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Male culture ensures that women’s anger is not taken seriously (and thus that women’s anger will not lead to social change) by defining anger in women as pathological. Broverman et al. (1972) found that mental health professionals judged aggression to be a trait associated with a healthy man, but not a healthy woman. Feinblatt and Gold (1976) found that more girls than boys were referred to children’s mental health centers for being defiant and verbally aggressive. Aggressive girls described in hypothetical case studies were rated both by graduate students in psychology and by parents as more disturbed, as being more in need of treatment, and as having poorer prognosis than boys described with identical problems. Hochschild (1983) found that males who displayed anger were thought to have deeply held convictions, while females were considered personally unstable.
—  Dee L. R. Graham, Loving to Survive

when mac and dee team up:

when dennis and mac team up:

when dee and charlie team up:

when dee and dennis team up:

when charlie and frank team up:

when dennis and charlie team up:

when charlie and mac team up:

when mac, dennis, and charlie team up:

when the whole gang teams up:

anonymous asked:

what do u associate with ppl who like each iasip duo ?

this is just my onion but

macdennis: emo 98% of the time, sucker for religious symbolism, ‘mood’ is the only word in ur vocabulary, who’s frank?
dee and dennis (nothing sexual!!!!!): ur bitter, ur probably bisexual, 50 asterisks in tags of posts ft glenn howerton
macdee: ur gay, struggle with internalized glirstphobia, fuck an ap bio
deetress: ur REALLY gay, u listen to halsey, u watch the mick, never heard of charlie and frank
chardee: u love ditty, unquenchable thirst for charlie when he’s covered in dirt and trash, fuck a dennis
charden: a serial keysmasher, dnd, the front bottoms, never used an emoji in ur life
charmac: stressed, nostalgic for things that didnt happen to u, very very passionate, has 2 fists
dee/dennis and frank: u dont exist
charlie and frank: would die for charlie, still makes bird/egg jokes, whats coffee town?
frankmac: cursed, u’ve watched breaking bad, delete ur blog

what who you stan for says about you:

dee: you’re gay for dee and you want to punch glennis in the face

dennis: you write darkfic and have an aesthetic blog

charlie: charliemac is your otp and you constantly use the word “smol”

mac: you either want to bang mac or be him, you’ve probably tweeted at rob to “let mac be gay”

frank: you’re from r/iasip or you are a balanced human being

Mabon/Samhain are bright spots in the year for me. I have clinical chronic depression so most of the year I’m just a passive observant of life happening around me, but there’s something about the season of the witch that just…idk…wakes me up a bit? I feel more like myself, I have more motivation to participate in holidays and rituals. it’s a special time. That being said, my heart goes out to all the other witches out there with seasonal or otherwise depression that aren’t able to enjoy this season as much as you’d like. You’re still a witch. Your magic is still good. Take time to care for yourself. Try to participate in old seasonal hobbies you used to enjoy, maybe they will spark something in you to make this season more bearable.

My heart goes out to you. May this season be fulfilling and memorable in only the best ways.

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Call out post for rsd

✧ Doesn’t realize [people] can do things without me.
✧ Insists that [people] focusing on something besides texting me is a Massive Crisis™.
✧ Doesn’t.
✧ Shut.
✧ Up.