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You looked at me with hearts in your eyes, but I didn’t know you looked at every girl that way.
—  Why did nobody tell me before I fell

The Gang Does High School - A prequel of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” that I honestly hope never happens, but I couldn’t help but do a fan cast of it. This is it. The origin story. How this horrible toxic group of horrible toxic people came to be. Were they always this awful? Probably, yeah.

Ronald “Mac” McDonald - Zach Callison

Dennis Reynolds - Ty Simpkins

Deandra “Dee” Reynolds - Sabrina Carpenter

Charlie Kelly - David Mazouz

imagine Charlie trying to write a love letter for dee and her not being able to understand or read it so she sits down and looks it over for like an hour to decode it and figure out what it says because she knows he worked hard on it.. then, she writes him one back, and sits with him and patiently helps him read it..


And Tweedle Dee is usually with Tweedle Dum or the other way around and they’re always in the back and if there’s a mirror… [That’s it!] they’re in there.

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Please! PLEASE GUYS stop asking Dee for updates! She’s not stupid, she writes dates on her update page so please let’s be respectful of her and the time she spends for us! Stop being greedy! 😞

Don’t worry, boo 😘

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can u share with us Dee's backstory


ya sure
-clears throat-

Dee was born and raised in London, England with his parents. When he was about 14 he and his mom moved over to America because of his mom’s work. (Somewhere around Pennsylvania?) His dad stayed in England.

Dee had always had the weird social tick of laughing when faced with different emotions. Stronger the emotion, likely stronger the laughter. Unless he is alone. If he’s alone, he will react like any normal person would (unless its like. REALLY bad)

So, moving to a new place. A new country at that. It became extremely hard right off the bat for Dee to make any friends. He scared people off with his constant laughing and people continued trying to get close to him just because of his accent, but then, also being scared off. Which, ended with a cycle of a LOT of people being scared off and upset very quickly. A vicious cycle.

One of the first people he meets is Lucas ( @grimkipp‘s OC ) They end up with a class together and gotta sit together. Lucas doesn’t seem to say anything about Dee’s laughing, and if he does it’s always positive! Like ‘i rly like ur laugh lmao’ and such
Dee makes his first friend!!

After another week or so of being in America, Dee makes another friend. Carla. A Latina badass of the school, who loves to get into to fights and sass tf out of them at the same time lol. She comes into the picture when some kids try to mess with Dee, which already was pretty normal. A group of kids had cornered Dee and started to make fun of him, and push him around when CARLA GETS THERE and is like
what the fuck
and scares those assholes off before they can even touch him lmao
They soon become friends!!

Last and kinda least, Jordan.
Jordan and Dee meet in one of their classes, much like he and Lucas had. And Jordan seems very nervous and awkward, and the two of them take quite a liking to each other!! They both are awkward, and have a hard time making any friends, so, time to be friends!!
And soon, mmore than that.
Dee and Jordan start dating a couple months into knowing each other, and it seems pretty good!


Dee decides to mmake a mistake lmao. In the same amount of time that Dee got feelings for and began dating Jordan, he also got feelings for Lucas. Oops! He decides a while into dating Jordan to finally be like hey maybe I should do something about these feelings… when he finds out Lucas has been pining for him for a while, it finally brings Dee to do something. Something stupid. 

Dee decides the best decision, is the break up with Jordan, and date Lucas. Because yea, that’s smart!
needless to say, this doesn’t exactly go well. He does get to be with Lucas, but, with the cost of losing Jordan as a friend entirely. Jordan knows why he did it, and becomes very upset with Dee. Jordan was still super in love with him, but Dee just dropped him and ditched him just like that.

Dee heavily regrets being such an asshole about everything, genuinely not meaning to be. He just wasn’t sure what to do. ): 

In the end, Dee still has Carla and Lucas, and he gets adjusted to life in the new country, and life goes on like normal!

-wheezes- ok that should be it
that’s all the important key points I have for him owo have fun lmao