deed not breed


I’ve struggled with depression since I was 12, didn’t think I’d ever even see 18. here I am now, 10 years later. most days are still hard but this dog, he makes it better. this is my APBT Xerneas. he is my first dog. when I got him he was intended to be a companion dog, as time went on I noticed how incredibly smart he was and how much he loved to please me and take care of me. he would alert to my anger, anxiety, depression. so I started training him to be a service dog. no, not a service dog, /MY/ service dog. he stops me from self harm, he keeps me warm at night, he wakes me up when I have nightmares, he will search the house when I get overly paranoid and think people are here. he protects me. thanks to this dog I can now go out in public because I know if I get scared, he will be there. he will block people away from me, he will guide me into areas where people aren’t. if I dissociate, I can count on him to keep me on track and take me where i need to be. he can find the car when we walk out of stores. he knows how to turn off lights, open/close doors, pull me across a room if he needs to. he knows a lot of things and still has a lot of learning left to do, but the thing he does best is love. he never stops loving. you don’t know true love until you get a dog. that’s a forever bond. that sounds so cliche but it’s true. he has a big head with an even bigger heart. I love my dog more than anything and I will continue to fight the bad stereotypes. remember, punish the deed, not the breed. this is an amazing breed that only wants to please its owner. people are the problem, not the dogs.

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What is your opinion on cats?

Cats. Cats cats cats.

Well, first off - I’m a dog person. I’m a fully-paid up member of the dog mafia (the Dogia?). I don’t notice people, I notice their dogs. I can name a breed at a glance. I support local dog rescue charities, and believe in ‘Deed not Breed.’ I currently have a great big black doggo looking at me with his pretty eyes wanting to share my sandwich.


I like big cats and I cannot lie.

That doesn’t mean tigers and lions and things, though they are very cool. I mean enormous house cats - Maine Coons and the like. The big, floppy flurry things that weigh insane amounts. The ones that sound like jumbo jets taking off when they purr, and take up half a settee with floofiness and ginormism.

I’d like cats more if they didn’t want to murder me. They’re too intelligent, too super villain. They are dangerous, and come equipped with various nasty weapons. The larger the housecat, I have found, the less murderkitty they seem to be. Perhaps, like Petyr Baelish, little housecats suffer from ‘small man syndrome’ and therefore want to take over the planet? They are Napoleon. With built in knives. 

Thank fuck cats don’t have opposable thumbs. If dogs did, they’d make us tea, and give neck massages, and go down the shops. Cats would master the Vulcan neck pinch, and arm themselves with weapons they can happily hold in their already lethal little paws. They’d smugly knock things off other things, and refuse to pick them up while wiggling their thumbs at is a la Shakespearian insult.

Chihuahua are the same. They are the cat dog of the world. They’d be the brutish snappy yippy Number One to Mr Bigglesworth’s Lord High Emperor Godliness.

So cats. I have a complex relationship. But give me a kitten and I’d be yours forever more. Bloody adorable little psychopaths.


I should learn to refrain from reading the ignorant comments left on articles regarding dog attacks. Reading comments about how all staffies are “ugly” and should be put to sleep and banned because of the behaviour of one? Stop perpetuating the myth that all staffies are aggressive or violent. Blame the deed, not the breed, ya obtuse fucks. 😒

A Poem For The Lost

They came without warning, or warrant, or reason,

And tore me away from me families arms,

Labelled a monster on just my appearance,

Not taking to account that I’ve never done harm.

Thrown in a cell with grey walls and no windows,

I’ll never again get to see a new day,

With time and date set I am left in the darkness,

No comfort nor mercy will come now my way.


The hope in me dies as I watch those before me,

Taken through a door where they’ll never return,

Small pups just days old taken to the slaughter,

Not even allowed their first glimpse at the world.

For a moment there’s light the pierces through the darkness,

Smiles and hands that I know reach out to me,

But it’s not long till I notice the tears on their faces,

And I know this goodbye is the last one I’ll see.



“We tried and we fought” Their words filter to me,

“But they would not see sense nor the wrongs they commit,

You’ll be in our hearts and never be forgotten,

Your still our good girl” They sob as I sit.

An ache fills my heart as I know I must leave them,

Wanting nothing more strongly that to stay at their sides,

Wrapped in this moment with love all around me,

I know it’s not long till I’m ripped from their lives.


Hands draw me away from the grip of my loved ones,

And I watch as they crumple and I’m dragged away,

As my fate draws closer my soul becomes weary,

I know what is coming for me this dark day.

The prick of a needle then nothing but coldness,

Shadows seem to case me as my will slips away,

Last thoughts of the family I leave behind me,

Let me know at their sides I always will stay.


Sobs fill the halls as life’s breath leaves her body,

Another dog killed for no sin of their own,

A weight fills my chest at the question I’m given,

An answer to which pains not my heart alone.


“What did she do wrong?”

“Nothing. She was just a Pitbull”


© Nikita Benney (

Ban BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) ~ Blame The Deed, Not The Breed!