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Important: those little smiles Dee and Charlie make right before they kiss, Dee’s little “whoops” and Charlie’s “oh shit” right after, Charlie and Dee trying to eat human meat together, Dee giving a valentine to Charlie and no one else, Dee threatening to kill all her friends with anthrax when the valentines is not returned, Dee tearing up while Charlie sings to her, Charlie crashing on a small little couch with Dee instead of sleeping on a king sized bed with the man he’s been sleeping next to for the past 11 years, Charlie and Dee being absolutely in love with each other. 

Dennis was hurt by not getting Valentines so he put FAKE anthrax in the box so that no one got valentines. Dee, when put in the similar situation of not getting valentines cards, threatened to genuinely harm people to FORCE them to say nice things. That is honestly so telling of who they really are as people. I think Dee is a lot scarier than people give her credit for.

There is a post-it note on Dean’s forehead when he wakes up.

Over the the past couple of days Sam had made over a hundred different object identifying sticky notes for him. Even after he had been cured and had his memory restored, Sam continued to leave him post-it notes.

They had more sticky notes then either of them knew what to so with, and Dean was wondering when the joke was going to stop.

This sticky note however, was different then the other. This note had to be Dean’s favorite.

The black, blocky letters stood out in sharp contrast on the yellow post-it and read, “My Valentine.”

Cherry plums suck a week’s soak,
overnight they explode into the scenery of before
your touch. The curtains open on the end of our past.
Pink trumpets on the vines bare to the hummingbirds.
Butterflies unclasp from the purse of their couplings, they
light and open on the doubled hands of eucalyptus fronds.
They sip from the pistils for seven generations that bear
them through another tongue as the first year of our
punishing mathematic begins clicking the calendar
forward. They land like seasoned rocks on the
decks of the cliffs. They take another turn
on the spiral of life where the blossoms
blush & pale in a day of dirty dawn
where the ghost of you webs
your limbs through branches
of cherry plum.

-Valentine, Lorna Dee Cervantes (1991)

Will You?

It’s your three year anniversary and your boyfriend comes home late. After a little fun he has an important question to ask you.

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Pairing: Hoseok | Reader

Word Count: 1,892

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you spend today well with your friends, significant other, family, pets, etc.

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“Jung Hoseok. Jung Hoseok,” you mutter to yourself tapping lightly on the wooden table. 

You stared at your white door hoping to see your boyfriend of 3 years with roses in one hand and a present box in the other. A few more minutes pass on and yet he still didn’t appear. You sighed deeply as you look at the candle that was slowly melting.

You got up from the table and as you were about to blow out the candle there was a knock at the door. You jumped as you felt your heart beating rapidly. Is it Hoseok?

You slowly walked to the door,” Who is it?”

“It’s me. Hoseok,” your boyfriend said.

You relaxed as you opened the door smiling. There stood your boyfriend wearing a light cream turtleneck fitting him perfectly, black long coat, and black slacks. You smiled warmly as you greeted him with a peck forgetting that you were slightly angry at him for being late. 

You pulled away noticing that he didn’t have anything in his hands. Maybe he has the present under his coat.

“How was work?” you asked as you walked to the kitchen slowly peeking to see him take off his coat.

“Tiring like always. What did you cook? It smells so good,” he asked walking from behind.

He wrapped his arms around your waist instantly winning a smile out of you. After 3 years of dating, you would think you’d be used to it but yet he made your cheeks flush and your heart fluttering with every touch.

“I made gopchang bokkeum,” you said as you served him a plate.

He made a pleasant sound as he let go of you and took the plate with a pleased expression. You laughed quietly as you served yourself a plate and walked to the dining room.

The both of you ate silently as Hoseok thanked you multiple times for the meal as he went for his third plate as you were barely finishing your first.

“(Y/N)-ah this is your best meal by far,” he said as he finally put the plate down resting on the chair. “I was thinking of going out to eat this Valentine’s Day but thankfully I didn’t. Nobody could ever compare to this dish,” he said smiling at you. 

You smiled warmly at his words,“Thank you.”

“As an extra gift I’ll help with the dishes,” he said as he started to collect the dishes.

“What’s the main gift?” you asked curiously as you walked with him to the kitchen.

“After we’re done,” he said rolling up his sleeves winking at you.

You smiled shaking your head as the both of you started washing the dishes and drying them. As he was washing the final spoon he accidently flipped it to the dense side slashing you with water.

“Hoseok!” you shrieked hitting in the arm as he laughed at you.

You stared down at your wet white shirt revealing your light pink lace bra. You stared up at him as he was smirking.

“Is that my present?” he asked drying his hands.

You rolled your eyes,”Of course not.”

He pouted as he went over to you,”So where’s my present?”

You laughed shaking your head,”The meal was your gift, stupid.”

He rolled his eyes pulling you closer to him as he leaned over to press his forehead against yours. “I have something else in mind,” he said biting his lower lip.

You moved away from his grasp,” Hoseok.”

He pulled you back smiling down at you,” (Y/N)-ah~”

You laughed as you looked at him dazed. Maybe it was the way there was a small twinkle in his eye, his brightening smile was like no other ray of sunshine you’ve ever seen, his hands pressing against your waist lightly stroking at your sides and you felt yourself falling in love with him all over again. Your heart was racing that it felt that if for one second it missed a beat you’d pass out. It felt like your breath was taking out of you. All these feelings were swirling around you as you stood on your tiptoes and kissed him.

At first, the kiss was like honey so smooth and sweet as his hands went to the sides of your cheeks. You smiled as you pulled slightly away staring at him.

“I love you,” he whispered leaning in for another kiss.

This time, the kiss was rough almost needy as he pulled at your bottom lip. His hands swiftly went inside your shirt stopping right at the clasp of your bra. With one hand he traced your back sending shivers with ever touch. He slowly pulled away leaving you flushed and a small dampen spot in your underwear.

He took your hand as he lead you to the living room. He turned to you smiling,“So do you want to open my present first or do you want to me to open your present?” He winked as he tugged at your skirt.

You smiled as you pushed him against the couch sitting him down. He looked confused for a split second but smiled mischievously when you bent down and parted his legs and started to unbutton his jeans. “If I choose the first option you probably won’t even give me my gift,” you said smirking. 

“You’re right,” he said as he watched you intensively as you took his pants off.

You stared at the obvious wet stain in his tight boxers as you pulled out his harden cock. You tried your best not to stare at him because if you did you’d practically leap at him. You took him in as you swirled your tongue around him feeling the sour but pleasant taste of him. He placed his index finger on your chin as he tilted your head to look at him. Then with his other hand, he grabbed the back of your head and bobbed your head as he started to thrust into your mouth. You felt tears forming at the corners of your eyes as your vision became blurry.

“Fuck,” he muttered as you pulled away catching your breath as he arched back muttering curse words. As he recovered he held onto your thigh whispering,”Sit.”

You obeyed as you sat down next to him as he quickly took off your skirt. “So wet and warm,” he said to himself as he slid off your thong.

He inserted one finger beginning his pace slowly driving you crazy as you wanted to scream at him to go faster. But you knew you couldn’t mutter a single word at him.

“Do you want me to go faster?” he asked inserted another finger inside of you causing you to gasp. You nodded unable to say anything because for one you were getting sore from the blowjob you gave him a couple of minutes ago.

As soon as you nodded he began to go quickly making you scream out his name gripping the couch with all the force in your body. Your vision started to fade as you felt your orgasm approaching. You began rocking your hips wanting to fuck him already and feel him around you. Then without warning, he stopped as he began to tease you putting the tip of his dick on your clit driving you mad.

“Hoseok! Please just fuck!” you screamed. He smiled as he saw your state and how only he can drive you insane like that.

“Anything for you princess,” he said as he adjusted himself.

He began to roll his hips slowly kissing your collarbone. He picked you up and pressed you against the wall. That’s when he began to thrust into you fiercely making you claw at his back. 

You gasped and moaned as he hit your g-spot making you pull at his hair. He groaned biting your shoulders and sucking on your neck that will sure leave a mark for a couple of days. You felt yourself nearing your orgasm once again as you started to mutter inaudible words at him.

“Fuck (Y/N) I love you,” he said as he came to his high and you slowly followed panting. You held onto to Hoseok tightly as he thrust into you a few times before he let you off the wall. 

As he put your feet on the ground your legs turned to jelly. Still having the effect of your orgasm as he held onto his arm. He chucked ruffling your hair and planted a kiss on your temple. “Want me to carry you to bed?” he asked. 

You nodded as you picked up one of Hoseok’s shorts on the armrest of the sofa and lifted your hands up and smiled when he carried you. You placed your head on his neck as you whispered in his ear,“So did you like the food better or this?”

“It’s a tie between the two,” he said smiling. You laughed lightly as he placed you on the bed kissing the tip  of your nose. “Now let me go get your present,” he said as he hurried to back into the living room. 

You huffed smiling as you curled up in the blankets. You didn’t know if you’d even be able to make it to the wardrobe. I’ll tell Hoseok to get my pajamas when he comes back. In the meantime you put on his shorts.

Just on cue, your boyfriend came in with his coat and pants on. “Close your eyes,” he said looking nervous despite his huge smile. You furrowed your eyebrows as you were about to protest he covered your eyes. You rolled your eyes behind his hand unable to see anything.

“(Y/N) you have been my wonderful most amazing girlfriend these past 3 years. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you. Every morning when I roll over to see you fast asleep hair all tangled in your face with a little drool coming out of the corner of your mouth you still look beautiful and to see you every morning besides me is something I want to keep on doing for the rest of my life. This is why I have a simple question to ask you,” he said as he took his hand away from your eyes.

Your heart sunk in your chest and your eyes started to water as you waited for his next words. Marriage didn’t cross your mind that often because you always thought Hoseok would wait a couple of more years until he’d propose to you. Yet here he is right in front of you holding a box behind his hand eyes brighter than ever before and a big goofy smile to come with it.

(Y/N)(Y/L/N) will you do me the honor,“ he started as he got down on one knee,“be my wife. Be the only one for me because in reality I don’t think I’d want anyone else but you.”

You nodded unable to say anything as tears streamed down your face. He grabbed your hand and placed the ring on your finger with an even bright smile as he kissed away your tears. He then laid on the bed screaming into the covers happy that you two were one step closer to being together forever.