Get to know our latest boy-band crush, the very first winners of La Banda: CNCO

If there is anyone that knows how to put together a singing group, it’s Simon Cowell. It didn’t come to us as a surprise that he created the show La Banda, a Spanish-language singing competition looking to create the next successful band.

The show’s very first winners were the boys that make up CNCO. Although we must say, these young men have one iconic advantage: Ricky Martin. The former Menudo member produced the show and has been a crucial part of the band’s success since day one.

After the show’s popularity, CNCO went into the studio, made music and broke records. Just like that. Their story is very similar to the beginning of One Direction and the boys don’t mind the comparison.

CNCO is made up of Christopher Vélez, Erick Brian Colón, Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho and Zabdiel de Jesús.

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