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Grey is… not a color nor a feeling
Grey is… happiness
Grey is… a memory
Grey is.. a life
you… Black
& me… White

sooooo I started reading the webcomic Grey is… yesterday and finished it today so I just kinda had to make a fanart of it, yes good.


and the idea I had for this doesn’t really show in the finished version, I think jfhfjk they’re supposed to be merged together in the middle (by the arms) and err… make some grey happen. But well, I kinda like it anyway.

And I accidentally did some color on Black WOOPS. I don’t think he wears much colored clothes but I just… yeh. kjfhfj


A website glitch set us back a day, but here we are at last with our March issue update!

Kosen did an amazing cover for us to go with an equally fantastic new chapter of Windrose, we’ve got the second installment of our brand-new audio drama, The Cat Lover’s Circumstances, plus things get steamy with Tokyo Demons, Kalevia’s revolution comes to the fore, and Lianne Sentar and fabulous artist dee Juusan from Grey Is… bring us an amazing short story, “Shut In, Shut Out”!

Hunker down to wait out the remains of winter as you snuggle up with some awesome stories from Sparkler!


The Sparkler Team

The ‘Grey Is…’ crew hopes that you’ve all stayed out of trouble this weekend!

(From L to R:  Ameer, Black, White, and Lana)

'Grey Is…’ is an amazing and emotional slice-of-life webcomic/manga by dee Juusan.  It has definitely made an impact on my life and the lives of many others, and I encourage everyone to check it out!  It does deal with some pretty heavy themes, but that’s what makes it so important.  If you’re interested in learning more about 'Grey Is…’, you can…

Check out dee’s Tumblr blog

Read 'Grey Is…’ on Tapastic

Read 'Grey Is…' on MangaMagazine

Read 'Grey Is…' on deviantART

There is also a bunch of 'Grey Is…’ related artwork on deviantART

OR you can go straight to the 'Grey Is…’ website to check out the extra goodies there (and of course, you can read it too! ^_^)

But remember, Tapastic and MM pay the author for page views *hint hint wink wink*


Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after graduating from high school with a series of heart-breaks; Black left his home and lived away with a friend of his dad’s. In the greyscale life he lived, he longed for nothing but the end of his life, until a a person from the past crashes out of nowhere to re-add the contrast Black needs.

Read Grey Is…, a series by newly promoted Premium author Dee Juusan.

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Slice of Life

“Grey is..” is so far the best way I have to describe what I think true friendship is. The more I read it, the more I realize how lucky I am to have someone I can call friend. I have to thank deejuusan from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the real meaning of friendship and my precious bestfriend for making me experience it. 
Also I saw dee reblogged my last post which was the uglyest thing ever so I had to make up for that shitty fanart I did in 5 minutes

Done in SAI, 1 hour+ (I stole the logo from one of the comic pages, gomen ‘A’)

My Fb page C:

Some days ago I got my 18th bday present my bestfriend and it was the best thing ever! I could have never imagined she bought me all Grey is… volumes and the logbook! She’s truly the best <3

I sketched this, it looks waaay worse than deejuusan’s art but I wanted to try and mix some of her traits with my own style (which is super-uber shoujo ;A;)
I hope you like it anyway!

Happy Birthday to a dearest friend of mine, happy birthday to the most passionate and kindest girl I know~ I wish you all the best for today! Here are a silly Black and a calm Ameer just for you ;^; Hope you’ll like it ! It’s always so fun to draw Black ! (also, color scheme was a challenge :’D)

Anyway, Happy Birthday dee !!!! (yeah kinda wishing you a happy birthday everywhere I can cause it’s also an excuse to harass you LOL) <3 /sends you tons of kisses