Mad Pajama Party

Because galacticvegetable reminded me that I made footie pj sketches a year ago and forgot about them. Thank. The original sketches had been inspired by all the JohnLock in animal pj’s going around at the time.

bunmom said to falloutconfessions:
anyone know if we’ll be able to customize our PCs? we SHOULD be able to but the fact that this one has a voice and narration…

I know nothing. I am sorry. - Ruckus

Calm down, the guy only says “let’s go pal!”. It’s just a trailer, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to cutomize our characters. It wouldn’t be a proper Fallout game otherwise - Ontarom

kev-dee said to falloutconfessions:
Please tell me some of you guys teared up a bit because I know I did. Just the music being a remake of the menu theme from fallout 3 as well as these new visuals, locales and re-imaginings of familiar things. Christ I think I might actually cry This is the best day ever.

Teared up a little bit? No, I am still bawling like a little baby. -Ruckus

I haven’t cried, but my heart hurts all the same. -Ontarom

the7thlegacy said to falloutconfessions:
So excited; where do you think the location will be? That statue on 1:56 into the trailer reminds me of Paul Revere’s in Boston.

I’ve only seen people making a guess that it is Boston based on their knowledge of the place. I’ve never been there, so I can’t say. Either way, it’s here, it’s real, that’s my peace right now. - Ruckus

People are saying Boston but I swear, there are a lot of familiar looking locations? I’m not sure what’s going on, if we’ll get to play a different hero, or if this is the Lone Wanderer’s return. I don’t know. We’ll have to wait - Ontarom

alright alright alright, dennor merfolk au for aphnorja uwu (mer!nor btw) also for the eurovision bet u won haha

imagine denmark waiting at the shore for nor but falling asleep every single day while waiting, so when nor arrives, denmark is already fast asleep and norway gingerly takes his hand and watches him until he stirs awake.

denmark curiously exploring norway’s body, not in a sexual but in a childish innocent way. he wants to know how to touch nor, what he likes, what he dislikes, what makes him giggle or glare at him, he wants to know every inch of the merman’s body. and nor lets him because not only does denmark look super adorable with that determined expression on his face but he also enjoys the physical contact very much. 

norway collecting stuff he found in the depth of the ocean partly because he knows denmark is really interested in that stuff but also because they remind him of den like seashells the color of denmark’s eyes and sometimes he just spends like, hours searching for gifts he could bring him the next time they meet.