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pope dennis: dee i’m so frustrated i know that Cardinal McDonald is in the closet and i know he has feelings for me but he’s SO set in his ways and he’s so obsessed with being a good catholic he thinks god is going to send him to hell for being gay

nun dee: oh gee… that’s too bad… if only you were literally in charge of setting the doctrine of the catholic church

pope dennis: … !

Doctor AU

Here’s my first writing piece!

The Hamilton Lams angsty Doctor AU that no one asked for

Warnings for: vomit, swearing, mentions of abuse

God, Laurens thought, there’s more people than I thought.

The young man was sitting on a stool under a tent in country in Africa, the specific one lost in the buzz of his mind. He was handing out sugar cubes laced with the polio vaccine to children, along with his co-workers, Hercules Mulligan and the Marquis de Lafayette.

There was Thomas Jefferson and James Madison too, but they didn’t count.

All the men were from the Kings Hospital, which was in America and owned by a man who handled their money very loosely. George the III. The manager, who was also named George, took care of most of the actual medical care.

Laurens was humming a catchy tune that Lafayette had taught them on the car ride here, them all sitting in the back of a creaky pick up truck. Thomas had grumbled, but Laurens heard him whisper the lyrics once or twice under his breath.

“Petite John, you are getting lost in your thoughts.”

“Ah, sorry Laf.”

“‘Tis fine.” Lafayette turned back to the children lining up at his desk. “Alright, little ones, grab one sugar cube, just one, and pop it in your mouth- there you go! Tastes yummy, doesn’t it?” A bunch of heads nodded.

Laurens laughed, then turned back to his kids. “Ok, did you see what they did?” He asked them, pointing to the other children. Most of them shook their heads. Laurens smiled. “Well, you take one of these sugar cubes, and,” he pretended to put one in his mouth, “eat it!” The children giggled, and they all did exactly what John did, all tossing the sugar into their mouths.

They walked away from Johns stand with many 'thank you’s from the parents. John turned in his seat to see a soft smirk on Jeffersons lips. No matter what the Virginian said, he had a soft spot for children. They all did.

Three hours later, on one of John’s breaks, he walked up to Jefferson, who had his back turned to him. He tapped his shoulder, and when he turned around, he smiled politely.

“Jefferson, can you go find Alex for me?”

“No. I’m not finding that prick. Find him yourself.”

“But I’ll get lost.”

“No you won’t.”

“Yeah- huh.” Thomas let out an irritated sigh.

“Fine. I’ll go find him. But only once.” John bounced on his heels.

“Thanks! He’s probably in his tent, or Washington’s.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Jefferson walked away, grumbling under his breath. James started to go with him, but Thomas shook his head. James slowly sank back down into his seat.

After finding nothing in Washington’s tent, Thomas walked briskly to Alex’s tent. The African sun beat unrelentlessly down on him, his water canteen hitting his thigh repeatedly.

He finally arrived at Alex’s tent, and he stood outside, leaning on the side of the tent.

“Hey, Hamilton, John wants you.” No reply. “Hamilton.” The tent remained silent.

Suspicious, Thomas pushed the heavy tent material back, opening the flap. He peeked in.

“Hamilton-” His heart jumped in his throat.

The younger was lying on his side on the ground, his dark hair matted and covering his face. His doctors coat was half on, as if he was trying to take it off.

Thomas hesitantly walked toward the still figure, debating whether or not he should touch him with his toe. His angel won.

He instead knelt down behind Hamilton, placing a hand on his shoulder and turning him so he lay partially in his lap. His tan face was sweaty, and his forehead was hot. Too hot.

“Kid, Hamilton, you gotta wake up.” He shook his shoulder. “Kid,”

Hamilton’s eyes shot open, and he lurched to get off of Jefferson. At first, Thomas was insulted, but he became grateful when he learned that Hamilton had flown off him so that he wouldn’t throw up on him.

Hamilton was gagging, clear vomit coming up. It was clear he hadn’t eaten in a while. He was on his knees, a few feet away from Jefferson, his hands bracing himself as he kept lurching forward as his body spasmed.

“Kid, what’s wrong?” Thomas was a bit worried now. Just a tiny bit. But it still ate away at him, that small reminder that he might care for the tiny spitfire.

Hamilton was trembling, his arms threatening to give out. If they did, he’d end up face first in his mess. Thomas crawled toward Hamilton, landing a gentle hand on his shoulder. He flinched, but didn’t shy away.

“Alexander, listen to me.” Thomas said, trying to sound soothing. Alexander turned toward him, his eyes horribly dilated. There was barely any brown, only black. He was panting.


“No, Alexander, I’m Thomas. I’m going to bring you to a medical tent, okay?”

“No-” Alexander’s head rolled away from Jefferson. “I’m- I’m okay.”

“Kid, you haven’t eaten in God knows how long, you just threw up probably all you’ve been running on, and I walked in on you passed out on the floor. You’re not fine. At all.”

“I’ll be- a waste of medicine.”

“Eh, not really, kid. You probably have heatstroke.” Thomas tried to joke around. Alexander opened his mouth to say something, but ended up puking instead. He then pitched backwards into a -more than unwilling-Thomas.

“Alexander!” He yelled. Panic washed over him in waves now. “Alex, can you hear me? Alex, Alex!”

He scooped up the Latino boy, his small form ever smaller in Thomas’s muscular arms. He started running, Alex’s head bouncing on his arm.

Alex started coughing. Afraid that he was going to vomit again, Thomas nearly stopped, but he kept running faster and faster as Alex’s coughs quieted. His eyes were barely open, but he could see, in his heat-addled mind, that Thomas Jefferson, his enemy, a man he loathed ever since they met, was carrying him.

Thomas’s dark skin shone in the sun, his hair bouncing as he ran. Alex found this extremely silly, so he started laughing.

“Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy Thomas!” He sang, giggling hysterically to himself. “Thomas’s hair goes boing!”

“Quiet, kid.” Thomas growled, changing his direction. Fearing that Thomas was going to leave him, Alex started pouting.

“Please don’t leave me alone, Bouncy Thomas…” He begged quietly. “I’ll be a good boy, I promise.” Thomas sighed above him.

“I’m not leaving you, Alex.”

“Yay~” the delirious Alexander sang. “Bouncy Thomas is so nice, he’s not leaving naughty, little Alex~”

Thomas was very scared now. He needed to get Alex to a hospital, or, better yet, the Schuyler Sisters.

“Alex?” A dizzy sounding hum answered his question. “Can you sing the ABC’s please?”

“Un deux trois-”

“No, Alex, the alphabet.”

“Ey, bee, see, Dee, ee, eff, gee, ehch, eye, jay, kay, ell, em, en, oh, pee~”

“Good job, Alex.” They were at the Schuyler’s tent.

“I’m not done, silly-”

“Yes, you are, Alex. Angelica and Eliza are going to take care of you now.”

“Mm, okay~ pretty, pretty siblings, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy!”

An Latina opened the flap of the tent. “I heard my name.” Their eyes then landed on Alex. “Oh, shit. Eliza! Alex looks like complete crap.”

A young, half-Chinese woman stood from where she was kneeling and walked over to the small congregation. One look at Alexander, and her usual gentle face hardened.

“Oh, crap. Here, I’ll take him.” She said, holding her arms out to take in her former boyfriend. Once Thomas placed Alex in her arms, she carried him over to a cot and placed him on it, starting to take vital checks.

“Damn, Eliza, you’re strong!” Peggy admired. Eliza rolled her eyes.

“Pegs, you’re my sibling. You’ve seen me pick up heavier things. Besides, Alex is really light.” Her eyes filled with pain as she looked at him, like a mother to a sick child. “I don’t want to know when he’s last eaten…”

Thomas had been standing awkwardly in the tent entrance, his eyes darting around the medical tent. He started to scoot out, meaning to search out John. A small clearing of a throat followed him on the way out.

Maria Reynolds, a girl who was a patient after dealing with an abusive boyfriend and was now Eliza’s girlfriend, sat in the back, her thick, curly brown hair pulled into a low bun. She was typing on a computer rapidly. Her bottom lip was pulled in between her teeth, her red lipstick being nibbled off.

Eliza looked at her Latina girlfriend. “Maria?” The girl in question jumped, her computer screen bouncing on her lap. She looked up at Eliza.

“Yes, babe?” Her voice was smooth and throaty. It was nice to listen to.

“Can you hand me the stethoscope and thermometer, please?” Maria nodded, starting to stand up. She wore long sleeves, to cover the effects of abuse. She grabbed the two medical tools and handed them to Eliza, sneaking in a kiss to the top of Eliza’s black hair, which was in a ponytail.

Eliza smiled in thanks, placed the earbuds from the stethoscope in her ears, and continued with Alex’s check up. At some point, he had gone back to sleep. Eliza knew she should wake him up, but she hadn’t found anything relating to a deadly disease yet, so she let him sleep.

Ten minutes later, Eliza sighed in relief. Peggy and Maria looked at her, their similar brown eyes sharing a question.

“Alex is fine.” Other sighs of relief. A quiet 'thank god’ from Angelica, who had walked in about three minutes after Jefferson left. Eliza continued talking. “But, by 'fine’ I mean not dying of malaria. He’s sleep deprived and malnourished, along with being dehydrated. He’s going to be spending a few days in here.” The tent door flew open.

“Alexander?!” John shrieked, looking wildly at the four people in the tent. “Is he okay?” Eliza stood and walked toward him, placing a gentle hand on his bicep.

“Alex isn’t dying, I can tell you that much.” She said, Maria crawling over to sit by Alex’s bedside. John felt protectiveness swell up in his chest, but squashed it down as he reminded himself of Maria’s story.

Alex was the one she grew closest too, other than Eliza. Alex was the one who actually went and punched James Reynolds before they called the police on him.

“What do you mean, 'he’s not dying, I can tell you that much?’” John repeated slowly, swallowing a lump in his throat. Eliza let out a huff of air, her almond shaped eyes closing. She opened them again as she answered.

“John, he’s dehydrated, malnourished, and sleep deprived. We’re going to have to keep a close eye on him.” John let out a shaky breath, his eyes filling with tears.

The freckled faced man slowly headed his way toward the bed where his Puerto-Rican boyfriend lay, kneeling by Maria and taking Alexander’s hand.

He started rubbing circles on the back of Alex’s hand, his fingers shaking despite his tries to make them still. Maria placed her hand on his shoulder, rubbing soothingly. John smiled, his eyes watery.

“Please be okay, Alex,” he whispered. “Please.”


“Good job Alex, you ate a full meal!” Angelica cheered, three weeks after Alex had first collapsed.

“And got a full nights rest!”
Peggy added, giving him a thumbs up as Alexander’s phone ping'ed.

He opened the text message Peggy had sent him, smiling at the old meme they had sent him. It was a running joke that, whenever someone reached a goal, they would send the person a meme that was so outdated it was funny.

“Thanks, Pegs.” He giggled. They smiled.

“No problem.”

“Alexander, son, I’m glad you’re better.” George. After he had learned that Alex had collapsed, he had run to the medical tent in a tizzy, completely abandoning his usual calm and collected aura.

Maria was in the background again, smiling at the excitement permeating the room. Eliza was sitting beside her, looking over her shoulder at what Maria was working on.

“Guys, really, you’re kinda making a big deal about this.”

“It is a big deal, petit lion.” Lafayette’s smooth French accent filled the tent.

“Yeah, Alex, we were worried.” Hercules muttered, his hand enlaced with Lafayette’s. John, who was sitting by Alexander, nodded.

Angelica started to walk outside, calling over her shoulder, “Well, I’m going back to the kids. Let’s hope all of our sugar isn’t gone.” Several people laughed, and others stood to follow her out. Thomas, who was sitting beside Madison, waved to Alex before he walked outside. James smiled politely at them before following suite.

It was a new day.



I don’t know why, but Peggy having them/they pronouns really makes me happy

Please tell me if I messed up on the they/them pronouns, I don’t want to offend anyone!

I was thinking of making this Jamilton but then I was like nah

No Aaron I’m sorry

I honestly love Maria I think she is a cinnamon roll and pairing her up with Eliza is honestly the sweetest thing I love Marliza so much

Hope you enjoy !!

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Established Jaytim owning dogs? In a fic idea I have, they have at least one. If you agree, what kind do you think they would have? Would they pick them up from the pound? These are questions I must ask. I need opinions for ideas I have.

Nonnie I am ALWAYS up for people owning dogs. A) Dogs are ADORABLE and maybe most important to Jason and Tim, B) They can be so so so therapeutic. And not just in the sense of someone having a service dog, but animals in general I think are good for soul. 
I feel like Jason and Tim, having both felt ‘discarded’ or ‘abandoned’ at some point would definitely be drawn to a pound dog. I’m thinking something like a German Shepherd cross, and perhaps a large Mastiff. The Shep is scruffy and sassy like Jason, and the Mastiff likes to lie on top of Tim. 

Tim names the Mastiff something ridiculous, like Dee.Oh.Gee., and Jason probably names the Shep after a character in a book he likes.

I hope these help a bit? Please if you’d like to chat more about JayTim and their dogs just give me the word.

yeahhh not possible to use the health insurance website without calling on the phone, now there’s an error and the written chat people said i had no choice but to call, because i can’t open the message they sent me through the website and there’s no other option.

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on nonbinary representation, and why couple-ish is amazing as hell

so here’s the thing

in modern film/television, the vast majority of characters who are genderless, or in between male and female, or fluid in their gender, are either robots and aliens

and EVEN THEN, most people feel the need to assign some gender to them (see: BB-8, BMO, etc)

its very very rare to see a human character identify as nonbinary

in fact, the only instance i’ve ever come across (other than dee) is lafontaine 

(gee, kaitlyn’s really the epitome of nb representation, huh?)

and carmilla has always been great at representation, be it well-rounded women, wlw or nonbinary people

but the thing that makes carmilla so good… is that it doesn’t talk about it

there’s no ‘you can’t do this because youre a girl’ and there’s no ‘i wonder if she’s gay’ and there’s certainly no ‘oh shit now i need to come out, i wonder if people will accept me’ 

and that’s great! because lgbt people are tired of hearing about the struggles of being lgbt, they want characters like them, who get to go on regular adventures like everyone else

the only problem is that nonbinary people are vastly underrepresented, and carmilla’s method of just accepting people’s identities without talking about it, can make this confusing, because a lot of people don’t really understand this gender 

and then enter… 


so here we have a main character who identifies as nonbinary, and for the first few episodes this is completely accepted. nobody messed up pronouns, amy refers to dee as ‘sib’ which i think is adorable btw and as a trans-gender-somewhat-unsure person, this felt like a breath of fresh air

at the same time, when a new character was introduced (cute butt guy, ed), there was no pretence that he’d magically understand dee’s gender straight away, because of course he wouldnt, our society doesn’t recognise nb people

so then dee had to sit down and explain it to him, which gave us one of the most important scenes in history (in my humble opinion)

we got a talk about pronouns, we got a clear explanation of what dee’s gender means to them, and we got pretty much the best-case scenario (which did include confusion because, as mentioned before, our society pretends nonbinary people don’t exist)

(we also got kaitlyn dancing in their underwear which was pretty awesome)

this episode felt like the perfect balance between ‘lets make it happy because lgbt people have enough sad media’ but also ‘lets make it realistic’

and to be honest i think the entire show itself walks the line between ‘giving lgbt people stories other than their lgbt identity’ and ‘talking about the issues that arise’ 

and basically… couple-ish

trenchgun replied to your post: anti d/dl/g blogs are so,,,  �� �� ��

On one hand fuck dee dee ell gees on the other hand just make a couple posts on ur main about it don’t do an entire quasi roleplay blog dedicated to arguing with bigsexydaddy69

YEAH GOD all of these animecharacter-against____ blogs are soooooo 

like it was super eyeroll worthy when it ppl made komaeda-against-sjws blogs and it still is when ppl make sansundertale-against-badkinks

I wore a white dress on the three most important days of my life: the first on the day of my baptism when I chose my God, the second on the day of my wedding when I chose my love, and the third when I was initiated into Delta Gamma and I chose my sisters.
—  Beth Searcy, Delta Gamma Collegiate Development Consultant