortably in love with each other. They skipped this step completely in their relationship because what they have was founded on such a deeper level in such a complicated way. They are just sitting there trying to navigate how to start at the beginning because what they feel for each other is already so much deeper than where normal people start their first dates. They flirt with their eyes and they laugh and play with each other. That final look they share is my favorite though. In that moment, he has just laid it out there that he’s already planning for their five year anniversary. Not many first dates start where two people are already completely sure that the person they are with will be the person they are going to love forever. This is exactly what they have and it’s so beautiful.


Delena Meta Love Month 
February 16 : Favorite Tear Jerker Moment

#damon salvatore believed he was truly dead #that he was never going to see the love of his life again #and he had to tell her goodbye #even if she wouldn’t be able to hear it #he had to say it #he had to tell her goodbye and how much she meant to him #and the fact that he got to see how much she loved him #he saw her falling apart and crying in desperation because she loved him so much #she wanted him to come back to her that much #and how at peace damon was with the fact that he believed he lived a full life #because of her #because elena gilbert loved him he could die happy #knowing that not only was he finally loved #but he was loved by her 


#her cute little embarrassed face though #she just put fangs on his pancakes and he looks at her like she is everything #she gets so shy for a minute there #like for a second she turned into a high school girl sitting with the guy she likes #and it is the cutest thing i have ever seen