deeb speaks

I think im going to focus more on my Pen and Ink art

I like my other art just fine but ink is where i get my best work tbh, i love my ink stuff a bit more than the regular stuff, ESPECIALLY the colour stuff, my colours never seem right but my ink stuff turns out alright

I for one, cannot WAIT for Moira to be live on the servers, why?

Im going to be proactive about my negative emotions and do something constructive with it

I’m going to snipe the fuck out of every Moira i see, im going to make their lives hell and make them regret their hero pick

not a inch of space, i swear to god im going to embody Nemesis herself

Im going to make them hopeless and destroy their hope and crush their spirits underneath my feet

my accuracy is at 45-50% right now, by the time i get through all the practice in deathmatch im going to make every goddamn moira player i come across ragequit


Okay now that have had my “Angry Time™”

ITs not really fair to punish people  for a character they pick, i mean the people who are ACTUALLY the problem here is blizzard not the players … 

and ive been thinking about all the reasons why today and im going to write it out later

also i should be focusing the mercy anyways right now, it is the mercy meta rn

Face the facts:

Theres no way you can make a character who says : I will make the humanity genetically superior without seeming to come close to nazi eugenics 

Overcoming disorders????

Does no one else see this?? like how could blizzard look at this and say , yes this is okay

yeah im nitpicking but im listing the reason i dont like her okay

so how do i explain to my fucking stupid dumbass brother that being racist and being nongender comforming ARE THINGS YOU LITERALLY CANT COMPARE BEYOND JUST SAYING THEIR IDEOLOGIES


he makes me so mad hes so fucking stupid

I dont care about what any motherfucker has to say on the matter, The exchange where reaper says its mercy fault for his condition and mercy reply I HAVE HEARD on 3 different occasions

it was fucking ages ago tho, i havent heard them in quite a long time, ive been playing the game since day one

The one was triggered in spawn on Lijang Tower, the other was in spawn as well on a CP map i dont remember BUT THE FIRST TIME i heard it was like a month or so after launch 

I was coming out of the 3rd spawn on Dorado as Reaper and our Mercy was behind us and I heard the exchange and I actually stopped because I was like WTF MERCY and watched her go by and i was like ???? for the rest of the game

The thing is, i havent heard it in a very very long time, im Prestige 6 in game , that means not only do i have no life , I have played 3646 matches in overwatch

3 games out of 3646 , I heard the line. And that was very very early after launch, theres been a few lines that have been removed or are missing its reply like pharas Ill keep the skys clear and mercy reply we’ll keep it clear together,

The thing about triggered voicelines ESP in overwatch is that early on they were super fuckin buggy, sometimes you’d get a voiceline trigger for a specific character that wasnt on your team, it was very odd, I noticed them because i loved the interactions between the characters and having only have the conversation trigger was super disappointing  

the thing also with the datamines is that people were finding stuff that wasnt in the game, there was an athena announcement for “ Welcome! to the Arena!” but there hasnt been an arena ingame yet, not one with that announcement anyways,

and you know what? that line mightve been patched out, in the beginning there were lot of patches as well, stuff was in and out for a while, theres no doubt in my mind it was patched out, it was rarely triggered to begin with , i dont think many wouldve noticed it gone initially 

it really burns me some idiots would try to say otherwise, when they havent played the game as much, some shit is rare to trigger and they got the audacity to claim otherwise fuckoff

Rescue bot DJD kicking over trashcans in the middle of night

Rescue bot DJD stealing peoples mail and switching it with others

Rescue bot DJD tagging buildings with silly symbols they found on the internet



Rescue bot DJD stealing every cat in Griffin Rock because lolcats

Rescue bot DJD walking on the grass leaving footsteps


Do you know who Ehren Kruger is?

He’s the scrublord that’s been writing the bayverse movies okay

All of them except the first one.

Any beef you got with these movies, he’s a HUGE contributor to that! 

Lack of Femmes/or even human females??? Sexism themes? Racist themes? DEATH OF CERTAIN CHARACTERS???


Well i mean by all means, don’t give Micheal Bay a free pass, to hell with that.