dee draw things

“There’s something strange in this town”

so guess what tv series i marathoned two days ago? yes…. so i really love this au… and i had an au in my mind that what if everything was the same but more like stranger things style (i also need to add more 80′s style in the drawing). Also what if ford accidentally opened the gate to the upside down causing the demogorgon to appear in the place (in short mystery trio au but im still thinking whether ford or stan gets stuck in the upside down,bc im leaning more towards on stan as the one who gets trapped). i will explain this au more in the morning, im so tired lol.


Then they read magic books together.  Maybe even kissed once or twice.

VERY VERY late valentine for daftinkslinger who's prompt was a Prince Dipper trying to romance Norman (the kingdom’s warlock in this case) and completely failing at it.

I misread the due date.  I’m really sorry.  I hope you like it anyway!  

Please excuse my terrible attempt at humour