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Speaking of fan fictions I REALLY WANT TO WRITE ONE WITH LUCAS X DEE IF YOU DONT MIND??? I already have a story plan for it :0 I just kinda need to know more about Dee's personality?? If you know about Lukas' personality that would be great too, but if not ill just ask Grim ;v;


Ahh as for dee uhh
-laughs at most things, but if ur gon write it dont overdo it! Usually its mostly small chuckles and stuff
He only rlyy laughs if its a strong emotion/situation
-he lloves cats and video games (HE IS SUPER GOOD AT VID GAMES LIKE RLY GOOD everyone yells bc he plays wit his hoodie on and still kicks everyones butt
-he is super chill and jokes around sometimes
-soft boi
-he is very sensitive to ppl commenting on his laughter or hoodie (and sometimes hair, depending on the situation)
Hes basically super self consious lol
-im not sure what else to put but if u hav questiona feel free to ask!!!

when mac and dee team up:

when dennis and mac team up:

when dee and charlie team up:

when dee and dennis team up:

when charlie and frank team up:

when dennis and charlie team up:

when charlie and mac team up:

when mac, dennis, and charlie team up:

when the whole gang teams up:

what who you stan for says about you:

dee: you’re gay for dee and you want to punch glennis in the face

dennis: you write darkfic and have an aesthetic blog

charlie: charliemac is your otp and you constantly use the word “smol”

mac: you either want to bang mac or be him, you’ve probably tweeted at rob to “let mac be gay”

frank: you’re from r/iasip or you are a balanced human being

Call out post for rsd

✧ Doesn’t realize [people] can do things without me.
✧ Insists that [people] focusing on something besides texting me is a Massive Crisis™.
✧ Doesn’t.
✧ Shut.
✧ Up.