dee faraday

“Only super heroes are allowed to live here.”
His voice sounded spiteful. Childish, even.

It wasn’t a voice unfamiliar to her. But it was different.   Different from what she heard when she sat in Uncle Adam’s lap too long, or if she took too many lollipops from Uncle Claire. It was different from what she heard when her daddy was around.

There was no warmth in the blue eyes staring at her with impatient fury, no playfulness in the crinkled nose twitching as though worried this abrupt confession would be interrupted.

Dee opened her mouth to defend her self.  She was a super; they both knew, and she wasn’t afraid to remind him. 

But she wouldn’t.   Not to him. 

She clamped down, her lips crushing a sigh.  As tempting as it was, as habitual it had become, she wouldn’t.  She wouldn’t threaten him with an equally childish ‘I’m going to tell on you to daddy!’

Not to him. 

She would never admit to him she was a child too.

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