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Cris is such a sweetheart… gotta love him!

5x18 “Bad Blood” Review

I’ll start by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. It was like all of the fanfiction that we’ve written over the years coming true. Several of the episodes in 5B seem to be inspired by our fanfiction. I don’t know if this is accidental or if someone in the writing team actually read some fics and selected a few themes to incorporate in the winter episodes of season 5. If they did, they chose well.

The case

The case started out kinda boring, but as soon as we got Sharon telling us about her encounters with Mary and how horrible she was, I was sold on it. I love finding out information about Sharon’s past in FID, and it seems we got a little bit in Hindsight and also in tonight’s episode. I got a bit confused about the math there, though – Mary joined the force in 1973, along with Provenza, he doesn’t remember her, but also can’t find her name on his trophy? So was she not in the academy with him?

And mind you, I would never justify murder, but this woman was highly unlikable, and on top of everything she did to the people around her, she killed a dog. I’m sorry, but she totally deserved to die.

The accidental reveal

Moving on to Ricky spilling the beans on the engagement to everyone, and then we find out that Sharon was planning to have a party and announce it to everyone. So much sense of occasion in one woman. I love it. But poor Sharon was visibly embarrassed with the situation. Provenza surely knew in advance. I bet it was difficult for Andy to keep it to himself. He had to at least tell his best friend. And then having Tao calling her Future Mrs. Flynn, I may have melted a little. 

The ring

Then at home, she finally showed Ricky the ring, and poor Andy thinks he should have gotten her something better. Why do men always apologize for the ring? I thought it’s a beautiful and tasteful ring. Since this is the first time we’ve seen Sharon wearing a ring in MC or TC, I feel it’s very fitting that he got her a modest, albeit classic ring.

Untangling from past connections

The discussion between Ricky and Sharon about annulment and her finding out that Ricky and Emily made sure Jack will be out of her way and won’t interfere with the annulment process, so she and Andy can marry. But then Sharon pointing out to Ricky that she was not the only divorced Catholic in the relationship. It was a little sad seeing Ricky’s face when he realized that Sharon didn’t want to push Andy to ask for the annulment of his marriage and that she didn’t want to get married outside the church. It’s an interesting dilemma for Sharon I think – what’s more important, the man that she loves or her religion, and how can she choose between them?

Duck and Little Duckling

I am so happy to see Julio finally getting some happiness. He has come such a long way from the grieving angry man that he was to a loving and supportive father who can find creative solutions to somewhat complicated issues, such as the “dad vs. ward” discussion. It was heartwarming seeing him so involved in Mark’s life and interests. He is an excellent father, and I love this storyline. I’m not sure how Julio’s story could be developed further, but I’m sure there will be other things coming his way. The day he officially adopts Mark, I will be very happy for the both of them.  

Sandy vs. Shandy

Then our dear little Ricky decided to try to hint Andy that he needs to get an annulment as well, but that goes wrong, and instead he and Rusty have a lovely little conversation with Andy where we learn about the reasons his first marriage failed and that his ex-wife is called Sandra. Just saying – if we ever look for a ship name for Sandra and Andy, it’s totally Sandy.

I love that we learned a bit about Andy’s background and seeing him making a promise to his future stepsons that he will treat their mother right and that he is emotionally ready to make a lifelong commitment to her. It was such a beautiful moment of bonding. And it must have been hard for Andy to talk about his failures and his addictions to two young men who grew up with alcoholic and unreliable father figures. Even though it’s not what they planned to get out of this conversation, it was definitely something that they needed to hear.

I love how they ended up going around Andy and Sharon’s backs and somehow reaching to Sandra and helping Andy get an annulment. Andy looked a little disappointed when he received the call from Sandra. Maybe he was surprised, maybe he thought Sharon had something to do with it, maybe this marriage still means something to him on a spiritual level. It’s hard to tell, and I would love to hear about it from James or Tony. And Sharon knew immediately what’s going on and she knew that her boys were responsible for it. I think what she is probably unhappy about is that it wasn’t Andy’s choice to get the annulment.

Also, I have a feeling that Sandra and Sharon get along well whenever they meet. The two of them clearly have a lot in common about their past. And that said, I honestly don’t think Sandra is the bitch that everyone (including Andy at times) used to say she is. She and Sharon both married young, to men with addictions who mistreated them, raised their children on their own and made the best of what they got. That Sandra was asked to release Andy of his matrimonial ties to her and agreed without hesitation to do so says a lot about her character. I feel she knows he is a changed man and that she wants him to be happy. I’m not sure Sharon would do the same for Jack if he were in that position.

So, to make a long story short, I loved this episode, and I think the theme of connections was a good choice for this part of the season. I look forward to seeing the storylines of Shandy’s wedding and Julio adopting Mark will play out. And of course, I would love to see Jack again, just to get to see his reaction to being religiously dumped.

The only thing that I really wanted to see and wasn’t shown was Andrea’s reaction to the ring, but that’s what fanfiction is for.