Hallucinatory Constellations of Color // by Mossi
By Oliver Andrew , August 10, 2013

Korean Artist Mossi has created symmetrical drawings with painstaking precision, building up psychedelic forms with his angular cross-hatching. The aurora-like formations of color are anthropomorphised — small eyes with knowing expressions peak out from the grid-like layers of marks. Done entirely by hand, Mossi’s drawings recall the effects of 3D imaging software used in video game design. The depth and density of the drawing draw you eyes into the centre sucking you into the the drawings. There is something alien about the quality precision and fluid nature of the drawing create halos of color in linear.



17 years ago on the cover of This Old House: June 1998

“The art of painting: A craftsman’s guide to renewing interior woodwork.” This special gatefold cover featured John Dee, demonstrating his foolproof painting technique on a nine-paneled pocket door at a 1903 Georgian in Concord, Massachusetts. See This Old House’s All About Interior Painting for tips and information.

Photograph by Matthew Benson

Dee Plakas on the cover of DRUM! Magazine and Interview (March/April 1997)

By Andy Doershcuk

Dee Plakas - the hard-grooving timekeeper with L7 - isn’t overtly superstitious, though something happened to her back in the early ’80s that, in retrospect, just might have been an omen of sorts. She was a basic young rocker, hanging out with a cadre of punk pals in bars and concert halls around Chicago, the city where she was born and raised. One fateful night she found herself gyrating at a Cheap Trick concert with some buds, when drummer Bun E. Carlos flung a broken stick way out into the crowd and right into Plakas’ unsuspecting hands.”

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