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So, here we get yet another brilliantly done scene in the Ba SIng Se arc of Book 2. Again, we have some real nice lighting with everything having an eerie green glow to it, the creepy Dai Li music, as well as one final element: camera framing, 

In every single frame, Long Feng is larger and far more imposing than Joo Dee, consequently making him appear more powerful than her.


In these two gifs, Zuko and Joo Dee kneel before someone far more powerful than them. 

In both scenes, the person opposite the kneeling figure casts a long shadow that makes them seem larger-than-life and far more imposing and and threatening than the person opposite to them. However, the effect of those two scenes is very different.

With Ozai, we see him approaching Zuko (thus making him seem like a more aggressive, and imminent threat). His shadow, however, is approximately the same size as him, but it’s still very threatening as the shadow comes closer and closer to Zuko, revealing to the audience Ozai’s immense intimidating stature. 

The scene with Joo Dee and Long Feng in contrast is somewhat different. We open up with a much more calm scene as Long Feng and Joo Dee are sitting down. However, we still get a sense of danger, and a strange, eerie atmosphere which isn’t helped at all by the lighting.

In this scene, Long Feng and Joo Dee appear to be equal in height, with both characters being seated (although Joo Dee is kneeling since Long Feng is higher up in the chain of command). 

However, what really makes this scene is the shadow cast by Long Feng–it’s much larger than both Joo Dee and Long Feng, but it’s being created by Long Feng, thus making him appear larger and more sinister than he appears, and consequently making Joo Dee appear even smaller. 


some regal light seattle au with a cursed regina - that would be roni - and her granddaughter, whom i love already :) this is not about a particular ship, so i guess it’s… neutral enough? lol
enjoy! Xx

She’s just about to pour some beer for the next customer, when she sees her. It’s a little girl, long black hair and shiny eyes. Her hand freezes with the glass suspended in mid-air, because this girl seems to be so out of place here. It’s true, it’s still early – not even eight, they haven’t got the night rush yet. However, given that this is a pub, the girl has no business here, not at all. And she’s alone.

Her hand slowly places the empty glass on the counter, her minds ignores the waitress asking her what’s wrong. The girl has stopped next to the door, crossed her arms, and is staring at her.

She nods to her colleague to take her place, and quickly rounds the counter to join the girl, who’s smiling almost smugly.

“Can I help you?” she says, coldly. God, she’s never liked kids. Noisy, curious annoying little things. Plus, this one has the look of someone who’s just accomplished a master plan. “You’re a bit too young to be here. Where are your parents?”

The girl raises an eyebrow in a calculated move. “I was hoping for you to tell me that, truth be told.”

What are you talking about?”

Her tone is harsh, but completely justifiable. She doesn’t have time for bullshit. Oh, she’s calling the social services in seconds.

The girl looks at her, and somehow her smile falls. “You really don’t remember?”

Oh god. She’s really starting to lose her chill. She takes a breath, staring at the girl. “What should I remember?”

The sadness in the girl’s eyes is more and more deep, as she gulps in a clear effort not to cry. “I thought… I went a long way to find you,” she says. And then, tells her. “My name is Lucy Mills,” she declares. “And I’m your granddaughter.”

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WhoCaresAbout Actresses salutes Black Women Directors Earning Incredible Hollywood Reviews

Ava DuVernay has dominated the press for her incredible work on Selma… but this by no means makes her the first black female director worthy of award nominations. Yohana Desta has compiled a list of 7 great filmmakers who have also had the opportunity to make award-worthy films.

  1. Gina Prince-Bythewood (Beyond the Lights, 2014)
  2. Amma Assante (Belle, 2014)
  3. Kasi Lemmons (Black Nativity, 2013)
  4. Julie Dash (Daughters of the Dust, 1991)
  5. Darnell Martin (Cadillac Records, 2008)
  6. Dee Rees (Pariah, 2011)
  7. Euzhan Palcy (A Dry White Season, 1989)

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momolady  asked:

I dunno if you've done one of those or not but...dullahan headcanons.

I think I have, but if I did, it’s been a while, soooo…. ACCIDENTAL FICLET.

Here, take this headless husband OC. He’s a little bit nontraditional, but I wanted to keep it pretty close in some ways. I really hope you like him.

Soon to be reposted as a separate titled post: The Rider

You’re thankful every day for that afternoon you had forgotten your jacket and had to go back to get it. If not, you’d have never met them. It was such a strange coincidence, really. As you were leaving your house again, they stopped in the road in front of your house, looking around as if lost. Or, at least, it seemed that they were looking around; without a head, it was hard to tell. Their armored torso was turning from side to side, the saddle on the large black horse creaking ominously, so it seemed that was the case.

The sight sort of shocked you, but as you observed them for a long moment, it seemed that they were actually, and truly, lost. And from their body language, you could tell that they were becoming more and more upset. When they slumped forward onto the neck of their horse, every bit of their manner exuding defeat, you couldn’t help yourself: you stepped forward.

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Common - “The Light” | Magnum Opus  

Common, Erykah Badu, and more break down this classic record from “Like Water for Chocolate.”


steven bomb 5 summarized in the most non-spoilery way possible

Steven’s Dream

1st half: rebellious teenage mode A C T I V A T E D


3rd half: i’m blue daba dee bada die

Adventures In Light Distortion

1st half: alright peridot thanks for the semi-useful information now go fuck off for the next 20 episodes

2nd half: family guy

3rd half: MAXIMUM S P E E D I  N  C  R  E  A  S  E

Gem Heist

1st half: “play it straight” “harold we’re lesbians”

2nd half: Kasane Teto guides our heroes around a Space PlaceTM and says some racist things about humans

3rd half: YOU shall be A S S I M I L A T E D into the U T O P I A

The Zoo

1st half: siri guides utopian residents through daily routine

2nd half: everybody’s gay for greg

3rd half: therapyst

That Will Be All

1st half: purple family reunion

2nd half: (elsa voice) conceal…don’t feel

3rd half: Kasane Teto gets her ass roasted into oblivion