Mee Deechi’s Office

Season 2, Episode 15 – Senate Murders

PokeWars - Mee Deechi and Crobat

Thanks to my beautiful other half slymoore11, I’ve developed quite a fondness for Umbarans, and, in particular, Senator Deechi. My choice of Crobat for him is somewhat of an inside joke. Because of his Romanian-sounding accent, a friend of mine has taken to calling him “Senator Dracula.” As such, my other half and I have begun to associate bats with him; it’s an appropriate choice, given the Umbaran affinity towards the dark. Although there are now a number of Pokemon bat-like species, Crobat is almost the epitome of Pokemon bats. He is also relatively small and slight, like Deechi, himself, as well as having an overall purple theme.

Concept Art of Lolo Purs

Illustrated by Randy Bantog

Lolo Purs was a female Rodian who served as an aide to the Senator of Rodia, Onaconda Farr, during the Clone Wars. She would be found to be the true culprit of Onaconda Farr’s murder. It was Lolo’s additional murder of Mee Deechi that would later cause Umbara’s secession from Republic and spark the Battle of Umbara.

Season 2, Episode 15 – Senate Murders

anonymous asked:

What are your top ten most dramatic/emotional deaths in the Clone Wars series?

Anon, are you sure? Are you really sure about this? Yes? Oh ok, let’s go down this boulevard of broken dreams. Here we go.

Oh, and just a note: I’m going to exclude a some pretty well talked about and noteworthy deaths from this list. I’m pretty sure we are, in probably total agreement, of them being the most emotional and dramatic death scenes in the series: Fives, Satine and 99 (And Echo. If you still count him.)

Listing from “oh snap that’s pretty bad” to “WHHHYYYY CRUEL WORLD WHY MUST YOU TAKE THEM SO SOON”

10) That moment when they spun that chair and found Mee Deechi dead. Really dramatic stuff lol It was a cliche but I also kind of liked it. 

9) Tiplar dying at the hands of a chip controlled Tup. And then seeing her sister hold her dead body in her arms. Even worse when you think about the context of them probably being really close to the point where they trained and became Master Jedi together.

8) You want dramatic? Pre Vizla’s death scene is literally everything that is dramatic. You got your showdown to the death. You got your struggle to claim for power. And then you got your beheading via lightsaber. Brutal af. Kind of felt how everything was falling apart for Death Watch in this moment. To pieces. Literally.

7) The fact that they set it up as having Savage literally going above and beyond to protect his brother…And then having him get brainwashed to the point where he is no longer himself. With no remorse over killing him. Messed up. And yup, pretty dang dramatic and emotionally evocative if I do say so myself.

6) Commander Thorn’s last stand. That moment where Thorn realizes he is the last one standing and he will die is the worst. And yet, he keeps fighting. The part where Dooku comes minutes later and steps on their dead bodies doesn’t help.

5) What can I say? I’m a fan of last stands. Though I think I also really liked how this played out cause’ rewatching it, I still get pretty torn up. I think it’s the interaction between Keeli and Ima-Gun Di where they have this mutual respect for each other even as they are going to fight to their deaths.

4) More like “Deaths that shouldn’t have ever happened” AMIRGHT. But seriously tho, the fact that she came so close to being saved… That makes me so upset. Every time.

3) Not too long ago, we saw Colt look over new recruits, including the Domino Squad. Ventress not only kills him but she also messes with him before he dies. Which is kind of fucked up. Not really *dramatic* as much as it is kind of ingrained in my brain as a very, very memorable death. Colt didn’t even get a chance to try and fight back. She rendered him helpless and took away his life like it was nothing.

2) It was the tear that got me. He dies knowing that the last thing he did was kill his brothers. And it is also paired with the thought of knowing he will not see Numa again when we see his helmet. He isn’t comforted. And he dies in distress and sadness and that is just so…no.

1) If you want something that is like something out of a soap opera but despite it all – it still makes you wanna cry and roll around screaming WHYYYYY, Tup’s death is pretty good at doing that. You have him on the operating table, weak and confused. All the while, Fives holds his hand as he is literally using the last of his energy to talk about their dreams and you get a reaction from all the clones in the room. Cause’ they know exactly what he’s talking about. And then that prolonged beep as he dies, Fives uttering, “I thought I saved him.” And his head bowing over Tup’s body is heart wrenching.