dee reynolds: shaping america's youth

My favorite bits from the lethal weapon 5 comentary
  • Dennis claiming they did the opening shots in a helicopter and Charlie believing him
  • Mac feeling bad for Charlie and explaining that they actually stole the footage from youtube
  • Them all proud of the “police station” when all they did was put a sign in front of Paddy’s
  • Dennis: “I meant that when I said that and I was drawing from my own personal experiences, all the times you guys have given me birthday cakes.”
  • Charlie was having trouble keeping a straight face because he thought Dennis looked funny with the mustache
  • Mac and Dennis being so proud of the candle special effect
  • Dennis continuing to claim they shot scenes in a helicopter and Mac just not having it 

Charlie: ”Now where were you guys when you shot this”      
Mac: “That’s right in front of the bar, That you’ve worked at for the last ten years.”
Charlie: “Really???”

  • them complimenting each other on their acting

Mac as Riggs: “LAPD! Homicide!”

Dennis to Mac: ”I LOVE the way you give that line dude!!

Charlie: “It’s a good job right there Dennis

Dennis: “Thanks man”

  • Dennis telling Mac that he was looking into the camera and Mac claiming (hesitantly) that he was actually looking at the prostitute’s tits 
  • Dennis talking about how great his body is 
  • ”look at my abs”
  • Charlie complimenting Mac’s makeup (blackface) and mentioning that the first time he saw Mac in the makeup that he didn’t recognize him and wouldn’t let him in the bar
  • Dennis: “Now if you pay attention to the subtleties of my acting…”
  • they sent it to film festivals but the festivals “didn’t get it”
  • Frank actually got hurt when they zapped him in the movie and they had to rush him to the hospital immediately after
  • Dennis saying that he cried making the final scene in the rain because it was so “raw” and emotional
  • Charlie “Now were your characters supposed to be in love with each other?”