Clueless Style in SS14 

“As if…..? ”

As one of the most memorable movies of the 90’s, Clueless has been a muse for many looks for the Spring/Summer 2014 shows. Some of many designers inspired by Cher Horowitz’s iconic style included legendary labels such as Alexander Wang, Chanel, DKNY, Balmain, MIU MIU, Rodarte and Ralph Lauren. Cher’s style can be defined as fluffy knitwear, A-line skirts, contrast collars, and most importantly, plaid - all of which will always be iconic to young fashionistas all over the nation.

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thru Dec 20:

Gold Diamond Park
 Gabriele Beveridge
Elizabeth Dee Gallery, 545 W20th St., NYC

I’m interested in materials that hover between states of the real or imagined: sometimes as precious as an exuberant overstatement, and sometimes a promise of future exchange, lubricated by vanity. … The images are the central obsession around which the other objects follow, often becoming simple props or misdirections. I’m trying to interrupt the illusion of naturalism by which these fashion visuals…often communicate. … Museological qualities also play into constructing the way that historical imaginaries are re-evaluated and vamparised.” - Gabriele Beveridge, Modern Matter, 2013

my ultimate, one time only then bye never writing stuff like this again, beauty post

I’m totally that girl who is a combo of “never learned how “ + “too lazy ‘busy’ to actually effort” when it comes to make up and beauty products so the stuff I use is pretty minimal but at the same time its an arsenal of ‘to-the-point’ products.  I also don’t discriminate between the products I feel like splurging on and the back ups that I buy at the drug store when I’m in a pinch:



Maybelline BB cream – this is my go to daily face stuff. . You can see my freckles through it but it evens out any weird splotchiness might have going on- it’s also easily blendable . Plus it doesn’t make me break out.

Dr Jart+ Regenerating Beauty Balm ////  Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot

I juggle between these when I feel like someone aside from my norms is gonna look at me. They both hide blend well with a little under eye concealer too (my dark cirlces are my main issue, so that’s important to me). Honestly, I use the Jart when Im feeling tired and shriveled on a big night and the Perdis when Im trying to Rihanna my night.


I love a classic bright red lip because it transcends trends and specific styles and it makes me feel ultimately fiery and femme. Too Faced makes the best stuff for slapping it on, having a few drinks.. forgetting that you were wearing lipstick.. panicking.. and then realizing there was nothing to worry about because this shit ain’t budging.

melted too faced- ruby
sugar lip treatment-fresh balm AND scrub

If you travel and/or have allergies then your lips spend more time looking like a construction site then they do fleshy supple skin tubes (uhm, both of those sound weird but the first one is bad) . My lips are always in rough shape and I use the scrub at night and then sleep in the fresh balm. By morning my lips have life again. Plus the balm has a screw top so dirt from my backpack never gets in it { praise emoji}

NYX brow powder taupe/ash

Alright this is my one makeup product  I couldtn’t live without. Like if I was on survivor I’d forgo a razor/hair brush and most types of food just to have this. I feel like a lot of people over look the importance of eyebrows Especially since the “bold brow” has been trending and that has made a lot of girls uncomfortable with what they’ve got. It’s not a massive eyebrow (I mean, sometimes for me it is but..) , it’s an even and great arch. That makes your face sing. With or without this is like day and night to me.   The powder is awesome because even though it takes 1 minute longer to put on than a pencil, over time if you are using it every day you don’t lose precious brow hairs to the waxy crayon  pencils. I use the

mac eyeliner brush

to put it all on because most brow brushes are preshaped and that shape doesn’t work for me. The mac brush (os its side) is great for the strairt of your brow and the precision of using a liquid eyeliner brush allows for slowly creating a great arch with a few strokes. Ease into it, its worth it.

kat von dee liquid tattoo liner
 because sometime you just wanna swipe and move on with your day. Like the lip stuff I mentioned before; this stuff doesn’t move. Highschool Steak would have died for a product like this when I was swimming in poorly applied eyeliner streaming down my face on the way to warped tour.. or whatever I was doing that one time that has this memory burned into my head.  I feel like Kat Von Dee designs all her make up around surviving a warped tour.


maybeline bomshell – blackest

again with the affordable stuff, this chick is my bottom bitch. My eyelashes suck, theyre short and thin.  I need something that makes them jump off the page while also being easily replaceable if I lose everything I brought to the bar that night. This is that mascara for me.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara
Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

If you want something that lasts, cake on and then leave home when you go out, this is what Ive got. Im all about staking both volume and length and if it ALSO doesn’t run in rain.. sign me up.

Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Intensive 3-in-1 Eye Cream.
Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Total Eye Lift

I think I mentioned this earlier but my stress area is my eyes. I am constantly dreaming about ways to prevent aging and dark circles and while that usually leans on the impossible these two products are what keep me going. I use the Wexler every day and the Chanel when I feel special.. or need to feel special.

I almost I forgot my number one weapon,
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo
Blow Pro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo

Again, I am always going between my daily use items and my specialty gear. I dye my hair a lot so the klorane is a god send for my color. Fact: I do not own a blow dryer and sometimes my 2 day old hair needs a kick in the butt, that’s what the blow pro is for.

December 18, 2015

Today In History

‘Ossie Davis was born in Cogdell, GA, on this date December 18, 1917. The highly successful actor, author, producer, and director both wrote and starred in the Broadway hit Purlie Victorious. Davis has numerous roles on television and in film to his credit.’

(photo: Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis)

- CARTER Magazine

The Devil wears Zara: Cheap Alternatives to High Fashion

Seen from the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to international pop star Rihanna, “Fast fashion” has seemed to be the next biggest trend in the fashion industry. Zara’s strategy in taking over the industry is by updating collections twice a week, while other brands overhaul their lines only once a season. By doing this, Zara’s giving traditional “High fashion” competitors like Prada and Gucci a run for their money.

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